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Batman Gifts - 21 Awesome Gift Ideas

Na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na bat gifts!

Since the Dark Knight swooped onto the scene in 1939, he’s won over millions of fans in both his comic book and movie appearances.

If you’ve got a Batfan in your life you might feel like they already own every piece of Batman memorabilia under the sun.

I mean really, how many of their t-shirts can insinuate that no one has ever seen them and Batman in the same room at the same time? So how do you find them the gift they need and the gift they deserve without driving yourself batty? Well, we’re here to save the day! 

No matter what your budget, here are 21 awesome Batman gifts that will make them say “holy thank you, Batman!”

#1 A Print of the Batmobile's Blueprints

For the fan who also loves cars and has always wanted to take the Batmobile out for a spin.

You might not be able to get them their very own Batmobile, but now they can study these blueprints to their heart’s content. Great for their office, man cave, or she-shed.

These prints are based on the designs of the original Batmobile, and can be purchased as a framed print, stretched canvas, or a high gloss metal print.

#2 A Batman Toaster

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Your Batman enthusiast can kick their morning off in heroic fashion with this 2 slice toaster that will imprint the Batman logo on their breakfast.

It has 5 different browning settings and a high rise toast lift for easy extraction. The hinged crumb tray makes it super easy to clean too!

Even if they don’t have an Alfred to make breakfast for them, they’ll be fueled up to protect Gotham (or however they spend their days) in a snap.

#3 This Wayne Enterprises License Plate Frame

So they can pretend they’re on their way to someplace way cooler when they’re driving to work in the morning.

This black license plate frame sports the tagline “Wayne Enterprises Applied Sciences Division” and the Wayne Enterprises logo. Made from heavy-duty polystyrene plastic with vinyl graphics that are durable under all weather conditions.

You can even take it through the carwash! Fits all standard US/Canada license plates.

#4 This Key Holder Shaped Like the Gotham Skyline

If they’re disappointed they don’t get to see the Bat-Signal shining over Gotham out their window every night, now they can catch a glimpse of it every time they grab their keys.

This wooden key rack comes with five hooks so they can keep track of all their Bat Cave and Batmobile keys.

Now they’ll never face another Riddler about where they left their keys when they’re running late. The rack is easy to install and even comes with a screwdriver, no utility belt required!

#5 A Batman-Inspired Doormat

Welcome your Batfan home by welcoming them to the Batcave!

This Batman doormat is sure to cheer them up when they come home after a hard day dealing with the Jokers at their office.

This doormat is made from 20% plush, 70% sponge, and 10% non-woven fabric for an almost memory foam-type feel.

How better to welcome guests into their home than to let them know right off the bat that they speak fluent comic book.

#6 A Mini Batman Popcorn Popper

When they’re in the middle of a Batman movie marathon and run out of popcorn, they don’t want to have to pause their movie to go pop some more.

This Batman stir popper makes up to 6 cups of popcorn in under 5 minutes, enough for the whole Justice League!

The lid even doubles as a serving bowl so their popcorn bucket can match their movie! The machine comes with measuring scoops to guarantee the perfect kernel to oil ratio every time, and the nonstick coating on the heating surface makes for easy cleanup.

#7 This Book on the Definitive History of Batman

For the true Batman aficionado: Batman: The Definitive History of the Dark Knight in Comics, Film, and Beyond.

If they’ve read every comic, seen every movie and television show, and even played all the video games, you might think they already know everything there is to know about the Caped Crusader.

This 400-page hardcover book includes interviews with superstar contributors like Tim Burton and Mark Hamill, exclusive introductions and a foreword by actors Michael Keaton and Kevin Conroy, plus never before seen content from the archives of DC and Warner Brothers!

This is the most comprehensive history of Batman ever written by far.

#8 This 489 Piece Batman Lego Set

If your Batman lover used to spend hour after hour building with their legos, good news!

Legos aren’t just for kids anymore! Putting together this 489-piece lego set of Batman. the Batmobile, and the Riddler is a great way to unwind or fill a rainy afternoon with entertainment.

And when they’re done, they can display their creation with the rest of their Bat memorabilia!

The set comes with 4 miniature figurines (Batman, The Riddler, SHAZAM!, and Commissioner Gordon) and assorted weapons, plus 10 Bat elements so they can customize their builds.

#9 A Bat-Signal for Their Car Door

To the Batmobile! Now they can feel like they’re on their way to go save Gotham, even if they’re just running to the store to grab milk.

These wireless welcome lights for their car are motion activated and will shine the Bat-Signal every time they open their car door.

They’re designed for all kinds of cars and don’t require any drilling, so they’re easy to install and won’t leave behind any damage when removed.

Plus, they’re waterproof, dustproof, and durable.

#10 A Picture Frame with Batman Shaped Matting

For them to display the people they love in real life while keeping their favorite fictional characters in mind too.

This 4″x6″ picture frame features charcoal matting, precision cut with the Bat Logo so whatever photo they choose to display is framed by their favorite superhero.

This is a great way to remind them who they’re a hero to in their own Gotham.

#11 A Bat Logo shelf

This is perfect for the Batman enthusiast in your life who has a ton of action figures.

Now they can display them in style on their very own handmade wooden Batman shelf! It comes with keyholes in the back and includes all the accessories necessary for hanging.

This is perfect for their smaller figurines and can even add a subtle touch of fandom to their office or cubicle. Measures 5″h x 12″ w x 2.5″ d.

#12 A 3D origami Batman

Pop Funkos are all the rage among collectors and fans. If your Batman collector already has all of the official Funkos, surprise them with this 3D origami Pop-style Batman figure.

He’s handmade from 200 individually folded pieces of paper, individually glued together to prevent breaking.

No need to be concerned about it falling apart because these little dudes are sturdy for being made out of paper.

Just keep him away from Aquaman, okay?

#13 A Personalized Batman Whiskey Gift Set

Sometimes, even superheroes need a night off to appreciate the finer things in life. Even if Alfred isn’t there to serve it to them, sipping whiskey out of this personalized whiskey set will make your Batman fan feel like they are spending in the evening in Wayne Manor.

The set includes a personalized coaster made from full-grain Italian leather, a 10 oz personalized whiskey glass, and a personalized high-quality oak wood box.

All products are laser engraved, and the whiskey glass is even dishwasher safe.

#14 A Batman Slow Cooker

Adulting is hard. For the kid at heart, this Batman slow cooker makes cooking their own meals a lot easier, and shows off their fandom side too!

The dishwasher safe ceramic insert has a capacity of 2 quarts, which will make about 2-3 servings of most dishes.

Great for a night in with Robin and Alfred, or for leftovers on a night when they’re just too busy saving Gotham to make dinner.

The handles remain cool to the touch for when they have to transport it to a potluck with the Justice League, and the cooker comes with three different heat settings.

#15 This Batman Beard Comb

Holy whiskers Batman! Help your favorite Batfan groom his luxurious facial hair while also showing off his fandom side.

This 5-inch cherry wood Batman comb is laser cut, hand-finished, and specially designed for the care and keeping of beards and mustaches.

For a little bit extra, you can also get it personalized for him.

#16 This Batman Candy Bowl

For the Batfan with a sweet tooth. This 18″ Batman statue, made of heavy-duty foam, holds a plastic bowl for them so they can keep their favorite candy within arms reach while they’re working.

Also great for pens, keys, coins, or business cards. The bowl is removable for easy cleaning.

The next best thing to having their own butler to bring them snacks!

#17 A Batman-Shaped Mirror

Who’s super? They are! And they’ll remember to see themselves that way every time they look into this Batman mirror.

A great way to add a bit of personality to their daily routine. Plus it’s official DC Licensed merchandise, a perfect collector’s item for the Batman enthusiast who thought their collection was complete.

Measures 27.5″x13″ and wall mounts are included for easy installation.

#18 A Stylish Batman Bowtie

Who says dressing up has to be boring? With these bowties, your favorite Batman fan can add a little bit of fandom to even the classiest occasion.

They come in three different designs and can be purchased for the tiniest fans to the biggest.

They’re even adjustable! An easy way to let everyone know a superhero has arrived at the party (and way more comfortable than trying to fit that Batsuit under his tux.)

#19 A Batman Embossing Rolling Pin

If your favorite Batman enthusiast’s superpower is baking, this is the perfect addition to their kitchen.

This rolling pin is handmade from beechwood and laser engraved with Batman silhouettes and the Bat Logo to create a fun pattern for some super cookies!

The rolling pin is 9″ in length with a work surface length of 4.5″, great for small counters or little hands. The linseed oil finish keeps it in great condition for years to come.

They’ll be so grateful, you might even get some cookies as a thank you!

#20 A Batman Notebook From Moleskin

This limited-edition notebook is perfect for Batman fanatics to take notes, start a bullet journal, and even start doodling their own comics!

Moleskins are a popular notebook brand known for its high quality and durability.

The perfect way to give them a little motivation from their favorite superhero for back to school or New Years’ Resolutions.

#21 This Custom Portrait of Them in Their Very Own Batsuit

They are the hero Gotham needs, and this is the gift they deserve!

This is a one of a kind digital caricature print based on their photo so they can finally see themselves as the Caped Crusader.

You can choose between a half body and full body illustration and a few different backgrounds.

There’s even an option for group photos, so they can show off their whole super family!

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