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Gift Ideas for Bowlers - 27 Unique Ideas

Everyone knows that bowling is a good way to spend an evening out. But what if you could give someone the gift of bowling but with even more fun in mind? Enter the bowlers’ gift set. These special sets feature everything a bowler needs to start, from shoes to balls and pins.

Perfect for the bowler in your life who loves to get their feet wet (and maybe even a little wet themselves). And don’t worry if they’re not really into bowling; these gifts will be a hit with anyone who enjoys throwing their weight behind the ball.

Here are great ideas for bowlers:

This gift set is perfect for the bowler on your list who loves to mix it up at the lanes. If they’re more of a traditionalist, they can enjoy striking the perfect ball with the included paddle. But if they’re looking for more of a challenge, they can always try the included mallet, which has a diverse range of sounds and vibrations.

The set also comes with a ball and a bucket, so they can practice their aim while waiting for their turn to bowl.

If your bowlers love to save their pennies or have a tight budget, there’s a chance they’ll love this gift. The coin bank features 10 6-ounce custom-fit American quarters that make a great bowl of Excellence. It’s a great way to show them that you care without costing a fortune.

This gift set is perfect for the bowler who wants to enjoy their sport and stay cool on the lanes. The hand fan features three rotating lights and a built-in speaker so they can bowl in comfort even during the darkest of nights.

It also comes with a carrying bag to ensure they don’t lose their blower while enjoying their sport.

This gift set is for those who like to have a little fun during their games. It includes everything they need to start: a plastic lawn bowl with metal bowl rings, six plastic lane markers, a plastic berm with metal rings, and six lawn stakes.

They can even add some water-based lubricant to the metal rings to improve their stability while they’re in use

For the bowlers who want to get their feet wet or for those who are looking for an extra challenge, the washable bowling ball polisher from Graco is for them. The grilling pro can use this tool to buff out the surface of their bowling ball, perfect for getting rid of any marks or grill spots.

It features a long handle for comfort and comes with a cleaning rod and foam pads to keep the pro from getting raw feet (or hands)!

If your bowler loves to travel, you can gift them the perfect bag. The single-to-te, or pyramid, bag from Graco is a great way to transport their gear when they’re on the go. It has lots of space for everything a pro needs, and it’s easy to roll around when they’re done bowling.

This is one of those unique gifts that’ll leave your bowler’s face a picture. It’s a miniature bowling set that attaches to a tabletop with suction cups. You can use this set for family or friends, and it makes a great gift.

Your bowler needs a shoe slipper, but not just any shoe slipper. The Graco shoe slippers are the perfect size for those who bowl with bare feet: They’re about an inch thick and have soft, anti-slip outsoles. They also have a Velcro tab on the back to make removing their shoes easier for the pro.

This gift set comes with everything a bowler needs: a coaster and a ball. The coasters are made with the same soft, anti-slip material as the shoe slippers, making them easy to slip on and off. The ball is made with durable, lightweight polyurethane, so it’s sure to stay inflated even when pushed to its limits.

This gift set is perfect for professional who loves to keep their sport valuable. The set features a desktop print of the Graco logo and a framed print of the Graco logo, and a black wood frame.

Professional bowlers will love the high-quality canvas print, and the frame is sure to look classy upon completion.

If your bowler is anything like mine, they just love to bowl. Whether they bowl in pickup games or organized leagues, their favorite pastime always involves a lot of internal strife.

What do they do to relax? How can they de-stress? How can they unwind? And the one Bowlers Gift that can help solve all of these problems is the Bowlers Trophy Planter Pot.

This unique gift comes fully assembled and features a handy bowl that doubles as a planter and holds up to 12 bowlers.

When bowlers are given a keepsake bowl, they take care of it right away. This is why the Bowlers Crystal Keepsake is the ultimate gift for bowlers. The keepsake bowl is made of durable crystal and has an elegant design that will remind your bowler of their favorite game. This keepsake Bowl will be the talk of the lane for years to come.

A personalized Bowlers Puzzle is one of the most thoughtful gifts for bowlers, no matter what skill level you have. These fun puzzles are perfect for all skill levels and themes.

The bowler can choose from various puzzles that have unique features like an image of their bowling location, a quote from a favorite bowler, and even a personalized message.

Bowler magnets are great for keeping your bowler’s bowl securely on their refrigerator or atop their TV. This unique gift comes with 8 bowl magnet pieces and 8 magnet back plates.

The magnet pieces are made of metal conducive enough to interact with electronics. The back plates, made of a softer material, are perfect for storing the bowl and are often personalized with the bowler’s name.

If your bowler is a big wine drinker, you’ll love the Bowlers Wine Stopper. This unique accessory is made of high-quality metal and has a hand-painted design to bring your bowler’s favorite beverage to life.

The bowl stopper is designed with a metallic cork that acts as a stopper when the bowl is closed. This unique gift can be used as a surprise gift or given as a housewarming or gifting present.

If your bowler is always on the go, this is the perfect gift. This Bluetooth-enabled keychain comes with three different bowling ball styles and a set of personalized stickers. The stylized stickers feature the bowler’s name and location.

The ball styles are classic and elegant. The keychain has a large memory space and Bluetooth connectivity and can be charged via USB. This unique gift can be given or used as a treat for yourself.

Bowls are the perfect size to store in a large custom-made travel case. This gift idea will help your bowler stay organized and keep their travel case cleaner.

The best part is that the travel case is made of water and dust-proof material, so even if your bowler is not a hygiene freak, they can keep their travel case clean and orderly. This unique gift is perfect for gift-giving occasions such as birthdays, weddings, etc.

Try this unique gift if your bowler is having a hard time relaxing and taking it easy. The Bowlers Stress reliever is the ultimate tool for bowling re-energized.

This is a high-quality stress ball made with a soft sponge interior and an anti-inflammatory gel that is effective for 3 hours after use. This is a great gift for anyone who loves to bowl and needs a little pick-me-up on game days.

Customers who bowl often complain about their tears. With the help of a towel, they can stop and show their sorrow in public. The Bowlers Crying Towel is the best gift for bowlers to make a huge difference in your bowler’s game. After all, who wants to bowl in a distressed sweater?

Allowing your bowler to bowl with their gloves on will give them a unique advantage. This gift option is perfect for bowlers who bowl outdoors and like to play cards or use their smartphones in the lane. This unique gift is made of durable, long-lasting material that will easily withstand the rigors of daily use.

The palms of the gloves are made of neoprene to provide comfort during play. This is the perfect gift for any bowler who loves to bowl outside.

These shoes are made for bowlers. They have a padded collar and soft, durable leather uppers with an almond-shaped rubber sole for extra comfort.

They also have a self-retracting tongue for a clean and comfortable game. In addition, the Kerrie’s are easy to clean, machine washable, and dryer safe.

If your bowler loves to dress the part, consider the bowling jersey. This cotton jersey is made for bowlers and has a Velcro closure at the back for a secure and comfortable fit. The front has large, roll-up cuffs for easy on and off.

If your bowler is a pro, the hammer rotating ball cup is for you. This cup allows you to rotate the ball 90 degrees and will keep your ball in top shape for longer. The cup features an anti-rebound rubber gasket so that the ball will always spin freely inside the cup.

Bowler’s journal subscriptions are ideal for bowlers who are always on the go. These magazine subscriptions keep your bowler informed on the latest trends in the sport, but they are also a great way to get resources and advice from fellow bowlers.

If your bowler is a seasoned traveler, this travel gift basket is a great way to show them how much you love to bowl. The gift basket contains everything a bowler could need, including snacks, drinks, a full-size ball, and pins.

If your bowler loves to keep their ball rolling, the bowling pin clock radio is a great way to show you care. This clock radio features an easy-to-read digital display and a wide variety of built-in Functions like directions to the ball and station presets and volume controls.

If you’re looking for a unique gift for someone who loves to bowl, the bowling pin flash drive is a great idea. This USB drive comes with a built-in light and will stay with your bowler throughout the game.


Bowlers are special people, and these gifts will make their day. From single bowling set to a complete bowling gift set, they’re sure to love them. So, whether you’re looking for something simple or something more extravagant, rest assured that you’ve found the perfect gift for your bowler.

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