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Man Cave Gift Ideas - 27 Interesting Gifts

Ah, the man cave. That mysterious place your dad or husband might slip off to for hours on end.

Usually off-limits to the rest of the house, but sometimes opened up to friends.

What exactly goes on in there? We may never know.

Everyone needs some personal space and “me time”, and the guy in your life who likes to while away the hours in the basement or garage just needs a little place where he can indulge his interests and take a break from all the hustle and bustle.

Really, the man cave is a form of self-expression and should be encouraged! So the next time you want to buy your favorite guy a gift that really says “I care,” why not get him something to add to his space?

No matter what his interests or your budget, here are 27 unique gift ideas for his man cave.

#1 Some Upcycled Beer Coasters

If he loves beer but doesn’t love getting rings on his furniture, these coasters are perfect for keeping his man cave in top condition.

They are made from lacquered 6 pack holders with a cork base to prevent sliding.

You can purchase a single coaster or up to a set of 24, and mix and match your designs from literally dozens of different beers.

#2 Personalized Decanter With his Favorite Football Team's Logo

What are man caves for if not watching football and enjoying a drink?

Honestly, how is one even complete without this decanter and whiskey glass set!

Once you choose his favorite team, you can also add up to 2 lines of personalization under the logo.

The decanter holds 26 oz and the glasses have a capacity of 10oz. Choose from 4 glasses, 2 glasses, or just the decanter by itself.

#3 A Wall-Mounted Bottle Opener with Magnetic Cap Catcher

For the guy who leaves his keys in a new spot every day and would lose his head if it wasn’t attached to his shoulders.

He can’t misplace his bottle opener if it’s attached to the wall!

Thanks to the magnetic cap catcher, he’ll be able to crack a cold one open and get back to hanging out with the boys without having to worry about what to do with the cap.

#4 A Tiki Toss Game

If he thinks he’s mastered the dartboard, he can test how good his aim really is with this classic Caribbean hook and ring toss.

Simple to set up and learn: the ring is suspended from a string and the hook is mounted to a wall or other fixed position.

The player stands several paces back from the hook and attempts to release the ring at just the right angle for it to swing and catch on the hook. He’ll have hours of entertainment as he masters the perfect technique.

This set is adjustable and made from 100% Bamboo!

#5 This Tricked Out Game Chair

For the guy whose man cave is really his game cave.

This lounger is super comfortable, and it pairs with his gaming console to offer a complete media experience.

Not only does it have 4 forward-facing speakers, but there are also subwoofers in the open space inside the chair and vibration monitors that sync with the audio’s bass tones so he can feel like he’s really in the game.

It’s compatible with most gaming systems, as well as MP3s and DVDs. Durable and easy to clean.

#6 This Miniature Murphy Bar

For the guy whose man cave isn’t quite large enough for a full bar.

Rustic and stylish, this liquor cabinet holds about 4 standard-sized liquor bottles, and the barn door swings down to form a convenient shelf for pouring drinks.

It’s available in 8 different finishes and even comes with the mounting hardware.

#7 A Sci-Fi Bunker Door Decal

If he’s always dreamed of hunting aliens or saving the world from a robot uprising, this decal is just what his man cave needs.

Every time he heads into his space, he’ll feel like he’s heading into the bowels of a spaceship.

The decals are easy to clean and remove, fire-rated and UV resistant, and eco-friendly!

Extra durable stickers are available for wetter environments, like a garage or basement.

#8 His Own Mini Coke Vending Machine

For the hard-core soda drinker.

If his bloodstream is mostly cola, save him the walk back and forth to the kitchen so he can enjoy his “me time” in peace.

With just the push of a button (and no change!), he can have a cold can of soda in his hand any time he wants.

It holds 10 cans and features the official classic Coca Cola graphics and design.

#9 A Nike Air Mag Digital Neon Art Print

If he needs a second closet just for his sneaker collection, this will be the perfect touch for his hideaway.

Even though it doesn’t contain any actual neon, the UltraChrome HDR ink seems to really glow!

Available in a variety of sizes: 8″X10″ to 24″X36″ for a framed print and up to 40″X60″ for an unframed print.

#10 This Handcrafted Ship-in-a-Bottle Decanter

This is the perfect gift for the classiest guy you know, especially if he spends his weekends out on his own sailboat!

The glass is lead-free and handblown, the oak wood base is made by master craftsmen in Kentucky.

Holds 1150 ml of his favorite whiskey, scotch, bourbon, cognac, or whatever his drink of choice is.

#11 A Set of Novelty Pool Ball Shot Glasses

If his pool table is the centerpiece of his man cave, these shot glasses add the perfect touch!

There are 9 glasses and 9 numbered bases for a full set of billiard balls.

They even come with a serving tray to make it easy to dish out drinks in the middle of the game and easy to pack them away at the end.

The shot glasses remove from the bases for easy cleaning.

#12 A Pair of Memory Foam Slippers

Let’s face it, his man cave is his place to go relax.

Help him kick his feet up in style with these two-tone memory foam slippers from RockDove.

The memory foam molds to his feet for ultimate comfort while the waffle knit material allows feet to breathe.

They might be called slippers, but with the secure heel collar and rubber sole, he won’t be slipping and sliding in these!

Machine washable and available in 6 different colors.

#13 A Cup Holder Pillow

For the guy who just wants some peace and quiet to watch his favorite show and have a drink.

This pillow will keep his drinks, snacks, and remote all in one place so he can zone out without having to hunt anything down or worry about spills.

The cupholders act as insulation to keep his drinks hot or cold and fit cups and mugs of almost every size and style. The cover is both removable and machine washable.

#14 A Plush Deer Rug

The classic man cave conjures up images of a deer skin rug on the floor.

If your guy’s not a hunter, this cruelty-free rug is a quirky way to add a rustic touch to his man cave.

Definitely for the guy with a sense of humor! This rug is 30″x36″ and comes with a non-skid backing to keep it from sliding around.

#15 This Frozen Margarita Machine

For the guy who’s still a kid at heart. All the fun of a slushie with a grown-up kick!

This slush maker is simple to use: just add ice, salt, and drink mix then turn it to freeze!

The easy-flow spout helps dispense consistently smooth drinks.

At a capacity of 32 ounces, this holds enough slush for a whole party, but the detachable cup rest is perfect for a single serving when he’s just feeling like enjoying a slushie on a hot day.

Plus there’s a drip tray to make clean-up no sweat!

#16 This Putting Green

For your favorite golfer so he can practice his putt on the days when he can’t hit the links.

This kidney-shaped 9’x3′ putting green has three different cups to aim at so he can practicing nailing his shot from several different angles.

Built-in sand traps help to catch stray shots so he won’t have to go chasing after the ball.

The high-quality putting surface is designed to stay smooth over time so he can continue to work on his game in the comfort of his own man cave for years to come.

#17 A Colorful LED Lamp Shaped Like a Video Game Controller

Another hit for your gamer guy.

This multicolor LED light feature will add a touch of personality and a captivating atmosphere to his game cave.

Choose from 16 different colors and add personalization!

The lamp is remote controlled and includes a touch-sensor button. Light can be dimmed or set to fade, strobe, flash, or smooth.

Can be run off AA batteries or be plugged into an outlet.

#18 A K-Mini Plus Coffee Maker

If he loves coffee but doesn’t love leaving his cave to get another cup, he’s in luck!

This Keurig K-Mini will let him brew up a single serving of coffee in just a matter of minutes.

It includes a pod storage unit that allows him to store up to 9 K-cup pods in the brewer.

Can brew any sized cup of coffee or tea between 6 to 12 oz and accommodates travel mugs up to 7″ tall.

And if he forgets it’s on, the auto-off feature will automatically turn the brewer off 90 seconds after the last brew.

#19 This Wooden Clock Featuring the Skyline of his Favorite City

For the traveler, or the guy who’s missing his hometown.

This 14″ wooden clock is hand-sanded and finished with Danish oil to bring out the natural grain of the wood, and can be made to resemble skylines of more than 50 cities both in the US and around the world.

Maybe he’s a New York native transplanted miles from a decent slice of pizza. Or he’s That Guy who brings up the semester he spent in London.

Whether he sets it to his own time zone or the timezone he wishes he were in, he’s sure to get a little joy from seeing his favorite skyline every day.

#20 This Informative Beer in Literature Poster

If his idea of a perfect night is settling into his man cave with a beer and a book, then this is must-have wall decor!

Printed on heavy, archival quality paper, this 16″x20″ poster features clever quips about beer from famous authors like Shakespeare and Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Bonus for you, it comes packaged in a gift-ready box!

#21 A Hot Air Popcorn Popper

Now he can have all the popcorn refills he wants during his movie night without ever having to hit pause or hang out by the microwave to make sure it doesn’t burn.

Because it uses hot air, he doesn’t even have to worry about refilling the oil.

This popper churns out about 60 oz of popcorn in 2 minutes.

The machine is easy to clean and includes a measuring cup on the top that can double as a melting tray for butter, caramel, or whatever else he likes to drizzle over his popcorn!

#22 This Handy Can Crusher

For the guy who loves his canned drinks but hates having to constantly take out the recycling.

This wall-mounted can crusher smashes down 12 oz and 16 oz cans so they take up less space, meaning he can go longer without having to haul the recycling out to the curb.

Mounts to the wall so it’s always in the same place when he’s finished his drink, and the mounting hardware is included.

And, come on, it does look kind of fun, doesn’t it?

#23 Strips of Colorful, Bluetooth Controlled LED Lights

For the tech-savvy guy who wants to liven up his space. These LED lights are 16.4′ long and super easy to install: just stick the strip to a clean, dry surface and press lightly!

Once they’re on, he can control them via remote, control box, or phone app. With a built-in mic, the lights “dance” to ambient sounds, from music to video games.

They also come with 7 pre-programmed “scenes”, like Dating for a romantic evening or Film for when he turns on a movie, and using DIY mode he can tailor the color and modes to his preferences.

#24 His Very Own Tavern Sign

A personalized sign is a perfect way to mark off his man cave as His Space, and this one adds the perfect rustic touch.

It’s made from hand-picked white pine and uses stacked text to create a 3D effect. It includes a sawtooth hanger for easy installation.

The sign can be customized to say anything you’d like, and the designer will even send you a proof before starting it to make sure its exactly what you wanted.

#25 This Art Print Featuring a Babe Ruth Quote

For your favorite baseball fan. No matter which team they root for, they’re sure to agree with Babe on this one.

This print is upcycled from old dictionary pages featuring the entry for baseball and printed using a high-end printer.

Since each page is unique, all orders are one of a kind. The print will be about 11″x8-8.5″ and compliments almost any decor.

#26 A Wall Hanging Declaring that the Bar Uses Only Top-Shelf Ingredients

For the guy who’s not just buying any liquor for his man cave, and proud of it.

It proudly states “WE SERVE ONLY THE FINEST ALES AND LIQUORS.” But don’t forget to read the fine print: “Except to Jeff. He left us a pretty horrific Yelp review.

Seriously Jeff, how do you even know what monkey sweat tastes like?”

Can be purchased in sizes from 8″x10″ to 30″x40″, plus you can customize the tagline for whoever his personal “Jeff” is.

#27 A Customized Map of the NHL Hockey Arenas

If he spends all of his time in his man cave following his favorite hockey team, this might inspire him to set his own goal to see all of the NHL hockey stadiums for himself!

This poster is 16″x20″ and even includes the arena location for the league’s newest team, the Seattle Kraken.

You can customize both the title of the map and add any custom quote under it as well.

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