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21 Best Gift Ideas for Spinning Enthusiasts

While there’s a world full of incredible gifts for spinning enthusiasts, coming to the starting point of thinking what it could be, is the most difficult. Unless you’re absolutely certain about what he/she has on their wish list, a handy guide is what you’ll need.

Spinning or cycling is probably the best cardio exercise ever. If you have a friend who is a spinning enthusiast, motivate him/her. Help them to get in the best shape by offering gifts that’ll be both useful and fun.

The good news is that you will find a wide range of products to gift a spinning enthusiast, and we’ve listed them for you. Most of these products are affordable and cost less than $50. So, here is a list of the 21 best gifts for a spinning enthusiast. 

A fitness watch never gets out of trend for a spinning enthusiast. The SLuB IP68 is a smart bracelet watch with an attractive design.

Checking the time, heart rate, and calories burnt is just as easy. The IP68 has an LCD screen that can display around 32B characters. 

Moreover, it also measures your sleep status and keeps a real-time record. You can connect to a smartphone to get app notifications and read chats. 


  • LCD monitor
  • Heart rate sensor
  • Real-time analyzer 

Taking a sip of coffee in a cool printed mug is a great way to start your day. Gift the Carson home print coffee mug to the spinning enthusiast you love. 

It is a black mug crafted from high-grade ceramic, which has a cycling image imprinted on it. The mark also has a bold inscription that says, “Enjoy the ride.”

The Carson home print coffee can be scrubbed with a mild detergent as it is made of ceramic. You can also use it as a home decor item or a pen holder. 


  • Made from ceramic 
  • Graphical imprint on the surface  
  • Withstands high temperature 

#3 Bicycle Repair Kit

Gift your loved spinning enthusiast something worthy—this bicycle repair kit from XCH Robot Store an ideal gift. 

Each pack weighs around 630 grams and has 16 different tools ranging from a pump to an Allen wrench. The best thing about the kit is that all tools can be attached to form a single body. 

Along with the professional accessory, you get a handy pouch to store the tools. You can use this tool kit to repair any bicycle ranging from sport to mountain variants.  


  • Handy Pouch 
  • 16 all in-one-tools 
  • Ergonomic design

If you care for a spinning enthusiast, gift him/her a first aid kit. This first aid kit from the “First Aid Only Store” prepares you to tackle unexpected injuries. 

It has over 299 pieces of first aid equipment designed for minor injuries. You can use it when you get a cut, burn, or swelling. 

Along with the other pieces of equipment, you get a compact pouch. The pouch has a dimension of 9.25×2.8×7 inches which is easily portable on any bicycle. 

You can also use this first aid kit at home or while traveling. 


  • Portable pouch 
  • 299 pieces of First Aid equipment 

A bicycle bottle holder is a must-have accessory for every spinning enthusiast. Any cyclist will love this bicycle bottle holder from the Kemmoto Store. 

The holder is not only easy to install but is also compatible with any bicycle. It holds a water bottle, cell phone, and even your keys inside the mesh pocket. 

The Kemmoto bicycle water bottle holder has a 5 mm thick PE foam padding on its waterproof fabric. 

It has a string attached to the top that allows you to tighten your accessories. Even if you ride your bicycle on rough terrain, the pouch won’t be out of shape. 


  • PE foam padding 
  • Waterproof fabric 
  • Stores water bottles, cell phone, and keys 

This designer tyre coffee mug is a rare gift idea for spinning enthusiasts. On the first look, you might feel that the texture is of pure rubber. 

However, this coffee mug is made from medium-grade ceramic. It has a realistic 3D chrome finish that distinguishes it from other coffee mugs. 

With a capacity of 14 oz, the mug can hold adequate fluids. Also, it is ideal for extremely hot beverages as it is made of medium-grade ceramic. But, it cannot withstand microwave heat. 


  • 3D graphical chain design 
  • Made from medium grade ceramic 
  • Ergonomic handle 

#7 Bicycle Bookend

This bicycle bookend from the Hosley store is a fantastic home decor item to gift spinning enthusiasts. 

The bookend stands over 6.5 inches tall and can hold any book between its two components. It is made from pure iron with a glossy finish that prevents rusting. 

You can store the product in your living room or at the office. The Hosley bicycle bookend is affordable and available at Amazon for under $13. 


  • Made from durable iron
  • Glossy finish 
  • 5 inches tall 

#8 Bicycle Helmet

A bicycle helmet is a safety accessory and also a perfect gift for spinning enthusiasts. 

The Schwinn Thrasher is an attractive outdoor bicycle helmet specially designed for extra protection. 

Moreover, it has a 360-comfort system with customizability options. You can adjust the dial feet of the equipment and go for a long ride safely on your bicycle. 

It also comes with an angular design which is probably the most attractive feature. 


  • 360 comfort system
  • Adjustable dial feet
  • Attractive angular design  

#9 Cyclist T-Shirt

You can give this attractive T-shirt from the Ann Arbor Store to your loved spinning enthusiast. This shirt is specially designed to be a fit piece of clothing for men. 

It is slightly tapered on the waistline that gives the wearer a dashing look. The Ann Arbor T-shirt is printed with an image of a bicycle along with an inscription that says, “My Therapist.” 

Moreover, this T-shirt is fabricated from 100% pure USA-grown cotton.


  • Made from 100% pure USA grown cotton
  • Printed graphical design 

#10 Bike's Owner's Handbook

A Bike Owner’s Handbook is a valuable piece of writing by Peter Drinkell. It is an overall bicycle manual that contains information about bicycle maintenance and repair. 

Your beloved novice cycle enthusiasts will definitely like this book because of the rare information it contains. 

The book also contains graphical illustrations that keep the reader engaged for long.


  • Engaging graphical illustrations 
  • It contains bicycle maintenance tips

#11 Bike Cable Lock

If you want to gift a safety accessory to your cyclist friend for his bicycle, gift him a cable lock. The Master Lock 8143D is a reliable cable lock piece suitable for all bicycles. 

It secures the bicycle by a four-digit combination lock which is an essential theft deterrent. 

Moreover, the cable is 1.2 m long and 8 mm thick which is perfect for covering up the rim of any bicycle. The cable lock has a protective vinyl coating that makes it flexible and durable at the same.


  • It has a protective Vinyl coating 
  • It has a 4-digit combination lock 
  • Compatible with all bicycles 

Every spinner enthusiast would love a bike handlebar bag to store their accessories. Give this STAHMFOVER handlebar bag to your cyclist friend. 

Made from high-quality EVA, the bag is sturdy and water-resistant. It also has a double waterproof zipper design to protect the interior from leakage. 

You can carry your cell phone or portable charger on the STAHMFOVER handlebar bag, even on rainy days. 


  • 100% waterproof exterior 
  • Double waterproof zipper 
  • Easily portable design 

The Cyclist’s Training Bible is an incredible piece of writing by Joe Friedel for spinning enthusiasts. 

The book helps beginner cyclists to train better every day as it contains rare information. It also allows you to plan your annual training for a specific season. 

Cyclists can also follow the nutritional guide in the book to build better muscular endurance. The Cyclists Training Bible is available on Amazon Kindle for under $30. 


#14 Bicycle Lights

Every spinning enthusiast would love to have the Shark 500 on their bicycle. The Shark 500 is a headlight and taillight set manufactured by the “Cycle Torch Store.” 

It emits light intensity of 500 lumens which is enough to light the entire road. The company provides a portable USB cable to recharge the lights. 

With a runtime of 2 hours, this headlight and tail light set is compatible with any bicycle. Moreover, you don’t need any extra tool, and it takes only 5 seconds to mount. 


  • Emits light of 500 lumens 
  • Portable USB cable 
  • 3 Night Modes 

#15 A Pair Of Goggles

When style meets cycling, things get irresistible for a spinning enthusiast. The Kroops 13-five is a practical yet stylish pair of bicycling goggles. 

Moreover, it is a perfect item to gift a spinning enthusiast. You get 100% protection from UV sun rays by putting these scratch-resistant lenses on. 

For better comfort, there is a multi-layer form embedded on the inside frame. The Kroops 13-five offers a low profile, but the anti-fog ventilation provides a clear view.


  • Scratch-resistant lenses 
  • Anti-fog ventilation holes 
  • Lightweight, frameless design

#16 Bicycle Saddle Bag

Gift the BV Bicycle Saddle to your friends to add to their bikes. It offers additional storage facilities and also comes with a tail light hanger. 

The back of the pocket is a line by 3M Scotchlite reflective trim for better safety. The BV Cycle Saddle is a strap-on compact under-seat saddle with a durable mesh pocket. 

You can store items such as a cell phone, battery, and keys inside it.


  • Durable Mesh Pocket 
  • Taillight hanger 
  • Compatible with any bicycle 

If your friend loves to party and is a spinner enthusiast, gift him a bike bottle opener.

It is designed similar to a sprocket with a chain attached to it. The mouth of the bottle opener is crafted in the middle of the sprocket. 

You can fix this on the bottle cap and pull the chain to remove it. 


  • Sturdy and ergonomic design
  • Made from stainless steel

A traditional cycle pump is not practical to carry while spinning. This mini-cycle pump from the “Pro Bike Tool Store” delivers higher pressure up to 100 PSI per 6.9 bar. 

Besides being compact and lightweight, this mini bike pump is reliable and specially built to last. 

There are Presta and Schrader valves and CNC aluminum alloy that makes the seal unbreakable. 


  • Deliver pressure up to 100 PSI per 6.9 bar 
  • Made from CNC aluminum alloy 
  • Compact and lightweight design 

If your friend is a spinner enthusiast and a pizza lover, gift him this bicycle pizza cutter from the Soho Kitchen.

It provides shark and effortless cutting even on the thickest pizza crust. Both front and rear wheels are sharp and rotate to provide proper cutting execution. 

The edges are non-sticky and, therefore, very easy to clean and maintain. 


  • Sharp rotating edges 
  • Non-sticky edges 
  • Easy to clean 

#20 Wireless Bicycle Speedometer

Every bicycle enthusiast wishes for a digital speedometer for their bicycle. Gift your cyclist friend the SY bicycle wireless speedometer. 

The instrument has an easy-to-monitor bright LCD screen. It measures several parameters such a speed, distance, and spinning time. 

The bicycle speedometer also has a sensor that makes the display glow after sensing vibrations. 


  • Bright LCD screen
  • Intelligent vibration sensor 
  • Portable design 

Gift this extraordinary Bicycle Mobile Mount Holder to your cyclist friend. It has a 360° adjustable frame that is relatively easy to adjust. 

The Mount holder is specially designed to be stable even during Riding in Harsh terrain. You can also use this Mount holder to shoot videos while riding. 


  • Sturdy design 
  • 360° adjustable frame 


The best things about bicycle accessories are affordability and relevance. No matter what you pick, a pizza cutter, or a biker book, it’s surely going to make your dear spinning enthusiast smile.

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