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21 Gifts for Bloody Mary Lovers

The Bloody Mary is a popular cocktail, and it is enjoyed by people all over the world. Known for its bold red color, this drink’s history dates back to as early as 1921. This cocktail gets its red color from tomato juice and the additional spices used in it. Vodka, tomato juice, and a lot of flavorings, spices, and herbs are used to make this cocktail. The top of the cocktail glass is stylishly rimmed with some special Bloody Mary salt to add to the flavors.

Worcestershire sauce, lemon juice, garlic, hot sauces, black pepper, salt, celery and olives are some flavors added to this drink. The preparation varies from place to place. Wherever you go, you are sure to find a Bloody Mary lover. What gift would you give them? Here, we have answered this question for you. This article contains 21 thoughtful gifts that you can give to lovers of this cocktail.

Here is the best gift you can give for a Bloody Mary lover. A Bloody Mary mix, of course! Thanks to this gift, they can make their favorite cocktails whenever they want, right in the comfort of their homes, and have a whale of a time with their friends.

Now, they can host a party whenever they want, as they have all the means to prepare this celebratory cocktail in a jiffy. This mix contains the flavors of horseradish and cayenne. They need to add a part mix of this with one part of tomato juice to get the smoked Bloody Mary cocktail ready within minutes!

2. Socks to reflect one’s mood

Here is the perfect gift to reflect the mood of Bloody Mary lovers. These socks are made from 77% cotton, 20% polyamide and 3% Elastane. They are very comfortable and compatible to be worn with any outfit.

Bloody Mary lovers will fall in love with these socks instantly, as it has the words, “If you can read this, bring me a Bloody Mary” written on it. They will love to stretch their legs so that others can read this message loud and clear, especially when they are on holiday.

3. Notebook journal to show the importance of Bloody Mary

Here is a notebook journal that has been designed exclusively for Bloody Mary lovers. This book comes with 100 high-quality pages to write down their experiences, scheduling of daily events and innovative ideas.

However, the cover of this journal gives it such a huge visual appeal, which overshadows its functionality. This journal comes with the words, “Bloody Mary is my life,” which will make lovers of this cocktail go awe with wonder.

Are you going for a housewarming party of someone who loves the Bloody Mary cocktail too much? Here is a kitchen towel that fits the purpose perfectly. What looks like tomato sauce or any other red-colored drink for you will look like Bloody Mary for them. This is exactly what is written on this cute-looking kitchen towel.

Made from polyester, this kitchen towel has excellent absorbing properties. It is extremely soft; therefore, they can use it properly without the fear of scratches. Even if they don’t use it, they can still use it as part of their kitchen décor, as the wordings on this are flaunt-worthy.

5. Pepperoni Straws

Why opt for plastic straws, when you can gift Bloody Mary lovers these lovely pepperoni straws? These straws are made from pork, and give out a delicious flavor when enjoyed with this cocktail.

These straws are not just elegant-looking, but they have a salty flavor, which makes them perfect snacks to be enjoyed with the Bloody Mary drink. If you know of someone who owns a bar at home, these straws are a great gift. This one comes in a set of 5 straws.

Here is a metal tin sign that your friend can put in front of his restaurant or bar. They can be placed across the entrances of businesses during special events and festivals to attract customers.

This one has the picture of the Bloody Mary cocktail and words written in a beautiful font, which gives a catchy look to this gift. Made from 100% rust-free, durable aluminum material, this metal sign can be easily mounted on walls, as it comes with four pre-drilled holes.

This is one rimming salt that you wouldn’t want to miss to gift Bloody Mary lovers. This one comes with a blend of various spices like pickle extract, jade salt, lemon pepper and 8 other premium varieties.

Apart from Bloodys, this salt can also be used for rimming martini shots as well.  This neatly-packed, spice-filled rimming salt is 4.5 ounces, and it rims up to 30 large glasses of any cocktail of your choice.

8. Pitcher Set with a witty theme

Here is a classy-looking ceramic pitcher set that comes with the words, “You say tomato, I say Bloody Mary.” This gift is sure to make lovers of Bloody Mary very happy, as it gives them a chance to flaunt their passion. Along with the pitcher, you also get a stirrer spoon, with the words, “Drink your Veggies.”

Here is the complete gift that any cocktail lover would love immensely. This set contains accessories like a large cocktail shaker, double jigger, pourer, ice, tongs, filter, bar spoon,  muddler, bottle opener and bamboo stand to hold these.

Are you looking for a gift for a cocktail lover, who has just entered his 30th year? Here is a vintage-styled glass that has the words, “aged to perfection.”

This crystal-clear, glass beer mug is made in the USA, and is built to last for many years. The words engraved on it are of the screen-printed design, and they don’t fade at all.

11. Notebook journal with a witty theme

Here is a notebook journal that will make Bloody Mary lovers happy and thrilled to use them at the first chance they get. This attractive-looking journal has floral patterns and says, “Life is better with a Bloody Mary.”

These cocktail lovers can perfectly resonate with the feelings on this journal, as they experience the same feeling. This journal contains 106 beautifully decorated pages for cocktail lovers to plan their day and follow the schedule accordingly.

12. Cocktail Recipe Glass

Thanks to the carvings on this glass, one need not remember recipes for cocktails at all. This glass contains the perfect recipe for all cocktails including Bloody Mary, Prairie Oyster and 5 other premium cocktails.

Perfect for an aspiring bartender, this glass is one-of-a-kind, indeed. It can convert a Bloody Mary lover into a professional mixologist within minutes. The capacity of this glass is 16 ounces, and it can be washed easily, making it a highly functional gift as well.

13. Gift loaded with sarcasm

Here is a gift for the Bloody Mary lover who appreciates humor in the right sense. This is a coffee mug, but the wordings on it make it a gift worthy of being part of this list. They read – “This might be Bloody Mary!”

Well, even though they can drink only coffee and non-alcoholic beverages from this mug, they can still imagine it to be their favorite cocktail, while reading the message on this mug. This black ceramic mug can hold 11 ounces of beverage and be used in the dishwasher and microwave without any hassles.

14. Wine Glass set

There are no rules when it comes to enjoying their favorite cocktail, for Bloody Mary lovers. They can sip their favorite drink even from wine glasses. And if the wine glasses are as premium as these, they would never miss a chance to use them.

This is a set of 2 Italian-style crystal clear Burgundy wine glasses, which you can gift to Bloody Mary lovers for any occasion. The best part of this set is that it is 100% hand-blown, and follows a rigorous process that involves 23 procedures.  Made by experienced and expert craft masters, this gift is sure to lighten the mood and spirits of Bloody Mary lovers, for sure.

Words don’t matter when there is a picture of a Bloody Mary cocktail on the gift, for a true lover of this cocktail. This is why this notebook journal is a great gift for them.

The cover of this journal is black-shaded, and printed on it is a glass of dashing-red Bloody Mary cocktail, which steals their hearts away.

With its matte finish cover, this 120-paged journal is easy to carry, and gives Bloody Mary lovers a perfect chance to flaunt their love for this drink, wherever they go.

This is a set of 12 Olive skewers that are designed in such a way that they won’t drown in any of the martinis and cocktails, including Bloody Mary. They come with different shapes on the top, and they are very easy to use. These look so stylish that they transform ordinary drinks into a professional one within seconds!

Since they are made from 304 stainless steel, they are rust-free, durable and elegant.  If you are looking for skewers with the right balance and functionality, this is the one for you.

17. Notebook with a lovely theme

This is a colorful notebook journal that comes with an attractive cover. Two glasses of Bloody Mary cocktails against a white background with interesting toppings are sure to make this notebook look exquisite.

It comes with 100 lined pages, which Bloody Mary lovers can use to take notes of their important meetings, list down goals for the day, follow up on their schedules and more.

A true lover of the Bloody Mary cocktail will never settle for anything else to be their partner on Valentine’s Day. Do you know of someone who loves this cocktail so much that they consider this drink as their perfect Valentine?

Here is a notebook journal just for them. With the attractive words, “Bloody Mary is my Valentine,” this notebook contains 100 ruled pages perfect for writing whatever they want.

19. Funny T-shirts

This one is not just for Bloody Mary lovers, but for women lovers of all alcoholic drinks. This women’s T-shirt is made from a cotton blend, and is absolutely comfortable to wear even for long hours. It contains the words, “may contain wine,” which is funny and meaningful at the same time. This T-shirt comes in different colors, and they are suitable for all seasons.

20. Bar Sign with a Bloody Mary theme

Here is a thoughtful gift for a friend who owns a bar. Does his bar make one of the tastiest Bloody Mary cocktails that you have ever tasted? Here is a signboard that you can gift him, in that case.

This sign comes with the words, “Try our signature drink – The Spicy and Delicious Bloody Mary,” which will attract customers to the bar. 

This board also comes with 2 pre-drilled holes for easy mounting. The best part of this gift is that you can also personalize it to reflect the text you want, to impress your Bloody Mary friend.

A glass of the Bloody Mary cocktail is incomplete with the salt that forms its rimming. Here is one of the best gifts you can give for lovers of this cocktail – the rimming salt!

This 4-ounce saltbox gives a new flavor to your drink, when you dip the rim in sugar and rotate gently on the top of the glass. It contains a dash of various flavors like cayenne pepper, chili powder, paprika, sea salt, ground celery, dehydrated herbs like onion & garlic, dried peels of lemon & orange, citric flavors, black pepper, parsley and beetroot powder.

It can be quite difficult to choose the right gift for Bloody Mary lovers. Since they are connoisseurs of this cocktail, they are well-aware of the taste and authenticity of the drink. So, only the best will make them happy. We are sure that our recommendations will surprise them, and make them fall in love with their favorite cocktail all over again.

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