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Gift Ideas for Italian Dads

Italian-themed gifts is one of the most thoughtful ways to show your love for your Italian dad as these will remind him about his loving country. However, you might get overwhelmed and say “Mama Mia!!” with the variety of choices that are ideal gifts for your Italian dad. But you don’t have to worry because we had already wrapped-up the best Italian-themed gift ideas for your dad no matter their interest, age, and of course, your budget.


1. Unique Wine Glass Charms Set

Make your Italian dad feel a whole new experience the next time he drinks his favorite wine by giving him this set of six wine glass charms designed with Italian ensembles, such as the Italian Flag, a vespa, a slice of pizza, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, a gondola, and the Basilica. These charms will make any celebration more memorable as the wine lovers will be able to personalize their wine glass.

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2. La Pasta in Italia Apron

Is your dad a good cook or just love cooking for the family? Well, this La Pasta in Italia Apron is a gift he will surely appreciate. Whether his just wiping off the floor after making bread cooking, grilling out or just needs a quick hand cover for a hot plate, this La Pasta in Italia apron is the perfect option for every occasion. By wearing this apron, he will be more inspired to cook authentic Italian dishes for his family and friends.

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3. Italian Denim Dad Hat

Hat is probably one of the most useful accessories that you can give to your dad. Not only that it provides protection against the sun but it is also a trend that never goes out in the fashion world. This denim hat with an embroidered Italian flag design will give your Italian dad that cool and young look. It also goes well with all outfits on casual days.

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4. Italian Seasoning/Spices Set

If he is a full-blooded Italian, chances are your dad loves Italian dishes and cooking them in your own home. This Italian Seasoning/Spices Set is perfect for any cook who loves to create meals from different types of pasta, grilled recipes and tiramisu.

Every set includes the most adventurous blends such as the Fiesta Blend Mexican Seasoning; H&K Black-Louisiana Style Blackening Spice; Caribbean Inspired Jerk Rub; and Italian seasonings.

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5. Classic Italian-made Leather Belt

Classic never goes out of style and so is this leather belt that is made in Italy. This belt is crafted with the highest quality and pure leather that would give your dad a classic look for the weekend or when he goes to the office.

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6. Florence Skyline Wine Glass- Panoramic City Design

After a long day of work, your dad deserves a glass of wine to relax at the end of the day. With this Florence Skyline Wine Glass, he will be able to enjoy his favorite wine while looking at the panoramic view of Florence Skyline and other wonderful sceneries of Italy.

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7. Handmade Leather Keychain

He can never leave his keys everywhere the next time because of this thoughtful gift for him. This handmade leather kitchen is made with the finest quality of leather that proves durability that can stand the test of time.

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8. Personalized 100% Genuine Leather Passport Holder

You can never go wrong with Italian leather goods like this Passport Holder that is made with 100% genuine leather. Your traveler dad will definitely love this gift as he can travel the world in style.

What makes it more special is that it can be personalized with up to five characters wherein you can put his nickname, initials, or anything that relates to him. You can choose from the wide range of colors available depending on the personality and interest of your dad.

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9. Vintage Italian Silk Tie

A tie maybe the most cliche gift for dads, but this is a practical gift as he can use it every day, especially if he works in the office. Every time he wears this gift, he will become more inspired to work because he will be thinking that the tie, he is wearing comes from a person who loves and appreciates him so much.

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10. Luxury Watch Storage Box

Give him the gift of organization with style with this Luxury Watch Storage Box by Smith and Rowe than can carry up to three of his most valuable watches. Aside from its timeless design, this also protects his watch from scratches and dust while at home or even when he is travelling.

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11. Leather Golf Valuables Pouch

For the sporty dad, this Golf valuables pouch is something he can carry around when he goes to the golf club. This pouch comes with multiple pockets that can store his valuables in an organized way.

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12. Funny Italian Car Seat Covers

Add humor in his driving time while reminding him of his beautiful country by gifting him this Italian Driver Navigator Seat Covers with funny statements and designed with the amazing colors of the Italian flag.

This car seat already comes in two sets that are made with high quality polyester micro-fiber fabric and these are designed for quick and easy installations fit o most standard cars.

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13. Sauce or Gravy Statement Tea Towel

End that old Italian debate whether it is a sauce or gravy because why debate when you can have both? This funny statement tea towel designed with the combination of colors from the Italian flag is the perfect gift for Italian dads that they can use, especially when having a pasta for dinner.

The family gathering will become more memorable when a family member remembers this debate that will turn into a funny and fruitful discussion.

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14. Wooden Handmade Organizer

At some points, we have to admit that our dads tend to become forgetful as they misplaced and can hardly find their valuables. But worry no more because with the help of this Italian made handmade organizer/docking station, your dad can now keep his daily items organized and easy to find.

It is compatible with almost all of his stuff from tablet, cellphone, glasses, and keys in a series of spaces specifically designed. Through this, you can now seldom hear him complain while looking for his misplaced stuff.

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15. Complete Pizza Gift Basket Surprise

Aside from pasta, the most-loved food by Italians is pizza. Surprise your pizza lover dad with this complete pizza gift basket from Dellalo that features their famous Italian Pizza Dough Kit and signature sauces along with loads of gourmet goodies for that flavorful pizza toppings.

With this gift basket, he can make his own version of special pizza together with his friends and family making it as another one memorable dining experience.

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16. Complete Professional Charcuterie Board

Does your dad host a gathering most of the time or love to invite friends at home? Well, you can now add entertainment for the guests in style by gifting him this wooden professional charcuterie board which is a perfect addition to the sumptuous meals and of course, the wine.

Every set comes with bamboo cheese board, hidden tray with cheese knives, utensils and ramikin bowls to serve olives, chutneys and preserves.

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17. Socks in a Pizza Box!

Yep, you heard it right! Your dad will surely laugh out loud while opening these colorful socks that are packed in a box that really looks like a pizza at first glance. Funs and laughter are surely guaranteed because of the unique packaging that whoever receives it will think that it is actually a pizza until they open it and see what is really inside.

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18. Hanging Toiletries Bag

When travelling, our dads only bring with them few things, because unlike our mothers, they only need few stuffs to bring like few clothes and toiletries. This durable hanging toiletries bag is the most recommended gift for dads who is a space saver when travelling.

This hanging bag has plenty of pockets to store your dad’s travel essentials and it is made with leather and heavy-duty canvass to avoid spillage and leaks.

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19. Funny Statement Italian-Themed T-Shirt

A cool and funny shirt that would bring laughter to anyone who your dad comes across with every time he wears this cool and funny statement t-shirt. Aside from bringing happiness because of the witty statements, it will also give him pride by wearing this shirt knowing that Italians make a really good food.

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20. 7-piece Elegant Old-Fashioned Whiskey Decanter Set

If his more into whiskey than wine, then this elegant old-fashioned whiskey decanter set is a gift that your Italian dad will cherish. Crafted perfectly from Parma, Italy, this whiskey decanter set is perfect for formal events to serve and toast your most cherished whiskey or even bourbon and scotch in style and elegance.

With the bodies of both decanter and glasses that feature diamond-shaped cuts, this set would definitely make any drink look elegant and classy.

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21. ARNETTE’s Men’s Sunglasses

There’s one gift that never gets out of style– and that is a pair of sunglasses. Because of its stylish look combined with practicality, your dad might already have his own pair. But if you want to upgrade his style, then this sunglasses from ARNETE’s is the most ideal gift that would match any outfit.

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22. Modern Luxury Watch by Vincero

Watch does not only tell the time, but also gives a message that a time spent with loved one is the most important gift that any amount of riches cannot but. By giving your day with this wristwatch, you will remind him of your good times together every time he looks at his watch. This gift is perfect for dads who are not fans of minimalist watches, but prefers something bold and distinct look.

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23. Skechers Loafer Shoes

Whether it’s a business suit for a formal affair or a crisp polo and khaki shorts for a barbeque picnic at the neighborhood, this loafer shoes from Skechers will flatter his look and will go along with any sense of style. Your dad will appreciate it by giving him this gift of comfort, convenience and style.

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24. Eau De Toilette Spray by Versace

A perfume that allows him to express his personality and exude confidence. This Eau de Toilette Spray by Versace is perfect for dads who love adventures and are always up for some travel episodes because of its fresh and masculine scent.

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25. Stylish Leather Journal

Some dads are “strong, but silent” types that don’t often express their feelings and share their memories in words, so this stylish journal is an ideal gift for them to open up. This is also helpful for dads who have hectic schedules as this will allow them to take note of the things that need to be done and meetings that they have to attend to.

It also comes with a jet-black lacquer and finished in 24k ballpoint pen that is guaranteed to impress.

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26. Silver Necklace with Lord’s Prayer Inscription

Italians are known to be religious individuals who practices their faith in everyday life. This simple necklace with simply beautiful cross pendant will represent your dad’s faith every time he wears it. The Lord’s prayer is also inscribed at the back that adds feeling to the cross.

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27. Espresso and Coffee Maker

Every coffee lover dad will be very happy if he receives an espresso and coffee maker as a gift. With this coffee maker, he can make his favorite drinks from the convenience of his home brewed exactly to his preference from espresso, cappuccino, mocha, and of course, his favorite Italian coffee.

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