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Gift Ideas for Couch Potatoes - Best 27 Ideas

Couch potatoes are people who prefer to spend time in front of the television screen and watch some TV or movies. Although some people may see it as a bad thing, it is actually not. Couch potatoes simply are people who enjoy watching their favorite shows and lounging on the couch more after a long day rather than going someplace or being physically active.

This lifestyle is a personal choice and it is what they prefer. Being a couch potato simply is what makes them happy and watching their favorite shows is what relieves them from stress and exhaustion. You might know a couch potato or two and perhaps you are looking for a gift for this person and you do not know what to get them.

Being a couch potato is what defines them in your head. For the gifts that you could buy for them that they will enjoy, we got you covered as here is a list of 27 gift ideas specifically picked out for couch potatoes.

A couch potato needs a cellphone stand so that they could easily swipe on their phones for simple tasks while watching TV. With a cellphone stand, even when a couch potato is eating their favorite snack, they could still browse on their phone, watch videos there, get on a call with someone, play music, etc.

This cellphone stand is also unlike any other as it has a built-in Bluetooth speaker. With this, your couch potato loved one can now watch movies or shows on his/her phone or tablet and have better audio with the speaker.

This is a funny blanket to give to your couch potato loved one especially if fries are what they love to snack on during their watching sessions. This blanket has the dimensions of 50″ x 40″.

This blanket is the perfect travel companion but it is also perfect for when your couch potato loved one gets cold while watching TV.

You should also get a throw pillow cover for your couch potato loved one. This throw pillow cover shows how much of a couch potato they are as its design is that of potatoes. This is a fun throw pillow cover and its size is 18″ x 18″.

This is a sofa arm table. With this gadget, your couch potato loved one can now have everything they need in one place without having to move from their seat. It has pockets for paper, remote control or cellphone, and others.

The tray can also hold other items like snacks and a mug. This is much needed by your loved ones as it can really get tiring to have to get up from your position on the couch when watching your favorite show.

Help your couch potato loved one relax with this massage pillow. This pillow can be used for the shoulders, back, and even the feet. They can help your loved one relieve stress and pain.

This massage pillow is capable of hitting the right spots and it is also ergonomically designed for comfort and to fit the various contours of the body.

This is a nice serving dish that your loved one can use when eating snacks during movie time and TV sessions. This serving dish is specifically made for nuts as it has separate shell storage at the bottom. But it can also be used for other snacks. This is a great gift for a couch potato that they will surely love and appreciate.

Sometimes your couch potato friend or family might get cold when lounging on the couch or on the bed. This is the perfect blanket that you could give them to keep them warm and comfortable.

This is a wearable blanket with sleeves so that they would stay warm while being able to use their hands to hold stuff like a book that they are reading, a drink, their phone, etc.

These spectacles are for those who do not want to get up from bed. If your couch potato loved one just wants to lie down but still be able to watch TV, then get this for him/her. With these spectacles, your couch potato loved one no longer has to move and he/she can do what he/she wants to do.

These are novelty socks to get for your couch potato loved one. They have a funny message at the bottom that you can definitely read as this couch potato would always be lying down on the couch or on the bed, that is for sure. And when you read the message on the socks, make sure to just bring them wine so that they don’t have to get up anymore.

This is a nice device that is two in one. It is a Bluetooth speaker that doubles as a bottle opener. With this gadget, your couch potato friend no longer has to bring a bottle opener from the kitchen to the living room every time he/she wants to drink beer or some other beverage. This device is very convenient and it is great for those who want to make their lives easier.

This is a cup holder to get for a couch potato as it can hold a lot of things. With this cup holder, spills will be prevented. It can hold various items such as a remote control, a tumbler, a mug, and many more. This will be a convenient addition to your loved one’s TV watching experience.

Does your couch potato friend or family member always complain about charging? Charging may get difficult for a couch potato since the couch is far from the socket. But with this extra-long iPhone charger, he/she can now charge and use his/her phone while lounging on the couch and watching TV from there.

You got a cup holder for your couch potato friend, now get them a cup to use that with. This is a unique wine glass tumbler that they will surely find interesting and it is perfect for your movie nights when you want to drink something special.

Your couch potato loved one might need to use their laptop while on the couch. This is the perfect tool for that. It is a foldable and adjustable laptop desk stand that they could use for more convenient laptop usage on the couch or on the bed.

Get this for your loved ones so that they can eat popcorn anywhere. Now they could enjoy movie nights even more. This bowl is even collapsible and it is also dishwasher-safe. It is also BPA-free and measures 8″ x 8″ x 2.25″.

This is a coffee mug warmer to make sure that your loved one’s tea, chocolate drink, or coffee stays warm even through a movie or an episode of their favorite show.

These curtains are to ensure that the room is dark. This is perfect for movie sessions as you would want everything to be dark and then concentrate on the movie. This is an ideal gift for a couch potato.

Get this gadget for a loved one so that they can reach items that are far away from them while not moving from their seat. This will be loved by a couch potato.

There’s nothing a couch potato hates like having to get up to grab things, so you can imagine how happy they’ll be if you get this for them.

This is another cellphone stand to use when you want your phone to be near you. This is a nice gift because it is sturdy and even has a space on the holder for easy charging.

The phone cradle for desk offers a comfortable viewing position. While you place it on your office desk, you can see incoming alerts and calls even when the phone is in quiet mode.

A big slot in the rear allows a charging wire to curve away gently. And the hole’s outside edge is beveled so it doesn’t cut into your cord – a great dock for a couch potato’s phone.

Get your loved ones this humidifier so that they would be comfortable in their own space and the air would stay moisturized for hours. They could place this near their couch.

It comes with a AC power adapter, disk cleaning brush, user handbook, and Pure Enrichment’s 5-Year Warranty.

Sometimes things can get messy, especially when snacks dropped on the couch and get stuck at the sides. Thus, get your couch potato friend this portable vacuum that they can easily use to clean up things.

Just because they love to lie around doesn’t mean they don’t lie clean place, right? I’m sure they’ll love your thoughfulness.

Since your couch potato friends do not like moving, they can be likened to a sloth. This is a funny sloth mug that you could give them that they would love to use when drinking coffee while watching TV.

This comes as an audiobook and a hardcover. This is a LitRPG/RPG Gamelit novel that incorporates stat growth, video game elements, and narrative spreadsheets. It has a lot of humor and the type of ridiculous over-the-top scenarios you’d expect from a 16-bit computer game.

Gift your couch potato loved ones and they will definitely love to have it.

This is folding storage that your couch potato loved ones can keep close so that they could have important things nearby.

The storage chest is 30″L x 15″W x 15″H when opened and just 30″L x 15″W x 2.5″H when folded, weighing 11 Ibs. The maximum weight capacity is 350 Ibs.

Keep your couch potato loved ones happy with this cute plush toy. It is a potato pillow plushie that describes who they are. It is also very cute. 

This Kawaii Potato plush is 7.8 inches by 4 inches and is constructed of short flannelette and cotton. This soft plush toy is ideal for cuddling and soothing.

These are unisex socks with potato designs that are made with polyester and spandex that are perfect for couch potatoes.

Since your couch potato loved ones always stay indoors, then get them these cute fleece plush bedroom slippers for women.

It includes a comfortable waterproof and anti-slip sole that absorbs noise while walking on the floor. The material itself protects the floor from scratches as well.

They are nice and comfortable and the design is very unique too.

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