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21 Gift Ideas for Slot Machine Lovers

Have you ever encountered someone who has a very out-of-the-world liking? Do they like something related to money and do they think everything revolves around luck? They will always test their luck and walk up to the slot machine, when they spot one. The slot machine impresses them greatly, indeed!

When they see slot machines, the kid in them comes awake and wreaks havoc The more money they make from these machines, the happier they get. True slot machine lovers don’t mind losing, because they wouldn’t think twice before testing their luck again with the machine. Putting money on a slot machine seems like an investment to them. According to them, the only way to say bye to stress is to gamble away to glory!

Choosing gifts for someone like that can be quite challenging; however, to simplify that process for you, we recommend the following 21 gift ideas for slot machine lovers.

1. Truth socks

There are socks for every occasion. So, it is no surprise that you can even find socks for people who love slot machines too. Socks provide comfort as well as come in various sizes and shapes to meet our desires. These socks that say, “I’d rather be at the casino” reflect the exact thoughts of the slot machine lovers.

They would rather be playing at the casino than having any other activity on their plate. Gift them these socks, so that lady luck is always at their side, and they continue doing what they love the most!

2. Coin Bank

When they win all the money, where do they put it? Do they end up spending all of it without saving any? Well, if you are worried about that, you can gift them this coin bank.

Crafted from premium stoneware ceramic materials, the Casino Money jar is twice kiln-fired, ensuring the durability to withstand daily use at home or the office for years to come.

This multipurpose jar can also be used in bathrooms to store dental stuff and can be used as a pen stand. This jar will provide them with all the luck they need to store their essentials safely, like a slot machine.

3. Quirky Bracelet

This bracelet with casino and money charms is a grab for someone who loves slot machines. These people don’t love just the machines; they love the ambiance in a casino, and anything related to gambling.

This bracelet will add to their jewelry connection and be their go-to choice, to the casino. This bracelet is adjustable. So it can fit small, medium, or large-sized wrists.

This includes charms like the lucky 777 of a slot machine, a bag full of money and a jackpot! Grab this bracelet for them and make their day by giving this perfect gift to them.

4. A waist pack to fill their money

When they win all that money, where do they keep it? They would need a keep safe for the money they earn.  So gift them this waist bag to keep all their money in place without losing any.

This fun-themed pouch is very spacious and helps to keep their money safe at all times. These are ideal for their casino trips. With great visual appeal, these bags make slot machine lovers look stylish.

5. A lifeline test

Who doesn’t love notebooks? Slot machine lovers, too, have a knack for notebooks with an attractive cover. So, here is an apt gift for them. This journal comes with 100 lined pages, which can be used for organizing their daily routines.

This journal has a doodle over it, which portrays slot machines are equal to lifelines. With a very chic black cover, and the words written in an attractive purple shade over it, this journal is sure to capture the hearts of slot machine lovers instantly.

6. A very relatable quote

This is a journal that comes with a quote that will just sway slot machine lovers away. This quoted journal notebook will always remind them that a slot machine has always stayed close to their hearts.

The quote reads, “It’s only a gambling problem when you’re losing,” with a doodle of three slot machines on the cover. This quote will resonate with their feelings surely.

This quote will also make them realize it is not just luck at its play always, and that mathematical equations have also got to do something about it.

7. For the queen

Here is a gift for the one who never fails to carry her lady luck with her. She knows it, and she practically owns the entire casino once she enters it. Gift her something that makes her believe that she definitely is the queen of casinos. 

This zipper pouch is just the right catch for her as it reads, “Queen of the 777 machine,” which means she is the queen of the slot machines. You will never find a gift so relatable ever for the passionate slot machine lover; so grab it for them right away

8. A slot machine

What else could be the best gift for someone who loves slot machines than a slot machine itself? However, this one comes with a unique twist. This gift exactly resembles a slot machine, and it is actually a money keeper bank.

It has all the sounds of a slot machine, but people can hide their money in here, without anyone even realizing their secret. This slot machine can be their best friend for life.

9. Salt and pepper

Here is one for your grandma, who is addicted to her slot machine. Her moves are never gone to waste and she is happily spending her old age gambling away her hard-earned money. To gift her something that absolutely reflects her personality can be quite tough.

Here is a salt & pepper bottle that unbelievably looks like her. A grandma who looks like she is placing her bets on the slot machine, but is actually a showpiece! This unique gift will lift any ambiance and proves to be a perfect gift for someone who loves slot machines.

10. Superjumbo playing cards

It goes without saying that anyone who loves slot machines also loves cards. So, here is your chance to surprise them with these jumbo cards! Made from heavy-duty paper, these cards are laminated on both sides.

A set of 52 cards and 2 jokers, these are fun alternatives to traditional playing cards. This is a must-have giant poker set for entertainment. Slot machine lovers would love this gift definitely.

11. A slot machine mug

Mugs are for every occasion, regardless of age, gender, or relationship with the receiver. Here is one for the person who loves slot machines! These mugs will forever be with them as a silent cheer to their liking towards slots machines.

This mug has a quote printed on it that actually gives them happiness. It says, “Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy slot machines which is pretty much the same thing.” Yes, for these people, nothing can be more satisfying than slot machines.  Gift them this amazingly- worded mug to see their eyes twinkle in joy.

12. A unique bath bomb

Slot machine lovers come with the wonderful concept of a jackpot as well, which gives lot machine lovers ultimate happiness. Do you want to gift them something that gives them the same happiness? Gift them this bath bomb without actually telling them about the surprise.

This bath bomb has real money, making it one of the aptest gifts for a slot machine lover. If they love cash and surprises, they are sure to be blown away by this gift.  This bath bomb can have up to 100$ in it. Sounds pretty cool, right? This would be a really fun gift for someone who loves surprises from slot machines.

13. An Apron

Do they love cooking just as much as they love the slot machine? This is the perfect gift for them, in that case. This apron has the ultimate poker/ casino/slot machine design on it.

People would love to flaunt this apron at parties because it allows them to proclaim their love for slot machines publicly.

14. A hand game

One cannot always go to a casino for a shot at the slot machine, can they? So buy them a slot machine that can stay with them forever. With this gift, these lot machine lovers can enjoy the game whenever they want.

This slot machine comes with a large screen for viewing and is inbuilt with technology suitable for all age groups. The best part about this is that it works on batteries. Gift this slot machine to someone who is crazy about the game, and would love to have one by his side at all times.

15. Cufflinks

Here is a gift for any man who loves slot machines. These cuff links not only have the theme of a slot machine, but it also helps him to style his looks well. These cufflinks are the ultimate gifts for slot machine lovers.

They come in a pair packed beautifully in a gift box & polishing cloth. Cufflinks never go out of style, and when they are styled well, they steal the show. Gift these to them to match with their casino outfits, and they can never stop thanking you.

16. A face mask

In a situation where face masks are mandatory, why not gift them something that will match something they adore. These face masks come with a relatable print on them and provide full protection because they have five layers.

They have adjustable straps, making them easy to use. If you are looking for some functional gifts for slot machine lovers, your search could end with these durable and attractive masks.

17. Slot machine socks

Say- it- all socks are in vogue in the fashion world when they come with slot machine doodles over them. Slot machine lovers love these socks and wouldn’t mind wearing them on their first visit to the casino or the grocery store.

Who knows, they may even get a discount for their cute socks! These will work as a good luck charm, which is a good enough reason for making them ideal gifts for slot machine lovers.

18. A keychain

A keychain that is so beautiful it will make their heart scream, “Jackpot!” This keychain has the words, “My happy place” written over it and is made of stainless steel so it cannot rust.

This will deliver happiness to them without fail. It also has a dollar bag as a charm, which makes it all the more attractive. This keychain is a must-have for slot machine lovers.

19. Poker tableware

Have you ever seen someone who loves having different things designed in their house or office, according to the game they love?

If yes, here is something you can gift for slot machine lovers to go with their home décor. This disposable paper dining set has a uniquely designed card game theme.

This tableware will lift any casino party. This set comes with two glasses, two sets of plates and lunch napkins. A worthy gift for slot machine lovers, indeed!

20. Romance relearned

For slot machine lovers, their only true love is the game itself. To ensure they keep their romance with this game going, here is a zipper pouch with all casino accessories drawn over it.

The message on the pouch, “I enjoy romantic walks to the casino straight to the slot machine,” will melt their hearts for sure.

21. Earrings

These slot machine-shaped earrings are something to add to the jewelry collection of people who love gambling.

These earrings are quirky yet beautiful. They come with casino-themed charms, which make them truly precious gifts for slot machine lovers.

Now that you know what to gift your slot machine lover friend, what are you waiting for? Pick up one of these 21 gifts and tell them that you appreciate their love for slot machines and the casino. They will be touched by the thoughtfulness of your gifts, for sure.

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