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21 Great and Humorous Gifts for Golfers

Do you have a friend who is a professional golfer, aspiring to be a golfer, or has golfing dreams that he hasn’t dared to pursue? Well, here are some interesting choices of gifts that your friend will definitely like, because all our ideas listed below are related to golf. What’s more, they all have a dash of humor & wit element to them, which your golf-loving friend will definitely appreciate.

So, next time when you want to gift something to your golfer friend for a special occasion, you can pick from one of these ideas. You will feel thrilled looking at your friend erupt in a smile after opening your fun-themed gifts.

1. Golf Ball Set as a birthday gift

A set of golf balls is supposed to be one of the best ever gifts you can give to a golf lover. However, you can make your gift stand apart by choosing the balls with the right message on them. Since we are talking about fun-themed gifts, this set of golf balls is a great idea for your close friend.

This set contains 3, high-quality core golf balls with a birthday theme. The best part of these balls is that you can actually use them to play golf. Your friend will love to flaunt the funny messages on these balls to fellow golfers, while he is on the golf course.

2. Golf ball storage bag with a witty message

On the face of it, this bag may look like a good storage option for golf balls. However, when the receiver reads the message printed on the bag, he will find it hard to control his smile. This is a high-quality suede bag that comes with a Velcro closure for storing golf balls securely.

However, the most interesting and funny part of this gift is the message printed on the golf bag, “it takes balls to golf.” The golfer will have a good time showing this bag to his friends on the golf course.

3. Toilet Golf Gaming Set

Here is one for the avid golfer! Does your friend find golf so interesting that he cannot do without the game even during his toilet breaks? Here is a mini-golf set that comes with all essentials to play a game of golf even in one’s toilet.

It comes with putting green that can be spread easily on the toilet floor, so that your friend can enjoy a game of golf even while answering nature’s call. Regardless of the golf expertise level of the receiver, this gift is going to bring a smile to his face.

4. Super stylish flask to flaunt on the golf course

Your friend is going to get stupefied at the class & elegance of this gift. Even though he is just starting to play golf, he will feel proud to carry this flask as part of his accessory to the golf course.

Made from high-quality brown leather, this flask comes with a funnel and 3 cups so that the golfer doesn’t have to deal with spills or leaks while pouring the beverage. The beginners will want to perform well at the sport to become worthy of this flask that you gifted them!

5. Creative Socks for the Golf Lover

If you have been looking for a funny and functional gift for a golf lover, your search could end right here. These socks come in different colors, and they are very comfortable. They are perfect for men and women who love golf.

Regardless of the color you choose, you can be assured that the golfer will love this gift, because of the witty message. Your friend would love to stretch his legs while on vacation, and flaunt these socks to show where his heart truly lies.

6. Golf-Themed Drinking Game

Here is a perfect gift for a person who loves golf and his drinks! Your golf-loving friend would love the theme behind this gift, and he won’t use it with his father, friends, or fellowgolfers.

This gift comes with a realistic putting green surface with hole flags and a couple of metal golf balls. However, the unique and funny part of this gift is that it can keep 6 shot glasses! So, the golfer can enjoy his drinks and golf at the same time.

7. Mini Desktop Golf Pen Set

This is a creative gift that will excite a golf lover very much. This is a small desktop golf set that comes with  putting green, 3 golf clubs, a flag and a couple of golf balls. If you thought it is a miniature golf set that you can enjoy when you get stressed at work, you are mistaken.

You will be thrilled to know that the golf clubs are pens, which the golfer can use to make notes. He can close the rubber grip on the pen during his free time to make the pen into a club again before he enjoys his game on his worktable.

8. T-Shirt with a funny message

Here is a great gift you can give to your golf-loving dad or brother. Though the T-shirt may look simple and comfortable, the message printed on it “Always wash your balls” is what makes it interesting to the core. With a little bit of pun, this message is sure to bring a smile to the receiver’s face as soon as he reads it.

9. Golf balls with adult-themed messages for your close friend

Here is a disclaimer that we would like to give you before telling you something about this gift. You should give this only to someone very close to you, and doesn’t get offended by the profanity of the message printed on the balls.

This is a gift set of 6 golf balls, but each ball contains an X-rated word. While there is enough humor in these messages, ensure that you gift it to the right person.

10. Humorous T-shirt for the avid golfer

We all know about the iconic movie, “The Godfather,”don’t we? Now, here is a T-shirt with the words, “The Golf Father” written in exactly the same font and style as the movie. The message itself, and the way it mimics the original movie title are sure to make the golf-loving receiver break into a smile.

11. Golf Towel with a funny theme

A golf towel is an important accessory for a golfer. So, if you think about funny gifts for golfers, look no further than golf towels with witty, pun-intended, sarcastic and humorous messages.

Here is one such towel with a funny message that is sure to make the receiver and his fellow golfers break into a chuckle almost instantaneously after reading it. This towel comes with a chip that makes it easier for the golfer to attach it to his bag.

12. Travel tumbler with a question for golf lovers

Any golfer would love to be on the golf course than anywhere else. So, this travel tumbler insisting on the importance of golf in one’s life is sure to excite him greatly. While the travel tumbler itself is pretty useful with its performance and durability, the message printed on it makes it highly popular among all types of golfers.

This 20-ounce travel tumbler comes in a classy design. Its double-walled vacuum insulation pattern helps to keep hot beverages hot and cold drinks cold for many hours.

13. Golf as retirement planning?

Do you know of anybody who wants to take up golfing full-time post-retirement? Here is a T-shirt that will be a great gift for him. Made from 90% USA-grown cotton, this T-shirt is designed for men and women who love golf. It is very comfortable, simple, durable and machine-washable.

However, what makes it a great and funny gift for a golfer is the message and image printed on it. It comes with a picture of a golf ball and the wordings, “My retirement plan” printed boldly on it.

14. Perfect gift for people who find happiness in golfing

A golfer whose true happiness lies in golf is sure to be thrilled and impressed with this choice of gift. A coffee mug with a powerful, witty and funny message – that’s what this gift is all about.

This 11-ounce mug is made from high-quality ceramic that is built to last for a long time. It can be used in the dishwasher and microwave without any hassles. However, the wordings outweigh all of its other qualities, making it one of the best gag gifts for a golfer.

15. Unique Hat Clip with a beautiful message

This is a beautiful and classy stainless steel brushed chrome silver hair clip that can be attached to the bill of a golfer’s hat easily. Here is a creative and witty gift that you can give a golfer you are romantically involved with.

Since they are made from heavy-duty metal, these hat clips can withstand long seasons of golf. Regardless of their expertise level, golfers will be proud to flaunt this hat clip to their fellow golfers on the golf course.

16. Coffee Mug with a funny message for golfers

There is no better gift for an aspiring golfer other than a little bit of motivation. This coffee mug comes with a few words of encouragement that you can give to someone who wants to make it big in the world of golf.

However, the way the message is delivered and Donald Trump’s photo along with the message bring a bit of sarcasm to the gift. The receiver may get happy and slightly irritated at reading the message, which can be fun to watch.

17. Embroidered Golf Towels with a witty message

This black towel may look simple and durable on the look of it. However, it brings about a lot of humor, thanks to the message printed on it. The golfer cannot hide his smile after reading this, and he may even flaunt the message to others by attaching the towel to his golf bag with a chip, so that the message is clear enough for all.

18. One for the person who has just started to golf

Has your friend just started to play the game of golf? Here is a coffee mug with the perfect message for him. Usually, when starting, golfers blame the surroundings and other things for their poor performance.

So this coffee mug is a great gift for beginners to golf with witty instructions. When the golfer reads this, he will break into laughter, because the mug speaks the words in his mind.

19. An awesome gift for the introvert golfer

Do you know of a golfer who doesn’t speak much? Here is a perfect gift for that introvert golfer you have in mind. Though this looks like a simple T-shirt, it is more than just a shirt. The wordings on this shirt, “I like golf and maybe 3 people” is a wonderful representation of an introvert golfer’s mind, in a funny way.

So, here is your best chance to impress that shy golfer friend of yours. It is a bonus that this shirt is made from extremely durable fabric (a blend of polyester and cotton).

20. Insulated Mug for the golf-loving man

Here is a travel mug with double-walled vacuum insulation that serves as the perfect gift for that golfer who loves the game, but doesn’t have the time for the same. This travel mug is a great choice if you have been searching for a fun and functional gift for a golf lover.

21. Filled with fun and sarcasm

Here is another travel tumbler with a sarcastic message that you just cannot ignore. If you want to watch your golfer friend get irritated and feel funny at the same time as seeing your gift, this is a great choice.

In bright green color, this travel mug looks sporty, stylish and elegant. Its build is extremely solid, and it lasts for many years. However, what makes this a great gag gift for a golfer is the words on it. The golfer is highly likely to feel embarrassed and happy simultaneously after seeing your gift.

As you can see gag gifts for golfers are quite witty, funny and sarcastic. Though the options available at your disposal are usually coffee mugs, travel tumblers, golf sets and golf balls, the key is to choose the ones with the funniest messages to bring a smile to the receiver’s face. Any golfer would love to receive multiple mugs and tumblers, as long as the messages are funny and creative. Your gifts are sure to find a coveted place in the golfer’s showcase, if they have a dash of humor and wit.

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