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Gift Ideas for Pool Players - 27 Cool Ideas

If you’re a pool player, you’ll understand just how valuable a good pool game is. It can be frustrating when your team decides not to show up to play, and you find yourself playing against another group of guys who are more focused on shots over strategy.

Worse yet, when you have players who show up, they’re usually not very good. A fun night in the backyard with friends can be ruined by players who don’t have the skill or energy to keep up with you. Fortunately, there are plenty of great gifts for pool players that won’t break the bank.

Here are some great options that will make any pool fan happy this holiday season:

If you and your friends love to pool, this is the perfect gift. The large ball wall clock has 12 red and blue swirly lights that will light up the night when you’re not looking. What’s even better is that you can change the color of the lights to match your team’s colors or just your mood.

The clock also comes with a pool table that measures 50cm x 50cm. This clock is perfect for the pool room and makes a great gift for friends playing in a pool room.

These pool sign holders are high-quality metal that will easily stick to any table, wall, or chair. They can be hung on the back of the pool table or on a wall. There are many customization options with this item, such as a mounting option to stick on the wall or back of the chair and a choice of red or blue lights.

There are several different designs for these signs, including one that looks like a pool table. This is a great pool table decorating option for both professionals and novices alike.

This is one of those unique gifts that will make the pool room look extra classy. The Nachic canvas wall art is made of three panels joined together with a wooden stick. It is made to be hung in a nautical theme and can be hung either vertically or horizontal.

The panels can be hung individually to make a simple conversation piece or together to create a more personalized gift for your poolroom friend.

If you’re sick of picking your pocket to find your phone case when you’re ready to make a pool shot, this one is for you. The Billiards Print phone case is an officially licensed product that will look just as good on your iPhone as it would on a pool table.

This case is durable plastic and has a soft microfiber lining to keep your phone safe and sound. This is the perfect gift for the pool player in your life who already has an iPhone.

If you’re looking for a unique and thoughtful gift for the pool player in your life, then this shower curtain is for you. This fabric shower curtain is made from a material used to make airplane seatbelts.

The material is lightweight and easy to clean, and the shades are so bright you won’t even know you’re in the pool room when you take them off. This is a great shower curtain for a few different situations but especially nice for pool parties and showers.

This is another unique gift that will fit the bill perfectly for the pool player in your life. The TIHOOD Magic Ball Rack Holder is hard plastic and will stick to almost anything, including tile, wood, or glass.

There are several different configurations and installation options available with this item, so it’s a great gift for the pool room or home office.

If there’s one thing that every pool player loves to do, it’s play pool. And who can’t appreciate a good sign? This vintage metal tin sign is the perfect addition to any pool table.

It has a simple message: “Keep It In The Middle,” which is the most important rule to know when you’re playing pool. This is another unique gift that will fit the bill perfectly for the pool room.

These billiard gloves are made for experienced players only. They have finger grooves on the palms that help you grip the pool table without slipping and Velcro wristbands to keep your hands from getting chilly while playing. This is another unique gift that will fit the bill perfectly for the pool room.

Do you have a pool player in your life that you think would love a custom caricature? Here is one option that will turn any pool table into the center of attention. The Pool Player gift – caricature is a 3D printed sculpture of a pool table that you can give to your pool player friend.

It is printed with a special material to last longer and Hold its Shape than other paper alternatives. You can choose the color of the pool table and the number of pool cues that will be included in the gift.

If you’re sick of wearing the same old t-shirt to pool parties, this is the perfect gift. The Billiards I’d hit that Shirt is a great gift for the pool player in your life that is also fashion-forward.

It features a white polo shirt with a pool table logo and team colors and a slogan that reads, “I’d hit that shot.” This is a great gift for the pool room and any pool player.

One of the best gifts for pool players is a personalized beer glass. This makes the recipient’s evening special, as they can fill their new glass with whatever beer they like.

You could also choose a non-alcoholic beer to go with the glass. A kid’s pool or beer glass is a great idea for younger players.

Personalized pool ball tumblers are a unique way to show your appreciation. This unique gift idea is great for any occasion, especially if the recipient is a true pool player. They will love receiving this thoughtful gift.

One of the best gifts for pool players is a pocket chalk holder. This item not only holds a full set of chalk but can be used as a charm holder to store other important items such as the personalized beer glass or the pool ball tumbler.

Coasters are fun and unique, and they make excellent gifts for pool players. These are handy little accessories that prevent the inevitable splaying of pool balls and broken glasses.

As you may have gathered, Socks are a standard gift for pool players. However, what if the recipient is a less experienced player? What if they don’t like traditional socks? This is where the pool ball socks, the caddy socks, come into play.

The caddy socks, which can be personalized with the winner’s name, are a great option for newer pool players who might not like traditional socks. These socks feature a rubber sole and can be worn with casual or dress shoes.

One of the best gifts for pool players is a standard pool cue. This is a great option for anyone who owns a pool table, whether they play regularly or just like to hang out. This makes the gift recipient’s night special, as they can proudly display their pool cue (or cues) in their home.

The rest of the gift contains everything else you need, including a cloth bag and a manual.

Fancy party guests? Try adding a bottle stopper to the gift box. This is one of the best gifts for individual who loves to wine while at their pool table. Besides being a thoughtful gift, a pool bottle stopper, well, it just works!

This is a great gift for the individual who loves to play pool and keep being fantastic at it for years to come.

Do you know anyone who likes to drink beer while they play pool? Most people would find this extremely anti-social, but for those who enjoy it, this is one of the best gifts for them.

What’s even better is that the recipient can keep the mug! This is a thoughtful gift idea for any pool player who loves to drink beer.

The pool is all about having a good time; it’s not just about the games. It’s about the moments – the friendships, the stories, and the pool. This is a thoughtful gift for the pool player who loves to chill, and their friends come over for the pool

Owning a game room is sure to show your appreciation to the people you love. What if you could give the room a special name for their typical game room decor? What if you could name a room after your loved ones, a favorite sport, or perhaps a location?

This is a wonderful idea for the pool player who wants to show off their collection of custom board games. This is a meaningful gift and will give the recipient so much emotional support when they need it the most.

Personalized pool bottle openers are a great gift for pool players. Key rings are a popular way to carry your pool cues and ball markers, making it easy to find them when needed.

If your pool buddy likes to carry their cues around, a personalized pool cue key ring is the perfect gift. After all, who wants to carry their cues around when they can wear a key ring with their name on it?

If your friend loves to play pool and they also love to write, then a personalized laser engraved billiard cue ball is the perfect gift. These unique gifts are often made with gold or silver lettering and are inscribed with your friend’s name.

If your pool buddy loves to go out to pool parties and clubs, a personalized key chain ball will make frequent visits to the pool table a more pleasant experience.

We love our snooker throw blankets because it’s easy to snuggle with a friend, and it’s so warm and cozy when you’re in the know.  A snooker throw blanket is a great way to show your friend that you’re there for them when they need it.

What’s more interesting than walking on a rug that depicts the game you love so much? Well you have the answer.

If your friend is into the pool, a pool table printed in a classic green will suit them just fine. It serves to decorate the house, giving any room it is placed in a ‘game room’ vibe.

If your friend loves to watch snooker, but they’re not the competitive type, a snooker leather slipper is a perfect gift. While most snooker players prefer to play in suede or leather, a snooker slipper made of genuine leather is elegant and classy. Most importantly, it will make your friend’s feet feel more comfortable while playing.

Custom-made pool cue earrings are a sure-fire way to show your friend you care. Whether you want them to wear their new earrings at the pool table or home, these are a great gift idea.

If your friend is a pool player and an owner or manager of a pool room, you can also opt for these personalized earrings instead of a gift card. If your friend loves to go out, a custom pool cue earring will make frequent visits to the pool table a more pleasant experience.

Personalized lighters are an incredibly thoughtful gift idea. This particular gift is great for the pool player who loves to go out and enjoy themselves.

You can opt for a simple lighter with your friend’s name embossed onto the side, or you can go all out and create a piece of art with them in mind.


For the ultimate pool gift, think outside the box. Personalized gifts are the best way to show your friends and family how much they mean to you. They’ll love the gift, but they’ll also love being able to put their spin on it.

This holiday season, you’ll find plenty of options for the pool player on your gift list, from oversized pool ball wall clocks to personalized signs and cozy blankets. Now it’s time to get shopping.

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