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21 Gifts for 3D Printing Enthusiasts

Sometimes you have to look for things that are quite weird in life; choosing a gift for 3D printing enthusiasts is just one of those weird things that we are going to talk about in this article.

3D prints are really in the trend today, and people who create them or love them want to have everything in 3D.

Their favorite pastime would be doing something that includes making 3D art or 3D prints. Even while choosing gifts for others, they make sure it is in 3D as they think that 3D gifts are more realistic than normal gifts. Their passion is so unique that it defines their personality.

So what do you do when you have gift something to these 3D printing enthusiasts? You know their life revolves around 3D prints.

However, choosing something in this field can be quite challenging and time-consuming for you. Don’t worry; we have got your back.  Here are 21 awesome gift ideas for such people, with each one better than the other.  

1. 3D Printing means happiness

Do they like writing? If yes, give them this journal that also displays their interest in 3D stuff. This notebook journal comes in an attractive shade, and has words that reflect the exact personality of the receiver.

The words like go this – “I really enjoy the time when I do 3D printing”. Needless to say, this journal will be a very cute yet useful gift for someone who loves 3D printing.

When in doubt about what to gift someone who loves 3D printing gift them any type of stencils. These stencils will give them new ideas for making art or creating new things. The best part about these stencils is that they can be reused; so, they aren’t gifts that need to be discarded after using them once. These stencils come in a pack of 20 sheets. They have 40 patterns attractive and creative patterns engraved on them, to kindle the fire in the 3D printing lover’s mind.

3. Guide for beginners

3D printing enthusiasts, regardless of their expertise levels, would definitely love a guide to give them an idea to create innovative stuff. Here is a beginner’s guide to help them at all times.

However, this guide is not just limited to beginners. Even those with enough experience in this field, will definitely have a thing or two to learn from this guide.

They will love this as a gift because this isn’t just something that has only theory in it. It also consists of 100+ pictures that will help them practically too. Grab this right away as it is one perfect gift for them.  

4. Moon light

People who love 3D printing love everything related to 3D, because they are realistic. The moon has always been the most realistic and surreal example of beauty. So, gift them this lamp, which looks like a 3D moon, when it is switched on.

This moon lamp is chargeable and comes in different colors of lights. One can change the colors easily, with the help of a remote control. They will be thrilled by this gift, as they will love to see the moon from close quarters, albeit through a lamp.

5. 3D Printing Ideas

What could be a better idea for a 3D printing enthusiast than a gift that includes innovative printing ideas? When they are always printing a lot of things, they are bound to fall short of ideas at some stage in their careers.

So, here is a good chance for you to gift them a book that has ideas to print about. This book will be a gift of a lifetime for them as it not only has ideas for printing but also some techniques that will help them fix minor problems in their daily printing.

6. Guide for printing practical objects

If they love to receive the gift of learning with open minds, then this zombie apocalypse book is for them.

This is a guide for printing enthusiasts to put better use of their printing skills. Thanks to this book, this book can help them create practical ideas.

Gift them this projector that has such high-quality images in 3D that they will be impressed by your choice.

They love printing things and if you gift them something that will add up to their décor, they will feel thrilled.

This gift will make their room light up in an instant. If they are fans of the Guardians of the galaxy, this poster is the right gift for them.

8. Printing made easy for kids

Do you know of someone who aspires to excel in the 3D printing field? If yes, this printing kit is a great choice for them.

This kit is so popular and easy than even kids will love them immensely. Right from a young age, they can make use of this kit to fulfill their printing aspirations.

9. Beach towel for the printing enthusiasts

Are they someone who loves anime? If so then you must gift them this beach towel that will make them happy for sure. With the theme of the anime, “My Hero Academia,” this towel will surely make its best space in their wardrobe.

Gift them this towel in its amazing print and they will be elated to receive this best gift. This towel could also inspire them to create many ideas!

This printing mat is something that 3D printing enthusiasts will love because it comes in a silicone finish, making it perfect for creating new ideas.

This basic blue mat covers every basic shape that is there, thanks to which creating new designs can become easier than before.

This mat will save printing enthusiasts a lot of time, as it will give them a better control and grip while drawing and designing new ideas.

11. For the one for whom printing is the most important!

They know that education is important but they know what is more important than education, and that is nothing other than 3D printing.

This journal says this message loud and clear on the cover page of it. Printing lovers are sure to fall in love with this gift in the first instant itself.

On the one hand, they put this journal to good use by taking academic notes and more, while on the other hand, they love being sassy when flaunting the message on the journal to their friends.

12. Journal with a funny theme

When they are so much into 3D printing assignments, you know that they do a lot of writing work. Taking down notes, or making various designs, or even jot down ideas that come to their mind – all require a lot of writing!

So gift them this beautiful yet functional journal for the busy 3D printing professional. This one comes with a witty cover with the words, “Eat. Sleep. 3D Print. Repeat.” Perfect, isn’t it?

Here is a gift that will give 3D printing enthusiasts many reasons to smile. Apart from reminding them of their passion, this face bandana also helps them to dress up as per the latest fashion trends. 

Did you know that face bandanas can also help people create new fashion statements? Well, try this one and watch their face light up in joy.

14. 3D printing lightens the mood

You know how 3D printing is their life and how much they love it, but do you want to gift them something that will lighten up their mood? You must have seen how their mood spirals upward when you give them anything related to 3D prints.

So here is a notebook journal that reflects their mood perfectly. “Today’s mood is sponsored by 3D printing” -these are the words on the cover of this journal, making them great for 3D print lovers.

Here is a funky gift that caters to the weird tastes of the young generation of today. If the youngster in question is also a lover of 3D printing, you have almost landed on the right gift choice for them.

With some amazing prints on it, this T-shirt gives them a chance to show off their passion for printing in front of their friends. This T-shirt has a cool look to it, which will win the hearts of youngsters instantly.

Are they even 3D printing fans if they don’t have a 3D pen? So here is your chance to gift them something that is even more relevant and colorful than a 3D pen?

Gift them this set of 20 refills, which are long enough to make a small Eiffel tower.  It also has 2 finger caps and the best part about it is that it isn’t harmful to the environment because of its non-toxic nature.

17. Monetizing 3D Printing

Sometimes, 3D printing enthusiasts are too good at their craft, but they cannot make money out of it, and feel stuck because of this. As a good friend, what you can do for them is show them ways to monetize their art.

Gift them this book that accurately shows them how and when they can earn from their talent of 3D printing. This book has all the tips from how to start to how to become an expert in this business.

Here is a 3D pen that is completely a steal because of its amazing and unique features. Its sealed ultrasonic nozzle is nearly clog-proof and provides market-leading durability.

Printing lovers will feel thrilled at this gift because the stepless speed slider of this pen lets them regulate the flow for optimal control of material while they are drawing. The Super 3D Printing Pen is great for kids, artists, and engineers of all ages.

19. 3D Printing Tool Kit

This 3D printing kit contains all the essentials that a printing enthusiast needs to create new designs, making it a great gift. This kit contains mats, tools, brushes and all other related accessories.

When you gift them this kit, you will see their faces glow with happiness. Undoubtedly, this is an exclusive gift for someone, who loves 3D art and the knack for creating new designs.

This versatile enclosure enhances 3D printing is compatible with 99% of FDM printers, including Ender 3.

It can be disassembled and transported without adhesive and it maintains a steady printing temperature for better print quality. Easy 5-minute installation without equipment.

Any 3D enthusiast or printer would love this gift!.

21. Not a day without 3D printing

You can gift them this mug to remind them that they have never had a day in their life without 3D printing. They need to know that they have been so obsessed with it that it is now their life. This mug has,

“A day without 3D printing is like…just kidding, I have no idea” printed on it. This is because they actually have no idea how any day without 3D printing is. This special mug will always be the perfect gift you can give to them.

We have now made a list for you which will answer the question of what to gift 3D printing enthusiasts.  

Now that you have made up your mind and chose the perfect gift for them, don’t delay any further. Grab the one that suits their needs the best, and give it to them right away to see the twinkle in their eyes.

You don’t need to have any apprehensions when choosing these gifts because they are designed to kindle the enthusiasm and creative minds of the 3D printing enthusiasts.

These gifts will definitely inspire them to come with newer, more powerful and more effective designs than before.

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