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31 Baseball Gifts Ideas

When someone loves baseball, there’s no way they can deny it. It’s so easy to spot them that you don’t have to be a baseball fan yourself to recognize them on the streets or, when they’re a friend, family member or loved one, to let them know that you care about the things they love.

It doesn’t matter if they tried to convince you to love the game or whether you have fallen in or out of love for this sport, it is always important to show them that you support their love for baseball, whenever you can on any special occasion. 

If you don’t feel like indulging them when they ask you to watch a game with them, just go on and surprise them with a gift that will let them know you embrace everything they love! Here are some great baseball themed gifts you can choose from to show your baseball loving guy or gal how much you care by getting them a gift they will love.

#1 A Mug with a Glove

Any Baseball fan is also a beverage fan. If the person you’re giving this to is up for some hot cocoa or coffee while watching his favorite team, then this cup is your best option! They can even toss marshmallows into cocoa or crackers into soup while aiming to the glove, making it a nice little baseball practice. This 16-ounce mug is made from ceramic and is dishwasher safe, so it’s a gift they will use for a very long time. 

#2 “Baseball” Bottle Opener

But what if the person you’re giving the gift to actually prefers a cold beverage? Giving them this Baseball bottle opener will always be a reminder that you understand and support his love for this sport, and his need to drink.

Because this gift both sticks to the fridge and catches the bottle cap so it doesn’t fall on the floor, this opener amazing, but it’s also very accurate as it’s made from real regulation leather baseball. Functional, convenient and special! 

#3 Baseball-themed Bottle Holder

And to wrap up the beverage-related gifts, if you want to put a big smile on the face of a baseball fan, why not do it each time they reach out for that wine? Get them this New York Yankees Bam Vino Wine Bottle Holder made from Polystone resin.

This is a gorgeous item that can hold one bottle of wine and features his favorite team logo. Beat that for a baseball lover gift! 

#4 A Paperweight

Not all gift have to be for their house to use. Try to give them something nice for their office desk that can also remind them of their favorite sport each time they go in there! This baseball glass paperweight contains a detailed image of an old Spalding baseball from the 70s.


#5 Baseball Pop-Socket

Pop-Sockets are both practical and functional, and this Baseball Lovers PopSockets Grip is just a great gift idea for baseball lovers. The grip provides a secure hold for texting, calling, photos, and selfies, and it has an expandable stand to watch videos, take group photos, FaceTime and whatever you need!

It’s advanced adhesive allows you to remove and reposition most devices and cases, and it’s the definitive gift for them to use while watching those baseball games on their mobile phones. 

#6 Baseball-Themed Cutting Board

Real baseball fans know that dips, chips and everything to eat is as important as the game itself. So, give your loved one something to remind them why they’re cooking for!

This Personalized Cutting Board makes use of all-natural cherry wood for no staining. It’s a perfect gift for any baseball coach – and the whole team for that matter! 

#7 Baseball-Themed Gift Box

Imagine preparing yourself to watch a baseball game, having the following items: Davidson’s sunflower seeds, white cheddar popcorn, 2 packages Fritos corn chips, Frito’s bean dip, 3 Jerky strips, cracker jacks caramel corn with peanuts, Twizzlers licorice, old-fashioned Peanut bar and more!

This specially designed Baseball Gift Box is everything a real baseball fan needs to enjoy a game comfortable at his place!

#8 Baseball Charging Station

Let this personalized charging station be a welcome sign each time your loved one gets home. It’s specifically designed for all the stuff that’s important to them, like car keys, phone, watch, etc. And it’s not only functional, but one that reminds them of his love for baseball. It’s also available in different colors and styles, so you can even have this gift personalized by engraving or laser cutting! 

#9 A Baseball Beer Flight Set

You can also give someone a gift to benefit those who visit them to watch some games. With this Baseball Beer Flight Set. This flight set is crafted with a clear waterproof varnish for added protection and made from 100% hardwood, which will surely make it last a lifetime.

It also comes with the 3 beer glasses seen in the picture, with each holding 5oz (150ml). And it’s not only perfect for beer tastings or sampling, but also for drinking games at parties! 

#10 Personalized Baseball Tag

It’s amazing how durable and useful tags can be, so give your loved one a tag that will accompany them and be a nice sight of their favorite sport. 

Thick and sturdy, with just the right size so that no matter where they go, finding this on their bag means remembering their love for baseball. 

#11 A Baseball Clock

This kind of detail are things people will surely love, and this Baseball round wall Clock would be perfect for them! 


#12 A Baseball Notebook

For hardcore baseball fans, memories are not only collected through photos, but by writing them. Helping your loved one do just that by giving this Personalized Baseball Notebook is surely to make an impression on them.


#13 A Brawhide Baseball

Loving America’s Pastime is a given to almost all Baseball lovers. 

Help them turn that desk or bookshelf into a display Babe Ruth himself would be proud of with personalized pieces that we all grew up with! 

#14 Minute Maid Park Baseball

This ball makes a great gift for a baseball collector, or to keep the memory of visiting the stadium alive for you! This baseball has a detailed Minute Maid Park painting printed on it. A panel of the baseball has an interior view of the stadium, including billboards and stadium seating painted in detail.

Another baseball panel has a view of the exterior stadium where the Minute Maid Park name is located, exactly as it is displayed on the actual building. 

#15 Baseball Patent Print Set

This patent print is perfect for the baseball fans who like to go a little step forward in their decorations.

The artwork is printed on fine art paper using top quality archival inks and high-end printers, making this option perfect for those looking for an amazing gift or piece of home decoration. 

#16 Baseball Scoreboard

And if what they like is to really draw attention, why not a baseball scoreboard on their living room?


#17 Baseball Earrings

Why not give your more feminine friends something to wear that reminds them of their favorite sport, while also showing it to all to see? These baseball earring aren’t just cute, but also stylish! 

#18 Black Leather Baseball Bracelet

Your male friends also deserve some love, so give them this Baseball Bracelet to show everyone they’re a true fan! This fit perfectly on almost anyone, and your friends will receive a lot of compliments. 

#19 Baseball Socks

There’s no better way to show appreciation to your baseball lover friend than giving them this pair of baseball socks.

Add a little sizzle to his OOTD by giving them this gift. It sure is a fun way of letting him know that you support their love for the game. 

#20 Baseball Fabric Face Mask

Facemask will become a fashion statement in the near future, so help your baseball fan friend get prepared with this special baseball face mask!

Add an extra layer of protection with these reusable cloth face masks, made of 100% Polyester to provide a physical barrier around the face. Great for everyday use for overall protection! 

#21 Stuffed Baseball Throw Pillow

Help your baseball fan friend put a stop to having boring pillows. Let him know how special they are to you as you give him this baseball throw pillow. This pillow is properly stuffed, lightweight, huggable and has that extremely cozy smooth feel.

This pillow is durable and is simply perfect to adorn his baseball themed room. Let them say goodbye to boring pillows and say hello to pillows that reflect their love for baseball. 

#22 Baseball Cufflinks

Another gift for men, any real baseball fan will find any special occasion they can use these baseball cuff links. It is made from oxidized silver-plated charms on sturdy silver-plated cufflinks.

It also comes gift wrapped and ready to be handed to your favorite buddy. Who says being sentimental can’t go with his million-dollar look? Let this gift complete his debonair look as you give him this set of cufflinks. 

#23 Special Baseball Keychain

This is a cute gift for a baseball fan or significant other. Both romantic and fun, they will love knowing that you feel like you caught the best and it makes it very special with your anniversary date and initials. 

#24 Baseball Wood Coasters

 Wooden coasters coasters are laser engraved. Enjoy baseball as a whole! 

#25 Wooden Baseball Puzzle

Give your friend a chance to celebrate his favorite sport with this unique 3D interlocking puzzle. This wooden baseball jigsaw is made of the lacquer finished Asian rosewood, a lasting and memorable gift mounted on a display base. He is going to love this delightful display in his room. 

#26 Ballpark Traveler Map

From Fenway to Dodgers Stadium, visiting every ballpark in America is a baseball lover’s field of dreams. Commemorate the nostalgic pilgrimage with this print map. Do a seventh-inning stretch at Camden Yards? Add a sticker in the Orioles team colors. Catch a foul ball at Citi Field?

Add one for the New York Mets. Whether it takes a summer or a lifetime to complete, it’s a fun keepsake for the fan who knows the crack of a bat sounds different in every diamond. 

#27 Baseball Coat Hanger

Why not give your favorite buddy a gift that is both unique and functional? With this Mounted Hanging Hardwood Baseball Display, where each bat comes in a canvas drawstring bag. This handy storage souvenir has 8 large hooks capable of holding multiple ballcaps. It is also available in a variety of colors. It’s one gift your baseball lover friend would treasure for a long time. 

#28 Baseball Board Game

Take “playing baseball2 to the next level with this incredible tabletop game! Playing baseball is fun but playing it while sitting and relaxing with your favorite buddies is even better with this Grandma Smiley’s What About Baseball Board Game. You can even play this game to bond with your family while sharing your love of baseball and get times together you’ll always remember. 

#29 Baseball-themed Mousepad

Add this comical gift to the collection of your beloved baseball fan. The baseball lovers’ mouse pad is an affordable gift for anyone’s workspace, as it features a smooth fabric top for easy mouse movement and a non-skid, durable black rubber backing that ensures durability.

It’s sublimated graphic will remain soft, long-lasting and flexible for many years. A gift that is sure to stay with him for a long time. 

#30 Baseball Leather wallet

Your friend or loved one who loves baseball will definitely be awed with this Rawling tanned leather baseball embroidered wallet. The sturdy bi-fold is made from supple leather and is finely crafted to secure his essentials. 

For that sporty style, this wallet is accented with a baseball stitch. This is one gift that will be treasured for a long time. 

#31 Beer Can Holder

What better gift can you give your baseball enthusiast friend or loved one than this beer can cooler. Let him wrap his old boring beer with this slim cooler. Let him relax, kick his feet up and watch his favorite team with his favorite beer.


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