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25 Gift Ideas For Young Adults

Young adults are not all avocado toast and iced coffees! Most of them are busy young professionals juggling work, studies, and probably living on their own for the first time.

This is a hard group to find a gift for–they’ve outgrown their teenage interests, but they’re still young and fun!

Well, here’s a tip that will make your gift-giving worlds easier: the best gifts for young adults are the ones that save them both time and money so they can make it to brunch and afford that avocado toast!

Here are 25 unique ideas that the young adult in your life will love!

Having to come home from work and cook dinner every day is exhausting. It’s easy for your young adult to give in and just order take out every night, but that gets expensive after a while.

This 8-quart Instant Pot comes with a detachable Air Fryer lid so it can pressure cook, saute, steam, slow cook, sous vide, warm, air fry, roast, bake, broil and dehydrate.

They can cook tons of meals without tons of time, money, or effort! It includes 10 different safety features and is easy to clean.

Now that they’re out on their own, they’ve almost definitely gone to make a recipe and discovered they don’t have a crucial piece of equipment–a grater, a vegetable peeler, a can opener.

Help them fully stock their kitchen so they never have to try to hack the top off a can with a kitchen knife again!

This 23 -piece set combines high-quality, durable stainless steel with nylon that’s gentle enough to use on non-stick pans so they won’t have to spend their money on kitchen essentials for a good long while.

Perfect gift for the reader who no longer has the space to fit shelves and shelves of books.

The Kindle Paperwhite will help them still get their reading fill without filling up their scant space, plus e-books are usually cheaper and most libraries now offer e-book loans. 

They won’t even have to carve time out of their schedule to make it down there or keep track of when the books need to be returned!

This edition of the Kindle reads like real paper so they don’t have to contend with a glare even in bright sunlight. It’s also waterproof and connects to Audible so they can keep their print books and audiobooks in one place.

Cooking. Is. Hard. Especially when they’ve got to cut up all those vegetables!

Who has time to dice something? Pizza will be here before they’ve even got everything prepped to start cooking that meal.

This vegetable chopper comes with 7 interchangeable blades that do everything from dice to julienne, and a catching container for easy transfer to the pot or pan.

It’s also dishwasher safe and compact so they’ll have space for it no matter how small their apartment or how many roommates they share it with!

Now that they’re an adult, they should probably get in the habit of sending handwritten thank-you notes. A set of notecards designed just for them will make them look forward to doing it!

These are digitally printed on heavy white cardstock that looks and feels fancy.

Choose their favorite color from 40 different options and then add their name or monogram in one of 20 styles.

Comes in sets of 20 up to 250.

#6 A Guide To Entertaining

Now that their days of frat parties are behind them, or at least drawing to a close, it’s time they learn how to throw a more grown-up get-together.

 The Gift of Gathering by Bre Doucette breaks down everything they need to know about entertaining and provides tablescapes and other decor ideas for every occasion: formal or casual, winter to summer and back again.

Perfect for the crafter or amateur event planner!

For the young adult with wanderlust! This neck pillow will help them show up at their destination well-rested and ready to start exploring!

The Lights Out travel pillow contours to their neck for unmatched support and comfort.

They can even pull down the soft, sweatshirt-material hood to block out light. Two adjustable drawstrings ensure a perfect fit so they can sleep through anything.

Not getting enough sleep causes all kinds of health issues. This blanket will help them start sleeping better now when they’re young and healthy so it doesn’t come back to bite them later.

They’ll also feel the immediate effects of being more awake and focused in their daily life!

Weighted blankets work by providing gentle pressure, almost like a hug, to release relaxation chemicals and help them feel safe and grounded, leading to better sleep!

This one is machine washable and comes in either a 20.0lb or 25.0lb option.

Great for the backpackers or the young adult who travels a lot for work!

This canvas bag is lightweight and carry-on sized, but surprisingly spacious. The adjustable shoulder strap allows them to find the most comfortable position so they can carry it for a long time without experiencing strain!

Personalize it with up to 2 initials in the font and color of your choice.

For the young adult who’s trying to drink fewer sugary beverages but doesn’t love the taste of plain boring water.

The AquaFrut comes with an infusing chamber they can put fruit in so they get all the hydration of water with fun flavors they’ll actually enjoy. And when they’re done drinking, they even have a little snack!

The bottle is both leak-proof and shatterproof and comes with an ebook of recipes so they can try out different flavor combinations and find the ones they like best!

Your favorite young adult probably uses headphones a lot, and the cheap ones wear out so quickly that replacing them adds up.

A pair of Beats Solo3 wireless headphones are comfortable, won’t have to be replaced for years, and have amazing sound quality.

A full charge lasts for 40 hours, and in a pinch–like when they’re about to go for a run and turn on their headphones only to get a low battery notification–5 minutes of charge provides 3 hours of playback.

They come in 9 different colors and fold up for easy transport in a purse or backpack!

Another gadget to minimize their time in the kitchen so they have more time to do the stuff they actually want to do.

This electric kettle heats up super fast and has an auto shut-off feature that kicks in within 30 seconds after the water reaches a full boil. An LED light indicates when the kettle is heating.

It has an anti-slip handle and a clear glass body that makes it easy to measure out the exact amount of water they need for their hot drinks, oatmeal, or instant noodles. It’ll even turn off if it detects there’s no water in the carafe.

While they’re developing healthy habits, remind them to drink more water with a fun personalized cup!

Not only will it help them stay on track by giving them hourly markers for their water consumption, but it comes in two designs with inspiring quotes to keep them going even on the days that they’re really struggling to get through.

You can choose the colors for both sides from 20 choices and also add their name or monogram!

Now they can enjoy all their favorite fancy drinks without spending $4 for a cup of coffee!

This milk frother not only whips up foamy hot or cold milk so they can make their favorite drinks at home, but it’s also great for steaming milk to the perfect temperature without scalding it.

It comes with additional whisks so they can make their froth extra frothy! The non-stick coating makes it easy to clean.

This is the perfect gift for your favorite coffee addict: all their favorite beverages for a fraction of the cost. Plus they don’t have to build a coffee stop into their commute anymore, so they can get a few extra minutes of sleep!

So they can treat themself to a night in at the end of a hard week.

This spa box includes a bar of soap in the scent of your choice, body scrub, muscle therapy bath salts, lip balm, lotion balm, and headache balm. Available scents include Activated Charcoal, Lavender Mint Splash, Summer Garden, and Calm.

Each item is handmade and the set comes in a decorative gift box with a ribbon!

#16 A Pair of Blue Light Blocking Glasses

If they’re like most people their age, their job probably involves a lot of time looking at a computer screen. All that blue light exposure can cause eye strain and lead to headaches.

Blue Cut glasses help filter out the blue light from computer screens so getting their work done will be a lot less painful (at least physically). Blue Cut is even registered with the FDA!

They’re available in magnification strengths 0.0 to 1.5– so even if they don’t wear prescription glasses they can keep their eyes healthy–and 3 different stylish color combinations.

These are especially great for gamers!

Another handy addition to a young adult’s kitchen that will save them both time and money!

This Taste of Home cookbook contains over 400 tasty and satisfying meals that can be made using five ingredients or fewer. It includes recipes for sides and desserts as well as main courses!

Recipes even include shortcuts from other home cooks to make these dishes even simpler.

Even though their phone can take some pretty high-quality pictures, it’s still nice to have some print photos to display as keepsakes.

Polaroid cameras are great because they can instantly have their printed photo without having to go through the process of finding a place and time to print digital copies, and they’re easier to use and transport than a DSLR.

The Polaroid Instax Mini 9 has a light sensor that automatically recommends an aperture setting and a mirror on the front for taking selfies! It even comes in 10 different colors.

If they’ve already got a camera, this is a great way to help them display those photos!

Made from ashwood and jute twine, this frame is over a foot across and nearly 4 feet long. It includes 25 mini wooden clothespins to hold their photos.

The minimalist design goes great with any decor scheme!

Clearly, they’ve got a lot to keep on top of! These quirky and fun notepads by Knock Knock give them a place to write their various chores down, and they’re sure to crack a grin while doing it!

This 4×6 pad is available in a variety of brightly colored and sassy designs to add a little fun into their daily routine.

Young adults have a lot to keep track of: their social schedule, bills, doctors’/dentists’ appointments (that they scheduled themselves), their keys and wallet.

This handy wall shelf has a corkboard, dry erase board, 3-5 hooks (your choice), and a mail holding slot so they can keep track of all the important things in one place.

Each shelf is handmade from solid wood and comes in 5 different stains: Dark Walnut, Espresso, Weathered Gray, True Black, or Early American.

Also by Knock Knock!

The Nifty Notes pads have everything from “Awesome Citations” to “Paper Tantrums” to help them express their big feelings in a socially appropriate way.

These notepads are funny, therapeutic, and guaranteed to give them, and any potential recipients of an Honorary Unicorn certificate or Permission Slip to wear socks with sandals, a good laugh.

Whether they’re watching a movie in bed or working from home on their couch, this will make the experience way more comfortable.

This lap desk can be adjusted to a variety of different angles so they don’t have to strain their neck to see their screen!

It also comes with two cooling fans and a mousepad! The aluminum frame is durable and folds up easily so they can bring it with them when they travel.

Bringing lunch from home saves a lot of money over buying it out every day. With this bento-style lunch box for adults, they can pack a variety of food items and snacks to keep them going all day!

The lid is specially formed to create a leak-proof seal not just around the edges of the box, but between compartments as well! It includes an easy-carry insulated lunch bag to keep food at the perfect temperature.

Available in black, light blue, or pink!

For the ecologically-conscious young adult!

These fun canvas bags are a great way for them to run their errands in style while reducing the amount of single-use plastics in their life! They can even use them as a school bag or purse.

Bags feature a zipper and inner pocket. They have long handles for easy carrying, and are made from 100% biodegradable cotton. And the best part: each one is decorated with adorable illustrated vegetables and a cute pun!

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