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21 Thoughtful Gag Gifts for Doctors

If there is one person in your life that you can trust more than your close family members, it has got to be your doctor. The role of a good doctor is simply invaluable in your life. Your doctor gives you hope to carry on, during tough situations. A good and reliable doctor is definitely hard to find.

So, if you have one such person in your life, it is time to give something special to show your love and gratitude to them. Nevertheless, it doesn’t have to be anything serious or emotional. You can still show your doctor how much they mean to you, by giving them a funny and witty gift that will remain in their memories forever.

Here are some ideas for 21 such amazing gifts that will bring a smile to your doctors’ faces and help them relax a bit from their stressful lives.

1. Coffee Mug for the Confident Doctor

Here is a stainless steel travel tumbler that your doctor is going to love! Today, many people try to visit their doctors with too much information, thanks to Google. They try to teach the doctor different terms, which can irritate the doctor to a large extent.

Yes, Google may be right, but there is none better than your doctor to diagnose your problem properly and give the right medication for the same. This travel mug is for all those confident doctors who want to tell their patients on their faces, “Don’t Confuse Your Google Search With My Medical Degree.” These witty words will make your doctor break into a smile, and she wouldn’t mind flaunting this on her desk to give her patients an indirect warning!

2. Travel mug with a funny message

If you have been looking for a funny but thoughtful gift for your doctor, this stainless steel tumbler is a great idea. It comes with double-wall insulation and excellent durability to store hot and cold beverages. Its spill-free and sweat-free design ensure that the flask remains dry at all times.

However, more than the durability and performance of the flask, it is the wordings on it that will catch your doctor’s attention immediately. The flask reads, “We can’t fix stupid, but we can sedate it.” In a profession, where they meet hundreds of weird patients every day, doctors would definitely feel good reading this message, though they wouldn’t actually do what it says.

3. Notes for the stressed doctor

A doctor’s life is not very easy. He faces a lot of challenges and stress in his everyday life. If you want to give him some gift to get out of this stress, these paper tantrum notes help him to relax and enjoy, when he lets off his steam in these notes.

These notepads contain 50 sheets each, with each one having some witty columns and blanks for the doctor to fill when he is feeling stressed.

4. Best Doctor Mug

Your doctor will love drinking coffee from this mug, during his breaks. This is a high-quality ceramic coffee mug with a witty message. You can give this to your doctor to let him know that he is the best, and other doctors cannot match up to his standard. However, the fun element of this gift kicks in with the photo of Donald Trump printed below the message.

5. Funny notepads for the humor-loving doctor

A doctor will definitely need notepads to make notes of many things when he is checking his patients. So, here is a great chance for you to make your gift count and make your doctor happy as well.

This gift is about a set of 4 notepads, with each one having 5o sheets. Each of these notepads has funny messages printed on them. Meant as a gift exclusively for medical humor, these notepads are great additions to your doctor’s desk.

6. Insulated Lunch Box Perfect for doctors

Here is a gift that is weird, funny but creative at the same time. This is an insulated lunch box that will keep your doctors’ lunches fresh for a long time.  While the lunchbox is itself superiorly designed with its spill-free and leak-free design, the wordings on the lunch box make this gift humorous.

The wordings on this lunch box go like this – “Human Organ for Transplant.” This will automatically bring a smile to the faces of your doctors.  This lunch box comes with internal pouches to store all the essentials that your doctors would want for lunch.

7. Unique 3D light gift

This is one of the unique gifts that you can gift your doctor, for any occasion. While there is nothing great about the light itself, the 3D illusion of the doctor’s symbol of Caduceus reflects that steals the show. You can gift this to the doctor to light up his home during Christmas, birthday parties, or other special occasions.

The light also comes with remote control; therefore, you can use it to light up the surrounding in 16 different colors. Your doctor is definitely going to be impressed with the symbol that this light reflects, as he can closely relate to it.

8. Shot Glass with a Witty Message

Here is a shot glass for a doctor who deserves a break from his hectic schedule. If your doctor friend is someone who loves to enjoy a shot or two at times, this is the perfect gift. The wit involved with the word “shot” is sure to crack up your doctor as soon as he opens your gift.

This shot glass is made from high-quality glass, and the words are etched using a long-lasting ink. So, you can be sure of the durability of your gift.

9. Beautiful cosmetic bag for your lady doctor

It is difficult for a woman not to feel happy when she receives a cosmetic bag as a gift – even if she is a doctor! If you know of a lady doctor who would appreciate this bag, don’t waste any time. This cosmetic bag is simple, elegant and durable.

Made from stain-proof and water-resistant material, this cosmetic bag can be used as a grocery bag, mobile bag, or for other purposes. Your doctor is going to have a good time reading the humorous message printed on this bag.

10. Travel Mug with Doctor Nutritional Facts

If you want to thank your doctors and make them feel proud of their work, this can be a good gift for you. This is a travel mug, alright; however, the message printed on the mug makes all the difference to your doctors.

They might have many travel mugs, but they will treasure this forever, because it comes with a witty message listing out the nutritional facts of a doctor. While there is a lot of humor in this message, your doctor will love the thoughtful intent behind this gift.

11. Smart and funny socks for your doctor friend

Here is a pair of socks that your doctor will love to wear for all occasions. Made from 75% polyester, 20% cotton and 5% spandex, these socks are very comfortable and affordable. However, you may wonder why they are on the list of “funny gifts for doctors.”

It is because of the X-ray image of bones printed on these socks. Perfect for a fun-loving doctor, these socks are great to be worn with sandals, sneakers, sports shoes, formal shoes and many more.

12. Specially-designed keychain for a retiring doctor

A doctor can never enjoy complete retirement ever. Even when he has retired, his friends and family seek him out for help, whenever needed. Nevertheless, it is indeed a great honor for you, if you know somebody who is retiring from hospital duty.

Here is a beautiful keychain that will remind the retiring doctor to have fun the rest of his life, free from all stress. The best thing about this gift is that it humorously delivers this message.

13. Wine bag designed in a doctor’s coat

When you are invited to a party hosted by a doctor, you need to carry something elegant and different from the usual gifts he would receive.  If you want your doctor to remember your gift and cherish it forever, here is a good idea for you.

This is a wine bottle storage bag, but designed in a funny theme of a white doctor’s coat. The design of the bag, in itself, will attract a lot of eyeballs at the party. Apart from the design, the bag also comes with several hospital-themed graphics to make your doctor happy and proud.

14. Card games for doctors

Are you looking for gifts that will entertain doctors, nurses and anyone else in the medical field? You can try this card game, in that case. It contains many games that will interest people working in the medical field.

Card games are great gifts for doctors for their birthdays, housewarming parties, farewell parties, and other special occasions. A doctor will find it quite entertaining to play these card games with his friends and family.

15. Coffee Mug for the expert doctor

Here is a coffee mug for a doctor who is confident about his knowledge and expertise. This black-colored coffee mug made from extremely durable ceramic may look like other normal mugs. However, what sets it apart from others is the beautiful message printed on it. Your doctor is sure to appreciate the fun and sarcasm intended in this gift.

16. Coffee Mug and Wine Glass Set with witty messages

This is a perfect gift for a doctor who knows when to switch on and off from work. This gift set contains a wine glass and a coffee mug. While the coffee mug is aptly titled, “before patients,” the wine glass comes with a witty message, “after patients.” Though your doctor would have got many mugs & glasses as gifts, he will treasure this set for the humor in it.

17. Perfect gift for your dentist

It is not often that you would find a gift addressed for a doctor in a specific field. That’s why we think this coffee mug should be a great gift for your dentist. With its creative, sarcastic and funny version of the dentist’s pledge, this coffee mug is a gift that your dentist is going to love.

18. Token of gratitude for your doctor

A travel mug with a heart-touching message to show your gratitude to your doctor – that’s what this gift is all about. While your doctor will love the durable quality of this mug that comes with double-walled insulation, he would appreciate the thoughtful message on it better. Though the words on the mug don’t carry any humor element, the symbol of heart rates in between is sure to bring a smile to your doctor’s face.

19. Another coffee mug with a message that is too funny

Your doctor may already have many coffee mugs in his collection. However, he wouldn’t mind getting another, especially when the words are just too hard to miss. While a coffee mug should be the last thing on your mind when choosing a funny gift for your doctor, some mugs come with messages like these, making them a must-buy.

This one comes with a message, “Trust Me, I’M A Doctor (Almost).” That’s too funny to ignore.

20. Travel Tumbler with a Message that brings up a smile

Your doctor cannot hide his smile when he opens this gift and reads the message on it.  Even if he doesn’t use this travel tumbler, it is sure to be put up on his showcase, because he would love to read this funny message and start his day with a smile every day.

21. For the doctor you like

If you are looking for a funny gift for a doctor with whom you are romantically involved, there can be nothing better than this coffee mug.  Though the message may look filled with fun and wit, it could be a great way to tell the doctor about your feelings. Gift this mug to your doctor and watch them blush after reading the message printed on it.

Choosing funny gifts for doctors may be quite challenging. However, things can become easy for you if you know the doctor very well, and have a good relationship. No doctor would get offended by harmless humor, especially if they are your friend. So, here is a good chance for you to pick a gift from this list and give your doctors the much-needed smile to carry on with their busy lives without any stress.

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