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21 Gifts for Readers at a Wedding

Wedding readers add a lot of meaning to the entire event. They recite the right poems, verses, passages, or essays at the right moments during the ceremony to make a lot of impact. The significance of the event increases by multiple folds, when the right emotions are displayed at the right places.

Sometimes they choose the messages themselves, whereas sometimes they are given the content by the wedding organizers. Regardless of what they read, they do command a special place at weddings and other important ceremonies. So, it is only natural that yo1 choose a good gift for them. Here are 21 great ideas, which you can consider, when you want to give a thoughtful gift to readers at a wedding.

There could be no better gift for a wedding reader than a classy leather bookmark like this one. Bookmarks are always like a friend to them. 

This one, in particular, will make them feel immensely thrilled, because it is a classy piece with a classier engraving. 

Made from 100% leather, this bookmark comes with a smooth finish, making them a perfect gift for any avid reader.

These reader glasses are something that will give them a geeky look and will make them more than just happy to have them. These reader glasses have everything that a reader needs; these glasses are compact and are travel-friendly. 

Anyone who loves to read would not miss their puffy eyes after wearing them. They are definitely more than just glasses; for them, they are see-through fantasy worlds.

3. A watch to define one’s personality

Readers love everything that is vintage and classic. They also love everything that reminds them of Roman European marriages or balls. 

So gift them this watch that has the essence of love and romance within it. What’s more, it looks classy and vintage-y as well! Now, that’s a bit of everything, isn’t it?

4. Slim and stylish wallet

A classy gift for the classy reader, indeed! This slim wallet comes with a protective lining and bifold closure to keep the readers’ essentials safe always. One of the best points about this gift is that apart from being classy, it is also functional. 

It comes with 11 card pockets. These pockets come with an outside notch to ensure that the cards can be pushed out easily, whenever readers want it.

5. Foot Massager for Relief

Official readers at ceremonies may have to stand for a long time. Some events may require small verses, whereas some may require them to read long essays. 

Regardless of the length of their speech, they may have to stand for a long time. What could be a better gift for them than a foot massager? This wooden foot massager promises them a lot of relief. 

The relaxation this massager provides is enough to take away their stress and anxiety. Designed in Germany, this wallet is one of the best gifts that you could give to ceremony readers.

6. Stress-Relief Bracelets

Crystals bring about a sense of calmness and content in one’s mind. They are precious stone that can bring you joy and happiness at any moment. These crystals have their own energy and aura. A ceremony reader would definitely need some positive energy to keep him alert in his job.

So, gift them this bracelet that haslava rock and tiger eye stones to give them all the support and calmness that readers need to carry on with their job with a great deal of motivation.

7. Appreciation Gifts

Usually, ceremony readers go unnoticed at important events, even though they add a lot of significance by their meaningful speeches. So, here is a beautiful gift to thank them for their services, and for motivating them to keep up their good work.

This looks like a simple keychain, but wait until you see their expression while reading the beautiful words written on the palette of the keychain. When you thank them for the big difference they have made in your lives, their eyes are sure to water with emotion and joy.

8. Coffee Mug to show your thanks

The readers at your wedding deserve special thanks, because they have read the right messages at the right times, making the function eventful for you and the guests. 

What can be a better way to thank them than this coffee mug, which tells them, “ You are Awesome, Keep That Shit Up.” They wouldn’t mind the weird choice of word in this quote, though, because they understand the essence of the message you want to convey through this mug. 

Made from high-quality ceramic, this coffee mug can hold 15 ounces of their favorite beverage, making it one of the most functional gifts on this list.

9. For a reader who is also a good friend

Do you have your best friend as a reader at your wedding? Gift them this jewelry bowl that can also be used to store their keys. The best part of this gift is that it comes with a very heartwarming message that says, “Blessed to have a friend like you.”

With a neutral color palette of white, black, and gold, this jewelry bowl is a great organizer that readers can use to keep their rings, earrings, bracelets, watches and other small jewelry pieces safely. What’s more, it is a great piece of home décor as well!

A set of classy-looking rose gold accessories is something that ceremony readers are sure to enjoy. You can tell them how much their services mean to you, by giving them this elegant set. This watch and bangle set can be worn together or individually. 

It makes them look absolutely adorable, either way. With a slightly domed mineral crystal pattern, pearl dial and hands in shades of rose gold, the watch and bracelet come with adjustable end links. The watch also comes with an extender that is useful to fit bigger wrists.

11. Religious Gift

Here is a gift for ceremony readers who are quite religious in nature. For the woman reader who is slightly nervous about reading at an important event like a wedding, this ceramic trinket tray is a wonderful choice, indeed.

It comes with the words, “God Is Within Her; She Will Not Fail” from Psalm 46:5. If this message doesn’t give the reader the motivation to do her job, we don’t know what will!

History is proof that women have always been the most powerful creatures. We need more of this kind and we need more female readers, because males have dominated this profession for quite sometime now.

If you know of a female reader, it is time for you to empower and motivate her with this coffee mug. The words on this coffee mug go this way- “The future is female.” 

When she reads this message the first thing in the morning, it gives her enough inspiration to be the best at what she does.

13. Whiskey Stones Gift Set

Wedding readers need to let loose and enjoy their free time, too! What could be a better way to make them celebrate than a whiskey stones gift set? This is a set of two whiskey glasses, 8 granite whiskey rocks, stainless steel ice tongs, velvet carrying bag and whiskey cocktail cards.

All of these are packed in a wooden half-barre premium gift box. The granite rocks that come with this set are smooth enough not to cause any scratches on the bourbon glasses.

14. Laptop Backpack

A bag pack for the reader that always carries books and laptops and a kindle just in case! This laptop backpack can fit all their essentials.

This is not an ordinary backpack; it comes with a USB charging port and a lock system. The style and design of this backpack make it comfortable to be used by ceremony readers of all ages.

15. Spectacle Holder

What happens when you shock a reader? They ask you to hold their spectacles instead of beer. Now gift them a spectacle holder that is cute yet quirky and will always make a good home décor. They are sure to be surprised at your innovative choice of gift.

This wooden spectacle holder is environment-friendly and is 100% recyclable. You can gift them this, so they don’t always have to look for their specs anywhere else. One of the best parts about this gift is that apart from being quirky, funny and eco-friendly, this one is a functional gift as well.

16. Inspiration in a jar!

What is the best gift that you can give to anybody who means something to you?The gift of happiness, of course!That’sexactly what we are talking about. 

These readers have put in their best efforts to make important family ceremonies meaningful for you. Isn’t it only natural for you to return the favor to them?

Here is a jar that comes with many inspirational quotes that are enough to last them for a year. Readers can open a chit every day as soon as they get up to get their daily dose of inspiration and take pride in what they do.

Well, if you thought this was just another beautiful pen, you are mistaken. Yes, it is a pen, but a pen with a message. This pen will mean a lot for readers at Christian weddings, as a beautiful Biblical verse is engraved on it.  

The verse from Proverbs 3:5, which is engraved on the pen, tells readers to trust in the Lord with all their hearts. As they read this verse every day, they get the assurance that God’s plans are always better than their own. 

This thought will help them deliver their work with great commitment and joy.

Here is a perfect gift for wedding readers to make them feel special. They have done their job so well by delivering the right message with the right emotion at your wedding. Now, it is your turn to help them create happy memories they will cherish throughout their life. 

What could be a better gift than an elegant photo frame to create memories? Made from 100% solid pine wood, this wooden frame is eco-friendly, durable and extremely stylish.

19. Inspirational Quote Wall Décor

Do you want to gift wedding readers something they will look up to every day and draw inspiration from? Do you want them to start their day with a smile as they read something? Well, here is a piece of wall décor that might just fit this description.

This high-quality wall plaque comes with beautiful words that will motivate readers, especially when they are having a tough day at work.

20. Make your own Whiskey!

Ceremony readers will love this innovative gift that you have chosen for them! Who wouldn’t like to make their own whiskey with the flavors they prefer? 

Here is a whiskey infusion kit for wedding readers who love to have some fun in their free time. All they need to have is a bottle of whiskey as a base, in which they can infuse thee woodchip blends and botanical infusions.

21. Hand cream to pamper her

Does the wedding reader love to take care of her skin? If yes, here is the perfect opportunity to pamper her. 

Suitable for all skin types, this tin set of hand creams come with an ultra-rich formula to keep their hands hydrated and smooth for a long time. 

Made from 20% shea butter, Vitamin E and Argan Oil, these creams nourish the skin very well.

Wedding readers are not used to the attention, gratitude and adulation. So, when you gift them something from this list, they are sure to be bowled away by the choice of your gift. They can never thank you enough for giving them gifts that they will cherish forever.

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