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gift ideas for someone moving abroad

Gifts for Someone Moving Abroad - 21 Ideas

Looking for a special going away gift for a friend moving overseas? As a mover and traveler, I love it when I find a unique gift that reminds me of someone or somewhere special. And gifts for a friend or relative moving overseas is no exception.

We have also given presents to our friends and family when they move, so I am sure this list will come in super handy no matter where they are moving to.

Buy these gifts for friends going abroad, and I promise that you’ll be the most popular person EVER! Especially if use these amazing sustainable gift ideas right here.

Most camera bags are hideous and utilitarian looking, not something that you want to be seen with every single day.

Ideal for traveling, outdoor photo sessions, and the occasional impulsive shoot, this camera tote boasts a 53.1 inch removable and adjustable shoulder strap for all day comfort.

These handsome unisex camera messenger bags are made with premium all-natural high quality Italian leather for a rich classic feel. 

Perfect for cuddling up on the couch or as a decorative throw, a personalized blanket is a thoughtful going-away gift. 

Specially for someone that might need extra comfort or just want to show off a little home pride.

Having one of these lovely blankets displayed in your home, whether folded over a blanket ladder or placed over the back of your couch, provides a warm and cozy feeling.

A toiletry bag is super handy for moving as well as for travel. If you are a frequent traveler, organize your toiletries, quickly and efficiently is important for you.

Leather material, dual-zipper design make you travel confidently knowing that your toiletries will be kept in their place. 

#4 Travel Jeans

Being comfortable while travel is important. But if it doesn’t look and feel great, what’s the point? 

Lyssé wardrobe essentials offer exceptional fit for all women – regardless of their size, shape or life adventure.

Delivering complete freedom of movement and day-to-evening comfort, our tops, bottoms and jackets are constructed to flatter, slim and transcend generations.

These urban-inspired leggings blend simple, pull-on styling with body-flattering anatomical seaming, smoothing inner waistband and details.

#5 A Special Face Mask

The most useful going away gift for a friend moving overseas since 2020 is a face mask. 

Face masks aren’t traditionally gifts for someone moving abroad, but nowadays essential.

Fashionable breathable comfortable, this cotton fabric mask is made from 2 layers of Cotton/cloth material, a medium weight cotton material. 

#6 A Neck Pillow

Why go for ordinary when you can buy something extraordinary, like this unicorn neck pillow? 

Unicorn lovers unite, don’t forget to add rainbows! Have a magical comfortable time anywhere you are. 

In the car, on a plane, anywhere you’re traveling, or in the comfort of home, you or your child will love being in comfort with their favorite character or design on their very own pillow. 

It’s hard to find excuses to not stay in touch with friends and relatives overseas when they make writing out a 5 line address this easy. 

And let me tell you, addressing an international letter is painstaking without the ink stamp! Choose from Self Inking Stamp or A Wooden Handle Stamp with Optional Ink Pad.

Transform any project with these personalized Address Stampers. Change any wording! 

A gift card such as one from Amazon is super handy for someone moving abroad. 

Most countries will have Amazon sellers and delivery networks, and your friend can purchase household items, food, or travel products once they settle in the new place. 

#9 A Knitted Sweater

Light up your darkest look with this long, casual black sweater with a 90s-inspired design. Unique size (ideally made at S-M-L sizes). 

This top is of ideal length to be worn with black leggings and a choker for a total dark grunge look. 

No matter where your friend is heading to, a universal adaptor is a functional travel accessory. 

Gifting an adaptor will not cost you an arm and leg, but it shows how thoughtful you are.  They can use the adaptor to charge electronics during flight layovers, and in their new place. 

No matter where is the world you are, have your devices powered and ready to use. It’s vital to have your cameras, phones and tablets available to use whenever you need nowadays.

 Never miss the perfect photo on holiday or important emails on business trips. 

#11 A Personalized Clock

While dual time clocks are great for friends and relatives who struggle with math and keeping up with the various time zones, you can just love the simplicity of a clock from a special place. 

It’s a useful gift but can also offer so much meaning to someone moving far away. The personalized family name clock in this listing makes the perfect gift. 

Using state-of-the-art technology to take your information and monogram and print it on the wood which makes for a durable heirloom. 

A Kindle is our constant companion when we are traveling. Kindle PaperWhite is a thoughtful gift for the person going overseas, if they like reading.

The Kindle e-reader can carry thousands of books, and it can keep the recipient entertained for days, thanks to the powerful battery. 

With the waterproof Kindle Paperwhite, you’re free to read and relax in more places, including the beach, pool, or bath.

Paperwhite is IPX8 rated to protect against accidental immersion in up to two meters of fresh water for up to 60 minutes. 

An American expat in Australia started a tradition many years ago to always frame a picture of the house she lived, then have all the local friends sign it before expat life moved her abroad again. 

Such a brilliant idea! This personalized custom watercolor print is perfect for transforming your house into your home.

A unique keepsake to commemorate a new home, housewarming, special place, your childhood home, or a new family vacation spot! 

#14 A Mirrorless Camera

Today’s mirrorless cameras are priced well, and can be a great starter option for those who love to travel and are into photography.

With extreme full-frame movie performance including high sensitivity, 15-stop wide dynamic range, 4K 120p1, the α7S III again raises the bar for moviemakers.

Both card slots support both CFexpress Type A cards and SDXC UHS-II cards. Parallel and Relay recording are also available. 

#15 Jewelry

Jewelry that represents the friend or relatives’ hometown provides comfort and a display of local pride. 

Like this California necklace that undeniably represents the state. It’s incredibly sweet with the precious stone, and doubles down as a great souvenir, too. 


A personalized keychain with a nice picture (or even just a name) is a very thoughtful gift. You can add a little note congratulating on the new move and adventure.

They will get new keys, and putting them in a new keychain with a message or a picture from you, will warm their heart each time they look at it. 

The keychain is made of stainless steel and each side is laser engraved, not stamped by hand. So it feels smooth and won’t scratch your hands. 

#17 A Special Laptop Case

Possibly one of the single most important things you need to move to another country (aside from your family in tow and passport of course), is your technology. 

Access to data via phone and computer is essential for moving overseas, and so is protecting it.

With the CASEMATIX 15-17″ Laptop Travel Case you can keep your precious laptop, keyboard, mouse and charger protected at all times in a rugged, completely waterproof carrying case.

The exterior is constructed from crushproof, hard polymer composite plastic and the interior of each case is lined with a mix of foam to provide impact protection.

A Personalized leather passport holder adds a little luxury to the whole travel organization. 

This leatherette luggage tag and passport holder makes the perfect gift for those on the go. 

With its chic silhouette and color, the tag will make it easy to spot your bag on those busy carousels.

#19 A Picture Frame

A truly touching going away gift, this frame will remind them of the friends they left behind.

This picture frame is a great gift for neighbors moving, or any other person that’s going to be separated by miles. 

When we move places, we carry our valuable items with us as a carry-on item. 

A reliable backpack (with wheels) will be a nice addition to their luggage as they can carry it around without having to strain their backs.

Be ready to work on the move, combining convenience and functionality without compromising on style; see our wide range of Samsonite laptop bags. 

Combining all your needs for a mobile office, along with ample room for overnight essentials. 

#21 A Love Book

Don’t let your best friend leave without something to look back on when they feel a little lonely. 

‘Why You’re My Bestie’ is a sweet fill-in book that contains 50 prompts for you to complete, such as ‘You are crazy talented at…’ and ‘I believe the world needs your unique…’

Share what made one of our Fill in the Love journals so special to you in a customer review, and help spread the love worldwide. 

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