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Engagement Gifts for Gay Couples

Engagement is a beautiful and emotional occasion. It’s not just about the groom or the bride but also the family and guests. So, if you are gifting something to your friend or acquaintances for their engagement, make sure to make it more personal and thoughtful rather than just spending loads of money. 

If you are confused about what to gift and how to make them feel special, check out this article to get awesome engagement gift ideas for gay couples. 

#1 Wedding Countdown Calendar

From the day of engagement, it literally means the countdown begins for the wedding. The excitement can never be expressed verbally, but can it be expressed through your gifts? 

Yes. Gift your friends a wedding countdown calendar to add a little more excitement to their box. 

This maple wood product contains dual-sided blocks that allow you to make three distinct phrases to commemorate weddings and anniversaries. 

#2 Mr. And Mr. Wine Tumbler Set

Do you want to be remembered every time your favorite couple takes a sip of wine? It is possible. Gift them this beautiful set of wine glasses and take their blessings and love with you. 

These tumblers are customized explicitly for gay couples with Mr. Right and Mr. Always Right written on it. With its premium quality and design, it allows a condensation-free holding and a perfect evening for couples. It comes with various stirring spoons as well. 

Help your couple stay longer with each other and make a life-long commitment. Help them see each other for the longest time possible.

 Picture frame is not only a thoughtful gift for a gay couple, but it also shows your affection towards them and that you want them to be happy. 

This white customized photo frame with hearts is a beautiful gift pack specially made for gay couples. Its dimensions are 5×7 which is sufficient to place near a table or on a shelf. 

Isn’t it cute when couples use matching products? While traveling or at grocery stores, couples sometimes choose to use similar or matching products to show their love to the world. 

So, don’t you think you can help them to achieve this? Gifting couples a matching product is the most satisfying thing. 

This travel kit contains two sets of black and white passport holders and luggage tags cutely packed within a white gift box. 

This is a handy gift for couples while traveling or during their honeymoon. Giving it a more customized look for gay couples has written cool quotes on it, which adds to its attractiveness. 

If you do not have a big budget for your friend’s engagement but still want to impress them with your gift, a coffee mug is an evergreen option. It is guaranteed that the couple would not be disappointed with the cuteness of this cup. 

It is a big ceramic cup with three available colors: black, grey, and white. Moreover, it has a cute picture of a gay couple printed on it. If you are thinking of a customized gift for your engaged gay friends, you can definitely go for this product. 

#6 Paper Origami Shadowbox Frame

This gift has its unique value. When a couple decides to get married and get their own house, authentic frames and wall hangings do the work to make them feel at home. However, you can also play your part to build their beautiful home by adding a meaningful gift to your list. 

Paper Origami Shadowbox frame is a handmade product prepared with love. The best part about this product is you can customize it as you like. 

The seller can change the color of the grooms’ suit and the background according to your need. This gift is also a gay couple-oriented gift and is a highly thoughtful one to gift someone at his engagement or wedding. 

#7 Wedding Planner

Planning a wedding is a big task and comes with a lot of responsibilities. If you are invited to their engagement, then it means that they are going to get married soon. 

Even though you could not be there for them while preparing for the engagement, you can give your little participation by gifting a planner to them. It would not only help them to organize things well but would also help to keep track of everything. 

#8 Gay Couple Goal T-shirts

Many couples feel fascinated after wearing the same outfits while going for a walk or to the airport. If your gay friends are similar, why not gifting them a gay couple t-shirt set? 

This set of 2 T-shirts come with numerous color options and are made of 100% cotton fabric. These are best to wear for a honeymoon after a wedding. And congratulations, this is under your budget!

The happiest couples are those who have a good time together. Good time requires pampering sessions. With a robe set, a couple is ready for a home spa, bubble bath, or literally nothing and just chilling with Netflix. 

Mr. and Mr. robes are a set of two high-quality terry-cotton white robes customized for gay couples with stitched Mr. and Mr. monograms. If your favorite couple loves spending time on pampering sessions, grab this gift and look no further.

Gay marriage needs a bigger celebration. It is not only a function but also a win against the stereotypical society. Getting engaged for a gay couple is a big challenge that requires breaking all stereotypes. And they deserve an order. So, to celebrate the win, gifting a cool sash is never a bad option. 

EnGayged Sash for gay couples is one of the coolest gifts available on amazon. It is a black color sash with “Engaged” written on it because they are not engaged. It’s high time to celebrate the pride with a sash. 

#11 Necklace Set

You might find it a little awkward to gift something like a magnetic necklace, but trust me, couples love little things about attachment. Be it an emotional attachment or magnet. 

The necklace looks simple and elegant and is paired with a bracelet set. The bracelets have a pride color bead in the middle, and there is a half heart drawn in each necklace. 

So overall, it’s a set of 2 necklaces and two bracelets of good quality stainless steel. Rainbow jewelry is very common among LGBTQ communities, and since it’s their engagement, thoughtful gifts like these can bring a smile to their faces. 

A dinner set is the most common engagement gift among people. However, choosing a valuable and good dinner set is not an easy task. Merely wasting 1000 bucks on a dinner set without knowing its efficiency is not worth it.

But you don’t have to worry, you are at the right place. We would guide you on which dinner set is suitable for you according to quality and your budget. 

You can easily get this product from amazon basics which fulfill all your requirements. It is a set of white 18- pieces of dinnerware with plates, dishes, and bowls sufficient to serve six people at once. 

#13 3D Pop-Up Greeting Cards

A greeting card might sound cheap for an engagement gift, but the value it carries cannot be bought with money. A greeting card is a more emotional and personal gift. We have selected the best greeting card on amazon to gift your gay friends.

This is a 3-D popup greeting card specially made for gay couples’ weddings, engagements, anniversaries, etc. When you open the card, you can see two gentle grooms standing on the aisle holding each other’s hands. Isn’t it heart-touching? Then what are you waiting for? Book the card right away! 

#14 Song Lyrics Print

If your emotional friend is waiting to get engaged, you have not got a big selection of gifts. Anyways, we are here to guide you on what is right.

Check out this Song lyrics printed wall handing. It has the wedding song “All of Me” written in it with a silhouette of a gay couple. 

Nothing can beat the emotional moment they would face after seeing this wonderful gift on your behalf. If you really want to make your friends happy, go for this. 

#15 Lover Hands Bronze Sculpture

Gifting a room decor for a newly wedded couple is the best idea. They can start their new life with a beautiful set of things around them. What else is better than this? 

If you think of a thoughtful and impressive gift for your gay friends who are getting engaged lately, choose this!

This showpiece is made out of the best quality bronze and is shaped like two hands holding each other. 

This would create a very romantic ambiance in the house of the couple. It can be placed anywhere including, a study table, tea table, selves, etc.

Here’s another showpiece option for you to gift a gay couple. However, this is a multi-purpose statue and can also be used as a topping on a cake. You can also decorate your shelf with this. 

This is more attractive because of its authentic look. It has a glass made of raisin and a gay couple sitting on it. Isn’t it cute? 

It is perfect for gifting a gay couple on their engagement. This gives a very cute look and appears thoughtful to the receiver. 

#17 LGBTQ Wall Hanging

This is a one-of-a-kind and lovely gift for Gay Pride attendees! This wall art decoration will appeal to men and women who can always showcase their homosexual pride.

Make an eternal link with the person who defends the honor of being a part of the LGBTQ community. They will undoubtedly enjoy it! Moreover, it is a wonderful choice to demonstrate acceptance and support for standing up for what they believe in.

This painting is what we call a “short and precise” gift option for your loved ones. It measures 7×7 inches and is made out of high-quality porcelain. It has a hook at its back to secure on the wall and can also be used as a tabletop display in the drawing-room, desk, or office. 

#18 Keepsake Jar

You cannot deny the importance of memories, and when it comes to saving them for later, their importance increases even more.

You must have heard of keepsake jars used to save memories from the places you visit. It can include sand, dry leaves, shells, mud, stones, or anything. So, don’t you think gifting a keepsake jar to a newly wedded couple would be more than helpful? 

They can use it efficiently while visiting exciting places for their honeymoon. This product uses high-quality transparent glass along with a specially packed gift box. 

These galvanized julep cups are specifically made for beer. Its unique and attractive look adds more value to it. 

It’s a good gift for couples living together. If your friends are fond of beer and often watch the match together with the sipping of beer, this is what you need to gift them in the first place. Do not think any further and order it now. 

#20 Gay Couple Wedding Figurines

If you are planning a big engagement cake for your friend’s gay wedding, then here’s something you need to know before the surprise plan. We have this perfect Gay couple wedding figurine for the cake, which you just cannot resist. 

It is a resin material and can be reused several times. This comes in two different varieties: balloons and flowers and the other in a kissing pose. You can buy anyone according to your convenience. 

A newly engaged couple needs antique and beautiful showpieces and decorative items in their shopping list to make their new home attractive. So, an antique flower vase can be a good pick if the couple is fond of flowers.

The vase measures 5″Length x 4.5″ Width x 7.5″ Height. Its rusty brown color gives it a very antique and classy look. It can be placed on balconies or living rooms or even in the bedroom. 


Now that you have ample choices, we hope you find the best gift for your friend’s engagement. But always remember the more important thing is the love you share with them. So, whatever gift you give, try to make it more thoughtful. Try to reflect your emotions for them through your gift. We hope your gift brings a smile to the face of your favorite gay couple. 

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