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Gift Ideas for Environmentalists - 27 Clean Ideas

If you are searching for the best gift for your eco-conscious friends, family members, or loved ones and want to impact your purchase, here is a list of gifts that everyone will love.

For the eco-minded giver with a bit more money to spare, these gifts are an excellent value, and they make an impact in two ways: helping the environment and saving money at the same time.

Package-free is the way to go for food, and beeswax wraps are one of the most eco-friendly ways of preserving food without using plastic wrap, aluminum foil, or plastic bags. Beeswax is such a good alternative because it prolongs the life of fresh foods (think bread and cheeses) without using any harmful chemicals or lurking toxins that leach from conventional wraps.

These wraps are an excellent choice for any eco-conscious foodie, and they make a perfect gift because they are available in many colors and sizes, so it is easy to find the right fit for any food. The beeswax wraps can also be cut to cling wrap a bowl, plate, or glass.

A waterproof cork apron is a practical gift for any foodie who loves to cook and does not have time to clean up spills that can ruin the kitchen countertop. The waterproof cork aprons are made of natural biodegradable materials so that they can be thrown in the compost with no worries.

They also feature attractive designs that fit any occasion. You don’t need to think twice about giving these aprons as gifts because they are so functional and eco-friendly

One of the essential ingredients in any kitchen is onion. A green onion regrower is a quick and easy way to revive fresh green onions that have been chopped. It works like a flower vase because the bottom half of the onion is placed inside the bottle, then water and a few seeds from another onion are added.

The onions will continue to grow new roots and sprout fresh green onions in about three days, so it is ready for use whenever needed. It is a beautiful gift for any green-thumbed cook.

Washable bags are easy to use, and it takes just seconds to wash them by hand or place them in the dishwasher. The bags are an excellent value, and they can be reused countless times, so they make a perfect stocking stuffer or gift to give to the eco-conscious who like to pack their lunches to go.

If they have a locker, they can even try using these in school. School cafeterias can also use these bags in their kitchen and let the students wash them at the end of the day. Washable lunch bags can be purchased from most grocery stores, health food stores, and even online.

A travel shower essentials set is a practical gift for the eco-conscious who frequently travels for business or pleasure. These sets are great for travelers because the bottles are leakproof, the shampoo and shower caps fit most commercial water systems, and they come with a convenient travel bag.

During checkout, foam blocks, pool toys, and other fun products can also be added to make it an even more delightful gift.

Waste-free watches are a fantastic eco-friendly gift for the eco-conscious because they can be used for casual or formal occasions. These watches are highly fashionable, so it does not matter how good-looking the person is. This watch will always look good on them.

These watches do not require batteries, and they also feature an activity tracker (steps walked, calories consumed, etc.) that can all be monitored and recorded on an included website dashboard. Being eco-friendly and fashionable are both possible with this stylish watch.

Sylvia Plath stated in her poem “Tulips,” “I am learning tranquility, sleeping by myself silently. That type of relaxation sounds really appealing.

Allow the textured, recycled-glass flowers on this nightlight to guide you to a restful sleep. It’s a charming addition to your hallway, bathroom, or child’s bedroom, bright enough to illuminate obstacles yet gentle enough to sleep through. Made from recycled consumer bottles.

A composting bin can be a practical gift for the eco-conscious who likes to garden. When used correctly, these bins will turn any food waste into rich soil (compost) that can be used as fertilizer and nourishment for plants, flowers, and vegetable gardens.

If you are unsure whether your eco-conscious friend will like this gift, then test them out first by offering to plant a few seeds in their compost pile. If they love the project and want to expand it, give them this gift.

Reusable travel flatware is a practical gift for the eco-conscious who frequently travels. This gift can be used on airplanes while traveling by train and even while cruising on a boat because it is easy to pack in a suitcase or handbag.

It is also an excellent value because each set contains four durable plastic utensils (fork, knife, spoon & chopsticks) ideal for any meal, whether it is a restaurant, airplane food, or food from a grocery store deli. The flatware pieces are also dishwasher safe to make cleanup easy.

A reusable water purification bottle is a practical gift for the eco-conscious traveler who wants to save money and drink clean freshwater while traveling. This water bottle will purify water from any faucet, whether a sink, shower, or tap (excluding salt and chlorinated water).

One filter can last for up to 100 gallons of tap water, and it removes all kinds of contaminants (heavy metals, pesticides & chemicals). It is an excellent value because it is easy to care for and can be reused many times.

Cocktail spoon straws are an eco-friendly gift for the eco-conscious person who likes to drink cocktails. They are a perfect complement to any set of cocktail napkins.

Handy and decorative, these straws can be used when drinking tea, beer, or any other beverage from a mug, glass, or bottle. These straws can also be used for ice cubes or other food items like popcorn and candy.

Reclaimed ski spice racks are a practical gift for the eco-conscious who loves to travel. These racks are easy to carry, durable, and inexpensive. They are perfect for camping because they will not break easily, and they can be used on the road in a car, truck, or even a camper van.

Rewinds will also require very little space so that these racks can be used on the back of a tailgate or stored in an overhead cabinet on any kitchen counter.

Sustainable yoga mat storage bags are a practical eco-friendly gift for the eco-conscious yogi. These bags protect yoga mats from getting dirty by storing them between classes.

They can also be used to store a yoga mat when not in use on a shelf or floor, making these bags excellent for anyone who travels frequently. These mat bags are made from 80% recycled materials, and they feature a convenient drawstring closure.

Some of the best gifts to give are things that help to reduce waste and keep a person’s food fresher longer. These Butter & Cheese Huggers are designed to keep cheese and butter fresher and longer than the standard paper wrap provided by stores.

Further, they don’t add any extra packaging to the product whatsoever, making it even more eco-friendly. And if you have a friend who is a bit more serious about reducing waste in their life, they might appreciate this gift.

This is the perfect gift for a gardening enthusiast or someone who likes to have a little piece of nature in their home. The planter has a unique design that makes it look like a dinosaur is crawling out of your friend’s yard.

In addition, it can hold up to four coconuts, and it is made entirely from coconut fiber – which makes it entirely environmentally friendly.

You don’t have to be a hardcore environmentalist to appreciate this gift. Who doesn’t love a good bamboo toothbrush? And if you have someone who might not want to keep their toothbrush around very long, this is the perfect alternative.

Not only does it work just like a regular toothbrush, but it is made from 100% natural and biodegradable bamboo. In addition, you can use it like a pencil sharpener and a toothpick.

Some people might be concerned about giving someone a charger powered by the sun. But this solar phone charger is convenient. It gives you an extra battery that charges while you walk around with your phone, so your phone will always have some juice to last you throughout the day.

The product is made from recycled and recyclable materials, compact and easy to carry around, and even has a built-in LED light.

As far as environmentally-friendly gift ideas go, these wool dryer balls are there. They eliminate the need for chemicals because they do an excellent job of fluffing up your clothes while drying in the dryer.

It’s also a great gift idea for someone who likes to go natural in their personal care routine. These wool dryer balls also last a long time, so they’re an excellent value.

These little guys are called Bite toothpaste bits, and they are basically like little apple sauce packets, except they contain toothpaste. You can get an assortment of different flavors, and you can use it just like any other toothpaste.

It’s an excellent idea for those who constantly forget to pack the toothpaste when going on vacation or spending the weekend with someone

These plates are made from bamboo, and they have a delightful Japanese pattern on them. They are also 100% biodegradable and compostable, so they are both environmentally friendly AND sustainable.

They will be perfect for someone who loves to eat Japanese food or is just interested in trying it for the first time.

This gift is excellent for those who want to go green in their personal care routine but don’t know where to start. You can use this set of five sheets and pillowcases to make sure their bedding is always clean and that they are getting as much sleep as possible.

These products are also 100% biodegradable and compostable, so they are great for the Earth but also for you to have a clean and healthy bedroom.

This shower curtain is made from flax linen, a very sustainable fabric that won’t have any harmful toxins in it when it’s being made. It also has an elegant pattern that looks good on nearly any bathroom wall.

They are also very soft, and they won’t cause mold in your shower, so you can use them for years to come.

This gift for a chocolate lover is perfect. It’s a fun gift for anyone who loves chocolate or good rainy day entertainment. You get many little inclusions made from different kinds of dark chocolate.

This is the same kind of canvas tote featured in the article about sustainability earlier this month. This is the same product, but it comes in black instead of the original beige color.

Either way, you’re getting a fantastic tote for your buck, or it’s made from 100% organic cotton canvas making it both sustainable and environmentally friendly.

These earrings are made from brass and designed to look like a camel. They will look great with many different outfits, and they also have a small stainless steel hoop which is excellent for those who have pierced ears because it’s not too heavy on the ear and it’s effortless to wear.

These pants are made from 100% organic cotton, making them both sustainable and environmentally friendly. They are also made eco-friendly because the yarn used to make the pants comes from recycled material, perfect for the environment.

In addition, these pants are very comfortable, and they come in multiple colors.

These sandals are great for any guy or girl who loves to be comfortable while outside. They have a unique pattern that is both stylish and environmentally friendly because it’s a great use of recycled tires.

Each pair of sandals also has an elastic strap that helps you get a good fit, and the whole sandal feels very light on your feet.

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