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21 Gifts for a Retiring Police Officer

Being a police officer can be stressful, traumatizing and demanding. Working with criminals and constantly being on the go can cause a lot of trauma sometimes. However, police officers always work with pride and keep their senses on the tip of their knives and guns, ready to strike anytime. Known for their discipline and sincerity, police officers deserve a huge salute at the time of their retirement.

After retirement, police officers don’t have to play the cat chasing the mouse games anymore. They are free to lead the life they want without the constant threat of work pressure looming over their heads. After retirement, they get to go on vacations with their loved ones and catch up on the moments they missed for so long.

Such occasions deserve special gifts. So, here we have compiled 21 great gifts you can choose for a retired police officer, show him your gratitude, and tell him that he gets to live his life in peace from now on.

All their lives they have lived with a gun. Why should we deprive them of this when they retire? So here is a pencil holder that will fill the void of a real gun for a retiring policeman.

This gift will remind them of all the good times at work. This pencil holder isn’t just what you can see; it can also be used as a paperweight.  So it’s a useful multipurpose gift that a retiring police officer will enjoy.  

This keychain will for sure make a policeman heave a sigh of relief. It comes with the inspirational and appreciation words. This is the perfect retirement quote that would define his life in this new phase.  

Now that he is retired, a police officer wouldn’t be in a rush always. He can do things at his own pace, which the words this keychain gently reminds him.

The best part about this key chain is that it comes with a handcuff accessory, which takes the nostalgia quotient several notches higher for the policeman.

This glass will make you think it was designed for a police officer only and nobody else. This specially designed glass has a bullet crossing the glass halfway through it and reads, “I don’t always enjoy being a retired cop, oh wait… Yes i do” which resonates well with the occasion. A police officer would always love to drink from this glass, as it would remind him that he needs a break.

4. The ultimate socks

A police officer is known for being crystal clear with his messages, whether on-duty or retired. Here is a pair of socks that is the best gift for a police officer who loves to keeps his thoughts crisp and clear.  These socks do just the job for them as they clearly read “off duty.”

These unisex socks come in various colors, and are made from comfortable fabric.   This is a gentle reminder for the receiver that he is not an active policeman anymore, and that it is time for him to spend lovely moments with his family.

5. Glasses that are shaped like a bullet

These glasses, shaped like a bullet, are one of a kind, indeed! These glasses can hold up to 2 ounces of vodka, and they come in a pair of two. With their golden color, they resemble empty bullet shots. These vintage-looking glasses are one of the best gifts you can give a retiring police offer, for obvious reasons.

6. Cuff the stuff

A mug that says it all! Made from 100% pure white ceramic, this cup comes with a white rim, to remind the police officer of his duty hours at the jail. For a passionate officer, to keep memories stored like this would be a great deal.

So get them this mug which reads, “I can’t fix it but I can cuff it.” You cannot miss the beautiful illustration of a handcuff drawn over the mug. This gift will remind police officers that they don’t have to fix the problem but the cause.

Now that they are retired, police officers don’t care about random petty stuff. All they care about is their own relaxation and their own peace. For someone who fits this description perfectly, here is a great gift. 

A coffee mug that reflects his thoughts! This mug will allow retired police officers to say what they think without being rude. The words on this mug read, “Retired, not my problem anymore.” Give this mug to them so you can prove to them that you have found the perfect gift that suits their moods!

You can never thank them enough for their role in your safety. Here is a keychain that looks simple but contains powerful words inscribed on it.

With the words, “Sometimes you forget you’re awesome, so this is your reminder” this keychain is a perfect gift of gratitude you can give for a retiring police officer, who has delivered excellent service for many years.

This stainless steel keychain is thoughtful and functional at the same time as it helps police officers keep their keys intact always.

A retiring police officer deserves this special badge, without any doubt. You can give them this badge because he will not always carry his police badge on his shirt after retirement.

They will love this badge, as they will love to keep this as a remembrance. In fact, they would wear it unofficially, as and when they get a chance. They will love to flaunt this badge among their friends.

10. Bullet-shaped whiskey stones

Is the retiring police officer a lover of whiskey? If yes, there can never be a better gift than this for him. These bullet-shaped whiskey ice stones are unique and quirky.

They also come with a freezer pouch and tongs. Most police officers are whiskey lovers. Therefore, this might be just the perfect gift for their retirement. This will keep their drink as cool as they are.

Regardless of whether a retiring police officer enjoys drinking hot water or cool drinks, he can never thank you enough for this fun but functional sipper.

This stainless steel sipper will surely be an environment-friendly way to give them a farewell. The words imprinted on this sipper are “Best Cop Ever [Name].”

These words will make the police officer proud and happy about the reputation he enjoyed throughout his career. 

12. A row organizer to keep their badges

If the police officer had received many badges for his work and was always appreciated by their superiors, he is sure to be the proud owner of many badges and awards. Here is the right gift for them to keep these badges safe.

This is a badge holder, which looks simple but extremely elegant. This is a gift that gives police officers a chance to showcase their badges to everyone, while making it easier for them to stay as close as possible to their memories.

Does the police officer always play with cute cats when he is on a break? They may have many pets around them, but their favorite animal is always the cat. For someone who fits this bill perfectly, here is an apt gift.

This customized journal comes with the cover with the quote, “Blessed are the peacemakers.” Though they aren’t in the police force now, they will love to be reminded of how they loved cats and how cats loved them back in the same way on duty or off duty.

14. A crafty law and order pen

This pen is a blend of both classy and basic styles. This pen is engraved with justice initials and comes with a LED light and a stylus tip for operating tablets, phones, and other touch screen devices.

The rubber stylus tip imitates the touch of a human finger, without leaving dirt and fingerprints on your touch screen device. It comes in a satin-lined keepsake presentation box for easy gifting. It is the most suitable for a police officer or a retired police officer.

15. A handcuff key chain

Now that they are retired, they cannot be holding real handcuffs. So, isn’t this a good chance to gift them a memento that resembles their work?  

This keychain with handcuffs on it will keep their keys under arrest for them before they get lost and go on a crime rampage. Retired or not, police officers always like to have things under their own custody, don’t they?

Reading a book by the side of the ocean or by the edge of a car seat is always therapeutic. Since retiring police officers will have a lot of time on their hands, they will need something to keep them engaged.

So, you can give them this book. This book will provide them with a way to spend their time fruitfully and cater to their police mind, which always needs some brain food to chew on. 

17. The ultimate 2021 retirement mug

If they have retired just in the year 2021, this mug will take a proud place on the shelves of the police officers. They will never forget that they retired this year, which makes this mug very special.

With a very catchy font and a chic black ceramic coating, this mug has the words printed, “Retired 2021, not my problem anymore”. If they live right up to this sentence, grab this mug right away to see the smile on the police officer’s face.

When a police officer feels the need to celebrate his retirement, it calls for a celebration. On this occasion you can give them this cap that happily reads, “The legend has retired” and the sash that reads, “Retired.”

When retired police officers go on the beach with friends wearing this outfit, you will see how happy they make everyone around them. This is the right time to gift them this set and make them feel the happiest.

Reassuring words of appreciation sometimes are all that one needs. Especially when they are leaving for their happy retirement, they need to be told how amazing they did in their careers, and that they can move forward without any worries.

This plaque comes with a very special message that has a heart engraved with the words, “Never underestimate the difference you made and the lives you touched. Enjoy the next chapter.” This plaque will be a very sweet gesture towards the hard work police officers have done throughout their working years.

20. An apron for the cooking expert

This is for the ones who have their retirement more planned than ever. When police officers have decided to make the most of their retirement, nothing can stop them.

If they have plans to pursue their passion for cooking post-retirement, here is a great gift. Gifting them an apron would add to their happiness to a great extent.

Here is your chance to give them this funny apron, which will set their mood on fire. Make them so happy with this, that they can’t help baking a cake for you in return!

21. A badge can opener

A can opener that looks like a police badge is just the right thing to gift a retiring police officer. They wouldn’t mind using these badges as real police badges.

You can certainly gift this badge opener for someone passionate about his police job and who loves being under the name of “police” long after retirement. They will cherish this gift forever.


Retirement is a new beginning in someone’s life. The retirement gifts that we have suggested above can definitely add a lot of value to police officers’ lives long after they have finished their duty.  These gifts fill their hearts with pride and satisfaction and encourage them to look forward to their new phase with passion and vigor.

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