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21 Deacon Ordination Gifts

A deacon is an entry-level position in the Church. His role is to conduct communions, assist the activities at the altar during the prayers, proclaim the Gospel and support the pastor or the priest in all possible ways. A deacon may or may not be promoted to become a priest. Being ordinated to become a deacon is an important event in a Christian’s life. It is an occasion that tells him that the Lord has chosen him to deliver certain duties.

So, here are some gifts that you can give to a person who has just been ordinated as a deacon. These contain inspiring messages that motivate the deacons and help them carry out their duties without any hassles.

1. Inspirational Cards

What can be more inspirational for a person who has just been ordained as a deacon than inspirational verses from the Bible? This is a set of 6 cards with beautiful scriptural messages. These messages let the person know that he is blessed to be chosen by  God for this purpose.

These Christian gift cards are one of the best ways to wish a person on the occasion of his deacon ordination and let him know that you trust him to do a good job of the new responsibility. These gift cards come with messages written on beautifully embellished paper, which improves their visual appeal.

2. Classy leather journal

Do you know of a friend who has been recently ordained to become a deacon in the Church? It is an honor, and he needs appreciation for the same. Here is a classy deacon ordination gift that your friend will feel inspired by, when he looks into it.

This leather journal contains lined pages, and each page comes with gold gilt edges, and a satin ribbon bookmark. If that wasn’t elegant enough, the journal’s front cover is made from leather imported from Italy. The burgundy-colored leather cover contains all the different names of Jesus, making this a truly inspirational gift.

3. Cross lapel pins

Once ordinated into the deacon, a person must wear a stole as part of his uniform. So, here is a great gift that will match with his stole. These lapel pins come with the theme of a cross, and it comes in 4 liturgical colors to match the color of the stole.

These pins are known for their shiny appearance as they are made from polished and matte finish gold materials. This is a set of 4 pins, and each one comes attractively packed in a gift box.

4. Thoughtful communion set

A deacon is expected to attend communion calls at hospitals, care centers, orphanages, nursing homes and more. This beautiful ordination gift is thoughtful because it is a hospital communion set for a deacon.

This set contains all the things that are needed for the deacon to hold the communion. It has Holy water, a round-shaped pyx, a leather case to hold the pyx and a pendant for the deacon. With these things, a deacon can pray well for the recovery of the people at the hospital and create hope in them.

5. Vacuum Tumbler with a quirky message

If you thought deacon ordination gifts had to be serious and divine-themed, you are mistaken. Here is a vacuum tumbler with a funny message that could be apt for a deacon you know.

The wordings on this message goes this way – Be careful, or you will end up in my sermon! Isn’t that quite funny? The deacon is sure to laugh out loud as he reads this message.

6. Diary with a witty cover

Here is a beautiful gift you can give someone who has been recently ordinated as a deacon. This notebook journal contains 120 pages of high-quality paper that a deacon can use to take notes during his meetings. Made from soft paper, this notebook gives a nice opportunity for deacons to organize his schedule.

However, the wordings on this journal’s cover make this gift stand out from the rest. It gives you a chance to appreciate his work and inspire him to continue to be the miracle worker he is.

7. Letter Opener

If you are looking for a great and functional ordination gift for a lay deacon, this letter opener is a great choice for you. Made from bronze, this opener is 6.5 inches long and comes with a cross symbol on one end.

This is a great opportunity for you to show your gratitude to deacons and appreciate their work the society. This letter opener comes in an elegant and strong design that lasts for a long time.

8. Cuff links for the clerical shirt

Newly ordinated deacons look smart in their clerical shirt. So here are some cuff links that make them look smarter than before. Made from gold-toned base metal, these cuff links come with a diameter of ½ inch, and they come in cute, attractive gift boxes.

When lay deacons attach the cuff links to their ceremonial shirts, they look professional and smart than ever before. If you are looking for simple and affordable deacon ordination gifts that give you full value for your money, look no further than these cuff links.

9. Perfect stole for the deacon

What can be a better gift for a newly ordinated deacon than a well-embroidered stole? Your deacon friend will wear this stole with great pride and dedication.

Priced affordably, this stole is made from high-quality polyester material that doesn’t tear easily. It lasts for many years and deacons cannot help gush about the high quality of the fabric and the embroidery on this stole.

10. Unique compass theme

Here is a classy and elegant display stand with a unique theme for a newly ordinated deacon. A handcrafted compass that is made from brass is one of the best gifts for a lay deacon. With the words God printed on the face of the compass, this one comes with all the directions.

It comes with a six-inch display stand, and is a great gift for occasions like Christmas, baptism, deacon ordination and other special occasions.

11. Classy black coffee mug with a message

Here is a classy, black coffee mug with a biblical reference, fit for a newly ordinated deacon. As the deacon sips his morning coffee from this mug, he derives all the inspiration he needs, making him perform his clerical duties with utmost devotion and commitment.

“The Lord Is With Me Like A Mighty Warrior” – these words taken from Jeremiah 20:11 make the deacon feel grateful for the opportunity given to him. It gives him renewed strength to carry on his duties when he knows that the Almighty is with him in every step of his life.

12. A mug that lets you believe in miracles

Well, here is a wonderful gift for deacons that will remind them to cherish every moment of their job. A deacon cannot bring miracles in your life, but he can definitely guide you to the Supreme Power that creates miracles in your life. This beautiful ceramic coffee mug, portrays this powerful message so that everyone can understand it easily.

The best part of this gift is that it is purely functional as well. It is made from durable material that is microwave and dishwasher safe. This message comes printed on both sides to give deacons inspiration from all quarters.

13. Beautiful wall art for the pastor

A powerful message from the Bible is sure to inspire anybody who is the servant of God – be it a pastor or an entry-level deacon who has just been ordinated. That’s why this gift deserves to be on this list.

It is a wall art that comes with an elegant, stained wood frame. Inside the frame is a beautiful message from Mathew 28:19, which calls the deacon the faithful servant of God.

14. Ballpoint pen set with a touch of elegance

A ballpoint set for a deacon should be something with a touch of divinity, isn’t it? So, here we bring you a set that is themed “Man of God.” It contains a ballpoint pen made from metal & wood grain, and a classy keychain with two rings.

These contents are packed in an elegant woodgrain gift box, which, when opened, reveals an inspiring scriptural verse from Jeremiah 17:7. When the newly ordinated deacon reads this message every day, he sees an increase of hope and trust in his life.

15. A water bottle with grace

This is not just any other water bottle that you would find in a gift store. It is a specially designed bottle for those people who are chosen to be God’s servants. The blue bottle comes with the words, “Man of God” written on them.

It comes with a removable handle and a tray that helps you use it for tea or fruit infusions. Made from BPA-free plastic, this water bottle can hold 24 ounces of liquid, and has an elegance about it, that cannot be described in words.

16. The Biblical Genealogy Chart

If you are looking for the perfect gift for a newly ordinated deacon, this biblical genealogy chart is a good choice for you.

This chart contains textual and visual representations of the entire biblical genealogy that lists the lineage of Jesus from King David.

All important biblical events are listed chronologically on this chart for quick reference purposes.

17. Family tree of Jesus

This book is one of the most useful gifts for a deacon, as it helps him understand the genealogy of Jesus’ family.

This book gives a detailed overview of all the important biblical events, timelines and the family tree of Jesus in a visual way for easy understanding.

It also contains detailed accounts of the 30 most important people in Jesus’ life, along with all the events listed throughout the Old and New Testaments.

18. Great journal entry book with a message

Have you been looking for a perfect gift for a deacon to appreciate and convey your gratitude to him?

Look no further than this beautiful journal entry book that comes with an attractive cover. This journal contains 120 pages of high-quality paper, which a deacon can use to take down notes, wherever he goes.

However, the message printed on the cover of this journal is the most attractive part of this gift.

19. Devotional medals bracelet

A deacon needs to have positive energy exuding all around him, if he wants to deliver his duties just like the Lord had wanted him. Here is a small way to help the newly ordinated deacon in his journey of faithfulness.

This beautiful Macrame Bracelet contains the 12 Catholic devotional medals that give the deacon all the energy, trust, and positivity he needs. This bracelet comes with an adjustable band.

20. Wristbands for men with biblical messages

Here is a set of 6 wristbands that are specially designed for a newly ordinated deacon male member. These bracelets are divided into three sets of 2 each. In each set of 2, you will find verses from John 3:16, Romans 12:2 and Joshua 1:9.

Made from silicone, these wristbands are created for men’s wrists and come in a size of 8.5inches. The biblical verses on these wristbands give the new deacons the strength and positivity to carry on with their clerical duties.

21. Note of appreciation for deacons

There is no dearth of journals for deacons at all! This one is yet another journal that contains 12o pages of high-quality paper that deacons can use to make notes of their meeting.

If you have been wondering why we have suggested so many journals in this list, it is because of the awesome messages on their covers. This one is no exception to the rule.

The wording on this cover reads, “I’m a deacon. I solve problems you don’t know you have in ways you can’t understand”. Is it even possible to ignore this one while looking for apt deacon ordination gifts?

Being ordinated as a deacon is a new chapter in one’s life. The gifts you choose for a new deacon need not be costly or fancy-looking. Instead, they should contain powerful and inspiring messages for the deacon to deliver his duties with utmost commitment and trust in the Lord. The gifts that we have recommended above will definitely make him feel thankful to be the chosen one, thereby motivating him to deliver his duties just the way the Lord wanted him.

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