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21 Cute Gift Ideas for Him on a one month anniversary

Initially, in a relationship, there are many cute moments. One of them is celebrating anniversaries. A relationship has a deep foundation of trust that is built on love and affection. The special someone in your life can be your fiancé, your husband, or your boyfriend. The gifts that we have recommended below will be suitable for all.

Be it one month, six months, or first anniversary, we tend to gift something special for our loved ones. However, choosing a one-month gift can be difficult when compared to other special occasions. This is because the relationship is new in this stage.

It is even more challenging to choose gifts for a man, because, let’s face it! Choosing gifts for men can be an uphill task, as there are very few options as opposed to gifts for women. Are you looking for a cute gift for your man, to celebrate the one-month anniversary of your relationship?  We have got you covered; keep reading below for the details.

1. A hearty message

Everyone loves cute souvenirs, which make them feel loved now and then. This dangling jar that hangs by a wooden frame comes with a beautiful heart carved on it. Made with glass and with the words, “you’re still the best decision I made” and some glitter added to it, this gift looks strikingly beautiful! What makes it all the more special is that you can even add a cute message on a note and put it inside the jar to surprise your loved one.

2. A fun activity

As we all know, we don’t need a reason to adore someone, but sometimes it’s good to know what exactly your partner loves about you. This is a small notebook that says, “What I love about you by me,”

Where you write all the things you love about them to make them realize how special they are in your life. If you don’t know how to express your feelings in a straightforward way, this is the right gift for you.

3. A way to know each other better

As it has only been a month into this new relationship there is a chance that you don’t know them fully, yet. You don’t get to know as much as you would love to, about the special man in your life. 

Well, that’s why this gift could help you. These conversation starters will definitely help you know more about your man, and fill in any awkward silences that may occur within both of you.

This is a fun game and a really cool way to spend some quality time with your loved one, and keep the spark in your relationship alive always.

4. Matching Bracelets

Give them the gift of your never-ending love through this simple but exquisite bracelet set. You both wear the same bracelets to symbolize your love, as this one comes in a pair. This bracelet also consists of a magnet charm, which will attract the other bracelet, when held close.

It is also adjustable in size. So, it will be easier for them to wear and remove accordingly. This lovely gift is something that you cannot afford to miss, if you want to make your one-month anniversary for your partner.

5. A motivating message

Want a cup that tells them to keep going, come what may? Well, Alright! This white cup exactly fulfills your needs. It also comes with the encouraging words, “You have been a great boyfriend for 1 month. Keep that up!” This will motivate them to stick by your side forever.

6. For the tinder match

In the tech-savvy era of today, meeting your loved one through social media is quite common. If you had also met your partner on one of the online sites, like Tinder, this is a beautiful gift for him.

This can be an intimate gift on the occasion of your one-month anniversary, as it will remind them how it all started. This key chain says, “Thanks for swiping right” which perfectly describes your feelings and gratitude to him for choosing you.

A birthday card as a cute romantic gift? Well, you read that right! We just couldn’t miss this card as it contained some cute emotions expressed in these words – “Yay, we still like each other!”

This card, along with its cute messages, also has attractive doodles and beautiful colors, packed in an envelope. Nothing else can be more romantic than this old-school method of expressing your love.  

8. A promise ring

A ring attached with a promise comes as an unsaid commitment of trust. This rose gold ring will make you feel that it has been designed exclusively for your partner’s hands.

Its rose gold color and half-shiny, half-brushed texture is something that your partner will love. This is a perfect souvenir to reflect one month of togetherness.

9. Cheesy but relatable key chains

Twinning is the new trend among couples to announce their relationship to the world. So why not go with the trend and get matching key chains for yourself and your partner?

These steel-based key chains, with intended puns on each of them, will surely make your loved one happy. By giving one of these, you can tell him, “Hooked to you” or that, “you are the best catch of my life.”   

10. A righteous journal

If your man is a very religious and holistic person, you can gift him this journal. This diary has a vintage look, and has a biblical verse written on it.

This diary will help him uphold his values, and it is a great way to tell him that you respect his values and traditions.

Watch your man’s eyes light up in joy when he unwraps this vintage–style wallet! This one is a thoughtful and useful gift that he can use daily to keep his belongings safely.

The surface and design of this waterproof wallet make it very comfortable to use. It also comes with an ID window, which can hold all his important cards.

12. Capsules of love

When you have reached one month of your relationship, you would obviously want to celebrate it in a romantic way. Here is one such idea that will make your man feel special and showered in your love.

Here is a gift with colorful capsules. You can write your love messages on paper, fold them and place them inside these capsules. Fill all the capsules with your love messages, and gift this jar of your capsules to your man. Let him get his daily dose of love, as he looks forward to opening each of the capsules and reading your love note.

13. Cute matching mugs

What can be more special and cute than both of you using matching cups? These are not ordinary matching cups that we have recommended here; they complete each other like a jigsaw. These cups are made from ceramic material and come in two colors- red and white.

They are uniquely romantic, as they also come with matching spoons. These mugs look like a perfect couple; therefore, it is only natural that you gift them to the special man in your life.

Here is a beautiful keychain you can gift to your loved one to let him know that he is the peace in the storm of your life. This cute keychain has a palette attached to it, which reads “Life is a journey, not a destination”.

This also comes with a cute charm that says one month. This makes the key chain all the more perfect than it already is.

Here is a unique gift for the unique one in your life. This is an engraved wallet insert, which is specially designed for your man. This gift is a very cute reminder to tell your man that you will always love him and be by his side, come what may.

The words on the engraved wallet insert go this way, “I choose you, and i will choose you over and over again. Without pause, without a doubt, in a heartbeat. I will keep choosing you. You will forever be my always until my last breath…” and that is enough to make someone’s day, isn’t it?

We all have our favorite songs; however, we always have that one song that will remind us of our special man. Do you have a song that you personally relate to the hero of your life?

Here is a night light with a scannable code on it. It comes in an acrylic finish and when your man scans the code, Spotify will play that song for him. This night light comes in 3 colors and has a wooden base for support.

Here is a greeting card that overflows with cute but pun-intended messages! This card has marshmallows and graham crackers drawn on it in beautiful colors. The message on this creative card says, “I love you s’more and s’more.”

On the inside of the card, you can find these words imprinted in a very creative font-“happy anniversary.” Below this message, you have quite a lot of space to write a personalized message for the love of your life.    

18. A trendy accessory

Looking for something on the lines of men’s fashion? With limited options available, there is a high chance of you going wrong there. However, here w bring to you a safe fashion choice that you can opt, to celebrate your one-month anniversary with your special man.

This is an exquisite neckpiece that comes in different lengths and sizes. Made from high-quality sterling silver, this one comes in a tarnish-free pattern. With its shine, grandeur and elegance, this one makes for the perfect anniversary gift, indeed!

19. A picture frame

What better gift can you choose for your boyfriend to celebrate your one-month anniversary than a beautiful picture frame to hold some of your best moments together? An acrylic sheet protects this picture frame to ensure that the pictures don’t get damaged.

The words, “Lucky to be in love with my best friend” are very romantic, and can get your lover emotional in no time. The best part of this gift is that it is highly functional as well. It comes with an easel; therefore, your lover can place this frame with a beautiful picture of you both on his work desk. However, it can also hang on the wall easily, if you want it that way.

This Delicate Laser Engraved Music Box is made of Natural Wood. It doesn’t have batteries. All you have to do is Keep cranking the handle to play the music and the beautiful melody “Can’t Help Falling in Love” will play from it. The meticulous and adorable design of the box is accentuated by the lyrics of the songs engraved on it.

21. A cozy blanket

Is your lover crazy about burritos? Here is a gift that will make him roll his eyes in surprise before he laughs out merrily at the choice of your gift.  Here is a soft blanket, which looks exactly like a burrito or a tortilla, when folded.  Your lover is going to enjoy wrapping himself in this during movie nights, or at times when he wants to cozy up to you to express his love and gratitude.

Being in a relationship is a lovely feeling, indeed! So, it is very important to celebrate the small moments of togetherness and express your love to the special man in your life in any form that you are comfortable with.

Now that we have given you quite a large list of cute and romantic gifts to pick from, don’t let your chance slip by. Pick one of these amazing gifts to celebrate your one-month anniversary. The spark in your relationship will stay alive and give you many more moments like these to celebrate in the future. 

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