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21 Gifts for Principal Leaving

A principal is the life of an educational institute, and he brings law and order to the institute. They are always the chief of honor, the one standing pillar that provides constant and undying support to everyone in the school or college.

Leaving such a position that has given you a holistic experience can be very saddening and heartbreaking too. During situations like these, one can get carried away in emotions. A souvenir is only natural in this case.

This souvenir is for the leaving principal to remember you and the time that you have spent with each other as a student, colleague, or just as a staff member. Here are 21 gifts that you can give to a principal at the time of his farewell. These gifts will leave you and them with bittersweet memories.

1. A mug with a sweet message

Regardless of the temperament of the principal, this coffee mug is a great gift for him, especially if he is a coffee lover.

They can always sip their hot or cold beverage from this mug, to take a break from their work and think of the beautiful moments shared with you. 

It has the powerful words, “The influence of a great principal is never erased” imprinted on it. These words are sure to motivate and inspire the principal to succeed in their future endeavors.

2. A hilarious coffee mug

Looking for a mug that can fill your staff’s tears? We have got the right choice for you. This coffee mug comes with two steel straws and one steel cleaner, making it environment-friendly and sustainable.

With the words “These are the tears of my staff” written on it, the leaving principal is sure to have a hearty laugh every time he looks at it.

3. The survival kit for the bold

Being a principal is a demanding job and leads to long-term stress. Do you also wonder how a principal could manage so many things together? We guess this survival kit is the answer. This very spacious pouch is sure to keep his secret mantra intact.

It has a jute finishing and the words “Principal survival kit” written on it make it one of the most thoughtful gifts for a leaving principal. This could fit in all their daily basic needs into this one including their stress!

4. A funny desk gift

Is it even a desk if you haven’t had a breakdown over it? We are sure that was definitely everyone’s experience. This paper pad will remind leaving principals about how they used to be drowned with work but still managed to sail through it.

This 5-inch-tall paper pad comes in white color with “everything is fine” written over it and a picture of a young man almost drowning in work drawn over it. This will remind them of their very busy life as a principal of an educational institute.

5. For the female influencer

Have you ever experienced being around someone who is just so powerful that you can sense their power from their sheer presence? This next gift is a grab for such a lady who gives her best without any rest.

This journal consists of 120 pages, with a classy black cover and the words “Only the Strongest Women Become Principals” written in beautiful colors. You can gift her this journal to remind her that she will always remain one strong woman, come what may.

6. Funky Trendy Pop cards

It is not easy to convey your feelings in just one message, especially when you look up to someone. For problems like this, we have solutions in the form of these pop cards. They come in a variety of designs to choose from, in a pack of 30.

So, every day they can wake up and open a new card to read a new, inspiring message written over it. This gift is sure to make their day or their month. When in doubt grab a box and gift this to them. We are sure you will not regret the decision.

7. An aromatic goodbye

The smell of lavender or roses coming from the side of the table is always so soothing. It calms down your stress, helps with sleep and lets you relax in peace.

You can gift a leaving principal this set of 3 candles in Persimmon Copal, Goji Orange and French Cade Lavender fragrances.

The aroma from the candles will always take them on a trip back in memory lane.  This is the perfect see-off gift for someone, who can do with some relaxation. 

8. A side table décor

A desk full of files and pages is so boring to see, isn’t it? To put an end to this, we have found out the right gift for you. This set of 3 succulent plants will enhance the visual appeal of any table or desk.

They could place this in their home, new work desk, or just any bookshelf. The ceramic planters come with bamboo trays and have the words” for the best boss ever” written on them, making it the perfect gift for the principal who is leaving your institution.

9. A funky hat

This hat has a very cool-looking texture and comes in a shade of elegant black. This retired survival cap comes with unique decorations, including a bottle opener, golf tee, fishing lure, and more. This hat looks like it is ready to pop out from the pictures and can be used as a prop. It is a fun way to leave your mark.

10. For the man in control

A set of matching ties and cufflinks is one of the best gifts for someone who always takes charge of his responsibilities without complaining. This gift contains a tie, a tie pin, a gentleman’s scarf, and cufflinks.

It is known for its classy and macho look. The best part of this gift is that it comes in different colors and designs to choose from. This compact box of happiness is the ideal gift for a man, who takes his role rather seriously, indeed!

11. For the fitness freak

Now that they will have a lot of time to spend on their physical and mental health, you can gift a leaving principal a smartwatch wristband. This smartwatch will calculate calories, the number of steps, sleep, and active time, etc.

It is compatible with all kinds of iOS and Android devices.  One can also view call notifications and messages, when this watch is synced to one’s smartphone via Bluetooth. This multipurpose watch with new features is a steal if you want to gift your principal something useful that he will cherish forever.

12. For the Star Wars fan

To be as thoughtful and smart like Yoda is the only thing a Star Wars fan would want to have. However, since that is just as close to impossible we bring to you a cup that not fully but at least partially satisfies the principal, who is a Star Wars enthusiast.

With a cute baby Yoda printed over it, this mug has the words inscribed “Yoda Best Principal,” referring to “you are the best principal.” This will surely make a place in the heart of your principal.

13. This gardening tool kit

We always saw our principal in the backyard growing, planting, watering trees and creepers themselves. It truly showed how passionate they are about their hobby. For someone who has a hobby so unique yet so productive, here is the perfect gift. A small gardening set!

Yes, a gardening set that allows them to enrich their hobby far beyond what they hoped for. This set comes with various tools and gloves, which will make them spend more and more time in the garden,

14. For the different one

They have always been like a friend to you, unlike most other principals who are strict and scary. They have encouraged you, danced with you on your annual day and ate lunches with you on certain days.

When you have such a different and unique principal leaving the organization, it is only natural to gift them something touching to show them your gratitude. Here is a pouch that will help you tell him how special he is for you.

15. A very friendly reminder

This is a perfect way to appreciate a principal, who has helped you grow and enrich your abilities. These postcards come in a pack of two and are filled with colors.

On them, you find these brightly-written words, “You are awesome, thank you for making a difference.” Now, this is definitely one of the best ways to show your gratitude to a person who means so much to you.

16. A lovely keychain

Sometimes even principals need the support that they give to others. When you show small acts of kindness towards them, they are sure to be happy and content about it. This keychain is just the right gift for them, in that case.

A stainless steel keychain that gives them a homely feeling of love which has a palette that says “Behind a great school is an awesome principal”  is a gift that will make their hearts brim with pride and laughter.  

17. An honest reminder

Are you looking for a gift with reassuring words for your principal who is leaving? Here is a ceramic jewelry trinket dish, which can be a good choice for them. This one can hold keys, rings, necklaces and bracelets.

The tray has an elegant golden lining, which enhances its visual appeal. Through this gift, you can show them your love and gratitude. It comes with words, “Sometimes you forget that you are awesome, so this is your reminder,” which is sure to bring a smile to your principal’s lips.

18. A before-after effect

Tea before school and a drink after school is every teacher’s story. However, here the story is a bit different as you can say a principal who is always sipping on a hot cup of tea deserves a toast of a drink as well.

 This gift is a set of two, a glass and a cup. The cup says before school and the glass says after school, which is the coolest way to give someone a break from their busy life.

19. A pen mightier than the sword

Engraved with a meaningful quote that says, “Education is the kindling of a flame,” this pen comes with a LED light and a stylus tip for operating tablets, phones, and other touch screen devices.

The rubber stylus tip imitates the touch of a human finger, without leaving dirt and fingerprints on your touch screen device. It comes in a satin-lined keepsake presentation box for easy gifting. This is the most suitable gift for a beloved principal.

20. A pearl necklace

What else can be better than an elegant piece of jewelry with a special message for your beloved principal? This pearl necklace will bring tears of joy to her eyes as it will be the most customized gift she would have ever received. If something as precious as pearls is gifted to someone they are going to love it for sure.

21. An Award for their hard work

Give them first place on the podium for putting in so much hard work. This gift-cum-medal, which reads “Principal’s Award,” is just the right appreciation for them and their undying effort for the institute and the students.

The only constant thing in life is change. However, that doesn’t mean that we have to forget a person when he is about to leave a role. Yes, another person will replace him, but his memories will linger on forever. A principal leaving the institute is a new wave of change that brings a lot of uncertainties and development. So instead of waving them a tearful goodbye, it is time to show them your heartfelt gratitude, with these gifts.

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