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Gift Ideas for Minimalist Mom

Sometimes you feel like it’s difficult to look for a gift for someone you love, like perhaps, your mom. A special occasion is coming up, maybe her birthday, Christmas, or Mother’s Day, and you just don’t know what to get her.

She loves to keep things simple and practical, and you’re worried as you don’t know what to gift her that falls in that category. Here are 27 gift ideas for minimalist moms that are very useful, but are still heartfelt and sweet. You should definitely check these items out and perhaps check them out of your cart as well!


1) Fresh Cut Flowers with Vase

This is a bouquet of freshly cut flowers with a vase that is the perfect gift for your mom. Since the flowers come with a vase, you will no longer worry about where to put them. You can even easily put them on display at home, on top of a table, or on a shelf.

This flower arrangement includes various flowers such as seasonal greens, daisies, sunflowers, alstroemeria, and others.

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2) Tea Selection Box

If your mom likes tea, then this is an ideal birthday gift to give her. It is a box of 45 assorted tea bags with different flavors that she can drink depending on her mood or her needs for the day. The packaging for this is very pretty and is even recyclable. It comprises of five herbal teas: Lemon, Ginger, and Manuka Honey; Elderberry and Echinacea; Three Ginger; Turmeric Gold; and Blackcurrant Beauty.

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3) Bali Soap – Natural Soap Bar

Give your mom soaps that she would surely love and enjoy using. These are exotic bar soaps that can be used for the face as well as for the body. They have exfoliating ingredients to reveal smoother and softer skin. They also have moisturizing and hydrating ingredients. They are perfect for baths to give your mom a premium experience as if she is at a spa.

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4) Lulu Candles

This is a soy candle in which the scent is Jasmine Infused Bergamot. It is eco-friendly, vegan, and gives a long-lasting and clean burn. It is also handcrafted and makes the perfect gift for your mom. The design of this candle is minimalist too wherein it can be placed anywhere around the house without disrupting decor. There are a lot of other scents to get for this candle too that you might want to consider.

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5) Organic Body Lotion

This is another nice gift for your mom to show your love for her and how much you care. It is the perfect Mother’s Day gift in which this lotion is primarily meant for nourishing and hydrating the skin. It is also perfect for aging skin and for dry skin, and it suits dry, sensitive, normal, and combination skin. Its primary ingredients are aloe vera and olive oil which is very moisturizing to the skin.

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6) LifeAround2Angels Bath Bombs Gift Set

Bath bombs are so much more enjoyable to add to your bath time because they indeed make bath time super fun, smell better, and you get to have that spa feeling. Thus, why not give your mom a set of bath bombs for her birthday. This way, you could give her a more relaxing bath experience. A box comprises 12 unique bath bombs in which each bath will be different.

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7) Woodwick Large Hourglass Scented Candle

If your mom likes scented candles, then you should get her this candle for Mother’s Day or for a special occasion. It comes in a nice hourglass-shaped glass and in a large size. It can burn up to 130 hours. It is perfect for aromatherapy with the scent’s musk, bergamot, amber, and exotic woods.

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8) Anker Portable Bluetooth Speaker

This is a gift that your mom will find useful especially if she likes listening to music. She can even use this speaker when watching her favorite shows. It is also waterproof and has stereo sound. It is portable and perfect for traveling. It can be used both indoors and outdoors and it is wireless.

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9) Velvet, Non-Slip Suit Clothes Hangers

This is a pack of 50 pieces of slim velvet hangers for clothes. The velvet surface is to keep your clothes nice as there are times when fabric catches on hangers with other materials. The velvet also prevents the clothes from slipping from the hangers. These hangers are sturdy and they make a practical gift to your mom.

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10) The Authenticity Calendar

This is a calendar wherein for each day, you get a different message. This would surely be a very sweet and sincere gift to give to your mom, especially on her birthday or at the start of the year.

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11) Gratitude Journal for Women

If your mom likes to keep notes or to keep a journal, then this is a nice one to give to her. This journal gives a guide for self-care that could help her be mindful of her mental health and her spiritual wellness. This gift just shows her how much you love her.

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12) iLuv TB100 Wireless Earbuds

Buy these wireless earbuds for your mom so that she will no longer use her old earphones that always get tangled together. These earbuds have a built-in microphone and they are also waterproof. They are compatible with both Android and Apple too so it does not matter what kind of device she used.

You also get to choose from a selection of 14 colors for these earbuds. They come in a charging case that is compact and is easy to bring everywhere she goes. These earbuds are perfect for commuting, for work, and for media consumption.

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13) Personalized Mama Sweater

This is a nice sweater that you could give your mom wherein you can personalize the color and the text of this shirt. It is comfortable to wear and the design is very pretty. It makes the perfect Mother’s Day gift!

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14) Personalized ‘Two Name Ring’ for Mom

Give your mom a special gift on her birthday with this minimalist ring. It is a nice accessory that you can personalize the text of. Personalize it with her name and give her something pretty and memorable.

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15) Custom Engraved Necklace

Aside from the personalized ring, you could also get your mom a personalized gold necklace with engravings. You may even choose the number of bars in the necklace from no bar up to six bars. It is also available in silver and in rose gold.

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16) Aldi Quarter Holder

These are really cute keychains that you should get for your mom for her keys, for her bag, for her wallet, or to hold her stuff in general. This gift is perfect for Moms who love Aldi.

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17) The More of Less Hardcover

This book is perfect for minimalist moms as this book is about having an organized life through embodying “less is more”. Sometimes we own too much stuff that we do not need. This book is about having only what you need and finding happiness in that.

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18) Personalized Wallet for Women

A wallet is an essential detail for any woman, then having it engraved with your name or a favourite quote trumps it!

This is a nice wallet clutch for your mom that you can personalize with her name. It has a lot of pockets for organizing various items like cards, coins, cash, and even her phone. This wallet is what she needs. It is very spacious and has a simple yet pretty design too.

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19) Sarcastic Mom Candle from Daughter

If you are looking for a funny gift for your mom, then this is a gift that you should get. It is a nice scented soy candle that has a funny text for the sticker. It is a unique and cute gift.

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20) Beetles Gel Nail Polish Set

If your mom likes nail polish, then this is a set of 20 gel polish for the nails that she would certainly enjoy. There are several sets to choose from too. You may even bond with this by painting each other’s nails! It is a great Mother’s Day gift indeed.

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21) M3 Naturals Himalayan Salt Body Scrub

Salt scrubs are very nice to use for the body due to their effects to the skin. Get this one for your mom. This salt scrub is great at exfoliating, for blemish control, hydration, for detoxifying, and even for anti-aging. It can also be used as a foot scrub, lip scrub, or facial scrub.

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22) Reusable Drinking Straw with Cleaning Brush Straw Cleaner

If she does like clutters and prefers to make do with what’s available, then she’ll love this. This gift is simple but it is useful. Especially if your mom likes throwing parties at home, with a lot of food and various drinks, then these reusable drinking straws are must-haves at home. They are 11 inches in length and multicolor, thus making them perfect for parties. They even come with a brush cleaner.

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23) Personalized Acrylic Wall Planner

Give your mom this acrylic wall planer to help her stay organized. If you are looking for a practical gift that your mom will surely put to use, then this gift is what you are looking for. She can use it to organize her tasks, for meal planning, and other purposes.

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24) STAK Bloom Phone Vase

This is not just your ordinary flower vase. It also doubles as a phone stand!

This is a nice decorative piece for the desk as it is functional too. It also has a minimalist design in which it will look chic and simple at your mom’s office.

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25) EBY seamless 3 Panty Pack in neutrals


Panties are essentials, especially seamless panties that you can wear with anything. Get your mom this set of three seamless panties in neutral colors that are perfect for dresses, skirts, and even for leggings. These panties are versatile and comfortable. She will surely love this set of underwear.

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26) Airbnb Online Experiences – Pasta with the Grandmas

Get your mom this pasta making classes. With this, there is no need for you to go to Italy for your favorite pasta. This class is per person but you can also get one for a group in which you could take classes with your mom and have so much fun! This is a great gift for a mother who loves cooking and who likes to try something new.

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27) Hulu Gift Card – Email Delivery

If your mom loves watching TV series and movies, then this is a simple gift that she will appreciate. This is a Hulu gift card worth $50. It will be sent to your mom via email and it will be convenient for her to use.

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