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21 Gift Ideas for National Honor Society Induction

Do you know of someone who has always been enthusiastic about serving people and doing charity? If they are in high school, they would have definitely been a part of the National Honor Society. From freshman years to senior years everyone can be a part of this.

A National Honor Society, also known as NHS, symbolizes service, scholarship and leadership. Anyone who is a part of this, is always known to keep their values and honor very high. An induction process of the same can be a very honorary thing to attend.

However, finding gifts to celebrate that induction can be quite challenging and time-consuming. It is important to choose a memorable gift for a beautiful occasion, such as an NHS induction. If you have been looking for the right gifts for someone who has been recently inducted into the NHS, you have come to the right place.

Here, we have listed 21 thoughtful gifts that fit the bill perfectly, and make the occasion more emotional and grander than it already is.

Do you want to gift them something equally unique as the occasion itself? This gold membership pin is just the right thing. It can be fitted on a shirt or dress, with no hassles.

This pin is great and the words, “National Honor Society.” This is a perfect gift for graduation or just the start of a National Honor Society club.

2. Graduation cords

Graduation cords are blue and golden in color, and are worn by every student on the graduation day. However, these cords are nothing like the usual graduation cards!

Induction into a National Honor Society is no less than a celebration. On a special occasion like this, students will need some decorative clothing to look special.

Students can wear these beautiful cords on their induction day and reuse them on their graduation day. So, it becomes a part of the two most important days of student life.

3. Badges that match

When an alliance is formed, it needs at least one factor that displays its members’ coordination and teamwork. So here are badges that all NHS members can wear to make them stand apart from the rest. These badges come with “Honor society” written over them.

They are 1 inch long and are a perfect blend of black and golden shades. Gift them these badges to give them a chance to represent their club and make them walk with pride whenever they pass the high school corridor.

4. An official sash

An induction ceremony is completely incomplete without a sash. Every ceremony deserves a special sash. When it is something as special as the NHS induction ceremony, you need a special sash, indeed!

This particular gift that we have chosen has the words, NHS, and its logo embroidered on it. It comes in a satin finish and will look utmost honorable when presented to them as a gift.

5. An appreciation mug

This coffee mug is for someone whom you think is the best National Honor Society advisor. They have never failed to guide you or inspire you with their acts of philanthropy.

This coffee mug comes with the words, “World’s best NHS Advisor,” making them feel proud and passionate about their induction into the NHS. If you had been looking for the perfect gift to thank them for their selfless service, this coffee mug is great for you.

6. An interesting book

Who doesn’t love to read an amazing book full of words of wisdom? A book for a high school student may be the most cliché gift, but it comes under the must-read category when the book is titled, “The Hate That You Give” by Angie Thomas.

This gift will be an eye-opener to readers, as it covers many social societal issues including racism. People working with the National Honor Society have always worked towards these issues, and they fight for justice in these matters. So, they are sure to be thrilled by the book you have chosen for them.

7. A frame for their achievements

NHS members would be the proud owners of many certificates, thanks to their role in the club. So, it is only natural that they keep their certificates in a proper place. Here is a frame that will help them immensely, in that case.

This is a frame that is unique and can hold all their certificates. With its tassel and gold frame, this one is not only an innovative gift, but a functional one as well. NHS members can never thank you enough for this thoughtful gift that helps them organize their certificates properly.

A student who gets inducted into the National Honor Society always has some notes to write. As they always have something up their sleeve, they need to plan for all their days.

So, here is a notebook that will help them organize their schedules and meetings better than before. They can take notes in this single book, so that they can refer back to it easily. Its abstract and aesthetic exteriors are a bonus, indeed!

9. A weekly notepad planner

This very cute weekly notepad planner will help them to manage their clubs’ meetings and agendas. Gift them this to use as a guide to their meetings and plan their next move as a society. This will be a delightful gift for someone who constantly works to bring about change in the world.

10. An adult way to learn anatomy

An NHS member’s plate is always full of activities, meetings, studies, fighting for equal rights, discussing societal issues and more. All of these can lead to a lot of stress and anxiety in their minds.

So, here is a coloring book that will not only help them relax, but also help them learn anatomy better (especially if they are science students).

11. A gift card

Yes, it is quite natural for you to wonder why a greeting card would form the list of 21 awesome gifts for NHS induction. However, this one is not just another ordinary card. It is an Amazon card that says, “Congrats,” with confetti drawn over it.

This special gift card comes with a minimum value of $25. Personalize this card with a message that will make them feel proud and cared for!

Sometimes pouches do more than just keeping pencils, pens, and other stationery items. These pouches are great gifts for the NHS induction ceremony, as they serve many purposes.

They come with multiple chains and corners. You will have three compartments to store all your essentials like cosmetics, stationery items and more.

The compact zipper style is quite attractive. It can open up to 180 degrees and occupies less space for someone who is always on the go, this is just the grab!  

13. A bag pack

Too confused about what to give students on their NHS induction day? A student needs a bag pack, more than anything else. So gift them one, without any second thoughts.

This bag pack  is lightweight, durable, affordable and stylish at the same time. They are perfect representations of the attitude of NHS students as well.

14. A survival kit

If they are freshers and joined the NHS just now, why not gift them something that perfectly matches their situation? A guidebook to have an amazing freshman year, says who? Says this author of the book, The Freshman Survival

Guide: Soulful Advice for Studying, Socializing, and Everything In Between written by Nora Bradbury-H! This book as a gift may not be an out-of-the-box idea, but it may help them figure out a lot of things before proceeding in their student years.

Who would gift a calculator to someone on an induction? Are you out of your mind? No, but what if they love math? This may actually come to you as a surprise but some people do love math!

Now, they may be getting inducted into the National Honor Society, but if you know them well you can gift this to them as a symbol of their favorite subject. This would be a very welcoming gift for math lovers.

16. An honorable shawl

When it comes to being honored and respected, no one does it like the National Honor Society. Gift this shawl to students who are getting inducted into such a prestigious society. With the words, “honor” printed on one side of it. This shawl will elevate the pride in them and make them feel more than a student.

This will be the ultimate gift for someone at the induction ceremony. This gift is for sure to steal their heart, as they feel hugely respected and good about themselves, which boosts their self-confidence to a considerable extent.

17. A lapel pin

A pin, similar to a badge, is a tiny resemblance of faith. This lapel pin that is stunning and is beautifully carved in the shape of an eagle will be a very elegant yet thoughtful gift to give to students inducted into the NHS.

This lapel pin is made from brass material that will not tarnish. Its design represents power and courage. An eagle pin will go well with any outfit students want to wear on the day of their induction.

When it is the National Honor Society, no one can beat them in coordination among their members, be it T-shirts, socks, or sometimes even bags. So keeping that in mind we have got you these series of key chains that will fit the situation perfectly.

This pack of 12 key chains is perfect for NHS members. However, the beauty of this gift is that each keychain comes with motivating quotes that will inspire students to do well in their respective roles in the National Honor Society.

19. A handy decorative

If you are looking for a subtle yet powerful gift for the NHS induction ceremony, here is a customized tassel glass ornament. Made out of glass, with one blue and gold tassel hanging inside it, this gift has the letters NHS engraved right in its center. One look at this ornament, and the NHS member is sure to fall in love with it instantly!

20. A T-shirt with a pun

If NHS members have a cool and pleasing personality, here is a good gift for them. Give them this T-shirt that has the words, National Sarcasm Society, printed on it.  They are sure to laugh heartily at the wit and pun involved in the wordings of this T-shirt.

This T-shirt brings out the proud side of NHS members. Though the shirt contains a bit of sarcasm, they wouldn’t mind flaunting this everywhere they go.  The t-shirt also has the words “like we need your support” on it. Now, we don’t have to explain that to you, do we?

Induction or not, there is always one senior whom we love and adore. Here is a suitable gift for that senior in the National Honor Society. This cute t-shirt has “Senior” written on it. Seniors will love to wear this shirt and flaunt their superiority whenever needed.

The best part of this shirt is that it is made from 100% cotton, making it very comfortable, durable, and affordable. Gift this shirt to your seniors to score brownie points with them, and be assigned an important role in the NHS!

National Honor Society is something that is given a lot of respect, in high school. These gifts are the right picks for students who are getting inducted into such a prestigious society. All of these gifts are pocket-friendly as well, apart from being thoughtful & functional. So, you do not have to worry about spending your pocket money too much. Please choose a gift from the above list and give them all the motivation they need to carry out their role at the NHS to perfection.

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