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27 Gift Ideas for Older Parents

It may be a little difficult to think of ideas that an older parent may want as a gift. Unless they’ve specifically mentioned something they want, older parents are usually satisfied with what they have (so long as you call them often!)

If you ever find yourself in need of gift ideas, you’re more than welcome to take a little inspiration from this lengthy list!

Of course, you know your parents the best, so you possess the insight on what they might truly want, but it wouldn’t hurt to take a few notes from here!

From practical items they can actually use, to more sentimental and sweet trinkets, you might just find exactly what they need right here!

#1 DNA Test for Ancestry and Ethinc Mix

Take a trip down generational memory lane, learning about your family’s history through the ages.

Taking an ancestry test kit will help your parent understand and feel more connected to their roots, and maybe encourage them to learn more about your family history.

With the possibility to discover family relations that were lost to time. Nevertheless, it’s quite fascinating to learn about regardless.

#2 Air Purifier

Summer is upon us, and you can protect your parents from more than heat with purifier fans.

Looking very futuristic with it’s blade-less design, purifier fans sense and ward off pollutants and impurities in the air.

Ensuring that the air they breathe is safe and clean, all while staying cool.

#3 A Proper Coffee Maker

Being a coffee fan lasts all through one’s adulthood, and well past that. The waking effect of caffeine gives them the extra boost, and energy they need to jump start their mornings.

Coffee makers are a great addition to any kitchen, especially ones with the capability to use fresh ground or the K cup pods.

#4 Kindle Fire Tablet

No, not actual kindling for campfires (please don’t throw this device into any flames!). A “Kindle“, or the more advanced “Fire” is a series of tablets that Amazon has released.

Perfectly designed for entertainment and recreation, with the Kindle leaning more towards reading Ebooks.

If your parent is a prolific bookworm, a kindle would be a great gift idea for them, depending if they care about a physical book or not.

A kindle has many features that makes reading easier, and can be adjusted to their preference. Just tell them to take a break from the screen now and then.

#5 A High Quality Natural Soap

Many older folks don’t seem to prioritize or give extra care for their skin, when they definitely should.

The more delicate their skin becomes, the more care and attention they have to give to keep it healthy.

Their skin is constantly subjected to the harsh chemicals found in many common soaps, so encourage them to look into skincare by gifting them a natural soap, one that cleans their skin gently.

#6 Key Finder Kit

Right when you need them the most, keys have a tendency of vanishing into the cushions and crevices of your home (if not into another dimension never to be found again).

Thanks to technology, your parents will have a much easier time locating their runaway keys with a key finder!

#7 Comfy Slippers

Sometimes the floor can be unforgiving to the soles of your parent’s feet. To protect them and make their days a little more comfy, there are plenty of soft indoor slippers you could get them.

They can slip them on when they get up at night or just wear them around the house. The memory foam slippers, although pricey, are some of the softest and most accommodating for their feet.
(Disregard that some of the slippers say “for women” or “for men”. Does it fit? Then they can wear them. I’m sure their feet don’t mind.)

#8 A Scrapbook Album

One of the more straightforward and simple gift ideas. Yet it unlocks a whole world of possibilities of what they could fill the pages with.

It’s never too late to hone their creativity, as a scrapbook will encourage them to go out and fill it with nice photos or even drawings of whatever they want. 

It’s actually fun to decorate it too, with buttons ribbons and glitter galore!

#9 Calligraphy Starter Kit

Your parents could put that fountain pen to good use with a calligraphy set!

A lot of older parents value the beauty and art of cursive lettering, They can easily lose themselves in the grand loops and swirls of their beautiful letters, a perfect gift for parents who love to write poetry.

There are multiple kinds of sets you can get for them, ones with a medieval theme using a quill and ink pot, or more modern ones with different colored inks.

#10 A Kalimba Sound Maker

A rather obscure instrument, a Kalimba (sometimes known as a thumb piano) is a musical device with metal tines you pluck to make light and satisfying sounds.

This is a perfect way to keep older parents minds active, while also creating soothing sounds that just might lull them to sleep.

It’s a very easy instrument to learn and eventually master, with entire songs they can learn in just hours of practice. There are kalimbas made of different materials, the most popular ones being made of wood and acrylic glass,

#11 Stainless Steel Gradening Tools Kit

With their own kids being all grown up now, older parents may have the urge to take care of something else.

A goldfish would be a little too cliche, and more like something you’d give to a child. A gardening kit on the other hand, would make an excellent gift idea, as the results will be a beautiful outdoor garden for your parents house.

Hopefully, they also plant a few herbs they can harvest every now and then, for the meals they may cook for the family.

#12 Scented Candles

Pleasant aromas can be very relaxing, quite apropos for the vibe that grandparents and older parents give off.

There are a myriad of scents you can choose from that will tingle their noses, but it never hurts to ask them what their preference is.

Try to get ones that use natural ingredients, and not the ones riddled with chemicals that aren’t good to inhale.

Those are a little pricier though, so it’s understandable if they don’t fit into your budget.

#13 Origamy Stationary Set

Your parents can use the fountain pen from earlier to good use with this one!  Parents love cuter things, and they would love for the chance to make their letters all the more adorable!

Don’t just get them boring office supplies, they can even make their very own items with the beautiful art of origami, giving their letters a rustic DIY feel. You can even help them as they fold the paper, making for great bonding moments.

#14 Polaroid Instant Camera

No need to get that adorable family picture printed, when your parents can hold it in their hands in seconds with an instant camera!

These vintage cameras may bring them back to their youth, in the hay-day of Polaroid cameras (don’t actually shake the pictures please!)

Since the continuous need for film may be a little pricey, you don’t need to splurge on an ultra high end instant camera, as even the smaller ones can get the job done.

#15 Portable Gaming Console

Video games may not be what you immediately think of when you consider gifts for your older parents.

However, consider that video games have come a long way from being just a pass time for children. It’s evolved into a form of media for all ages, even the older crowd.

Gaming may be a more useful hobby than you think.  Get one of the simpler ones, with relaxing and fun games.

#16 Knitting Supplies

Knitting is a soothing and relaxing hobby that anyone can become proficient at.

The starter or beginner kits are very fairly priced, and there are tutorial videos all over the internet to alleviate the learning curve.

Knitting is also a very practical hobby that keeps your focus sharp, and the output could actually be useful, as with some practice one could knit scarves and other garments.

#17 A Sewing Machine

Parents always want to help solve their children’s problems. Even if it’s small or inconsequential like a hole in some clothing, they’ll take it upon themselves to patch it up.

If your parents are into crafting garments or sewing, get them a good quality sewing machine!

Sewing machines have come a long way from the simple spinning wheel they used to be.

Some are automatic with different settings, with some able to make a hundred stitches per minute! The one pictured is on the higher end, there are plenty of good quality ones that cost less!

#18 Tin of Ultra Delicious Biscuits

Who here has been lured by the alluring glint of these biscuit tins, only to be sorely disappointed to find only spools of thread inside as a child? (I’m still sore about that).

As they say, turn the other cheek, so extend the olive branch by giving your parents a tin containing real cookies! There are a variety of tasty ones to satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth.

Beware though, your parents may only eat a little and give the rest away to their grand kids or their friends! I have an inkling that would make both parties happy though

#19 Heat Sensitive Mug

A true dad or mom gift idea, a classic for parents.

Of course you can always get a mug with a more classic and simple design, but mugs in recent years have become more creative.

Some examples are ones with snarky or funny writing on the front, with peculiarly shaped handles.

There are also self stirring mugs for those who can’t be bothered, and even ones with exteriors that react to heat, revealing a secret message or design when a hot drink is poured inside.

#20 A Proper Fountain Pen

One of the more expensive items on this list, but no price is too high for our beloved parents.

In a world of technology, some older parents still enjoy the classic process of hand writing letters, and mailing them to their pen pals or friends.

A fountain pen is the absolute essence of this practice, combining the the beauty and elegance into a practical tool that only wizened hands can make the best use of.

Their letters and handwriting will never look better!

#21 A Storage Unit

This is one of the gift ideas that has you thinking OUTSIDE the box, and putting stuff INSIDE a box.

Typically the older you get, the more clutter that you will begin to accumulate. Our older parents have probably sacrificed a lot of their own space and items to make room for us as we grew up.

We can make it up to them by giving them the keys to their very own storage unit. A safe and dry place to put all of their stuff in, safe from the grubby hands of any curious grand kids!

#22 A Family Photo With a Beautiful Frame

On the more sentimental and sweet side, you can get a beautiful family photo redone or printed out for your older parents.

There is nothing quite like seeing the generations of your family in one picture, and it will mean the absolute most for your older parents, A truly timeless gift that they’ll treasure forever and ever, a snapshot in time that’ll last for years to come.

While you’re at it, don’t hesitate on getting a beautiful picture frame as well!

#23 A Very Good Parfum

As a child, have you ever flipped through your grandmother’s magazines and came across those scented pages advertising a certain perfume, and wasted an embarrassing amount of time touching and sniffing it? (Just me? Okay.)

Little did all of us curious children know we were staring at a great gift idea this entire time!

This one boils more down to what kind of scents they like, so you can’t go wrong with getting them a fragrance!!

A nice smelling perfume or cologne can give them an extra boost in confidence whenever they step outside, or go to a fancy dinner.


It’s never too late to indulge in the finer beverages in life. Simple, elegant, and with a wide range of different flavors and brands to choose from, everyone should have a sip of wine at least once in their life.

This is a slightly more refined way to unwind after a productive day, and tucking the rambunctious little grandchildren in.

There’s even a service that delivers wine curated and picked out just for your recipient based on a little quiz that they can answer! Allowing them to choose the best wine based on their preferences. You can learn more about it and by clicking the button below.


A timeless and sometimes goofy concept, fridge magnets can turn their boring appliance into a cute part of the kitchen.

More senior people can find joy in the tiniest things, and fridge magnets just bring out that innocent cuteness within them! Often coming in packs of a certain theme, there;s no shortage of variety in these cheesy magnetic trinkets.

They can even leave behind messages with the magnets shaped like letters, giving them a surprisingly useful application.

#26 A Set of Beautiful Coasters

Ask any grandchild, and you’ll know just how often they have to endure the coaster lecture from their grandparents.

Who can blame them? Water stains are quite the nuisance to rid your tables of! Heaven forbid if it’s any kind of liquid other than water!

Your parents deserve better than any old plastic coaster you can find in any store! There are plenty of beautiful stone, wood, or multi material coasters that’s sure to give their tables a sophisticated and stylish feel. 

#27 Canvas With Hardwood Easel

The beauty of art is that it can be expressed by anyone and everyone, be it children or the elderly!

If your parents are a little more artistically inclined, make painting easier for them with an easel to hold their works of art steady while it’s being made.

You can find rudimentary ones for beginners, or the more advanced easels with extra features, and can accommodate canvases of different sizes.

Easels can be found in many hobby and crafts stores, but you can find them in online retailers as well.

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