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Gift Ideas for a Vietnamese Mom  

Selecting a gift for an American mom is no fuss; get a Gucci or LV, but things are different when your mom is Vietnamese. Mothers are considered angels, but when a Vietnamese mom turns angry, there’s no way you can stop her from turning into a fire dragon. Regardless of the strictness, Vietnamese mothers love their children dearly; therefore, you should make them feel special.

There is no better way to please a person than to pay a surprise visit and a thoughtful token of appreciation, so you know what to do, and don’t forget that gift. If you’re running out of ideas, check these 27 gift ideas mentioned below in our article, and you can thank us later.

#1. Makeup Items

Vietnamese moms are passionate homemakers but they are also into makeup at the same time. To keep themselves presentable during cooking and cleaning, they need something on their skin that would last all day long.

So, get your Vietnamese mom a mushroom-head air cushion CC cream, which is long-lasting, vegan, cruelty-free, and is soft on the skin.

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#2. A Kitchen-Sword

Vietnamese kitchens are usually the base camp for meat and aromatic dishes that involve butchery. Get your mom something useful in the preparation of meals such as a pair of prep knives.

The Zwilling JA Henckels knives are sharp as a sword, with a high-carbon stainless steel blade. The handle is made of plastic and smooth in grip, fixing in your mom’s hand like a puzzle.

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#3. Kitchen Technology

Bamboo Steamers have gone out of style; it’s now the era of the air-fryer. Get your mom the Dash Compact Air Fryer, and you are guaranteed hugs and kisses. This air fryer comes with unique settings and an auto shut-off safety lock. And its Air Crisp technology makes divine fries.

Plus, its compact design can add to the beauty of your mom’s kitchen countertop.

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#4. Comfy ‘I Love You’ T-Shirt

How loving would it be to read ‘I Love You’ in 16 languages, even if you can’t read?

Gift your mother this cute Graphic tee with ‘I Love You’ written in 16 languages as a token of your love and appreciation for having her in your life. This t-shirt comprises 96% polyester and 4% spandex making it soft, smooth, and comfortable, apart from adorability.

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#5. A Slow Cooker

Bo Kho or beef stew is one of the favorite dishes in all Vietnamese households. Not only do Vietnamese moms enjoy eating it but also love prepping it, and what better way to celebrate your love than a Bo Kho braised in a slow cooker.

The Elite Gourmet Compact Slow Cooker with 2-quart capacity and cool-touch handles/knobs is the best present for your mom.

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#6. Awesome Coffee Mug

Who runs the world? Coffee!

And like any mom, Vietnamese moms also devour coffee mornings on the rushed weekdays. When you’re heading over to her house, why not present her with something to hold that coffee?

This CafePress 11oz, durable ceramic, and easy-to-grip mug suits perfectly as a present for your beloved mom. It is microwave and dishwasher safe, best for busy moms.

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#7. Dragon Phone Cover

We all love new iPhone cases, especially those that hold meaning. If your mom is an iPhone user, then this Mu Long iPhone case is a gorgeous gesture of appreciation for your mother dragon.

Get your hands on this casual Redbubble iPhone case with the anti-fingerprint finish and frosted shell surface. The outer surface of the case is shock-absorbent making it safe to use.

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#8. Rice Wine

Vietnamese dishes feature using cooking wine generously, and if your mom is a true Vietnamese, then there is no perfect gift than this.

The Soeos Shaoxing cooking rice wine is quite popular among Asians due to its flavor. It uses the traditional hand-brewing process to develop a strong aroma and flavor.

Ideal gift for your mom!

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#9. Tiger-Leaf Couch Pillows

Throw pillows are the main focus of most Vietnamese living rooms, so they invest in fancy throw pillows. Add this Redbubble Asian tiger and tropical leaves throw pillow to her collection. It is an amazing throw to suit any Vietnamese living room, and any mom would be pleased with this gift.

It is 100% spun polyester and concealed with a zip opener, offering the ultimate finesse.

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#10. Feng Shui Decor

The Imperial Guardian Lion or Fu Foo dog is a stone that wards off evil energy and bad vibes.

The Boyle wealth prosperity symbols bring prosperity and positivity to its holder. Although it is of Chinese origin, you can find it in many Vietnamese households, so why not gift one to your mom.

Help her maintain good vibes with positive energy!

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#11. Funny “Pho-get” Graphic T-Shirt

Love of food unites people, and if your mom has great taste buds, she must be a fan of Pho-Get (soup).

This 50% polyester and 50% cotton Pho-Get graphic tee by Soup Lovers Gifts and Tees will make your mom crave Pho-get every time she wears it. This humor and pun contaminated tee punch is a classic comfort-wear ideal for mommies.

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#12. Bamboo Broomsticks

Whether it’s a traditional household or a modern apartment, you will find brooms in almost every house in Vietnam. It is the partner of all moms who love cleaning and sweeping. So, get your mom this fancy, vintage, retro broom made of natural grass.

Its bamboo stick handle comes in different colors and wipes the dust away from surfaces. She’ll remember you every time she tidies the house.

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#13. Chic Shoulder Bag

Ever thought of gifting her accessories like a bag? If yes, then nothing is better than a handmade gift, like this Natural Neo round rattan bag with leather straps.

Is it cool, boho, and chic? Check!

Does it come with a lifetime guarantee? Double Check!

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#14. Coco-Egg Combo Bowl

What’s the best gift for a mom? Most probably something related to pottery. What could beat a Vietnamese coconut bowl with tiny eggshells inlaid?

That’s right! The Wiseart Vietnamese bowl set is eco-friendly and multi-purpose and comprises 100% dry coconut and eggshell. It is crafted by Vietnamese artisans and will give your mom a boost of culture and art.

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#15. Noodle Cups

The TikTok viral ramen is not just for teenagers to devour. Ramen is a much-loved dish in Vietnam and moms love it when paired with the perfect crockery.

Owning this Dowan ramen bowl and chopsticks, which are perfectly paired with hot and spicy ramen noodles, will elevate the aesthetic value of that dish.

It has an exquisite design and is safe to use. Plus, it is microwave and dishwasher safe.

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#16. Silk Envelopes

Vietnamese moms, like any other, love to collect gift pieces like gift cards and envelopes so that could be another great gift for your mom.

However, not every envelope card can meet the standard of Vgoodall’s silk red envelopes. The lucky red color brings prosperity and charm to anyone who has it, and she can forward it further on occasions and birthdays.

Now that’s style.

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#17. Modernized Ao Dai

If you’re still unsure about the gift, play safe and get your mom a pretty dress with accessories. It never fails!

A chic, modest, and minimal cash tan dress with headbands will be nice to offer. This Ao dai is made up of gam and is available in three pretty colors, including royal gold.

So, send your mom’s measurements and get one made.

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#18. Personalized Gold Necklace

Personalized name necklaces are always in fashion, no matter what dress you’re wearing. If you want to gift your mom something memorable, this is the right pick.

The BackZeroDesign offers customized name necklaces in Vietnamese letters. The necklace has a minimal design and comes in the colors; gold, rose gold, silver, and white gold.

This is where you can get it from

#19. Personalized Rose Chopsticks

Chopsticks are used daily in Vietnam, and gifting customized chopsticks to your mom will remind her of you every time she’s at the table.

Although it is a tiny gift, this Tamygift rosewood chopstick set will make your mom’s day. It is handcrafted, elegant, and super cute and comes in a bamboo case.

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#20. A Chic Scarf

Clothing pieces are admired gifts by moms worldwide, and if you’re not satisfied with the dress option, how about pairing it with a scarf, or just gifting her a scarf?

But we’re not talking about any ordinary scarf. Vietnam Silk Handmade has 100% natural mulberry silk scarves. These scarves are available in 10 different colors, and the silk is of premium quality, so what are you waiting for?

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#21. “Patriot” Necklace

Ladies love accessorizing, and if your old lady is a patriot, you have to gift her a Vietnam map necklace.

RootsPride has 18K gold-plated Vietnam map necklaces that are handmade. The chain is made of stainless steel and is available in 6 different sizes and widths. It looks chic and minimal with hints of fancy.

Besides, it would remind her of her roots and she would love it even more.

This is where you can get it from

#22. A Wooden Doorplate

Home decor is one thing that Vietnamese women can resist, especially wall decors. Lucky for you, BoisPrestige has a wide range of wall and door-plates that are handcrafted elegantly.

For example, this wooden Vietnamese wall plate with measurements of 40×14. This doorplate will surely be your mom’s favorite because of the kawaii vibes.

This is where you can get it from

#23. Hemp Clutch

Bags and clutches never lose the race when it comes to gifts for women. And if it’s boho handmade, then there is no chance your mom’s ‘just liking it.

Mauchicolors sells the best hemp clutches which are durable, spacious, and handmade from scratch for women. Moreover, it can be dry-cleaned and washed with mild detergent and cold water.

So, what won’t she love about this?

This is where you can get it from

#24. A Traditional Wall-Art

If you wish to make your mom emotional with your present, go for something with a backstory like this Mayan Myth wall art deco. It makes the best gift for moms.

This frame’s cotton base and velvety texture combine to give a traditional touch to the walls in the home, so order yours now.

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#25. A Vintage Necklace

Silk and necklace combined are a woman’s dream, and it is available at VillageSilkGifts.

This handmade necklace is made of silk, wood, and nuts – all things organic (just kidding). The silk bead chain adds a vintage hint to your modern outfit, so its balances things out.

Consider it the best gift your mom has ever gotten.

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#26. A CrossBody Bag

Next in line is another Vietnamese shoulder bag, so there will be tough competition. The Bohotrouvaille shoulder bag is handmade from cotton and has 3-coin decorations for that extra touch of elegance.

It has long straps to be used as a shoulder bag and cross-body. Trust me when I say moms never want to stay out of style’.

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#27. Chunky Buffalo Bangles

Bangles are a risky choice for gifting moms; however, if your mom loves chunky accessories, then get her the Buffalo bangle from Pinklotusstore.

This chunky bangle is handmade from 100% natural material and gives away chic vibes. It is eco-friendly and is safe on the skin due to no chemical usage. Get your mom one of these and become her favorite child until her next birthday, wink!

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