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Gift Ideas for Beekeeper Dad – 27 Unique Ideas

Being a father is no easy task. There are many responsibilities with parenthood, from child-rearing to spending time with your spouse. Beekeeping might not come naturally to you, but maybe your dad is already secretly an expert.

After all, he spends his free time looking after bees. If he’s got the patience of a saint, that is. Being a beekeeper is a full-time job, so he’ll need all the gifts he can get to keep him going.

Here are a few ideas if your dad is a beekeeper. And yes, we know there is more than one kind of beekeeper.


1. Bee Mesh Transport Bag

This is a real-life essential for beekeepers. It’s a large mesh bag that can hold a few hundred sheets of the fine mesh that beekeepers use to keep the bees from stinging the beekeeper.

This bag is perfect for carrying the essentials outside the hive. It comes in handy when transporting the bees to a new location or when you need to strip the pack quickly.

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2. Bee Socks

These are super cute but cozy and perfect for keeping the bees away from your feet. Just slip them over your shoes or boots, and the wax will keep the stings away. People love these in the winter too since they’ll keep your feet warm without having to put on extra clothes or boots. They’re also an excellent gift for dad if he’s a trapper.

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3. Bee Wooden Cooking Spoons Set

This is an excellent gift if you know a beekeeper who loves to cook. Not only are the spoons for cooking with honey, but they’re also heat- and stain-resistant. They’re made out of natural wood and are an ideal size for stirring honey without getting close enough to the bees to sting you.

They also make an excellent gift for anyone who loves to cook or eat at home.

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4. Bee Keeping Kit

Beekeeping is a long-term commitment. You’ll need to invest in quality beekeeping gear to keep your bees happy and healthy over the coming years. This beekeeping kit includes everything you need to get started.

It contains three queen bee boxes, 3 Langstroth bee boxes, one bee brush, and a veil. The beekeeping kit also includes a beginners’ guide to beekeeping.

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5. Beekeepers Tracking Journal

If your dad is the more organized type, this journal is for him. It comes with a large, beautiful cloth-bound book that he can use to track his beehives. The pages are thick and durable, so they can withstand being written on and filled with data.

He can use this journal to learn from his mistakes and mark his success as he improves his beekeeping techniques. This is the perfect gift for the beekeeper in your life who wants to be more efficient with his time.

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6. Men’s Bee Dad Shirt

If your dad is a newbie beekeeper, this is a great shirt to show him you care. It reads, “Beekeeping is a man’s game,” and is the perfect reminder that he’s a part of an underserved community.

It would also make an excellent gift for the new beekeeper in your life.

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7. Beekeeping Suit with Gloves

This is an excellent gift if your dad is really into bees and beekeeping. It’s a beekeeping suit with a hat, veil, and gloves.

It comes with everything he needs to keep his beekeeping suit clean between seasons and years. This is a great way to help him prepare for the upcoming beekeeping season.

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8. Beekeeper Coffee Mug

If the beekeeping scene is the backdrop to your family’s mornings, this is the perfect coffee mug for your dad. It reads “I’m the king of the bees” and is decorated with a hive picture.

It’s a perfect gift for any coffee lover who also happens to be a beekeeper.

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9. Bee Kind Mouth Cover

If your dad is the responsible kind, he’ll appreciate this gift. It’s a reusable mouth cover that he can use when applying honey to the hive. It keeps his hands protected and prevents him from accidentally stinging himself.

This is an excellent gift for the beekeeper who wants to keep his body and mind healthy.

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10. The Beekeeper’s Bible

This is the ultimate gift for any beekeeper. It’s a large, beautifully illustrated book about bees and beekeeping.

It explains everything a beekeeper needs to know, including facts and figures, biology, honey production, bee pests, and diseases.

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11. Bee Whisperer Pull Over Hoodie

If your dad is always rushing off to tend to the bees, he’ll love this cozy pullover hoodie. You can skip this gift idea if he’s already got the jacket. But if not, get him a pullover hoodie with a pocket for his phone, glasses, or whatever he needs quick access to while on the job.

The pocket can even hold his beekeeping gloves if you want to be extra thoughtful.

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12. Rwaken Glass Honey Jar

Add a little honey to your dad’s life with this beautiful glass jar. And not just any jar, but one that’s been handmade in the USA. It’s the perfect size to house a tiny honeybee, and it’ll look great displayed on a table or shelf.

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13. Jack Daniel’s Honey Bee Cap

This hat will get your dad noticed, and it might just get him a few new friends at the same time. A honey bee cap is a must-have for any severe beekeeper, and this one is made from authentic denim and cotton.

It’s lightweight, durable, and will keep your dad warm on even the coldest days.

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14. Beekeeper Wall Art Sign

If your dad is a severe beekeeper, he has a passion for the honey industry. This beekeeping wall art sign is the perfect gift to remind him of where his passion lies. It’s made from durable, weatherproof fabric, and it comes in several different colors.

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15. Bee Sting Kit

Every good beekeeper needs a stinger kit, and this one comes with everything he needs to keep himself and others safe while he’s out working. It’s packed with necessities like a stinger intubation needle, gloves, and face protection.

And if your dad is allergic to bees, he should note that this kit also comes with Epi-pens for emergencies.

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16. Manchester Bee – Real Wood Coaster

This natural wood coaster is handcrafted in the UK, the perfect gift for any outdoorsy dad. It’s made from wood that has been salvaged from old-growth trees, and it comes in several different styles.

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17. Bee Pollen Granules

If your dad loves pollination, he’ll love these bee pollen granules. They’re an excellent snack for him and the remaining household members, and they’ll help boost his immune system. They’re also great for allergies, Lupus, and other autoimmune diseases.

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18. Beekeeper Toolbox

Your dad is probably constantly on the move, tending to his bees. This toolbox will keep all of his essential beekeeping supplies organized and within easy reach. It comes with a removable tray for easy cleaning.

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19. Honeybee Tie

This is a perfect gift if you have been trying to get your dad to relax and have fun while out with the bees. Put on this honeybee tease, and he’ll never be able to resist the urge to chase his honeybees around.

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20. Honey Bee Shaving Bag

This is the perfect gift for any dad who likes to keep it old-school. He has to cut the honeycomb, scrape the honey from the comb, and fill the bag. It’s that simple.

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21. Beekeeper Handmade Soap

Soap bars made from natural ingredients make great presents for any man in your life. Bees themselves create this soap. It’s made with unique elements, including pollen and propolis. It is excellent for the environment, but it’s also a perfect gift for the avid beekeeper!

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22. Bee Sculpture

If your dad has a bit of artistic flair, a bee sculpture might be just the thing to pique his interest in the honey industry. You can find many tutorials online on making a bee sculpture, but the overall idea is to stylize a beehive.

Find a piece of wood, a metal bucket, and some feathers, and you’ve got yourself a beautiful, decorative element that your dad can take to his heart. Plus, it always makes for great Instagram pictures.

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23. Hanging Bee House

If your dad is particularly passionate about bees, you might consider getting him a bee house in his garage or back porch. This is the perfect spot for bees to live because it’s warm, welcoming, and shielded from the wind. Plus, it gives your dad a place to store his gear, which is everything he needs to keep bees.

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24. Beekeeper Pants

If your dad is the type who doesn’t like to soil his hands, these beekeeper pants are perfect gifts for him. They’re made from a soft, comfortable fabric that’s easy on the skin, and they come with a handy drawstring bag to keep everything in.

If your dad loves to garden, these will come in handy during the growing season. They protect his clothes, but they also keep his hands free and make it much easier to get into those tight spots.

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25. Ceramic Bee Salt & Pepper Set

A set of salt, pepper, and bees makes a thoughtful gift for any man who loves to cook. If your dad loves to cook, he’ll appreciate the touch of class that this salt & pepper set provides.

The ceramic bees are a great addition to any kitchen, and they’re also a nice touch for the barbecues and picnics that he and the rest of the family indulge in the summer months.

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26. Beekeeper Refractometer

If you’ve ever wondered how much honey your dad has or how much he’s harvested, a refractometer is a perfect gift. How does he use it? Simple. He measures the temperature of the honey and then the honey’s specific gravity. T

he particular gravity of love is related to the amount of water in honey, so the refractometer lets him know how much honey he has and how much he can expect to harvest. This is a handy tool for beekeepers, and it doesn’t require any batteries or electricity to work.

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27. Ambrose Bee Supply Pollen Pattie

If your dad is the kind of person who loves to take things apart and see how they work, this beekeeping tool set is perfect for him. The Pollen Pattie is a pollen press that helps your dad collect pollen from flowers without destroying the delicate pollen grains.

It’s great for collecting pollen from multiple flowers at once and then removing the pollen grains from the Pattie so that he can keep the pollen for future crops. This set comes with everything your dad needs to start beekeeping, so it’s an excellent gift for beginners.

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