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Tractor Gift Ideas for Dad

Tractors come in handy when it comes to farming. So, if your dad plans to acquire a tractor, know he is getting serious with his agriculture. On the other hand, some men are attracted to driving tractors and would not feel the pain of splashing thousands of dollars to acquire a tractor for leisure use at home.

For such men, having a tractor-related souvenir would be a great idea. Therefore, if you plan a celebration for your dad, who loves tractors, it could be about a birthday or Father’s Day. Below are some thoughtful tractor gifts to buy for your dad.

1. Personalized tractor farmer shirt

If your dad does farm with a tractor, then here is an excellent gift to get him for Father’s Day. The T-shirt is personalized with a printed message: ” I will be in my office,” and a tractor picture is drawn in the middle. It is a comfortable T-shirt made with heavy cotton materials and colors that do not quickly fade. Your dad can wear this T-shirt when going to work or going to casual events.

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2. Funny Premium Mugs

This is another cute and funny gift for a man who works with a tractor. It simply describes the work of a tractor with the message “I don’t snore, I dream I am a tractor” printed on it. This cup is made with quality ceramic materials and can hold liquid of 11 oz.

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3. Personalized Tractor Keyring

If your dad got a promotion on his tractor job and you would like to give him a cute gift, this keychain is a great option. The key chain is made of stainless-steel materials and has a tractor design to suit the event. It also comes with a personalized message like “dad’s tractor key,” or you can choose your own words.

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4. Metal Tractor Sawblade

A durable and quality gift to buy your dad, who just purchased a tractor for his farm. This tractor sign is made of metal coated to secure it from rust and corrosion. The tractor sign is a good Christmas gift for your dad as he can install it in his office or garage.

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5. Funny Socks

If your dad is addicted to his tractor, I bet he will love these socks as a gift. They are printed with a message that best describes his love for tractors, and the socks are perfect for everyday wear. The socks are made of cotton blend for comfort in all season’s wear. You can buy these socks for your dad’s birthday or Father’s Day.

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7. Tractor Farmer Hip Flask 

If your dad enjoys whiskey after a long day on the farm, get him this whiskey flask to celebrate his birthday. It is made with quality stainless steel materials and suits the person to gift. The hip flask comes engraved with a tractor and can hold liquid of 3 oz content.

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7. Tractor Leather Wallet

A wallet is a must-have accessory for every man as this is where they keep small essentials like ID, bank cards, and money. This wallet is made to celebrate people who work in the tractor business; hence, the tractor logo is fitted on the side.

The wallet is pure leather, so rest assured it will last your dad for long. If you are wondering what to get him for Father’s Day, this is a good gift.

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8. Amazing Vintage Style Tractor Clock

This is a vintage yet sentimental gift to buy your dad, who works with tractors. It is a tractor miniature attached with a clock on the side. So, your dad can keep it in the bedroom or his office. This tractor-inspired clock is durable as it is made of quality glass, plastic, and metal materials infusion.

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9. Personalized Tractor Coaster

With less than 10 dollars, get your dad, who owns a tractor and a farm, this cute coaster. It is made in white color and has a tractor printed on top. So, your dad can use it to hold his beer glasses or hot coffee mugs in the office. It is an excellent gift to buy your dad, probably on Christmas.

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10. Tractor Enthusiast Bar Soap

Your dad’s hands need gentle care after he gets home from farming with his tractor. Hence, buy him this excellent bar soap designed for tractor drivers. It is made with diesel and grease oil fumes to suit people working with a tractor. It is a good bar soap that cleanses hands and leaves them feeling soft.

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11. Eat Sleep TRACTOR Repeat Funny Beanie hat

A perfect gift for your dad, who loves to farm with a tractor. This is a beanie made to describe your dad’s hobby as it comes with a message printed on it; “eat, sleep, tractor repeat.” This beanie is knitted with acrylic materials and comes in three different colors. It is a good birthday gift to buy your dad to wear in the winter season.

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12. Tractor Decanter

This drinking decanter is specifically designed to celebrate people who work with tractors. So, if your dad enjoys some whiskey after a long day on the farm, buy him this cute decanter. It comes engraved with a tractor in the middle, and it can hold 500 ml worth of liquid. It has a farm-like design since the stopper is made of wood.

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13. Wooden piggy bank Tractor

If our dad likes to collect and keep coins at home, I believe this tractor piggie bank would fit him as a birthday gift. The tractor piggie is made of wood materials to give it that retro feature.

If you want to order this mini tractor piggie bank to accommodate your dad’s birthday, you can have it personalized with your dad’s birthday numeric.

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14. Metal tractor model


To celebrate your dad, who has been working hard on the farm to provide for his family, this vintage mini tractor is an excellent gift to honor him on Father’s Day. The tractor is made of quality metals and has wheels for movability. Your dad would love to have it as a souvenir in his office.

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15. Hand Rolling Tobacco Cigarette Tin

Does your dad enjoy his roll-up cigar while farming with his tractor? Get him this fabulous tobacco rolling tin for his birthday. The rolling tin is made of strong, non-rusting stainless steel materials. This tin can be personalized with an engraved message on the top cover. So, send a message to your dad by engraving it on the cover.

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16. John Deere Patent Vintage Tractor Plow Wall Art

These are vintage tractor arts consisting of images of the tractor and its parts, including the plow. Your dad will love hanging these artworks in his garage as he can learn a few things about his farming tractor. So, celebrate him on his birthday by gifting him these arts while flamed.

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17. Farm Tractor Key Hanger

A multifunctional tractor-inspired rack is suitable for hanging your dad’s essentials like tractor keys, mask, hat, etc. This tractor-designed rack has a length of 9 inches and has five hooks for hanging five different items. It is made of alloy metal coated to safeguard it from rusting. This is a good Christmas gift for your dad.

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18. Farmhouse Truck Shower Curtain

This shower curtain would be a good gift for your dad, who owns an old farm tractor, as it comes printed with an old vintage tractor and a farm background. This is a multifunctional curtain your dad can hang in the bathroom or even his garage. Consider getting it for Thanksgiving Day or Halloween.

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19. Wooden Puzzle Brain Teaser Craft Toy

This is a perfect gift to get your dad to help him learn his tractor parts while enjoying his quality alone time. The tractor comes in small wooden pieces that one needs to join together to form a tractor toy. It is a great tractor toy puzzle to buy your dad on Christmas.

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20. Tractor Pocket Watch Pewter Engraved Gift

This pewter pocket watch is suitable for a dad who owns a farm as it has a tractor engraving on it. The clock is customizable for people who may want to add their engraving. This chain comes packed in a cute gift box to present to your dad on his birthday.

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21. Vintage Tractor Medium Wood Box

If your dad is renovating his garage with tractor-themed decor, this is an excellent gift to get him to add to his decor. It is a wooden made box that comes printed with a tractor, a superb masterpiece for people fascinated with tractors. Your dad can use this box to store his small essentials in a garage.

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22. Vacuum Insulated Tumbler Mug

Make sure your dad stays hydrated while going to the farm with his tractor by buying this tumbler. It is a 300 oz tumbler that can carry enough liquid and is customizable. Generally, the tumbler comes printed with a tractor picture, and you can have your dad’s name or a birthday message engraved on it.

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23. John Deere Tractors Men’s Patch Camo Hat

This is a cute cap that your dad can rock when going to the farm in hot seasons. The cap is comfortable for hot seasons since it has mesh materials at the back and the front John Deere logo gives it a retro feel. This cap is adjustable, so your dad can adjust the fitting depending on the size of his head.

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24. “Old Tractors and the Men Who Love Them” Book

Is your dad planning to buy a farming tractor? Well, I bet he will need this paperback too. It is a book with a guide on maintaining a tractor and using it for farming. Written by one of the best, Roger Welsch, the 160-page book provides all guide and knowledge you need to know about tractors and farming.

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25. Tractors Calendar 2022: 16-Month Calendar

A calendar that your dad can use to monitor his farming period and work altogether. The calendar has 16 months, and each page has a blank space where your dad can write his plan.

The calendar has a tractor picture on every page, plus it is an excellent gift to buy him on Father’s Day to motivate him in his farming job.

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26. Real Man Drive Tractor Notebook

This is another great gift to buy your dad, who just purchased a new farming tractor. He can use this journal for various things, such as tracking his experience with the tractor or monitoring how it is doing when farming. The journal has 120 blank pages, and the cover is made with a “real man drive tractor.”

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27. Tractor Tin Sign

This is a cute sign to buy your dad for hanging in an area where he parks his tractor. This sign is made of aluminum materials, and with a size of 8 x 12 inches, it does not take too much space, but at the same time, it is super visible. It comes with a hole for easy hanging on the wall.

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