Gift Ideas for a Blind Mom - 27 Unique Ideas

Eyesight is very important, especially for parents. They want to be able to witness the things that happen to their children and to be able to see all their happy memories, progress, and achievements.

It is sad to see your mom lose her sight or to see her not being able to see. But as a child, all you can do is to help her and be there for her. If your mom is blind or is losing her sight, then we have 27 gift recommendations for you to give her on an upcoming occasion like her birthday or Christmas.

These gifts are thoughtful and useful. Make your mom able to do the things that she loves to do and safely with these items.

This is a digital recorder that can record as well as play audio for up to two hours. With this recorder, your mom can record lists, lectures, notes, reminders, and messages.

It is also very handy that she can easily use it. It also comes with a micro-USB charging cable. With this recorder, you could record messages for her that she could listen to when she feels lonely.

She could also study recipes and record them and play them as she cooks in the kitchen, among many other things that she could do with this recorder.

This is an alarm clock for the visually impaired. It has a really large button for ease of use so that your blind mom can easily find and hit the button. It also has the date and time spoken in a clear male voice.

This alarm clock uses three AAA batteries. This is the perfect gift for your mom who likes to be on time.

This purse organizer will make things more convenient for your mom. It is very annoying to carry a bag around especially when it has a big compartment and all of your stuff is mixed together in the middle. Save your mom from that kind of hassle with this organizer that has a lot of pockets so that she knows where everything is exactly.

This also allows her to organize her stuff and not have them mixed up. She would no longer have to rummage through her bag for several minutes just to get exactly what she needs.

This can be used by your mom for her to be able to take personal notes. It is made of aluminum and is light and compact. Get this for her on Mother’s Day.

This is a ring timer that has braille printed onto it so that your mom could easily set it by touch. The numerals are also bold and easy to read for people who have poor eyesight.

This timer is perfect for the kitchen when your mom cooks something. She can easily monitor her cooking with this braille timer.

Get your mom this folding cane that she can use wherever she goes and easily pack when she no longer needs it. It is made with aluminum and even has an elastic wrist cord so that she would not lose it.

It also has a rolling ball tip for road obstacles as well as pavement cracks. This cane is easy to maneuver and your mom will surely have safe navigation when she uses it.

Your mom may need to use the computer which she might find typing difficult with her current condition. These are braille overlays for the keyboard that she could stick on so that she could feel the keys.

These overlays are made with durable materials that would withstand years of usage. Get these for her as a casual gift.

This is a talking watch that announces date, time, day, month, and year alongside signal reception status and alarm status. It is a great gift for your mom, especially with the state of her sight.

With this, she will always know the date and time without having to ask anyone and she will find it easier to track her schedule and her activities.

Your mom might like playing card games and with these cards, you can now play with her once again. They are plastic cards with braille so that she can play like she used to.

Have some bonding time with her with this gift that is perfect for Mother’s Day.

This is a bathroom scale that your mom could use to monitor her weight and her health. The weight is announced in pounds in English on this scale and kilograms in Spanish, Croatian, German, or Greek.

It has a female voice and uses three AAA batteries that are already included in the package. It also has an instant on and an automatic off, as well as a low battery indicator.

It is also made with tempered glass and has stainless steel accents.

This is a smart speaker with Alexa that your mom would surely love. It can play music, set alarms, control home devices, and many other functions.

With this speaker, your mom can control a lot of things around the house with just her voice. This will be a convenient piece of technology for her entertainment and for functionality.

This will be a great gift for Christmas.

This is another piece of technology that your mom would love to have around the house. Especially if she loves listening to the radio, then this is a winner.

It works for both AM and FM. It even doubles as an alarm or timer. It has guided voice prompts too.

This is a greeting card that you can customize for your mom with a special message for her or with music. Since she could no longer see, then let her hear what you have to say.

This is very personal even though it is just a plain white card. You may even personalize it with photos or drawings.

It is perfect for any occasion and it is a gift that she will surely remember.

Mitch Albom’s The Five People You Meet in Heaven is a #1 New York Times bestseller. Even though your mom is blind, you could still give her the gift of this book by getting her its audiobook.

This is a gift that she would not forget especially if she likes literature. Get it for her on her birthday.

If you are looking for a sweet gift for your mom for Mother’s Day or for her birthday, get her a customizable braille necklace with a sweet message or a name.

It is surely a gift that she would love and cherish.

Get your mom a braille tumbler. This tumbler has a pretty design and a nice braille message that you could personalize for your mom. Remind her to stay hydrated all the time with this wonderful gift.

Get your mom some nice sunglasses that you could choose the lens tints of as well as the frame color and the size.

These are premium polarized glasses that are stylish too. They block 100% of both UVA and UVB light.

This is a pocket money brailler that your mom could use to mark bills. With this item, she would no longer find it difficult to separate her money when paying as it might get difficult for her to identify money due to her eyesight.

This is certainly a useful tool especially if she likes to go grocery shopping herself or she likes going out to stores to buy things on her own.

These are nice beddings to give to your mom in white color and in queen size. They also come in other colors like beige, black, burgundy, navy, gray, and plum.

They are also available in king and twin sizes. This comforter is 100% microfiber and has high quality.

It has box-style stitching and is very soft and comfortable. Make sure that your mom sleeps comfortably with a gift like this one. Get it for her on Christmas.

Help your mom prepare her food well without any harm with this talking microwave oven. It has talking functions with a male voice so that your mom would have better convenience in the kitchen.

The volume of this microwave oven can even be adjusted. It will make the perfect Christmas or birthday gift for her.

This is a nice mask that says “I love your mask”. it is a sweet gift to give to your mom especially these days wherein wearing a mask is still necessary for a lot of places.

Keep your mom healthy and protected with this nice face mask.

#22 The Vain Cane Mobility Cane Charm

Get your mom’s cane a cute charm. This is a nice charm with braille. You may even personalize the style of this cane charm.

Get this for her so that her cane will always be stylish and it will be personalized too so that she would not lose it. This is a cute way of decorating her cane that although she could not see it, she could feel on her fingertips.

Get this simple gift for her now.

When seasoning food, your mom might find it hard now to differentiate salt and pepper due to her eyesight. These are wooden shakers with braille for salt and pepper so that she could differentiate them.

This salt and pepper set could help your mom prepare better food. They are great items for her kitchen that are very useful.

This is a black walnut smartphone amplifier to amplify the sound of the phone of your mom. It fits all phone models.

It is sized 6″ x 2″ and is helpful with making the sound of the phone louder so that your mom could hear better since she has poor eyesight now. This is finished with carnauba wax and lemon or orange oil.

This is a long high heat resistant oven mitt that every mom needs in the kitchen. Keep your mom safe as she cooks with this mitt.

It is nice to work with to protect her hands from hot surfaces as she deals with pots and pans as well as microwave oven racks in the kitchen. She can now cook her favorite dishes in the oven without worry.

It will be easy for her to bake without fear of possible injury.

These are bump dots for the visually impaired to mark items around the house for easy identification and differentiation from one another.

These bumper pads also serve as cushions for cabinets and doors. Your mom needs these items in her home so that she can have labeled items. These are helpful for her impaired vision.

These are nice shoes that your mom would definitely love. Get them for her on her birthday. The design of these shoes is really pretty.

They are also casual slip-on shoes that your mom would not have trouble wearing. Your mom’s feet would also feel really comfortable in these shoes. They have a canvas upper and a rubber outsole.

With these shoes, she can walk comfortably anywhere and she would not slip nor would her feet feel sore.

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