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Beach Gifts for Dad – 27 Ideas to Cool Off

You are probably like most people who wish they could go to the beach to relax when they are stressed out. What’s not to like out there where you can party with your loved ones as well as surf along the waves, among the many other exciting activities designed to refresh and recharge you?

With the many duties and responsibilities assigned to them, dads would also most definitely deserve to get time off to enjoy some sun and sand. For better times out in the beach, the following are twenty-seven gift ideas that will have him dreaming about spending endless summers together with you.


1. Earth Pak -Waterproof Dry Bag

Fun under the sun may soon turn into terror when an important item, such as an electronic device, suddenly gets subjected to water damage. This compression sack from Earth Pak is available in five sizes as well as eight trendy colors to fit your style and needs, aside from also coming with a waterproof phone case.

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2. Folding High Back Beach Chair

The best way to sit back and relax during your time at the beach would be when you have your own beach chair. KingCamp packs its steel and polyester beach chairs with features such as a headrest, pocket, as well as cup holder in a package that looks like you’re just carrying a yoga mat.

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3. Beer Preserver

Buy these life vests that help keep your canned drinks cold, so that you and your loved ones will get to enjoy drowning in great beer, or any other beverage of your choice. This item will help you fight off the heat, as well as provide cute social media photo opportunities.

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4. Inflatable Lounger Air Sofa

If you’ve ever had the fantasy of bringing the comfort of your couch or sofa to the beach, then this is the item for you. Wekapo made their lounger lightweight, portable, durable, and so easy to inflate that it doesn’t even require you to use a pump.

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5. Waterproof Powerbank

Going to the beach and enjoying some outdoor activities would be enjoyable, but some of us probably would still not be able to avoid using our devices even during these times. This solar power bank can charge your USB devices as well as waterproof, aside from featuring an LED flashlight and compass.

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6. Audio Sunglasses with Open Ear Headphones

Would you like to experience how it would feel to enjoy your scenes at the beach while there was a soundtrack playing in your head? Stop imagining and get these Bose sunglasses that not only offer protection for your eyes, but also lets you enjoy your music as well as still leaves you aware of your surroundings with its design.

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7. Six-Pack Beer Soap

Start changing the storyline to how you smell so good when you talk about smelling like beer with these paraben and phthalate-free beer soaps. These are made from natural ingredients, and have nine available kinds for you such as Breakfast Stout and Belgian Witbier, among others.

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8. Color-Changing Shorts


These shorts come with the very nifty feature of changing colors before your very eyes, depending on whether they are exposed to cool or hot temperatures. It is made of soft fabric that also conveniently dries up quickly, aside from having two pockets for storing your small items in.

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9. Gear Human Custom shorts

While the graphics on these shorts are from the David sculpture made by famous Renaissance artist Michelangelo, most people would probably not be able to help themselves from doing a double take. On the other hand, this can also be a surprising comical outfit that would be a source of conversation with others.

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10. Portable Kettlebells

This item will come in handy for people who want to continue exercising for their beach-ready body or who just do not want to miss out on their early morning workouts.

Enjoy the best of both worlds with these kettlebells, where a relaxing time at the beach does not necessarily mean stopping in engaging in a healthy lifestyle.

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11. Rugged Waterproof Floating Portable Bluetooth

This Bluetooth speaker is waterproof, dustproof, can stream your songs from up to a hundred feet away, and even has a built-in bottle opener. You’re sure to have a party with this item that can also be easily paired with another Ecoconnect speaker or other device such as your smartphone so you can answer calls on speaker.

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12. Anti-Theft Portable Beach Chair Vault

It’s hard to enjoy your time at the beach when you have your mind preoccupied with keeping your valuables safe, which is why this is the item you need. The FlexSafe from AquaVault, which was already featured in Shark Tank, is rigid, resistant to slashing, has RFID blocking technology as well as an electronic lock to keep your valuables secure.

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13. Flip Flops Bootle Opener Sandals

Since bottle openers are small, you are more likely to forget to bring as well as lose them as compared to your sandals. With these Reef sandals, you will always remember to bring your bottle opener along, as well as taking caps off the bottles very memorable for everyone.

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14. Beer Caddy with Bottle Opener 

Easily carry your six pack of beer on your shoulder while keeping them nice and cold with this beer caddy. Aside from being stylish and made of durable materials, you will also never have to worry about forgetting to bring your bottle opener, as this already has one conveniently attached to it.

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15. The Original Go-Anywhere Campfire

The beach is often identified with exposure to the hot sun during the day, but the nights can easily be colder than you would like. This portable fire from Radiate uses recycled paper briquettes, lights up and cleans easily, as well as has a burn time that can reach up to five hours.

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16. Nano Beach Dry Towel

Whether you use them to get dry, put sand off, cover yourself up, or to lie on, a beach towel is truly an essential item to bring on your trip. This striped microfiber polyester towel is lightweight and requires less volume to store compared to other towels, aside from coming in eight colors you can choose from.

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17.  Waterproof Card-Holder and Wallet

Some people may miss out on the water activities at the beach because they want to guard their valuables which unfortunately cannot get wet. This problem is solved by the Submerge wallet, which you can place up to a depth of three meters, waterproof, and quick-drying.

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18. Fun Under the Sun Flask Gift Set

Enhance how you enjoy your cocktails as well as other drinks at the beach with this gift set that includes two shot glasses, a funnel, and a flask made from stainless steel to avoid unwanted rust.

Palm City Products also packaged this item in an elegant black box which your recipient will surely appreciate.

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19. Quick-Dry Aqua Sock Shoes

Get these comfortable and durable shoes from Seekway, featuring thick rubber soles and a toe cap to protect your feet from sharp objects. These shoes also offer a firm grip to avoid slipping on surfaces, aside from coming in forty-three different colors and designs that are sure to cater to anyone’s style.

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20. Oversize Outdoor Shower Tents

You can use your shower tent to provide privacy when changing clothes, as well as for taking showers to get the sand off. It can be easily set up with no tools required, and also has an internal removable floor, two-way zipper, as well as internal storage pocket.

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21. Chairs for Outdoor Relaxing and Sun Tanning

These lawn chairs come in pairs and can also be easily spread out with no assembly required, along with having pockets at the back for storing your belongings. Aside from being lightweight, the materials used for these items also prevent it from absorbing moisture as well as dirt.

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22. Portable Beach Canopy Tent

Quickly and conveniently protect you and your loved ones from the sun using this sun shelter, which you can set up in less than two minutes. Unlike other tents, this item from Alpha Camp can quickly be adjusted so that you will always be under its shade no matter where the sun is.

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23. Summer Beach Sun Hats

This straw hat has a wide brim that will enhance protecting your face, neck, and shoulders during the times when the sun’s rays can be damaging. It is also available in eleven colors to fit with your personal style, as well as to match for your chose outfit of the day.

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24. Hang Loose Travel Toiletry Bag

Stop worrying and then forgetting where you put your travel essentials like soaps, shampoos, mouthwash, and toothbrush, among so many others with this durable offering from Dopobo.

This toiletry bag is spacious and well-thought-out with different sections for small, medium, large, as well as wet items, aside from being available in five colors.

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25. Scrubba Portable Wash Bag

While you may be going to the beach to have fun, it’s always a good practice to be prepared for any eventuality. This portable wash bag from Scrubba has its very own flexible washboard inside, so you can get machine wash quality for delicate items like your underwear.

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26. Collapsible Folding Utility Wagon

When going on a long vacation or short break to the beach, it wouldn’t be surprising to bring a lot of things with you on your trip. Avoid unwanted injuries when transporting your stuff with this folding wagon that also has two cup holders, a telescoping handle, as well as can be washed directly with water.

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27. Hi Definition Mask and Snorkel Combo

Once you’ve seen the diversity of life underwater, you would get to understand why some people say that it’s like experiencing another world. Evo made their premium snorkel and mask durable using quality silicone and glass materials, aside from featuring its SeeSharp Lens technology that reduces glare while enhancing underwater images.

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