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Motorcycle Gift Ideas for Dad

Father’s Day is just around the corner and this implies that now is the best time to get your dad a great gift that he will love. If your dad loves motorcycles, you can’t think of any better gift than giving him something to add to his collection or improve his riding experience. But if you’re not exactly sure which model or accessories he would like most, it can be hard to decide what to get him.

That’s why we’ve assembled this list of the top 27 best motorcycle gifts for dad that any motorcyclist would love to have.


1. Motofans Helmet Stand

If your dad likes to take his motorcycle on long trips, then he will certainly appreciate a Motofans helmet stand. This makes a great motorcycle gift for dad because it’s practical, attractive, and keeps his gear tidy. It is made from steel materials making it durable and sturdy.

In addition to that, it has a large disk at the bottom hence it will stay firm when placed on the tabletop. It is ideal for installing in your garages, offices, exhibition halls, motorcycle shops, or homes.

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2. Bike cowl

The Bike Cowl will keep your neck warm and cozy as you cruise down country roads. It makes a great motorcycle gift for dad. Ideally, this bike cowl is a surprisingly versatile and great accessory perfect for the winter commute. The top of this cowl is made of comfortable and nice cotton which goes over the nose to help you keep warm. It is easy and quick to wear and will keep its shape.

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3. Bluetooth Headset

Here’s one of our favorite motorcycle gifts for dad-a new Bluetooth headset. This little gem will let him listen to his favorite songs, and also make calls on his smartphone via voice command, answering and declining with simple voice prompts.

This handset has 2 Bluetooth channels that enable you to connect with GPS and phone devices. It will allow you to converse with your passenger with a clear and crisp sound.

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4. Magnetic Tank Bag

This is a sleek magnetic tank bag that comes in a variety of colors and attaches to your motorcycle quickly and easily. This universal fit tank bag is made from ballistic urethane-coated nylon materials making it highly durable, tear-resistant, and water-resistant.

The bag measures 12 inches L x 9 inches W x 4 inches H and has a volume of 6.8 liters. Its non-slip rubberized covers at the bottom provide added grip and prevent scratching.

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5. Cast Iron Motorcycle Coat Rack

If your dad loves motorcycles, you can give him a gift that he’ll keep on his back porch or garage to show off all of his helmets and other gear. This coat rank measures 8 inches L x 6.75 inches H and comes with a hook that extends by 2 inches. The two hooks can hang leashes, keys, hats, coats, and more. This motorcycle rack is made from iron material and it is finished with dark brown materials.

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6. Antique Motorcycle Bottle Wine Stoppers

Who says motorcyclists don’t appreciate wine? These wine stoppers, created from antique motorcycle parts, are beautiful and functional. It measures 3.9 x 2.9 inches and only weighs 2.7 ounces. What’s more, this wine bottle stopper is constructed using an airtight rubber seal and will keep your champagne, beverages, and wine fresh while ensuring that there are no accidental leaks and spills.

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7. Motorcycle Helmet

Perhaps the best motorcycle gift is a brand-new helmet. No matter how experienced you are as a rider, there’s no such thing as being too safe on two wheels. This helmet is lightweight and features an injection-molded polycarbonate shell. What’s more, it has a Coolmax interior that helps to move moisture from the head hence keeping you comfortable and cool. The helmet has a detachable short visor and a sleek shape.

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8. Motorcycle Canvas Messenger Bag

When it comes to motorcycle gifts for dad, a canvas messenger bag is at the top of our list. Canvas messenger bags are something that almost every man can use. This massager bag measures 30cm*8cm*30cm and it is made from Canvas materials. It has an interior cell phone pocket as well as an interior slot pocket to keep small items. This versatile bag has a vintage style and comes with a zipper closure.

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9. Dog Tag Pendant Necklace

This dog tag pendant necklace is a beautiful way to honor your father’s love of riding. It has been excellently crafted in solid stainless-steel materials for durability. What’s more, this striking dog tag has an impressive sculpted image that combines sweeping freedom wings, an imposing American eagle, stylized flames, and a customized bike.

Other custom design elements are ribbed details accented with black ion-plating and a distinctive chevron. It comes in a jewelry pouch making it perfect for gift-giving and safekeeping.

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10. Motorcycle Blanket

This is a perfect gift idea for any motorcycle rider dad that you know. It will keep him nice and warm and add some style during cold nights. The overall dimension of this motorcycle blanket is 78 inches x 54 inches and only weighs 3.2 lbs. The blanket has two Buckle Mounting straps that help you to carry the blanket with ease. It is made from Latigo leather that has been tanned for weather-resistant use.

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11. Motorcycle LED Lights Kit

LED lights are very popular among motorcycle riders because they’re super safe, easy to attach and remove and they look awesome on your bike. So, whether you’re buying a gift for dad or just want to spice up your ride, these motorcycle LED lights are a great purchase.

This led light kit will create 15 static color combinations as well as fading, jumping, and flashing modes. It is made from IP68 Waterproof material and sealed with a transparent shell.

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12. Bomber Jacket

If your dad is a biker, he’ll love wearing his Harley Davidson jacket everywhere. It also works in case of cool evenings, since it’s not as heavy as a leather jacket. This Bomber Jacket is ribbed on cuffs, color, and hem for a snug fit. In addition to that, it has a classic design making it ideal for cold winter, fall, and spring. You can also wear it when going for parties, dates, cycling, and traveling.

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13. Motorcycle Wireless Phone Charger Mount

This magnetic wireless phone charger is a great option for motorcycle riders who rely on their smartphones for navigation. The phone remains in place using magnets, and it charges via a USB connection. Ideally, this wireless phone mount charger support qi charging and has a 20W USB C port that offers a fast charge. Other than that, it comes with Aluminum Handlebar Base and stainless-steel clamping arms.

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14. Leather Motorcycle Vest

This leather motorcycle vest is great for dad. It will help him keep warm on cold days as he rides his motorcycle around town, and it’s stylish too. It is designed in a 1.1-millimeter cowhide leather shell and has a hidden snap design, two concealed carry gun pockets, cropped front zipper, a stand-up collar, and a one-piece back panel. This Men’s Leather Vest comes with a total of 7 pockets and features cropped front zipper.

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15. Motorcycle Pen Holder

This beautifully crafted pen holder is specifically designed to hold up to 3 motorcycle-themed pens. A fun gift idea that will make a great addition to any desk or office, while offering a functional use to store your pens. This is a unique gift idea that dad will be sure to appreciate. It’s perfect as a motorcycle gift for dad or as a birthday present.

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16. Motorcycle Drink Holder

A great option for motorcycle gifts for dad is a motorcycle drink holder. This mount will keep your favorite beverage in reach while you ride, and it’s also collapsible so that you can easily store it when not in use. This motorcycle accessory will help make your ride more enjoyable and safer as well.

This Drink Holder is made from powder-coated aluminum materials for reliability and durability in the most demanding environment. It is perfect for boats, ATVs, motorcycles, and more.

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17. Tire Repair Kit

Nobody wants to see their dad on his motorcycle and have a flat tire. That’s why giving him a new tire repair kit is such a great gift. This kit comes with 100 pieces that will keep all your needs on tire repairing. The kit is made from superior quality materials and it is equipped with Tire Pressure Gauges with Valve Stem. This kit can repair more types of tires that have up to 3CM punctures.

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18. Motorcycle Garage Sign

Giving dad a garage sign with your name and his on it is a great way to say, this is our house now. You’re not only giving him something useful but also having him feel like he has helped contribute to your new home. This garage sign is made handmade from aluminum metal and measures 12 inches in width and 8 inches in height. The worn and rust effect on this sign is printed as part of the design.

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19. Whiskey – Making Kit

This is a great gift idea for any dad that loves to drink whiskey. With this whiskey-flavored alcohol kit, you will get over 50% of their flavor and 100% of their color from the oak barrel. You just need to add some of your unflavored vodka or any other neutral spirit until you get the flavor that you like. It may be a couple of months or a week.

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20. Biker Boy Cedar Scented Soap

All men love motorcycles and they will love you when you get them a soap that is scented like their favorite bike. This cedar scent will make them think of riding on cool days with good friends or just make them smile when they smell it. This soap has an approximate weight of 5.5 oz and has no detergents or chemicals.

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21. Motorcycle Dad Coffee Mug

For dads who enjoy cruising on their motorcycles, our coffee mug is a funny and unique gift that he’ll love. It is an ideal gift for Grandpa, Bikers, Motorcycle Lover, Birthday, Father’s Day, Son on Christmas Day, and more. The coffee mug is made from Stainless Steel materials that are BPA-free. It has a capacity of 12oz for tea, coffee, and another beverage. Its artwork is durable and will never chip or fade easily with time.

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22. Motorcycle Sport & Leisure Magazine Subscription

What better way to start a dad’s day than with a brand-new magazine all about motorcycles? Anyone that loves motorcycles is going to be interested in reading about bikes from Sport bikes to cruisers, and everything in between. This magazine subscription might not win any Father of The Year awards but it will surely make his year.

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23. Food Subscription

Every guy loves grilling. Try signing up for this subscription service that provides food inspiration and fresh ingredients with every delivery. You can select gift boxes that are tailored to what you know about your dad’s tastes, or you can take a chance on something new. It’s an experience both of you will enjoy.

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24. Universal Motorcycle Helmet Visor Anti-fog and UV Protection

For most bikers, a helmet is more than just something to wear when they are out on their bikes. You can surprise your dad with a helmet visor. this Helmet Visor is made from Anti Fog film technology that will reduce initial fog formation, improves eyewear performance, and provide clear vision whenever he is riding motorbikes. The visor is anti-glare and will remove any reflections.

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25. Leatherman New Wave Multitool

Leatherman has long been one of the favorite brands in pocket multi-tools. If your dad loves to work on his motorcycle or other hobbies on his own time, you’ll find plenty of occasions where he could use it. It has 18 tools and it can be locked and opened quickly, suitably to tackle any task.

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26. Base Layers

Looking for a perfect gift that you can present to your dad who loves riding, then this rocky Thermal Underwear for Men is a perfect gift for him. This base layer is made from a comfy and soft polyester blend that will offer all-day comfort. It has a fleece-lined design that will ensure that you stay warmer all the time. This underwear is machine washable with only a few cycles.

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27. Kryptonite Keeper Disc Lock

Your dad will love keeping his motorcycle safe with a Kryptonite disc lock. Unlike other locks that can be drilled through, these resist even power tools. They’re also virtually impossible to pick and are guaranteed against theft and breakage. This disk lock has a 5mm pin diameter and it is going to fit small vent holes. It is included with two Stainless Steel keys.

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