Gift Ideas for a Tomboy Mom - 27 Cool Ideas

She’s a badass mom who won’t settle for anything less than the best. There’s no need to worry about getting something for all of those roles because we’ve got you covered. There are tons of gifts for tomboys and their moms.

The key is to find the perfect gift that expresses just the right message. By picking a gift from a variety of categories, you can ensure that she’ll get something she can appreciate and use.

From cute and practical clothes to accessories, here are some of the perfect gifts for any tomboy mom who is worth more than just 1 word- “Mom”.

Every mother needs a knife in her pocket. But not every mom will carry a pocket knife. For those moms who want to look cool and ready to protect their children at any moment, there’s the Gerber Paraframe Mini Knife.

It’s got a tiny blade and is as sharp as it gets, so you’ll be ready for anything that comes your way. Plus, getting a knife as a gift is perfect for any mom who goes camping or loves the outdoors.

Tomboys are known to be tough and rugged, so it’s only right that she wears pants that are the same way.

You can get her cotton army pants for just about any occasion. For casual wear, try getting the camo ones.

For anything else, go with the khaki or black. These pants are made from 100% cotton, making them perfect for long periods of wearing.

These Women’s Cargo Pants will keep her style intact while also keeping her comfortable enough to do everything she needs to do throughout the day. They’ll look great in and out of combat.

When it comes to a gift for a tomboy mom, you’ll have to find something she’ll wear that shows off her tomboy style without sacrificing the functionality of what she needs.

These Women’s Digital Watches are perfect for any tomboy mom who needs her hands for so many things that sometimes you have to sacrifice style for what works best.

Tomboys love to compete and sometimes that’s the best way to show how much you care about them.

You know she’s not going to want to sit at home and watch her favorite sports team, so find a gift that will let her be active while also proving that she’s your favorite mom.

Get this Steel Tip Dartboard Set so she can spend time playing darts with her friends and family.

Pool tables are a great way for girls to take the toddler version of themselves and grow into full-grown tomboys.

It’s tough to find something that will work for long periods, so you’ll have to get her this Pool Table Set.

She’ll be able to rest assured knowing she can play whenever she wants with friends or family.

Tomboys are known to be strong, independent, and a bit tough, which is why they need something to show off how tough they are.

They won’t want any of their clothes to be overly feminine in any way. Instead of buying her a dress or tank top that’s revealing and feminine, get her a tank top that’s meant for the gym.

It will show off her muscle and her strength, but won’t be so revealing that she can’t wear it in public.

When you need to take a tomboy outside, you want them to feel comfortable and to be able to do what they want and not worry about it looking bad.

These Hey Dude shoes are perfect for any girl who loves the outdoors. They will keep her feet comfortable and allow her to walk around without ruining an outfit.

The perfect gift for any tomboy mom who loves sports is this Nike Swoosh Sport Headband. It can be worn to support sports teams or worn just for the cool style it adds to any outfit.

Show your tomboy that you’re always on her side when you get this as a gift. They’ll be able to wear it just about anywhere and have a cute outfit for any occasion.

It’s not only fashionable, but it will keep her hair out of her face while she’s playing several different sports.

When your mom is always traveling or going to sports games with you it’s hard to find the perfect gift for her because there are so many different things she could need on any given day.

When you want to show your mom that she can count on you, get her this Crossbody Bag from Tommy Hilfiger. It’s got plenty of space for anything she needs and will hold her wallet, keys, phone, and more.

It’s got a few different pockets that she can organize with ease.

During the holidays, it can be a bit difficult to buy gifts for mothers. However, when you want to show your tomboy mom that she can count on you always and has no worries, get her this Hip Hop Basketball Jersey.

It’s got her name on the back and it’ll always remind her of how mmuch she’s loved by you and how much you care about her. She’ll be able to wear it all through Christmas so she doesn’t have anything left to be anxious about throughout the holiday season.

No matter how old your child is, they’ll always love how Star Wars is timeless. Get this Luxxis Star Wars Kitchen Cutting Board for the tomboy who loves Star Wars and is a big fan of toys.

This will be the perfect gift for her because she can display it on her kitchen counter and use it every day when she’s cooking.

She can even put food on it that she’s going to eat at the table.

Finding the right nightstand can be a pain, but it’s well worth it when you get one that the whole family loves. This Mid Century Black Modern Nightstand will be the perfect gift for any tomboy mom in your family.

It’s got plenty of space to put a lamp and her phone while she’s reading in bed or keeping things that she needs on her bedside table.

Every tomboy needs a set of her tools so that she can help out with gardening around the house. This BNCHI Gardening Tools Set is a great gift for any tomboy who loves to garden and will be able to use this every day.

She’ll be able to plant, weed, and do whatever else she needs to do without worrying about ruining her manicure. Not only will they be fun tools, but they’ll come with a tool belt so that the whole family can get in on helping out with gardening.

If your tomboy is always helping out with home projects that have to do with the house, like painting or taking care of curtains, get them this REXBETI 217-Piece Household Tool Kit.

It’s got everything they can need to help out in the house and it’s great for learning how to use tools safely.

It’ll be a great addition to any tomboy mom’s tool belt and they can put it on their workspace so that they’re ready for anything when they come home at night.

If your tomboy mom is always on the go, get her this GELACTICA – Edge Control Hair Gel for the perfect gift for any tomboy.

It’s got a cool, unique design that will let her wear it anywhere without anyone knowing she’s a tomboy, but it’ll also help her keep her hair out of her face while she’s playing sports and being active.

Mummy’s not just a noun, it’s also a verb! This is the perfect gift for any tomboy mom who loves to do her housework while listening to country music.

It’ll be no problem for her to tear off the Walmart Camouflage Nike T-Shirt and go about doing all of her chores on this comfortable and warm blanket.

If you need a gift for a military mom, this photo locket dog tag cuts. It’ll be easy for her to attach to her keys or purse and it’ll keep all of the family photos safe so that she has them there at all times.

This is the perfect gift for any mom whose son or daughter is serving in the United States Armed Forces and you can’t go wrong with any gift like this one.

It’s simple, but it will mean so much to her when she opens it up on Christmas morning.

If your tomboy mom has trouble getting dressed in the morning, or if she’s always tired and worn out, get her this SweatyRocks Women’s Long Sleeve Plaid Hoodie Jacket.

Everything about this jacket is so comfortable it will be hard for her to resist wearing it for just about everything.

She’ll be able to wear it around the house and play sports without worrying about ruining her clothes.

No matter how old your mom is, she’ll always need a little help in the morning with waking up. Get her this BYRIVER Plantar Fasciitis Relief Foot Massager Slippers Slides and she’ll love the way they feel.

They’re designed to provide just the right amount of comfort and support that she needs while she’s putting on her slippers in the morning. It’s hard to get anyone up in the morning, but this will help make it just a bit easier for her.

No matter how old your tomboy mom is, she’ll always need a little help in the gym. Get her this Neoprene Iron Dumbbells Hand Weight Set so that she can add some weight to the bar when she’s working out and it won’t be too heavy.

She’ll be able to use these dumbbells by herself and they’ll provide her with just enough weight that she can work out without getting tired easily.

If your mom loves fishing as much as anyone, get this Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Pack Rod for her.

She can use this rod for long-distance fishing or even just for fishing close to the dock. It’s got everything she needs to catch the perfect fish and it even comes with a lure so she doesn’t have to go out and buy any of that stuff right off the bat.

It’s a great gift that she’ll be sure to love receiving on Christmas morning.

Don’t you hate when your house gets dirty? It can be hard to clean, but this AstroAI Pack-Power Scrubber Cleaning Kit will make it a whole lot easier.

Your mom can use this to scrub her floors and her countertops so that everything is super clean.

She can make sure that she’s doing a good job by using the area cleanup test so that she knows she’s getting the right amount of soap on her floors.

It’ll be an easy gift for anyone who has trouble cleaning their house and will help them get the floor done in a whole lot less time.

If your mom is a diehard wine connoisseur, she’s going to want to try this Ryer Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon from California.

It’s got just the right amount of flavor and aroma that she’ll love and it’s something that she can pick up when she’s in the mood for a glass or two of wine.

You don’t have to worry about keeping it in the cellar either, this wine will keep for up to three years so you don’t have to worry about her opening it right away.

If she loves grilling everything, then get her these BBQ Grill Scraper Stocking Stuffers. They’re the perfect stocking stuffer idea for the grill lover on your list this Christmas.

She’ll love having more than one of them so that she can try out different types of grills and find out which ones give her the best results.

This is the perfect gift for any tomboy out there who loves to watch movies or go to baseball games.

It’s got a great design that will keep her head warm and she won’t have to worry about anyone else noticing that it’s a hat designed for women.

This is the perfect gift for any mom who loves to do her repairs on her house. This ‘Mrs.Fixit Easy Home Repair Book’ will give her a lot of information about how she can fix up just about anything in her home if it’s broken or damaged in some way.

She’ll be able to give the gift of helping out members of her family and her friends by fixing their stuff with this awesome book.

This Insulated Tumbler is the perfect gift for any woman who loves to drink her coffee in the morning.

It’ll keep her coffee hot or cold for hours and it’s made out of quality material so that it won’t break any of those delicate teeth she might have in her mouth at night.

This is the perfect gift for anyone who likes a glass of cold coffee to be able to keep up their energy throughout the day.


Hopefully, these tomboy accessories for women can inspire you to find the perfect gift for the woman in your life this Christmas.

They’ll be sure to be super happy about any of the gifts that you give her and will make her feel so amazing when she opens them up on Christmas morning.

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