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21 Gag Gifts for your Grandma

Your grandma is your biggest gift, as she is there for you always, cheering you and motivating you through all phases. She loves you unconditionally and gets greatly excited when she has all her grandchildren around on special occasions. On days like these, wouldn’t it be nice to make her feel special by gifting her something that would not only be witty and funny, but also express your love for her? Here are some awesome gift ideas that will solve this purpose.

1. A coffee mug for the cool grandma

Is your grandma one of the coolest in the world? Do you have a close enough relationship with her that you can use swearing words at will? If you have answered “yes” to one or both of these questions, this coffee mug can be a great gift for your grandma.

It uses the F-word, looks super-cool in its pink shade, and comes in an attractive gift box. You can give her this for her birthday, your pregnancy announcement, or other special occasions.

2. The superpower of being a grandma

Yet another coffee mug with yet another power-packed and witty message! This may look like a simple coffee mug, but it comes with witty words that will make your grandma super proud of your choice. This mug reiterates the fact that being a grandma, in itself, is a superpower, indeed!

Apart from delivering an important message funnily, this coffee mug is also handy for your grandma to prepare her favorite beverages. It comes with a capacity of 12 ounces, and is made from an excellent quality of ceramic. The C-shape handle of this mug is designed in such a way that it is easy to be handled by right-handers and left-handers.

3. Something that will make grandma smile

A grandma is always proud of even the little achievements of her grandchildren. So, this coffee mug is sure to become her prized possession, as it is packed with wit and humor. Your grandma will feel so proud reading the wordings, and she cannot appreciate you enough for the superb message.

You can give her this gift for her birthday, anniversary, retirement, housewarming, or other special occasions. She will undoubtedly enjoy this, and she will love to drink her beverage from this as she flaunts the message to her friends.

4. Travel tumbler with a witty message for your loving grandma

This wine tumbler is designed to make your grandma smile. Regardless of her experience as a grandma, she will love this thoughtful gift from you. Made with a lot of attention to detail, this wine tumbler makes for a great witty gift for your grandma on her special day.

This tumbler comes with double-walled vacuum insulation. So your grandma can enjoy any hot or cold drink of her choice in this classy tumbler. She can carry it with her to different places to show off the same to her friends and others in her house.

There can be nothing more soothing in your life than enjoying a drink session with your cool grandma. If she loves her whiskey too much, this whiskey shot glass will impress her tremendously. It is made from high-quality glass and BPA-free materials.

However, what makes this gift awesome is the funny message engraved on it using the latest laser technology. It can hold about 10 ounces of whiskey, and is a perfect gift for your grandma for her birthday, retirement, or any other special occasion. Watch her eyes light up with joy as she opens your gift and reads this message!

If your grandma is your best partner for a juice gossip session, this kitchen towel adds so much more meaning to your already beautiful relationship. The message written on this towel is – “What happens at Grandma’s stays at Grandma’s.”

She will love this towel for sure, as it reflects the witty choice of her grandchildren. Also, your grandma will be impressed with this thoughtful gift, as it can help her with her kitchen duties in many ways. She will love the fact that it is made from 100% premium-quality cotton.

Do you want to express your love for your grandma through your gift, but not be overly emotional about it? Don’t worry; this coffee mug will take care of this for you.

Made from high-quality ceramic, this mug is a lovely gift for your coffee-loving grandma. The premium quality of ceramic used for making this ensures that the mug is dishwasher and microwave safe.

However, what would really make your grandma break into a smile is the wordings on the message. With the message printed on both sides, this mug is a great gift for right-handers and left-handers.

8. A mug to announce your pregnancy

Has your mom been elevated to the post of a grandma but has no clue of it? What can be a better surprise for her than announcing your pregnancy through this beautiful message printed on a mug?

The message on the mug will announce your pregnancy to your mom in a fun-themed way. She will be riding high on emotions when she hears the good news for you, and she will also appreciate the humorous way in which you announced your pregnancy to her.

9. A mug with all nutritional facts about grandma

A grandma is a friend, teacher, parent and partner-in-crime – all rolled into one! This coffee mug contains the nutritional facts about a grandma and rates her on different parameters like unconditional love, passion, patience, giving wrong answers, hard-working and love for caffeine.

Your grandma is sure to be pleasantly thrilled at the choice of your gift, as she wouldn’t have expected such a witty one from you.

10. One for the pampering grandma

More often than not, a grandma is the one who pampers her grandchildren greatly. If your grandma spoils you with gifts and love whenever you visit her, here is a kitchen towel that will delight her to the core.

Grandma is the name and spoiling is the game – these words will definitely make her smile and remember the love of her grandchildren whenever she uses the towel.

11. Fun-themed door signs for the loving grandma

This is a wooden door sign that your grandma will love to hang outside her door for others to see. It has equal amounts of emotion, fun and wit. The best part of this gift is that it is entirely functional as well. She can also keep this sign on her desk or use it as wall-hanging.

She will love the way this sign lights up her home and reminds her of the lovely grandchild or grandchildren that she is blessed with.

12. Funny kitchen wall décor for your grandma’s kitchen

When you are thinking of funny gag gifts for grandma, it would be good to think of something that will stand for a long time.

This kitchen wall décor sign is a good example of a durable gag gift. Made from solid MDF wood fiberboard, this piece of décor adds a lot of warmth to your grandma’s kitchen.

It comes with all the provisions for your grandma to hang easily on her kitchen walls.  Give this to our grandma right away and watch her eyes light up with joy.

Does your grandma love her wine and coffee in equal measures? Here is a beautiful wood-themed holder that comes with all the essentials to hang her coffee mugs and wine glasses. However, more than the look and feel of the holder, the wordings on the holder are what will make your grandma smile.

It comes with two separate sections with AM (to hold coffee mugs) and PM (to hold the wine glasses), with the wordings, “how grandma tells time,” which does make the whole gift funny and thoughtful.

14. Sarcastic and funny message to make grandmas happy

Was grandma a principal? Did she retire recently? Here is a great opportunity for you to let her start her new phase with a beautiful smile on her face.

This coffee mug comes with a funny and witty message to let the world know that she has retired and is now under the care of her grandchildren.

This coffee mug can hold 11 ounces of your grandma’s favorite beverage, and is designed in heavy-duty ceramic material to last for a long time.

All families are known for the crazy and funny moments together with their near and dear ones.

If your grandma is living slightly far away from you, this wall hanging is the fun-filled perfect gift for her. This will make her feel funny and emotional at the same time.

It is a personalized birthday calendar with all important dates for her to remember and wish. It also comes with some funny family quotes that will crack up your grandma.

16. Elegant notebook with a funny message on its cover

Usually, grandmothers love to jot down their daily musings in their notebook, so that they organize everything well. These notebooks could be used to take note of phone numbers, appointments with doctors, etc.

Here is a chance to make this notebook funny and exciting for your grandma. This one comes with a cover with an awesome message, which will make her smile every time she uses the notebook.

17. A Cosmetic Bag with a funny theme and message

For many years she has pampered you with all her unconditional love. It is now your turn to give her something she really needs.

This cosmetic bag might just be what she needs to keep her essentials in an organized manner.  If your grandma was born in 1961, this is the perfect gift for her.

If she was born before or after that, don’t worry; you can always make a correction to the year on this cosmetic bag before gifting it to her grandma to see the smile on her face.

18. One for the cooking-loving grandma

If your grandma loves cooking, here is a kitchen apron that will excite her greatly. This apron is made from 65% polyester and 35% cotton, and it contains pockets for her to store all cooking essentials that she would need. She can keep her phone also in one of these pockets.

Your grandma would love to adorn this cooking apron and cook up a storm in her kitchen for her grandkids.  If you have been thinking of a good retirement or Christmas gift for your grandma, don’t let go of this one.

19. Large Wine Glass with a cool message for the modern grandma

Now, this is one gift that you wouldn’t want to miss for your glamorous grandma. This beautiful wine glass has the words, “Glam ma” and has a kiss mark, that your grandma will love immensely.

This mug can hold 12 ounces of wine, and it is made from heavy-duty glass that comes in a spill-free and leak-free design. Your grandma will love to call her friends over and show off this classy wine glass to them on special days.

Your grandma is going to have a hearty laugh whenever she sees this coffee mug and the message printed on it. It will remind her of the awesomeness of her grandkids, and she can’t help but wonder at their witty choice of wordings.

Since it is made from premium quality ceramic, your grandma will love to use this mug daily to get her dose of motivation from the humor in these words.

21. Unique door or wall sign for the glamorous grandma

This door or wall sign is one of the best gifts for your cool grandma. If you share a beautiful relationship with her, there is no other better way to explain your emotions to her than the words on this wall or door sign.

Yes, the words may be expressed funnily, making it a great gag gift. However, it doesn’t dilute your emotions one bit. Your grandma will love to have this sign hanging outside her home, for others to see.

These 21 gift ideas are great choices of gag gifts for your dearest grandmas. It is only natural that you would like her to feel special on her important day. These gifts will light up her face, and make her eyes sparkle with joy. As her wide smile reaches her eyes, you will feel happy that your gifts have achieved the goal that they were designed for.

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