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27 Gag Gift Ideas For Men

Do you know a wise guy? A practical joker? That dude who thinks nothing is funnier than a good whoopie cushion?

Maybe this holiday season or birthday, it’s time you return the favor! Sentimental gifts are great and everything, but laughter is the best gift of all.

If you want to make him cry with laughter this year, here are 27 unique and funny ideas that are sure to make him chuckle. Bonus: they’re also PG enough for him to open in front of the kids!

#1 An Unwelcoming Mat

For the guy who really, really doesn’t want visitors. This is the perfect gift for your favorite recluse, hermit, or curmudgeon!

These mats are made from coconut fibers. Each one is painted by hand and sprayed with a water-resistant and UV-resistant finish so it’ll last for years.

Each mat measures 18″x30″.

#2 A Tank Top For The Gym Rat

Does he even lift, bro? If he loves the gym and protein shakes and is always talking about his “gains,” he’ll love this shirt!

This tank top is perfect for working out in, or just showing off the gun show. It’s screen printed using state of the art equipment that ensures long-lasting, vibrant designs.

Tank tops are made from lightweight, ringspun cotton and come in 8 colors.

#3 A Baked Bean Scented "Mandle"

Candles might traditionally be considered a “girl gift,” but these CANdles are changing that!

Available in 10 different scents, including unscented and bug-repelling citronella, this candle can be used to add ambiance with a little bit of humor, keep bugs away from his barbecue, or just make his house smell nice.

These clean-burning soy candles are made from a renewable resource, and the hemp wicks are coated with organic beeswax. The containers are made from upcycled cans, so these candles are great for the environment. Plus they have a long burn life!

#4 A Guide On How Not To Become A Crotchety Old Man

Is he starting to yell at the neighborhood kids to get off his lawn? If so, get him this book before it’s too late!

Mary McHugh’s How NOT To Become A Crotchety Old Man gently makes fun of the grumpy old guy you know and love. She shares 250 traits of the neighborhood curmudgeon and how to avoid slipping into them!

Each page features Adrienne Hartman’s delightful line-art illustrations.

#5 This Bass Soap On A Rope

Whether he’s never held a fishing pole in his life or all of his profile pictures feature him holding a trout, this is a great way to let him know what a catch he is.

This gift combines the classic novelty gifts of a singing bass and soap on a rope!

Each soap is poured by hand and made with aromatherapy-grade essential oils. Choose from 5 different color and scent combinations.

Each soap is vacuum sealed so it arrives as fresh as the day it was made! Hanging it by the string is a great way to preserve its fun shape for longer than laying it in a soap dish.

#6 A Throne For His Office Supplies

Sometimes, work stinks! This fun little desk organizer will make even his worst day less of a you-know-what show.

The Butt Toilet Station is a tape dispenser, pen holder, and paperclip bowl all in one! The gift comes with the tape, pen, sticky note pad, and paperclips included so he doesn’t have to stock up on office supplies again!

This conversation starter is a great gift for the guy who just got a new job or a big promotion!

#7 A Spoon For The Cereal Killer

Perfect for the guy who’s puns are absolutely killer.

This gift is made from recycled vintage spoons. Each letter is individually hand-stamped, so each product comes out completely unique.

Choose between a teaspoon or a tablespoon. This is a great way to jumpstart his day with a bit of laughter!

#8 A Chewbacca Mask That'll Make Him Roar With Laughter

For the guy whose other car is the Millenium Falcon. This gift will delight Star Wars fans of all ages and provide hours of entertainment!

This mask is equipped with the official Chewbacca Wookie roar from the Star Wars movie series! To trigger the roar, he simply has to open his mouth!

Mask is adjustable and fits most head sizes.

#9 A Vaguely Threatening Flask

Nothing says “do not mess with me” quite like a flask labeled TEARS OF MY ENEMIES!

This stainless steel flask is made from premium food-grade material and holds 6 oz of whatever beverage he needs to carry with him.

It’s easy to care for too– just rinse and dry between uses!

#10 A Shirt That Can Stand By Itself

His home, his rules. No pants: no problem!

This shirt is perfect for the guy who finds society’s expectations for appropriate outerwear restrictive.

All shirts are custom designed and printed with real ink, no iron-ons or transfers! Shirts are made from a soft, durable ringspun cotton so he can enjoy its comfort for years to come!

This shirt is available in 8 different colors.

#11 A BEERd Mug

Perfect for the guy with a luscious beard that is his pride and joy!

This 26 oz beer mug is made from real glass. The design is high quality permanent outdoor vinyl that lasts for years!

Any good hipster will love sipping his craft brews out of this handcrafted mug!

#12 A Great Gift For Web Designers

A good way to get your favorite prankster back this holiday season or birthday!

This solid pinewood box comes with a spider on a string that will jump out and land on his finger as he slides the lid off.

The box measures about 5″x3.5″x5″ so you have plenty of room to fit a gift card, money, or another small gift as a treat after the trick!

This box is made from a furniture grade varnished wood, so he can use it to nicely store and display something less creepy-crawly.

#13 An Absolutely Delicious Soap

Do you have a reigning hot dog eating champion in your life? You’ve found the perfect gift. Also great for the casual hot dog fan or the guy who’s always hungry no matter how much he eats.

This soap features a life-sized hot dog and hot dog bun made entirely out of soap! It arrives packaged in a retro hot dog sleeve to add to the realism.

As a bonus, it’s also super moisturizing and good for his skin!

#14 A Mug With A Fun Friend

Does he move at a sloth-like pace until he’s had his morning caffeine? This is the perfect mug for him!

This microwaveable and dishwasher safe mug holds 12 oz of his favorite beverage. Plus it comes with a cute little friend that will put a smile on his face. Who doesn’t love sloths?

This mug will last him through all of his lazy, do-nothing days for years to come! It can even be used to hold candy, pens, or even used as a planter!

#15 A Gift That He Can Drink To

Who didn’t love curly straws as a kid? And now that we’re trying to cut down on single-use plastic straws, isn’t it time we bring them back?

Help save the planet and make his year with a customized curly straw that spells out his name up to 10 letters!

Choose from 19 different solid and striped color options, including glow in the dark or color-changing options!

#16 A Desk Ornament That Will Really Float His Goat

If you’ve got a guy who’s fascinated by goats or thinks those screaming goat videos are the funniest thing ever, he can now have a mini screaming goat of his own!

This little figurine of a goat on a tree stump is 3″x2″x3.25″ so he can easily hide it on his desk, and with a gentle squeeze make his day more interesting! (It’s also a hilarious way for him to vent some frustration at work!)

The set comes with a 32-page illustrated pocket guide of fun goat facts and trivia.

#17 A Gift That's Sure To Be A Hole-In-One

Does he love golf, even though he’s not that great at it? The Mulligan Genie is the first cheating device in golf and will make sure he always finds his ball in an advantageous position.

The Mulligan Genie fits easily under the golfer’s pant leg and has an adjustable elastic strap to keep it secure so he won’t risk his secret weapon being discovered.

It even comes with the golf ball included!

#18 The Perfect Shirt For The Non-Jock

The perfect gift for the guy who’s more of a mathlete than an athlete!

This “unathletic department” t-shirt is made from a jersey-knit 100% cotton Hanes t-shirt that features a tagless collar. It’s so lightweight and soft, it’s sure to become his new favorite nap t-shirt because after all, rest is best!

It’s even machine washable!

#19 An Absolutely Smashing Gift For Dads

Whether or not he has any kids of his own, this is the perfect gift for any guy who is the master of the embarrassingly bad jokes.

Exceptionally Bad Dad Jokes puts a posh twist on those awful dad jokes, with 105 pages of frightfully awful yet spiffingly wonderful puns and anecdotes.

It even includes a page to write your own special message!

#20 A Little Friend For His Desk

Wacky Inflatable Tube Men are a universally delightful experience. It’s impossible not to feel a rush of joy seeing one of these bad boys waving outside a car dealership while you drive down the highway.

With this gift, he can experience that same thrill right at his desk at work! This 18″ waving tube man comes with a fan in the base so he’ll actually dance and wiggle just like the real thing!

The set comes with a 32-page mini-book about the history of this cultural icon. This gift will bring joy to him and his whole office!

#21 A Blanket He'll Taco-Bout For Years

Got a hard-core Mexican food fan who needs a gift? Now he can really assume blanket burrito form with a tortilla blanket!

It’s made from high-quality flannel that’s both warm and lightweight. The design is printed on both sides with a fade-resistant eco-friendly dye.

The blanket comes in 4 sizes: 47″ diameter, 60″ diameter, 71″ diameter, and 80″ diameter. Perfect for traveling, camping, or keeping on the sofa for cozy movie nights in.

#22 A Sweet Gift To Make His Mornings Less Sour

Perfect for the guy who’d be in a real pickle if the world suddenly ran out of coffee! This gift is a great way to let him know that he’s your bread and butter.

This high-quality ceramic mug is available in either 11 oz or 15 oz varieties. It’s both microwave and dishwasher safe with a design that won’t fade, peel, or chip no matter how many wash cycles it goes through.

#23 A Stinkin' Cool Crystal

He might be a grown man, but he still enjoys toilet humor just like a pre-teen boy!

Fluorite is a translucent stone that can appear green to purple in hue. When hit by light, it produces bands of rainbow light!

Fluorite is also used in traditional medicine to balance emotions, clear mental blocks, and properly align the chakras.

This piece of fluorite is carved to look like the poop emoji! It’s simultaneously a beautiful and hilarious decoration that’s sure to be a conversation starter!

#24 A Holster He Can Take A Different Kind Of Shot From

Info text on gray background

#25 A Pajama Set For Dreamers

For the cryptid-lover, whether he’s a professional bigfoot hunter, an amateur, or just a believer.

These pants come with funny illustrated bigfoots wandering through pine trees and bushes, with the mantra “I Believe…”

Pants are made from 100% cotton that’s been pre-shrunk so they’re both comfortable and easy to care for! He’ll love getting yeti for bed by putting these on!

#26 A Yodeling Pickle

Trying to find a gift for the guy who has everything. Well, ask yourself: does he have a yodeling pickle?

This gift is just pure fun and silliness. With a push of a button, it will yodel its little heart out like a Swiss goatherd, only smaller and greener.

It’ll provide hours of mindless entertainment and serve as a great conversation starter at parties!

#27 A Pet That Really Rocks

For the guy who desperately wants a pet, despite what his lease says. This low maintenance little pal is sure to rock his world!

This is the original Pet Rock approved by Gary Dahl in the 70s. His new best friend comes in a ventilated carrier with nesting materials and a Certificate of Authenticity.

This classic novelty is the perfect way to give the gift of smiles and laughter to your favorite guy!

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