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21 gift ideas for choir members

We have all heard the phrase, “Music is life,” but have you seen someone who actually lives up to that phrase? A professional choir member would definitely fit the bill. They are in the mood to sing anywhere and everywhere. Their melodious sounds and their lovely instruments truly move you and everyone who listens to them.

Cheering for them in their choir concerts is like your part-time job if you have such a person in your group. Music is something that we all really connect to. It joins bridges that we did not know existed. We all turn to music in our hardest and happiest times. If you feel like dancing, music is the answer. If you feel like crying, music is the answer. When someone creates music, they put their hearts and souls into it. You can feel it when you listen to their art.

So when it comes to someone who delivers such masterpieces for you, you definitely should gift them all one-of-a-kind gifts and we have just assorted the perfectly pitched gifts for them. Here are 21 gift ideas for choir members; these gifts are sure to make their hearts sing.

1. Musical Bookmarks

Are they someone who loves reading while singing too? We have got something that would balance their interests. This bookmark that comes in the design of a musical note will surely make them go gaga.

It comes with a tassel attached to it, and isn’t just like a normal bookmark made from paper or cardboard. It is made from zinc alloy and is thin enough not to make its book look bulgy.

2. A very handy magnet

This handy magnet can be used anywhere; they can write their notes and stick them on their table, or they can write their grocery list and stick it on the fridge. This magnetic board comes with dry and erase techniques.

It can also be used as a way for teachers to teach their choir group notes and follow them. This magnet can be very handy and is a very useful gift.

3. A quirky keychain

A keychain is a gift that can be given to anyone without any second thoughts about it. This keychain, too, is something that falls in this category.

It is specially designed for music lovers and is an amazing way to tell them that you adore their music.   

4. A note that stays with them

If you think of gifting something for choir members that they would be impressed about, there is one with treble clefs. This beautiful gift consists of three music charms, and it comes in a silvery shade. 

It has a teal wristband, which can be adjustable, making it one of the best accessories for all outfits. This bracelet also comes in pink and black shades, giving you a bit of flexibility to choose from.

5. For whom music is therapy

Music is the ultimate therapy for anyone; you sing any song aloud, and all your worries will be flushed down the drain. If you know of a choir member who considers music her therapy, here is a lovely gift for her.

This notebook journal cover comes with the words, “I don’t need therapy, I sing in a choir.” These words make it pretty obvious that singing in a choir brings a lot of happiness to their lives.  

Choir members would love to refer to this journal often and read the words, no matter what their mood is. This is because these words give them the motivation to carry on what they love doing.

6. Unique musical pencils

Here is a set of pencils so unique that choir members will go awe at this gift! This set of pencils, which comes in various colors. They have a treble note creatively twisted around them.

These wooden pencils will save you the trouble of finding the perfect gift, as you just cannot look beyond them, while looking for good ideas for choir members. They can use these pencils in schools or colleges, where they are certain to grab a lot of eyeballs.

7. A perfectly themed sticky note pad

Do they want to note something important but can’t find a worthy to-do list pad? We have got you covered. Here, we present a sticky note pad that allows them to write their important notes, just as they like.

Black and white in color like a piano, these sticky notes come in an amazing treble clefs design and have 50 pages. When there is music in every part of their lives, isn’t it only natural that you gift them something like this?  

8. A super handbag

A handbag that has piano notes drawn all over it and looks very musical in its approach is something that choir members will fall in love with at first sight.

To carry their music in their aura and actually carry their music with them would make them immensely proud and happy.

This shoulder bag serves many purposes, as they can carry it to the grocery stores, school, or anywhere else.

9. A note as a pendant

A pendant that is so beautiful that it will melt their hearts! This pendant is entirely made from sterling silver and consists of a music note embedded with diamonds, which will make them happy.

This gift is one of a kind and is specially designed for music lovers. Wearing this to a choir will definitely good idea, to attract eyeballs.

This gift only indicates the receiver’s never-ending love for music and the long-lasting happiness found within it.

10. Musical socks

Accessorize their outfits by giving them these pairs of socks that are fun, quirky, and diverse at the same time. Designed for that extraordinary choir member and distinctively funky, these socks will fit in their wardrobe without effort. It comes in a set of 12 pairs with each pair having a different musical design, making it a very thoughtful gift for music lovers.

11. For the music teacher

How can we forget the choir teacher who has the patience and energy to keep a whole bunch of babbling kids in control? So, we present to you a gift that appreciates these teachers for the hard work they do.

This keychain not only appreciates them for believing in all their students, but it also comes with a thank you palette attached to it.

If you had been looking for a simple but effective, small but aesthetic way of thanking your teacher, your search should end with this gift.

12. Musically themed pens

Engraved with a treble clef on the grip, these pens come in various color tints. It comes with a LED light and a stylus tip for operating on tablets, phones, and other touch screen devices.

The rubber stylus tip imitates the touch of a human finger, without leaving dirt and fingerprints on your device.

It comes in a satin-lined keepsake presentation box for easy gifting. This is one of the most suitable gifts for a beloved choir member.

13. A music Journal

We all know choir groups have to take down many notes that are useful to them in their training or performance purposes. Gift them a book that will be very helpful for them in that case.

This particular journal has musical trebles on its brown cover with lined left-hand pages for ideas and lyrics, and staffed right-hand pages for composing music.

This portable journal is the perfect repository of information. Containing 160 pages with an inside-back cover pocket, this journal is an ultimate gift for them.

14. A face mask

With this face mask, you will never go out of fashion, which comes with musical notes printed over it. It is known for its sleek black and white design, which doesn’t fade away.

This reusable mask has adjustable ear straps for additional comfort. These flexible wire nosebands also prevent fogging, when the mask is worn with glasses.

15. Instruments as cookie cutters

Food is always the best answer to anything, but it just melts your heart when it comes with a twist of music. Allow your choir member friends to flaunt these beautiful cookie cutters (music-themed) at pool parties and gatherings.

They are ideal for cutting cookie dough, soft candy, soft fruit, bread, sandwiches, cheese, mini pizza, muffins, shortbread, pies, baby food, hot food, or even clay. In various shapes of guitar, piano and violin, these cookie cutters are surely are fun to work with.

16. The unique U-pins

Here is an excellent way for music lovers to show off their love through their stationery! These paperclips can be used as bookmarks, or just to hold some papers in place. 

They come in 10 pieces, and with an ultimate rose gold finish, they are designed to stand out from everything else.

17. A blanket filled with music

A cozy winter night and some musical dreams are all that a music-loving choir member would want. They love music so much that they don’t snore; they sing in their sleep. Music is an important part of every part of their lives.

So, what could be a better gift to them than ensuring that music is part of their sleep as well? Gift them this blanket that will encourage them to enjoy their musical dreams and sleep comfortably, regardless of the climate.

18. An utterly eccentric mug

Have you ever seen something so relatively accurate that you feel the urge to buy it instantly? Not yet? Well, you will, when you see this mug. This mug is officially designed for a person who adores music.

A coffee mug with a violin as its holder and creatively crafted treble clefts with bars and notes drawn over it! What could be a better gift for a choir member than this one? This uniquely designed coffee mug has to be one of the gifts of a lifetime for someone who loves music.

19. A suitable brooch

An accessory that does not compliment the outfit is of no use. You would not want to gift someone useless gifts, especially if the prospective receiver has a keen eye for finding meaning in everything.

This brooch, made from sterling silver will never fade away its charm, making it an apt gift for the music lover. It also has a very tiny pin attached to it so that it does not bother the clothing. They will love to wear this gift for their next performance.

20. A music stand

Have you ever noticed the importance of a stand that holds the books for a pianist or a choir director? Definitely not! This is because it stands in a corner and doesn’t care about the limelight.

However, it plays a vital part in any choir, and everybody would agree to this point. So, gift them this music stand that comes with various useful things that will add up to the choir’s or the performers’ act.  

21. For the director

A choir is always about good teamwork. Without that, the performance can be a mess. The choir director ensures that the performance is synchronized well, and that the members show excellent teamwork on the D-day. Without these directors, it would be impossible to understand where the choir is leading.

They soothe the nervousness and panic that is caused within the group before a performance by staying calm. So to appreciate them for their efforts, you can gift them this journal that says, “Nobody panic I got this; I am a choir director” A funny and nice way to praise their ability to be calm in any given situation!

From Disney to Pop artists we have all seen a change of music preferences in them. From classical music to the latest pop, everything amuses the music lover. They love their identity as a choir group member, and they value the importance of teamwork. When they are part of a choir group, they don’t just perform; they own the music. If you know such passionate choir members, you can choose one of the 21 gifts that we have recommended in the above sections, to make them happy and proud.

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