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24 Gift Ideas for Sax Players

Are you friends with a saxophone player whom you want to give a memorable gift? Are the available sax player gift options confusing you? If so, you have come to the right place. To make your saxophone gift shopping easy and fun, we have mentioned some great gift ideas. 


Whether it’s their birthday, anniversary, or any other special occasion, you can always make them smile with these gift ideas. Sounds like a great plan, right? 


So, without any further delay, scroll down and check out the different gifts for sax players mentioned below. 

#1 Metal Saxophone Player Figurine

Every artist loves to keep something close to them that depicts what they do. That’s why we have mentioned the metal saxophone player figurine at the top of this list. This adorable saxophone player figurine makes an excellent gift for birthdays or any other special occasion. 


Its dimensions are 2 x 2 x 5 inches, and it weighs around 1.6 ounces. Thus, it can be kept easily at home or the office desk. Also, it can be cleaned quickly and does not break easily. 

#2 Saxophone Wine Holder

What can be a better way to celebrate any special event or occasion with your saxophone player friend than opening a bottle of fine wine? And to make the celebration even more special, you can gift them a stunning saxophone wine holder. 


A saxophone player who is also a wine lover would always be grateful for receiving such a gift. After all, a saxophone wine holder holds wine and makes a beautiful addition to home decor. 

#3 Saxophone Heartbeat T-Shirt

Saxophone players are unique at heart and love simple things that can help them show passion for their art. Like a saxophone t-shirt and this particular t-shirt should be your pick. 


It is available in five different colors, i.e., black, navy, olive, dark heather, and asphalt. This t-shirt is light in weight, has a bottom hem, and a clear print of saxophone embedded in the pulse line. 

#4 Saxophone Tie Clip

Another great addition to a saxophone player’s wardrobe can be a saxophone tie clip. The clip looks stunning and has a transparent icon of a small saxophone attached to it. 


It is made of high-quality brass nickel and makes a perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries, or Father’s Day. So, give this adorable little tie clip to a saxophone player to add that “wow” factor to their outfit. 

#5 Neoprene Mouthpiece Pouch

A mouthpiece pouch can be an excellent gift for clumsy saxophone players who easily misplaces their mouthpiece or drops them. After all, a pouch can keep the mouthpiece safe and protects them from getting tarnished. 


This particular mouthpiece is available in two different sizes, i.e., regular and large. It also comes with secure zip and Vandoren logo imprint. 

#6 LEGO Saxophone Player

forever. This LEGO saxophone player would make a great addition to the LEGO collectible figures and home decor. 


Whether you are buying this for your friend or someone in your family, they would love it. And they can keep it anywhere to show their love equal for LEGO and saxophone. 

#7 Miniature Sax Christmas Ornament

Are you still confused regarding what you should give your saxophone player friend this year on Christmas? 


Well, well, you can give them this miniature sax Christmas ornament. They can hang this ornament proudly as it is super detailed and looks pretty. 


This particular miniature sax Christmas ornament is gold-plated, detailed, and comes with a ready-to-hang gold cord.

#8Saxophone Night Light

Want to surprise your friend with something unique? If so, get your hands on this creative saxophone night light that is made of wood. 

This night light lamp can be kept in the bedroom as its warm white light does not hurt the eyes. 

#9 Saxophone Pencil Holder

You can give your saxophone player friend an adorable saxophone pencil holder to remind them about their passion when they are doing their desk job. 


This pencil holder can sit beautifully on their desk when meeting deadlines, giving them a constant reminder about their love for saxophone and music

#10 Saxophone Colossus

One thing that saxophone player truly loves is listening to other people playing this instrument. It’s like a perfect treat to their ears. 


You can get this particular album collection to let your saxophone player friend roll in the tunes of some classical and coolest music. This album is a true masterpiece and is a perfect gift for birthdays or graduations. 

#11 The Devil’s Horn: The Story of the Saxophone

Help your die-hard saxophone lover friend track the history of this instrument with The Devil’s Horn. This book was published in 2006 and had 352 pages. 


This amazing book explores the history of the saxophone and explores the instrument concerning the world’s culture. 

#12 Saxophone Bow Tie

When a saxophonist is playing the instrument on stage, he needs to look presentable. And a stunning saxophone patterned bow tie would make him stand out in the crowd. 


This particular bow tie comes in black gold color. It is made of polyester and has a luxurious satin finish. 


Not only while performing, but this stunning saxophone bow tie can be worn on any other occasion as well. So, give this timeless gift to a saxophone player and see him fall in love with it. 

#13 Essential Elements Lesson Book

If you know someone who has a great love for sax, help them follow their passion by giving them their first lesson book. 


This Essential Elements Lesson book is excellent for newbie saxophonist who has just started or willing to start their journey with saxophone. 


This Essential Elements Lesson Book has 48 pages and is written in English. You can give it to children, colleagues, friends, or anyone else who needs help learning the saxophone. 

#14 Saxophone Wall Decor

The saxophonist does not keep their talent to one arena. Instead, they like to keep things depicting love for their passion closer to them in the form of miniature, wall decor, or anything else. 


A saxophone wall decor can become a great addition to their office or home once hanged properly. You can give your saxophone player friend this gift either on their birthday, anniversary, or any other special occasion. 

#15 Saxophone Coffee Cup

After an intense practice session, the sax players can keep themselves fresh with a cup of hot coffee, tea, cocoa, or chilled water. Give them a cute saxophone coffee cup that they can keep near to wet their whistle while practicing. 


This particular coffee cup is made of ceramic and looks super funky. It is dishwasher safe, microwave safe, and made to hold both cold & hot beverages.


You can give your saxophone player friend this cup during a housewarming party, new year, Halloween, Christmas, anniversary, or any similar occasion. 

#16 Reed Storage Cage

Saxophone players not only need a mouthpiece pouch, but they also want a reed storage case to take care of their reeds. Without reeds, no saxophonist can play his instrument. And without playing, they won’t be happy. 


Thus, give them a reed storage case in which they can easily keep the small treasures. You can get your hands on this particular storage case, which is available in different styles.

#17 Colorful Saxophone T-Shirt

To become a successful artist, one needs to be creative. And to have a creative mind, one needs to have beautiful things around him. And this colorful t-shirt is the perfect item for sax players. 


It is made of cotton and is available for men, women, and youth. This comfy t-shirt comes in different colors, including black, navy, asphalt, purple, brown, royal blue, heather blue, and dark heather. 


This colorful t-shirt makes a perfect gift for birthdays, Halloween parties, housewarming parties, graduation ceremonies, and other occasions. 

#18 Alto Sax Traditional Reeds

Nothing disappoints a saxophonist more than running out of reeds while practicing or before the performance. But you can help your saxophone player friend by giving them Alto sax traditional reeds. 


This specific reed is available in different sizes, i.e., strength 1.5, strength 2, strength 2.5, strength 2.5-10ct and strength 3-10ct, strength 3, strength 3.5, strength 3.5 + mouthpiece cushions, strength 4, and strength 5. 


These reeds are incredibly flexible and help in maintaining a richness of tone. Also, each of these reeds is sealed in ‘Flow Pack’ to keep them fresh. 

#19 Sax Socks

Another great gift you can give to your sax player friend is comfy and cute saxophone socks. This particular sock has musical notes and saxophones. Also, it is designed with a thick 200 needle knit. 


These socks are available in one size and can be easily worn by both men and women. So, if any of your friends or family members love playing saxophone, give them sax socks this year! 

#20 Sax Inspired Bracelet

Everyone likes to give a personal touch to their fashion style, but this thing gets a little harder for sax players. However, you can help your saxophone player friend look stylish and stunning by giving them a sax-inspired bracelet. 

This bracelet has detailed saxophone designs, which gives it a nice and trendy look. It is great for daily wearing because its vintage and rock band suits perfectly with casual dresses. You can give it to your friend, boyfriend, or anyone else who is close to your heart. 

#21 Neck Strap

One of the best things you can give to a saxophone player is a neck strap. A saxophonist can wear this neck strap while practicing or performing to reduce neck pain and sweat. 


This neck strap comes in different colors, i.e., black, brown, golden, red, and white. It is made of genuine leather and has neck pressure relief padding. 

#22 Vintage Saxophone Table Clock

Show your saxophone player friend you care about by giving them a vintage sax table clock. Your friend would love this sax table clock because it would be the first thing they will see after waking up. So, you can never go wrong with this gift. 


You can give it either to your friend, colleague, or brother. It is made of metal and does not damage easily. Its vivid design and craftsmanship make it a must-have for saxophonists. 

#23 Handgrip Exerciser

To play saxophone perfectly, not just you require talent and dedication, but you also need strong hands, fingers, and forearms. However, it is natural for saxophonists to feel tired after an intense practice session. 


So, what you can do is give them a handgrip exerciser to perform better and feel stronger. 

#24 Sax Tuner

Sooner or later, your saxophone player friend might complain about perfectly tuning a sax instrument. But you can make things easier by giving them a sax tuner. Both newbie and professional saxophone players can use this item. 


This particular tuner comes with a modern and simple design. It has no hidden buttons and has a bright full-color display to read. In short, all of its functions can be accessed easily. 


Hence, give this timeless gift to your sax player friend and let him play the out-of-tune instrument. 


After going through these unique gift ideas, you might have noticed that almost all of them are under $50. Sometimes, we want to give our close ones something special, but our tight budget becomes a barrier. However, nothing can stop you from showing love to your saxophonist friends this time. 

Whether you want to gift clothing items, home decor items, accessories, or any critical saxophone playing essential, you will find everything here. You can buy any of the gifts mentioned here to surprise your friends and show them you care. 

Happy shopping! 

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