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21 Gifts for Friends with Benefits

“Friends with benefits”- as secretive as this relationship is, it has more than just the benefits. Friends with benefits are a hush and naughty relationship which is too explicit even to make it public.  This is a relationship where you are having the best of both worlds. 

Close to being friends but closer to being lovers, hanging in between the situations, or just here for some needs to be fulfilled- we have a gift for all types of friends with benefits. 

Now that it has escalated to being more than friendship, here are some gifts that we have chosen with great care not to offend anyone’s interests.

A concrete relationship or not, you will always have these friends with benefits (also known as FWBs) as a special someone in your life. They don’t need a public display of affection from you, but a small personal token of appreciation. 

What you seek, you shall find here. These gifts are just the right choices to tell your FWBs how much they mean to you, and keep the spark in your relationship alive always.

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Gifts for Friends with Benefits Under $20

Bath bombs and bathing agents are currently so much in trend, that they are quite popular among lovers. If you want to keep up with this trend, you can gift them your FWBs these shower steamers, which will allow them to relax within the shower.

To add a dash of intimacy to the gift, you can even consider taking a shower together with your special someone, so that you can enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy together. Now, if this is not a sign to show your love and intimacy to your partner, what is?

If you want to give a new meaning to your relationship and create a unique identity for yourself, these matching bracelets are the right choice for you. Through these, you can not only express your love, but also your gratitude to your FWB.

These bracelets are made from healing crystals that bring about stress relief, relaxation and internal peace. You can choose from black or white shades of bracelets for your special friend.

This naughty card will perfectly describe your relationship with them. This small message will creep in a secret message for both of you.

The best part of this card is that it contains some space on it, where you can write down the naughty desires that will add some spice to your relationship and keep you both going for a long time.

Pretending to be friends while you both actually are hooking up is the hardest thing to endure. However, this secret can be sinful pleasure, indeed.

Gift your FWB this bracelet that says, “I am thankful for you, bitch” to see her cheeks heat up in the desire for you.

These are written on the inside of the bracelet, and they will stay a secret just like your relationship is. Wink!   

Have you ever made it clear to them why you like them so much that you have chosen them as your FWB? No?

Well, you have a chance now! Grab this keychain, and give it to them right away, because the message on this keychain will probably set their soul on fire.

If they feel the same, you will surely end up having a great time together. This keychain also has some cute hug charms on it.

This scented candle comes with an exclusive message that will light up the room, and set the mood for a great evening. Through this candle, you can genuinely thank your FWV for all the fun times you spent with them.

Scented candles or even aromatic diffusers are the best things to create a romantic environment, aren’t they?

In the concept of Friends With Benefits, the word, “commitment” doesn’t play a huge role, Duh! Isn’t that why this is a friend with benefits? No matter how heartbreaking it sounds, it is the truth.

Well, to remind them that you are the best of the lot, gift them this mug that has the perfect message for them. “My favorite friend with benefits gave me this mug”- these words printed bold and clear on the mug, will let them know how special you are.

Are you bored of the current romance between both of you? If yes, it is time to boost up things a little bit to bring back the spark in your relationship. Give them this book that lists many positions for you to try and spice things up in the bedroom.

Though the gift is meant for them, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that you get to benefit a lot from this too. After all, won’t you enjoy it when your partner tries different positions from the 101 sex positions mentioned in this book?

Closeness and intimacy are the two defining factors of an FWB relationship. So, give them this scented candle that comes with a matching keychain as well.

The words on the candle jar go this way – “Our friendship is like this candle; Forget me and I will burn you down” A threat indicating possessiveness is always a cute way to say “I Love You” to your special someone, isn’t it?

Does your FWB always complain about how they had to leave their game to finish their other tasks? If yes, gift them this t-shirt that will display their complaints very clearly. This t-shirt is grey in color and also has a very stylish look to it.

Made from very soft and comfortable fabric, this T-shirt will be a welcome addition to your FWB’s wardrobe. Thanks to this T-shirt, the gamer in them will never die just like how the spark between you will not die. 

If you want to make your woman happy in person but happier in bed, this is the perfect gift for you. This book is a complete guide for the ultimate oral sex that can set you both on fire.

Once you are willing to implement the steps in the book, you will be shocked at what awaits you in the next meet. If this isn’t one of the best suitable gifts for a friend with benefits, we don’t know what is.

This is a handmade sterling silver bracelet that is so delicate and unique, that it will make her feel that it is specially made for her and only her.

This bracelet comes with a very funny message on the package, which is a surprise until she opens it.

This bracelet is so elegant that it will make her happy and also signify the thin line you have between friends and lovers.  

Do they love the office? Is that what made them your favorite friend with benefits? Well, it is time to appreciate that apart from all the fun you have physically, an unexplainable bond also connects you emotionally.

And if not that, then mentally you do definitely share the same choice in shows. Now go ahead and gift this to them and have a laugh about it. 

Do you wish to see your girl in beautiful lingerie of your choice? Here is a great gift that will help you achieve your dreams.

When you give this sexy lingerie set to her, you can actually put an end to your wet dreams, because she would be standing right before you, wearing what you got her.

We are sure your girl FWB will love this gift, as it will be the perfect foreplay to what could be a steamy lovemaking session between you two.

Sometimes, we cannot really say what we feel in our heart, and sometimes, we cannot express what we feel down there. If you are sailing on this boat, we have got you covered.

Give them this key chain depending on the intensity of your relationship.

This keychain is a big thank you from you to them for everything they have given you to spice up your intimacy in the bedroom.

Do you want to tell them how much you love them? This coffee mug has the right message that is exactly playing in your mind right now.

This mug, made using a high-quality ceramic material, comes with the message, “I Love My FWB,” and the heart symbol replaces the word love. This is perfect for letting them know how much you love them for just who they are.

Your FWBs need to be thanked too! They have given you some fantastic moments without bugging you about commitment or relationship issues. This gift set that comes with a message for their awesomeness, is a perfect gift to express your gratitude to your FWB.

As they enjoy the lovely gift, they’ll feel relaxed and happy within. During moments like these, they realize how much you mean to them and how lucky they are to get an FWB like you.

Is your FWB sounding excited about the upcoming Valentine’s Day? All these years this day wouldn’t have had much meaning for them. However, February 14th will be special for both of you, because of your beautiful relationship.

Here is a great notebook journal that you can give your FWB as a Valentine’s Day gift. This journal has a very witty cover, and as far as your emotions are concerned, they will be conveyed very strategically. Thanks to this journal, you can tell them exactly what you think of them.

What is a cuter way to say you love somebody without making it obvious? A spoon, of course! A spoon for your spooning partner as they always have loved being the big spoon in your relationship!

Gift them this unique spoon with some cute words engraved on it to help them remember you always. Thanks to this innovative and thoughtful gift, your FWB will find it impossible to get you out of their heads, even if they wish to.

Gifts for Friends with Benefits Under $50

For someone who loves the gym more than they love anything, you can gift this stainless steel water container, which will keep them hydrated throughout their training or workouts.

Gift this to them as a sign of care from the friend that is within you. They would be more than happy to receive a thoughtful gift rather than an overwhelming one from you.

A man truly loves to be pampered! So here is a special gift for your special man. This foot massage kit is meant to provide ample relaxation for your man’s feet, so that he can be free of stress.

This foot cream will help your man to experience pampering pedicure, like never before.

Now that you have got a list of things to gift them, choose which suits best and make sure that you make them feel very well-appreciated. An FWB relationship is something that you will always cherish, because you don’t lose your individuality here. 

There are no compromises or commitment issues. There is an openness about being friends with benefits to someone, that cannot be described in words. 

We hope these gifts are the next best alternatives to voice out your feelings in this beautiful relationship and tell your FWB how special they are to you.

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