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21 Mind-Blowing Gifts for Homestay Family

If you are residing in an unknown land with your homestay family, treat them as your guide. A gift is a perfect way to minimize the gap between you and your homestay family. 

Offering gifts at the beginning of your homestay lays a good first impression. However, the gift need not be the fanciest or the most expensive, but something they can relate to.

There are a plethora of gift ideas ranging from souvenirs to board games. You can buy these gifts for any specific member, or everyone. Make your best choice and get these mind-blowing gifts for your homestay family. 

#1 Card Game

What’s more enjoyable than spending your time with your homestay family? The UNO family card game is a best seller and an easy-to-play indoor sport. 

It takes coordination and presence of mind to win this game of colors. Besides being easy to play, the UNO card game is also easy to learn. 

Members have to choose their color from 112 cards and eliminate the rest. The rest you need to do is match your card with the number that appears on the discard file. 

#2 Decorative Tree

Every family loves decorative items to make the living space looks spectacular. The Eambrite decorative tree is one of those items you can gift your homestay family. 

It is an ideal item to decorate dining tables and drawing rooms. The embroidered decorative tree comes with a 3A battery with an ergonomic switch. 

Kids in your homestay family will fall in love with its fluorescence. It has a timer that makes the tiny bulbs blink in the dark. 

Moreover, the Eambrite tree is perfect for party and Christmas theme decorations. 

#3 Photography Frame

The Fortress photo frame is the perfect item to gift your homestay family before waving goodbye. Capture your sweet moments and frame them in this photo frame. 

The dimensions of the outer and inner frames are 11″ ×14″ and 8.5″ ×11″, respectively. The wooden frame is lightweight but fabricated from quality wood. 

The best thing about the Funtress photography frame comes with good quality glass. It is free from polymerization, therefore, more fragile. 

On purchasing it online, you will get a free 30-day refund. This photo frame is a symbol of thanksgiving and bonding. 

#4 “HOME” Wooden Sign

Whether a homestay or your house, home is always cozy. To symbolize the fact, the Homecore “HOME” wooden sign is a perfect piece. 

It is a rare piece of modern decoration that homeowners would love to have. You can give this wooden sign on the first day of your homestay. 

You can assemble the letters to showcase them in any direction. The Homecore “HOME” wooden sign can be placed on living rooms, bedrooms, or guestrooms. 

This wooden sign is fabricated from a real eucalyptus wreath that has an organic smell. 

#5 Mona Lisa Painting

As you might know, the Mona Lisa painting is one of the world’s most recognized pieces of art. This replica made by Eliteart will be a great gift for your Homestay host family. 

The Canvas comes wrapped in a wooden frame which looks astonishing. Moreover, the quality of the wooden frame is decent, as it is made from real softwood. 

However, this painting might not have the finest brushstroke birthday does not reduce its value. It measures 17.4 x 12.09 x 1.06 inches which are bold enough to get recognized. 

The Eliteart Mona Lisa painting has finer details than other paintings in its price range. You will also get a pair of white gloves to handle and hang the canvas on the wall. 

#6 Car Audio Cassette

Want to gift something unique to the owner of your homestay? Well, you can gift him a car audio cassette. 

The owner will probably love this car audio cassette from Arsvita because it’s rare. It has an innovative step-down design that ensures a stable and secure connection.

With a polished metal build quality, the Arsvita car cassette comes with a gold-plated AUX plug. 

Users of this tape can enjoy uninterrupted music with minimal signal loss. The best part is that it has a 2mm thick anti-tangled cable with a length of 3.3Ft. 

#7 Dartboard

Dartboards are fun pieces that your homestay family can enjoy playing in their free time. This dartboard manufactured by Viper Shot King is made from compressed bristle fibers. 

Due to high fiber compression, it is durable and can last for more than 5 years. There are round galvanized wires that move the dart from the spider to the target. 

Bull’s-eyes in Viper Shot King are staple-free. So, darts don’t bounce off the target, and they remain intact. 

The package includes two sets of 6 steel-tipped darts that are safe for children. 

#8 Bluetooth Speaker

If your homestay family has great taste in music, you can gift a Bluetooth speaker. The Vanzen Bluetooth speakers offer unmatched and clear music quality. 

Due to the small size and lightweight design, the Vanzen Bluetooth speaker is easily portable. 

Thanks to its TWS Technology that enables you to pair speakers to your phone instantly. It runs on a highly efficient 3600mA lithium-ion battery the powers the device seamlessly. 

A full battery can deliver power for up to 8 hours on full volume. Besides having a fast Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, the Vanzen also has a waterproofing level of IPX7. 

#9 Coffee Mug Warmer

To make a good first impression, gift the YEOSEN coffee mug warmer to your host family. They can heat their mug of coffee, milk, or tea by adjusting the ergonomic regulator. 

The system remembers the last heat reading and self-adjusts to it. It also has a sensitive gravity switch that turns off the system when you leave the mug. 

The YEOSEN coffee mug warmer has a waterproof panel that is easy to clean. To ensure better safety, the equipment has a fireproof base. 

#10 Chocolate Box

Gifting a chocolate box to the members of your homestay family is the sweetest way to greet them. The Godiva chocolate box contains 12 chocolate pieces of varying flavors. 

Coming to the box appearance, it looks spectacular and attracts every eye. The inner box has 12 Chambers where chocolates of different flavors are stuffed. 

You’ll get flavors like French Vanilla, Chocolate Soufflé, Aztec Spice, and others. 

#11 Multi-Purpose Tool Kit

Every family needs a multi-purpose toolbox to deal with some household tasks. 

This Cartman tool has over 148 tools which are ideal for working at home and in garages. 

The tools are Chrome plated, which makes them resistant to corrosion. We will get wearing tools ranging from a flat head screwdriver to a wrench. 

#12 Artificial Plants

Another home decor item on the list to gift your host family is an artificial plant. These artificial plants from Opps make the living space green and beautiful. 

It is crafted from advanced polymers and PE materials that make the plant highly durable. You will get a set of 3 plants in the package, each of dimensions 4.3″ X4.7″ under $15.

Quality is assured, as you will get a warranty period of 2 months. 

#13 Chess Board

If there are chess lovers in your host family, the NEIQII chessboard will be the best option. 

The board has a dimension of 9.84×9.84×0.78 inches and is super lightweight. You can purchase the NEIQII chess board chess on Amazon for $13. 

Due to its compact design, you can carry it anywhere you go. Moreover, the chess piece has a magnet attached to its base for a fall-proof attachment. 

#14 Aromatherapy Diffuser

Make your Homestay family fall in love with the aroma of organic essential oils. You can gift this aromatherapy diffuser from Pure Daily Care Store on your first visit. 

The set includes 10 different essential oils of aromas ranging from peppermint to orange. With the art wave technology, the device can diffuse oils up to 400ml. 

The printed wood grain design makes the aromatherapy diffuser look more attractive.

#15 Vegetable Chopper

To reduce the cooking effort, you can give this full-star Vegetable Chopper to your host family. Under $25, you will get a durable chopper with 4 interchangeable blades. 

The collection tray embedded on the bottom has a volume of 1.2L that allows you to slide your vegetables in it. 

Thanks to its corrosive-free 420 Steel blades that chop your vegetables to finer fragments. 

#16 Area Rug

Gift this Eveprus area rug to your homestay family to make the living space cozier. It is also perfect for gifting the small members of the family for their room. 

This area rug helps prevent injuries while the children are playing. You will get a set of different colors at varying prices, but the least you can buy is for $25. 

Moreover, the Eveprus area rug is an attractive home decor piece to buy online. 

#17 Wall Clock

This wall clock from the Amazon Basics Store is a simple yet useful item to gift your host family. It has a white background with black numerical, hour, and minute hands. 

Due to the color contrast, you can easily read the time instantly. The wall clock is durable as it is made from high-grade polypropylene plastic. 

You can hang this piece on the walls of your living room, office, and even in the kitchen. It keeps time silently and precisely and draws its power from an AA battery. 

You can purchase this 12-inch wall clock from Amazon for only $20. 

#18 Pop Up Greeting Card

A pop-up greeting card is a simple but sweet item you can gift your host family. This card from the Paper Love Store pops out a cherry blossom tree when opened. 

It isn’t any other ordinary getting card, as the company uses quality European craft papers for manufacturing. 

With the best color detail, this Cherry blossom greeting card comes under $14. Spray a Cherry-scented perfume on the gift to make it more special. 

You can gift it either on your first or last homestay to leave a memorable impression. 

#19 Tea Set

A tea set isn’t a piece of luxury, but this Taimei tea set is worth gifting. It comes with an attractive tray that holds four teacups and a teapot. 

Your homestay family members will love this set because of its black-gold color combination. Made from ceramic, a cup and the teapot hold 7. 6fl.oz and 25fl. oz respectively.

Moreover, you won’t face any cleaning issues as the ceramic set is lead-free. The wooden lid acts as an ideal insulator that keeps the beverage warm for a long.

#20 Toaster

The toaster is probably the most commonly used equipment to prepare breakfast. You can gift this device from the Amazon Basics store to your host family. 

It has two slots where you can toast bread, muffins, and many others food items. Moreover, you can choose six browning settings to toast evenly. 

It also comes with defrosting technology that cancels your roasting. The Amazon Basics toaster had a cord and runs on any 120V source. 

#21 Air Purifier

If you have a budget of $50, you can gift an air purifier to your host family. It is a device that is built for the health well-being of the users. 

The Megawise HEPA comes with a three-phase air filtration system. Air passes through the carbon filter for better filtration. 

The purifier blocks dust particles of size up to 0.3 microns and gradually improves air quality. 


You should treat a homestay family no less than your family. To build a better binding, gifting is probably the brightest idea.

In general, owners of homestay families only expect monetary exchange from you. If you gift an extra offering, their hearts get overwhelmed with love. 

To be friendly right from the beginning, offer your gift with a polite greeting. It not only lays a good first impression but also makes the living space more comfortable. 

Offering any of these gifts before leaving their company will leave an excellent permanent impression. Besides, there isn’t any better way to say goodbye than by sharing gifts. 

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