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21 Funny and Sarcastic Gifts for brothers

The feeling of having a brother (elder or younger) cannot be described in words. You grow up feeling multiple things when you have a brother. On some days, you are thankful to God for your brother, while on some other days, you can’t help asking God to replace your brother with someone else! He can frustrate you to bits, but he loves you immensely.

Similarly, while you cannot stand him sometimes, you cannot live without him at other times. Almost all siblings in this world share a beautiful love-hate relationship that only keeps evolving as they grow up. So, here are some fun ideas to give as gifts for your brothers that will irritate them and make them crack up, at the same time.

1. Coffee Mug with Humor-filled message

Yes, coffee mugs are great for brothers! However, if you don’t want him to throw the mug back on you, you should get him something with a funny message, that he is going to hate, but love at the same time. The message printed on this mug is a classic example of something that your brother will laugh and get irritated about.

It will be great fun for you to see his eyeballs rolling in surprise after reading this message. However, don’t think too much; he will definitely use the mug frequently, because he loves your gift, even if he hasn’t expressed it in so many words.

2. One for the gaming-lover

How many times have you heard your mother screaming out to your brother to run a few errands for him only to get a muted response from him? Does your brother love gaming so much that he doesn’t have time for anything else in his life? If yes, these cute pairs of socks will definitely make him happy.

Made from 85% cotton, these comfortable socks are great to be worn with any attire and footwear. He will love to wear these socks and stretch out his legs at home, so that other members of the house get the message clearly. These socks come with a funny message, “I’m gaming; Can’t hear you,” making it a great gift for a gamer 

3. Stone Drinks Dispenser for the classy brother

Does your brother love smart and sophisticated things with minimalist designs? Is he crazy about his bar? If yes, this stone-themed drinks dispenser is going to excite him thoroughly. Made from cobbled granite stone, this dispenser comes with a classy stainless steel tap.

The customplug that comes with the dispenser can decork the bottle and make refilling hassle-free. Your brother can never thank you enough for this thoughtful gift, and he is not going to mind flaunting this classy equipment to his friends.

4. To the brother who doesn't want to help you with your problems

If you have a big brother, you might have faced rejections from him multiple times. He would have refused many times to help you with your homework, repairing your bicycle, fixing your computer, keeping a secret from your parents and many more.

If your brother is one of those big brothers that are too busy to help you, this simple shirt with a funny message is a good gift for him. Regardless of how tough he is on the outside, he will automatically break into a smile as he reads the words printed on this shirt.

5. A coffee mug for that awesome brother

Make your brother scratch his head if you really mean it, when you present him this coffee mug with a witty message. While the message itself is very powerful, explaining how awesome your brother is when compared to all the other brothers in the world, the Donald Trump-like photo near the message and the last line of the message, “Believe me, I have a large brain” add to the fun element of this gift.

6. Golf Storage Bag with a funny message

Here is one for the golf-loving brother. If you have been looking to gift your golfer brother something useful and witty simultaneously, here is a good idea for you. This storage bag is made from high-quality suede fabric and has a Velcro closure to store the golf balls.

While this bag can store up to 6 balls, it also comes with two golf balls, making it more exciting. However, the ultimate nail on the coffin is the message printed on the bag, “It takes balls to golf”!

7. For the brother who loves to go to the gym

While there are many gifts suitable for brothers, here is one special gift for the one that loves to go to the gym or is crazy about bodybuilding. We are sure that your brother will have a good time laughing after seeing this funny-themed tank top that you have got him.

Made from high-quality fabric, this tank top made in the USA comes with a funny message, “I flexed and the sleeves fell off.” The best part is that you can pick from different colors as well.

8. Keychain for the driving-crazy brother

Gone are the days when you had to search for cards with emotional messages to show your love to your brother. This beautiful keychain expresses a sister’s love towards her brother, but in a funny & weird way.   Your driving-crazy brother is going to hold this keychain close to his heart, though he may not tell you anything about how much he loved it.

9. A shirt with a sarcastic message

A T-shirt is a great idea for your brother, because he is definitely going to wear it sometime in the future.  Choosing high-quality T-shirts is a challenge, but getting a good shirt with a funny message printed on it is definitely a cherry on the cake. This shirt, a blend of cotton and polycotton, is made in the USA and is extremely durable.

However, the message printed on it, “World’s Okayest Brother” is what makes it funny, and an apt gift for your brother, who loves and irritates you equally.

10. An apron for the brother who loves cooking

Does your brother love cooking, especially for a big group of people? You are quite lucky, indeed! Under usual circumstances, you might get him some useful cooking equipment or essentials to help him hone his skills. However, if you thought of getting him something off-the-track to crack him up, here is a three-pocketed, water-repellant apron with a great message to lighten his mood.

11. Prank Gift Box

If you thought prank gift boxes were only for kids, you are mistaken. Here is a ridiculously smart and well-designed prank gift box that will frighten even adults for a second. Want to see that irritated expression on your brother’s face, when he opens your gift? Try this gift box now!

However, his irritation will last only for a minute or so, as after that he can’t help laughing at the choice of your gift.

12. Coffee Mug with a witty message

Your brother will have the shock of his life when he reads the first two lines printed on this coffee mug that you have gifted him. However, as he reads the entire message, he will roll down laughing at the wit of the content.

We have all heard about unconditional love. However, here is your chance to prove your love to your brother, with certain conditions, of course!

13. Travel mugs with a humorous message

Your brother will get mighty impressed with this travel mug, as he can carry it to his gym, workplace, college, and anywhere else. With its double-walled insulation and heavy-duty stainless steel, this travel mug comes with a beautiful, sentimental and funny message that your brother will love reading again and again. It is a bonus that this mug can be used for hot beverages and cold drinks, though.

14. Party games for your extrovert brother

Here is an awesome gift for your brother who loves to party. This game contains about 250 prompt cards with certain activities to decide whois most likely to get drunk, stoned, or stupid. Great for your brother, who is in his late teens or early 20s. This is a game that can get real but fun at the same time. Your brother and his friends will love this gift of yours, as it could help them spend lovely moments together.

15. Unique 30th birthday gift for brothers

This is a birthday card, no doubt. However, it is not just any other birthday card that you would find on the internet. It is a card that comes printed with a funny and witty message for anybody who has stepped into their 30th birthday.

While it can be given to any of your friends, relatives or colleagues, it is best given to your brother. This is the because you wouldn’t want to miss the frustrated yet funny expression on his face when he realizes that his 20s are a thing of the past now.

16. A whiskey glass with a smart explanation of an embarrassing acronym

Here is a thoughtful gift that you can give your 18+ brother. It could be an old-fashioned whiskey glass, but there is nothing old-fashioned about the message printed on the glass. If your brother stands wondering about using random words on the glass, you can ask him to read the acronym alone, to understand what it means. Believe us; he will be mad at you (in a funny way when he knows what acronym is explained in the mug).

17. Another mug with a fantastic, funny message

Another coffee mug to tell your brother about your unconditional, or rather conditional love! A perfect gift from one brother to another, this coffee mug could be a summary of your thoughts. Your brother will feel emotional and funny at the same time when he reads the entire message on this mug completely.

Made from high-quality ceramic, this coffee mug is perfect for right and left-handers. It is easy to use and clean, so your brother is not going to complain at all.

18. A gift to your brother's superpower

Here is a gift that is going to make your brother chuckle, almost instantaneously upon opening it. It is a simple Tee Shirt, made from good quality cotton. It is built to last for many years, and your brother can wear it anywhere he wants.

However, the wording on the shirt will make him feel so embarrassed that he wouldn’t dare wear the shirt anywhere but in his own home.

19. A gift for pizza lovers

Does your brother love pizzas? Here is a beautiful pizza-themed gag gift that he is going to love instantly. A throw blanket, that folds itself exactly like a pizza when it is not used!

The best part of this blanket is that it comes with two designs, a pepperoni pizza and a pizza base. With its unique theme and patterns, this throw blanket is a high-quality gag gift that your brother is going to treasure for a long time.

20. Motorized coolers for him to enjoy the party

This gift will bring a lot of joy to your brother, as he can now take the beer cans and go to his friend’s house for partying without any trouble. He doesn’t have to waste time chilling the beer at his friend’s house before he enjoys the party with friends. Thanks to these motorized coolers, your brother can enjoy a party anywhere with his friends. This one comes with a capacity to hold up to 6 beer cans!

21. Beer Slushy Maker

If you don’t mind splurging on your brother’s gift, we recommend you get him this beer slushy maker. He will love to host parties at his home, as he whips a lot of foam into his friends’ drinks, thanks to this machine. While this is sure to bring a smile to your brother’s face, it will also earn you a stern look from your parents.

Are you excited about these gifts that you can choose for your brother? All of these have been recommendedto keep in mind that your brother is the only person you can love and hate at different phases of your life. If you have a brother, whom you wish to kill or want to get killed for, these gifts are great choices for him.

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