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Tea Gift Ideas for Dad – 27 Unique Ideas

Your Dad loves tea so much. In fact, he is obsessed with drinking tea. It might be due to his culture or it is just something that he picked up during his life and liked so much.

If you have a father who loves tea and you are looking for gift ideas for him for an upcoming occasion, no matter how big or small that is like a housewarming party, a random barbecue party, birthday, promotion, Christmas, or Father’s Day, then we got you covered.

Here is a list of 27 tea gift ideas for your dad.


1. 10 Loose Leaf Tea Sampler Gift Set

So that your dad would not waste money buying tea that he might not like, get him this sampler gift set that comprises ten loose leaf tea. It also comes with a tea infuser. This gift is especially for tea enthusiasts.

The teas are also decaffeinated. Help your dad relax and have a taste of various teas with this gift.

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2. Dad’s Coffee and Treats Engraved Board

This is a board that you can have personally engraved with a message that you like. It is perfect for coffee or tea lovers that they can use while drinking their favorite beverage and eating their biscuits.

This is a nice gift for your dad or even your granddad who loves tea for Father’s Day.

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3. Tea Shirt

This t-shirt is for tea lovers with the “This is my Tea-Shirt” print. Give this to your dad who loves tea so much and is proud of it. For this shirt, you can choose the primary color between black, white, or grey.

It even comes in a variety of sizes that you can get a matching shirt for another family member who also loves tea, or even for yourself.

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4. Honey Spoons

This is a set of six spoons made out of honey that your dad could easily stir into his tea to add sweetness to it. These spoons are handcrafted and they have a 9-month shelf life.

This is a nice gift for any tea enthusiast as it is a fun and easy way to add sweetness to one’s drink.

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5. At Home Matcha Kit

Your dad might be interested in making matcha. With this set, he can make matcha at home. This kit has everything that he needs to brew the drink which is the following: signature Chasen bamboo matcha whist, handblown double-walled glass bowl, bamboo matcha measuring spoon, and matcha whisk holder.

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6. Organic Oat and Chamomile Bath Tea

This is bath tea that your dad would enjoy on his skin. Tea is not just best to drink but also to be used during bath time. These teas are best for dry as well as sensitive skin. They are a mix of organic oat and chamomile flowers. When these are added to baths, the bath will be more soothing.

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7. Art of Tea Signature Tea Cocktail Book

This is a booklet that has 15 pages which include various delicious tea cocktails that are easy to make. This is is a nice cocktail book to give to your dad so that he can experiment more with his tea.

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8. Tea Journal

This is a tea journal that has a cloth cover and a nice brass coil. This journal looks very neat and chic. It is a classic notebook that your dad would love to receive. It is also a useful gift for various purposes.

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9. Tea 3 Month Subscription

Give this awesome gift to your dad so that he could get a taste of various teas from all over the world. With this subscription, each month, the recipient receives 2-4 oz or 12 teabags of a new tea.

There are also options for this subscription which are Classics, Caffeine Free, Explore, Single Origin, and Pyramid Teabags.

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10. Funny Socks

These are cute socks with a tea design and a funny message on the soles. Your dad will surely find these socks funny and would love to wear them around the house. These socks would make the perfect birthday gift for your beloved father.

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11. Teabloom Vienna Glass Teapot

This is a nice teapot that your dad could use when making his favorite tea. It has a capacity of 24 fluid ounces. It is a really nice teapot that looks very classy. It is also high quality with borosilicate glass. It is a gift that your dad will definitely appreciate.

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12. Tea Gift Set for Tea Lovers

Get your dad this set that includes a mug, unique jams, cookie fingers, and tea. This is a set that is perfect for tea parties or even just for your dad’s afternoon tea session. The jams included are strawberry preserve, blackcurrant preserve, and fine-cut orange marmalade.

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13. Traditional Japanese Tea Set

This is a traditional tea set that includes a teapot, a tray, and teacups. This is a nice housewarming or Christmas gift for your dad. With this set, he will enjoy drinking tea with his friends even more. This set is in traditional Japanese style and it also will be a great addition to your dad’s growing tea set collection.

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14. Stainless Steel Engraved Spoon

This is a funny engraved spoon to give to your dad on his birthday. He could use this on his tea but it will also make a fun collectible. This is for dads who love both tea and books.

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15. Bamboo Thermos with Tea Infuser & Strainer

This is a nice thermos that your dad can use to drink his tea when he travels. It comes with a tea infuser and strainer. The bottle itself is also very aesthetically pleasing with the bamboo design. It is insulated so your dad’s tea is sure to stay warm, shatterproof, and is also leak-resistant.

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16. Elephant Tea Mug Green

This is a very pretty elephant tea mug wherein the shape makes place for a teabag holder. It can also hold 15 fluid ounces. It is made of ceramic. This will surely be your dad’s next favorite tea mug.

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17. 10pcs Cute Snail Shape Silicone Tea Bag Holder

Does your dad hate it when his teabags completely fall onto his mug? These are cute silicone tea bag holders to prevent that from happening. You should get these for your dad. They come in a set of 10 pieces in fun colors.

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18. Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer

When your dad is busy, he might not be able to drink his tea properly in which it gets cold. Get this mug warmer for him that he can take anywhere to keep his tea hot even after a while.

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19. Trio Tea Timer in Brushed Stainless Steel

This is a cute tea timer so that your dad can time his tea on time. This also makes a great decor at home or at his office at the same time. This is a cool gift that can help him when brewing tea.

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20. Premium Bamboo Tea Box Organizer

Get your dad a teabag organizer so that he can organize what he has. This organizer is made from bamboo and is organic. Nonetheless, it is durable as it is easy to clean and is also water-resistant. There are eight slots in this organizer as well as a drawer.

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21. Mud Pie FBA Ceramic Tea Bag Caddy

This is a nice ceramic teabag caddy that your dad can easily fill with 3″ x 3″ teabags. This is a nice way to organize your dad’s teabags and it makes a great Father’s Day gift.

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22. Electric Pour Over Gooseneck Electric Kettle

For tea that tastes great, this is a nice electric pour-over kettle to give to your dad. It even includes coffee filters, a coffee funnel, a coffee filter cup, and a square sealed tank in case your dad wants to use it for coffee too.

It is a nice kettle that has adjustable temperature control.

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23. Coaster for Dad

This is a nice handmade coaster for your dad for him to use while drinking his favorite tea. The design of this coaster is very earthy too so it is really perfect.

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24. DIY Tea Herb Garden Kit

Your dad can now grow his own fresh herbs with this kit. This is a nice gift for a dad who is looking for a new hobby as well as for those who like gardening and tea at the same time.

This kit has peppermint, chamomile, thyme, tulsi, and echinacea seeds that your dad can use to grow his own tea blends. It is a fun gift that he will surely appreciate.

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25. Thriller Mystery Book and Tea Box

This is a gift that comes with a mystery book and tea in one. It is a nice gift for tea lovers who are book lovers too. It is a nice care package for dad to give him even without any special occasion.

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26. World’s Best Dad Tea Towel

This tea towel is made out of cotton. It has a really cute message that makes it a nice Father’s Day gift. Show your dad your love and appreciation with this very special gift.

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27. Mindful Moments Coloring Book

This is a tea-themed coloring book that could help your dad relax. It comes with journaling prompts too! It is a nice tea time companion that will surely help with encouragement and stress release.

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