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21 Gifts For Metro Sexual Man

Metrosexual men or modern men with time are paying more attention to their looks and appearance. It is crucial for many reasons, like going for a corporate interview, impressing the interviewer with looks, attending prestigious parties, or going to college with other well-dressed folks. 

So, if you want to surprise a modern man, be it your father, brother, boyfriend, or husband, make sure to pick up something on-trend and carry some thoughtful values. 

To help you out, we have come up with many gift ideas for the men of your life. Read till the end for all the interesting gift suggestions. 

21 Gifts For Metro Sexual Man

#1 Waxing Kit

Modern men are more conscious about their body hair and likely find it attractive to remove the unnecessary hairs. Well, if you want to gift your man the best waxing kit available for him that too under budget, you must try this product out!

This exclusive wax kit contains everything you ask for right at your doorsteps. It includes an electrical heater to warm the wax of 500ml, wax beads ( 6 different beads available), Small bowls for nose wax ( 3 pieces), wax applicator sticks ( 20 pieces), one tweezer, and one scissors, and one user manual. 

You can get rid of up to 98% of your body hairs by using this waxing kit. It definitely is a recommendable item to gift a metro-sexual man. 

#2 Designer Fragrance

Modern men are conscious about their body odor, and surveys say that the highest percentage of perfumes and body sprays are ought in the country’s metro areas. So, an elegant designer fragrance never goes out of style. 

Versace, the Dreamer, contains smooth extractions from aromatic plants like juniper, tarragon, and mugwort. It provides a rich, fine, and best quality aroma to the body for the longest time. 

Metro-sexual men are very attached to their beards. Even if you mistakenly touch their beard, you are going to get a lecture for sure. Due to pollution and dust in metro cities, the quality of men’s beards is deteriorating, and maintaining them is a big task.

So, if you are deciding to pamper them with beard oil, nothing can beat this product for your man. 

This product is used especially to be absorbed quickly and giving a soft and smooth texture to the beard for the entire day. Therefore, it does not consume much of your busy schedule and is apt for men from metros. 

#4 Travel Bag

There is a dire need for an adventure between the rough daily routine. Modern men and trips go hand in hand. This bag can come to the rescue whether it is their office trip or an informal chilling trip. Surprising them with this versatile travel bag is always the greatest gift.

This exclusive bag can be used for heavy-duty, as a gym bag, or even for traveling. The bag has adjustable straps with bungee chains for ease of use. In addition, it has XL interior space to fit everything!

#5 Leather Belt, Wallet, And Watch Set

This is the best combination of gifts that you can offer to the men you love. It is the most thoughtful gift for a metro man. And there is a bonus; you will always be remembered with every use. 

This product has been designed mainly for gift purposes and comes with beautiful packaging. The package comes with a black leather belt, a black leather watch with an alloy-steel dial, and a black leather wallet.

This black combination would not only make men look elegant, but also it will add some value to his life. 

Music is always close to the soul of the city. So if you want to come closer, music can be a prominent way.

And an excellent Bluetooth speaker can be off-beat for a person in your life. So consider gifting this to your friend to make them feel happy on their most challenging days.  

Bluetooth Speaker X5 Pro-Portable Wireless Speaker is waterproof and provides 3D sound for a little cinematic experience. In addition, this is small in size and extremely lightweight, making it easy to hand on your bag, wall, or anywhere. 

#7 Handkerchief Set

Modern men love to add details to their formal look. For every formal event like an office party, wedding, engagement, your suit would look incomplete without a handkerchief in the pockets. 

This designer handkerchief set is attractive and goes with all types of shirts. And we can assure you that your man will love the authentic look of all the pieces. 

Who doesn’t love taking selfies? Well, if you see the records, men love clicking pictures from the rear camera more than taking selfies.

Many times they plan to go for solo trips, but solo trips mean no good pictures. But don’t worry, if your man is a travel freak, this product would be a cherry on top. 

This product is designed to click a selfie, portrait pictures, group pictures, and even video with extraordinary stability. Its legs are also adjustable to click pictures from every possible angle. 

Metro-sexual men are more conscious about their health than small-town men. So, if your boyfriend, or best friend, or your brother is a gym freak, nothing is better than gifting a fitness tool kit. They would bless you with the endeavor. 

You don’t have to think about going to the gym next time to feel like working out. Instead, just grab your equipment and start exercising! This exclusive tool kit contains special fitness tools, including a push-up bar, resistance bands, exercise roller wheels, weights, and a mat.

Is your man planning for a long trip or camping? Surprise him with the essential travel kit. It is travel efficient and a beneficial product during trips and camps. So be it any occasion from birthdays to marriage, this kit would be a very thoughtful gift for a metro-sexual man. 

It comes with everything, including folding mirror folding pocket comb, nail file, nail clipper, travel bottles, sleep mask cloth mouth cover, plastic container, earplugs, PU leather toiletry bag, shoe-shine sponge, keychain bottle opener, folding shoehorn, foldable lint roller, and what not!

#11 Sand Clock

Time is money, and money comes with time management. As a result, watches and clocks are very common among men. But if you are planning to buy an authentic gift for your man, a sand clock is the best option available. 

This elegant deep brown sand clock has a compass attached to it on its top and can be placed anywhere to give your space an antique look. It can be placed on your study table, as a showpiece, or even on your table at the office for a classic view. 

#12 Champagne Opener

Parties sparkle a little more with champagne. Metro-sexual men are directly proportional to big official as well as home parties. So, a champagne opener can be a bonus to their parties. So, you can always give this product a thought. 

This champagne opener has been chosen because of its shining features. It comes with a gift box, and it works well with all the natural mushroom corks, plastic stoppers, and twist-off caps.

#13 Travel Pillow Set

Travel pillow set is an essential product during traveling. Almost all metro men are fascinated with traveling. However, this set would add up to their comfort. So if you know someone who loves traveling, this is the apt option of gift you are choosing. 

Travel Pillow set contains a complete set of foam neck pillow, eye cover mask, and a transformable bed sheet which can be turned into a carry bag to carry the entire kit. So it’s a win-win situation. 

#14 Hipflask And Shot Glasses Set

Modern men are always busy, and in the 21st century, we seek easy to carry and efficient things. Well, then a hipflask must be a better idea than carrying an entire rum bottle.

This product comes with a hip flash along with two shot glasses cutely packed within a box. This package makes it suitable to gift it at any occasion like a farewell, birthdays, marriage, etc. 

A trending gift always comes first if you want to impress someone. So, what’s better than something which can be utilized every day? So, if you know a smoker friend with an upcoming birthday, consider this product before scrolling. 

This product consists of a cigarette case with a gaslighter. It is durable and has a classic brown metallic cover. This is suitable for birthdays and farewells and can also be gifted as an engagement gift. If your budget is low, definitely go for it. 

#16 Gentlemen Pamper Gift Set

With time, men from the cities are becoming more conscious about their skin and appearance. So, even if they are not vocal about it, they are in dire need of a pamper gift set. You can always surprise them with this unexpected gift. 

This entire set is lemongrass and green tea flavored and is packed beautifully in a kit. It includes a shaving cream (120 ml), muscle relief cream, aftershave balm (120 ml), bath salt, bubble bath, refreshing body spray, a body wash, and shampoo. This is a much-needed essential after a long tiring week. 

#17 Beard Survival Kit

Beard Kit is another essential for men which can surprise them to a great extent. Of course, you might be familiar with men and their obsession with a beard. So, if you are gifting them a big beard survival kit, that might win their heart. 

This product is an exclusive combination of shampoo, balm, oil, plus the beard E-book, comb, boar’s hairbrush, and stainless steel scissors, and a storage bag. So this sums up everything you need for your beard. Isn’t it amazing!

This is considered as one of the essential gift materials but yet attractive and always helpful. What’s better than keeping someone hydrated? A steel water bottle is efficient and a long-term investment. Thus, the user may remember you every time they drink water for 4-5 years. 

This triple-layered insulated water bottle helps in keeping water or drink intact for 12-18 hours. And most importantly, it does not sweat, unlike other regular bottles in the market. This classy look makes it perfect for home use, traveling, and even in the office. 

#19 Travel Mug

A coffee mug which can be carried! Metro-men are especially attracted to beverages like coffee. So, a travel mug that gets fit into the car or during a tour is like heaven for them. Gifting a mug never goes out of fashion!

This matte black travel mug has especially been choose because of its insulated property. It can keep hot beverages hot for almost 9 hours and cold beverages cold for like 24 hours. So, it is the best option for a working man or even during a trip. 

#20 Leather Bracelet

A stylish bracelet with beautiful finishing is one of the classiest gifts one can ever think of. And especially modern men have a trend to wear a semi-formal leather bracelet at almost every event. So, you can consider this option. 

This leather product comes with an elegant bamboo box to carry it. The bracelet is composed of supple leather and has a 316L stainless steel clasp. The leather on the bracelet has a fade-resistant black tone, and you may select between a black or gold clasp.

#21 Tie With Tie Clip Set

Neck-ties are considered an essential accessory for metro-sexual men. Primarily if they work in any corporate sector, it is of their everyday use. Thus, gifting a tie can make them feel important and show that you genuinely care about them.


This set comprises four ties with different patterns with matched hanky cufflinks, three tie bars, and a box exclusively made to gift it. 


So, whatever you wish to give, the bottom line should carry some meaning to the receiver’s life. Even if it’s a small gift, try to relate it emotionally with your bond with that person. With all the options mentioned above, we hope you got a clear vision of what is best for your man. 

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