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21 Gifts for Biology Majors

Do you have a biology major as a son, daughter, boyfriend, friend, classmate, you name it? Is there any upcoming event, whether Christmas, graduation, or birthday, just to mention a few? If yes, there are high chances that you are looking for the best gift for them. So here are some gifts for biology majors you should consider.


21 Gifts for Biology Majors

#1 Biology Throw Pillow Cushion Cover

Everyone loves relaxing after a long day at work. Therefore, there are high chances that the Biology major has a few for that exact reason. These pillowcases will compliment them perfectly.


They are most likely majoring the science because they love it. Why then would this not appreciate a pillowcase written the name of precisely that subject that they love? Their material is polyester hence soft and durable. There are various sizes to choose from depending on how big or small your pillows are.

#2 Biology Bracelet

I can’t imagine a Biology major without even the slightest knowledge about the microscope. It is one of the most commonly used instruments in their room.


On the other hand, DNA is a topic that they cover extensively since they also study living things, and that’s a major part of who they are. Given how important the two are, this bracelet makes sense as one of the best gifts for Biology majors.


It has those two extensions hence likely to resonate with the recipient since it hits home. Moreover, its material is high-quality stainless steel for durability.


As a matter of fact, it can be most suitable as they graduate. The words of how she believed in herself hence made it are quite sweet, no doubt.

#3 Biology Cell T-Shirt

Another topic that Biology majors often study is the cell. That’s why we recommend this gift if they are your recipient. It has a picture of various parts of the cell.


That includes the nucleus, mitochondria, Golgi body, and endoplasmic reticulum, among other parts. Therefore, it could be a great collection for anyone interested in the subject, and Biology majors are perfect examples of passionate biology lovers.


There are various colors of these T-shirts depending on what they like. Going by their age and gender, you get to choose between men, women, and youth versions. The materials are cotton and polyester, and this blend is best for longevity and softness.

#4 Microscope Earings

Just because your girlfriend, daughter, classmate, or friend is majoring in Biology doesn’t mean she doesn’t like looking pretty. So help her look beautiful with these amazing earrings. They have a shape identical to that of a microscope, making them perfect for the recipient.


Their material is zinc hence durable and safe to wear. After all, it lacks neither lead nor nickel, making it eco-friendly and safe. As they hang on their ears, they will most likely smile, and you will be the person behind that. Isn’t it amazing? 

#5 Biology Gaming Mouse Pads

When they want to relax, Biology majors may opt to do various things, and one of them is playing a computer game. But, as much as gaming is fun, winning takes that fun to a whole new level.


Since a mouse pad can determine whether you win or lose, consider buying them this remarkable mousepad.


It measures 9.5 inches x 7.9 inches x 0.12 inches to give the gamer ample space to make the necessary moves. Its material is a combination of natural rubber and silk. Consequently, it serves the purpose right and lasts for a long time. It is also clean and maintains, not forgetting how decorative it can be on any desktop.

Can you imagine the recipient’s joy every time they check the time and see the DNA-themed wall clock? That’s why you should consider this one among the best gifts for biology majors. It even has the writings “Biology Science,” which clearly indicates that they have your support as they pursue their passion.


Besides the theme, its material is high-quality to ensure that it lasts for a long time. It is usually accurate and, above all, operates silently. The vinyl makes it classy and incredible for the room’s design regardless of the current home decor. It is ideal for use at home and in the office too.

Ever since the outbreak of the coronavirus global pandemic, masks have become part of our daily wear. Now that even the biology majors have to wear one, wouldn’t it be great to wear one with a theme of something they are passionate about? That explains why we recommend this mask among the best gifts for biology majors.


Its adjustable straps ensure that it fits perfectly regardless of the shape of the face. Moreover, the material is polyester for softness, comfort, and durability. It would be unbearable to wear an unbreathable face mask hence the need to buy such.

#8 Science Lab Socks

Socks keep us warm, but these particular ones suit scientists, including biology majors, the best. They have a scientific theme characterized by test tubes and googles adding fun to the comfort it brings.

The crew-cut fits the calf perfectly. On the other hand, the ribbed cuffs ensure that the socks remain in position.


You don’t want your loved ones to experience either bunching or pull-downs as they wear a pair of socks. Fortunately, that’s possible if you buy this pair. Its materials include spandex, nylon, and cotton hence long-lasting and comfortable. They are also machine washable.

Biologists often deal with bones, making this one of the best gifts for biology majors. They take the shapes of various parts of the body. One must also admit that they are quite humorous and better at getting the joke if not people with the knowledge of this particular field.


Its length is 15 cm, making it easy to carry around as it fits most pockets and purses. The material is high-quality plastic to ensure that they last for a long period. If you can afford it, get them a collection of all the possible options.

#10 Science Game

Biology majors already love the subject, but you can make it even more fun by gifting them such gifts. This game helps them play games that are relaxing and enjoyable. On top of that, they get to learn in the process.


It uses the right biological terms and vocabulary hence practical. From DNA to RNA, there is quite a lot that they can learn from the game. So, as they relax after a long day, make sure they have this game to make it possible.

As your friend, acquaintance, or loved one decorates the house or office, having the right tools can be helpful. Even if they already have the decoration, one more piece won’t hurt. On the contrary, it will make the situation even better, explaining the need to grab this gift for a biology major.


Its theme is the 3-D DNA helix to match the recipient’s passion perfectly. Its dimensions are 4.25 inches x 1.35 inches. Besides beautifying a room, it is also ideal for decorating a Christmas tree. Its material is a metal alloy which contributes significantly to its longevity.

#12 Bacteria-Themed Mug

Does your friend, family member, or loved one who is a biology major love tea, coffee, or chocolate? If nodding, make it an effort to buy them this mug.


In case you are wondering what’s the big deal, its theme is bacteria. Words such as bacteria being the only culture that some people have best describe biologists. They study germs extensively, and that’s why the gift is perfect.


Its material is ceramic for a high-quality product. It also has a capacity of 11 ounces which is ample to quench thirst. Moreover, it is dishwasher and microwave safe, not forgetting lead-free.

Most, if not all, ladies love carrying a small bag around to keep their makeup if there is a need for a retouch. If your female friend would appreciate one, grab this one. It makes sense to gift it to biology majors because of its theme, including images of DNA and microscope.


They are comfortable to carry around and also last for long. In addition, the printing doesn’t fade fast, making the bag relevant to the recipient for a long time.

Entomology focuses entirely on insects. Therefore, if you have biological majors specializing in that field, I couldn’t imagine a better drug. Furthermore, it helps them learn better since they will be using the real specimen to do so.


This package contains a locust or grasshopper. If they have a science center, it would be a great collection. Nevertheless, it is also perfect for a piece that decorates their table. Its dimensions are 77 mm by 41 mm by 20 mm hence doesn’t occupy too much space. It is also durable.

Regardless of the occasion, these gifts suit biology majors. It is comic to a great extent but also a perfect piece of decoration. Its writings and drawings scream science, including the scientist doodle.


Thanks to its two pairs of mounting holes, the installation will be a breeze. They are at liberty to use it indoors or outdoor. The size is 10 inches by 10 inches, making it hard to miss. On the other hand, the material is high-quality for durability. Last but not least, it won’t rust.

#16 Biological Antique

Antiques are also a great addition to any room. They add beauty to the house, making it warm and welcoming. One of the best gifts for biology majors is one with the subject’s theme. Besides the biological theme, this one also has a vintage look adding additional beauty.


The paper material is of high quality to ensure that it is worth every penny. But, equally important, its dimensions are 8 x 10 inches.

17 DNA Necklace

If the biology major you know loves necklaces, do not hesitate to grab this one. It has a DNA helix shape which is something any biologist would appreciate. In addition, its silver and gold finishing makes it durable.


It is a perfect gift even for someone with sensitive skin. After all, it has neither lead nor nickel. It will look beautiful even in years to come due to the choice of material and coating. It has a length of 50 cm and also adjustable to fit almost everybody perfectly.

Practice is crucial, especially for a biology major mastering anatomy. Ensure that your friend or loved one enjoys it by gifting them this toolset. It has up to 29 pieces, including blades, knives, and scalpels.


They use high-quality material to ensure that the dissecting tools serve their purpose right. To be precise, they use stainless steel, allowing you to use them for cutting and for a long time. In addition, they come in a zipper case to avoid loss and promote the organization.

#19 DNA Model

This gift is perfect for a genetic fan, biochemist, or biology major. As the name suggests, its shape is similar to the structure of the DNA. The model is 3D-printed hence real and beautiful. Its material is plastic for durability.

#20 Human Brain Anatomy Cufflinks

Biology majors pursuing or specialized in neology will appreciate these cufflinks. Their stainless steel and glass materials make them durable and stylish. They also match any occasion and style. It is also important to note that durability is also guaranteed.

#21 DNA Necktie

If the biology major loves ties, this is a perfect gift. Its standard length of 58 inches coupled with a narrow width of 2.75 inches makes it perfect and stylish. The fabric is incredible, and the DNA design on it is the icing on the cake.


Gifting has always been a great thing but buying practical and meaningful presents has a way of making it better. So, consider our suggestions of gifts for biology majors if that description fits the recipients. They will appreciate them, no doubt since they relate to what they do.

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