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Gift Ideas for Beekeepers - Best 27 Ideas

Beekeeping has been around for thousands of years ago, and the hobby has only gained in popularity over time. If you have someone on your holiday gift list who is interested in beekeeping and all things honey-related, check out this list of the top 27 best gifts for beekeepers in 2022.

These gifts were selected based on their popularity among other beekeepers, ease of use, and overall value. They are sure to put a smile on their face when they unwrap it on Christmas morning or any other special occasion. We hope you find the perfect gift here.

If you like nature and want to help out our fuzzy friends, look no further than bee drinking garden balls. They’re good gifts for any beekeeper who enjoys their little slice of paradise. This garden ball is made from glass materials and it is 6 inches in diameter.

If someone you know keeps bees, why not give them something to help out? A Mason bee bottle is one of the most practical gifts a beekeeper can receive. A Mason-bee trap allows individuals to capture wild bees, bringing them closer to their apiary.

This Mason Bee Bottle measures5.5 inches L x 3 inches in Diameter. Inside the bottle, there is a bundle of paper nesting tubes that invite bees to move in.

If your favorite beekeeper has a lot of events coming up, like a big meeting or date night with their spouse, you may want to go with something that they can wear over and over again. Gift them with some honeycomb cufflinks. They are handmade using wood and are plated in tarnish-resistant platinum.

We always enjoy the golden sweetness of honey. This honey pot is an excellent gift idea for beekeeping enthusiasts and hobbyists is a honey pot with a wooden spoon. You’ll be helping them harvest delicious honey while protecting their precious beeswax.

It’s also a wonderful way to display home-grown honey on your kitchen countertop or dining table.

This is a gift any beekeeper will love! It’s not just honey, but a series of six distinct gourmet honey from around the world. This book of honey boxes measures 9.5 inches L x 2.5 inches W x 8.5 inches H and it is included six 3oz jars of orange blossom, black sage, wildflower, sourwood, lavender, and tupelo honey.

This Bee Mosaic Wall Hanging Ornament can be displayed indoors throughout all seasons, you can bring it outside to hang during spring and summer. The flowery pattern is sure to brighten up any room or garden area and brings out nature’s beauty that even non-beekeepers will love. It is made from acrylic plastic and your friends will be amazed by this amazing decoration.

This little sign that can be hung up in a garden or on a fence is sure to make any beekeeper’s heart skip a beat. The kind of gift that’s not only practical but also adorable, these signs are perfect as gifts for birthdays, holidays, and other special occasions. It can be custom-made with your name or anything at all. It has been printed using long-lasting UV-resistant ink.

This magnetic hive tool holder keeps your tools safely close to where you need them, so they are always within easy reach. This is a nice gift because beekeeping involves dealing with so many small parts and pieces. It will eliminate the tool from accidentally dropping during inspections or forgetting where you set it.

Made from solid stainless steel, and sporting a heat shield to protect your hive, there’s no doubt that a smoker makes a great gift. This smoker is very easy to use and has an optional base plate that offers an air pocket which ensures a good flow of air. Its heat shield helps to prevent burns.

A keyring with a bee on it is a wonderful gift for any beekeeper. This is because it’s practical, cute, and super affordable. Ideally, this bee-saving keyring is made from vinyl, Cork, Glass, and aluminum materials and has 4.5 centimeters in length. It has bee boost serum which consists of sucrose, glucose, and fructose to boost exhausted bees.

The gift of a hive tool is perfect for any beekeeper, especially new hobbyists. A hive tool makes it easy to perform important tasks, such as removing bees from frames or lifting out frames to check on their progress. Hive tools can be made out of stainless materials, and a wide variety of styles are available.

The perfect gift for beekeeping enthusiasts, a beekeeping suit keeps you safe from stings and at peace with your new furry friends. The gear itself is usually made from latex or polyurethane, both of which are naturally resilient to honeybee stings.

These suits are made of durable material that’s easy to clean and won’t melt if it accidentally touches beeswax or honey.

The uncapping needle roller is made of durable stainless steel and has dual sharp blades to remove wax cappings. It’s an essential tool that helps beekeepers get those caps off their honeycombs. This Needle Roller has a smooth handle that is constructed from wood materials making it easy to operate.

Do you have a friend or family member who’s working to keep bees? Help her track her progress and development as a beekeeper with a Beehive Tracking Journal, which includes sections for basic hive info, queen and brood, hive condition, medication, and feeding.

This Beekeepers Tracking Journal has patented water-shedding papers that are all-weather and keeps moisture out.

The Backyard Beekeeper is a practical guide on how to set up your beehive. It covers every aspect of beekeeping, including what tools you need, how to buy and care for bees, ways to care for your bees, extracting honey, handling swarms, and dealing with pests and diseases. This book will teach you everything you need to know about beekeeping.

Sturdy and durable, this beautiful earthy-looking mug will see you through many hot lattes! Keep it in your car, your handbag, or at your desk at work and you’ll never need to feel guilty about getting a takeaway hot drink in a plastic cup again. It is durable and sturdy and you can keep it in your handbag, your car, or at your desk.

The cute and unique Bee Water Bath Garden Decor is a fun gift that’s sure to make your beehive-loving friend smile. This 3 x 3 inch Wholesome Hive Water Bath will offer a welcoming and accessible place for bees to get a drink.

Swarm Commander Swarm Lure is a good option if you’re looking to attract a colony of bees to your yard. It works especially well if you’re trying to establish a new hive at your home.

The professional version of Swarm Commander comes with instructions, but we have detailed instructions here on how to use it. it is a 2oz High Mist Sprayer that will allow you to establish new bee colonies with less effort.

The thicker and more sturdy a beekeeper’s gloves are, the better they will protect their hands from bee stings. Its Cotton gauntlet will fit halfway between your elbow and wrist making it ideal for individuals with large forearms.

If your special someone is more of a hobbyist than an actual beekeeper, then a hive carrier may be just what they need. It allows you to move their bee hives around, beekeepers can keep their swarms safe while also protecting them from various elements that could damage or infect them. It can carry up to 150 lbs.

A bee hive smoker is an essential tool to keep on hand, so gifting a smoker fuel will provide endless amounts of joy as you watch your recipient smoke bees out of their hive and into oblivion.

This smoker fuel is made using quality jute and will provide a cool, light smoke. Moreover, it provides a continuous burn for beekeeping smokers.

If you’re looking for a gift idea that will help with convenience and comfort, Velcro ankle straps make a good choice. This is one of those small gifts that make life as a beekeeper just a little bit better.

This one pair of ankle pant garters will hold the pants in place while wearing waders and is adjustable in length and width and has a hook and loop Velcro closure design.

This gift would be perfect if your friend or family member is a lover of bees and often spends time with them. The kit contains all that you need to help establish a habitat for honeybees, including plant seeds, garden stones, and information about gardening.

This is a simple, inexpensive but thoughtful gift that any beekeeper will appreciate. It is made from 100 % Cotton and has a sturdy loop for hanging. It is a fashionable tea towel that is fashionable and easy to take care of.

In addition to that, it has a trendy design and pattern making it a perfect addition to your home decoration.

This wine bottle topper is shaped like a beehive and gives your bottles a touch of sophistication. This gift is as creative as it is functional, so it’s a solid option if you want to give something functional but also fun. You can use it to seal champagne, wine, beer, mineral water, oil, and more.

The beehive candle set makes a wonderful gift and is perfect for any beekeeper. Whether you are planning a baby shower, wedding, birthday party, or any bee-themed event, this beehive candle will make unforgettable centerpiece decorations and party favors.

Whether you’re looking to treat your sister, wife, friend, or neighbor, a female beekeeper portrait makes an excellent gift. The perfect piece of art to hang on your walls at home or put on display at your local coffee shop or restaurant. It can be customized in just any way to your liking.

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