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21 Gag gifts for retirement

The retirement phase is one of the most blissful and peaceful phases of one’s life. After years of running around to meet targets and satisfy clients, you get to settle down and enjoy life during your retirement. You start looking forward to your retirement, because it allows you to catch up with things that you haven’t been able to previously, thanks to your busy work schedules.

Do you want to gift someone for their retirement? It could be your boss, colleague, subordinate, doctor, lawyer, spouse, principal or just about anybody else. If yes, here are 21 creative ideas to pick from, help them enjoy retirement, and bring this phase on, with a smile on their faces.

This wine tumbler comes with a funny message to reflect the mind of the retired person. All through his career, he might have done something that he really didn’t want to.  So, his retirement is something that he would look forward to, so that he can get to enjoy simple moments in his life with his loved ones.

With no deadlines to meet and no competition with peers, he can live his life just the way he wants. This double-walled insulated wine tumbler reminds him of just this thought funnily. So it is a great fun and functional retirement gift.

This one is definitely funny! Here is a metal sign that a person can hang on his door, and have a laugh about it. We usually see boards in front of homes saying “dogs beware.” However, this board asks others to be cautious as a retired person lives in that home.

One to tickle the funny bones of everybody around, this metal sign is great for a retiring grandpa or any close relative. He will hang this board proudly in front of his home, garage, or garden, as he is sure to love the wit of this message.

This is a coffee mug with a funny message for a man who has just retired. After years of slogging at the office, this is the phase when he gets to spend a lot of time at home.

The coffee mug speaks funnily about the fact that he is under the new management of his wife. The retired person and his wife will definitely have a hearty laugh after reading this message.

4. The clock doesn't matter anymore

As a person starts his retired life, he doesn’t have to rush for anything. He can lead his life calmly at his own pace. The clock doesn’t matter to him anymore. This is exactly why this coffee mug is the right gift for him.

It comes with a clock symbol, but it also has the message that a retired person need not bother about the time anymore. With its witty message, this high-quality ceramic coffee mug will be a huge hit among the receivers.

As such, a toilet paper roll, in itself, is a funny gift. When it contains a funny retirement message, it only becomes all the more funny and pun-intended. This one contains the message, “the legend has retired” which will make the person feel special.

The best part of this gift is the roll of toilet paper is of very high quality, and the message comes printed in indelible ink, which makes it last for a long time.

The four words of “the legend have retired” are definitely very special, as it gives a lot of respect to the retired person. However, when these words are printed on interesting gifts, they can make great gag retirement, like the one we have mentioned here.

This is not just a normal teacup or coffee mug. It comes in a pink theme, and it has additional accessories like a lid and a golden stirrer, that add to its charm. This is a great gift for any lady who has just retired, as she will be overwhelmed with the overall pink theme of this gift.

7. For the retired one who loves to cycle

More often than not, many people cite work reasons for not being able to pursue their passion. So, what could be a better retirement gift for them than something that would remind them of their passion?

This is not only a thoughtful gift, but also a subtle reminder to the person to lead an active life during retirement.

This T-shirt is a great choice for the cycling-loving person. It comes with a picture of a cycle, and it is designed for riding enthusiasts. Made from 100% USA-grown cotton, this is a comfortable shirt that your friend would love a lot.

Have you heard of business cards for retired people? Well, this gift will you an idea of what we are talking about.  This is a funny business card for the person who has just retired. It contains funny words like, “ask someone else,” “don’t call,” “no deadlines” and more.

These are not business cards, but out-of-business cards actually! Gift a box containing some cards like these on your friend’s retirement, and watch the entire group erupt in laughter.

9. Retirement Gift for the wine lover

With no deadlines to meet and no work pressure, retired people can drink as much wine they want whenever they want.

This wine tumbler with a message that reflects this thought is just the icing on the cake! You can gift this glass to anybody who has just retired, as it is a universal and popular retirement gift.

10. Funny retirement gift for a husband

Retirement means one stops going to the office; it doesn’t mean one stops working altogether. This coffee mug comes with this funny message, much to the joy of the retired person’s family members. The wife of the husband who has just retired will definitely have a hearty laugh reading this message.

This 11-ounce ceramic mug is made from high-quality material, and the message is printed in indelible ink, which makes it a long-lasting retirement gift that you can consider,

Here is a funny yet functional gift for a retired person. This may look like an ordinary bag, but the message on it is really funny.

A retired person may have to run many errands in his free time for his family; therefore, this tote bag would be of great use to him.

This reusable bag comes with a cotton lining and an interesting but funny theme that makes it a perfect gift for anybody who is retiring.

12. Retirement gift showing bucket list of ideas

When someone dear to you has officially retired, they need to be given gifts to help them enjoy their retirement phase and motivate them to realize their dreams. If you thought all of this is sounding too philosophical, you are mistaken.

Here is a gift pack of 50 cards that will give retirees a smile on their faces. These rustic-themed cards contain a bucket list of ideas that retirees can fill in, and realize one by one in their free time.

13. Coffee Mug filled with sarcasm

Is your boss, co-worker, or subordinate retiring? Look no further than this retirement gift for them. This may be an ordinary-looking coffee mug, but the message printed on it is out of the world, indeed. It is funny and sarcastic.

It makes the retirees smile wholeheartedly, as the mug proclaims that the person worked all his life just to get this mug as a gift. With a dash of humor and sarcasm, this coffee mug definitely lists as one of the top gag retirement gifts you can ever think of.

14. Retirement Beer Can Sleeves with a funny message

Do you want the retiree to flaunt his retirement in style and elegance, but with a lot of wit and pun? Here is an interesting gift you can give him, in that case. This gift includes a set of 6 beer can sleeves that can be stuck perfectly on 12-ounce beer cans or 12-16 ounce bottles.

These sleeves are made from insulated polyurethane foam, and come with the wordings, “Retired – not my problem anymore.” If that’s not what a gag retirement gift is all about, what is?

15. Funny socks with a message for the retired boss lady

While she was in the office, she would have kept you all on your toes all the time. So it is only natural to give the boss lady a perfect parting gift when she retires.

Here is a pair of socks that is funny and good enough to let the boss lady know that she was and will continue to be the queen forever.

These socks come in different colors and are available in free sizes. They are made from comfortable, machine-washable fabric, and the lady would love to flaunt these, while she on her much-needed vacation.

16. Stainless Steel Spoon with a funny message engraved on it

Not all retirement gifts need to be functional. Some can be kept as memoirs too. This fun-themed retirement gift is a cute little memento that will remind retirees of their last day at work very fondly.

The gift is unique because it is a stainless steel spoon that is 7.5 inches long. However, what makes this spoon attractive and funny is its wordings more than its design or look.

The words, “I am done” are engraved on it clearly in long-lasting ink. Retirees can also use this stainless steel spoon for their daily use.

17. Funny T-shirt with a sarcastic message

If you are looking for fun and sarcastic retirement gifts, this graphic T-shirt is a great choice. It comes with a “currently unsupervised” message, and in different colors, that make it attractive.

 Made from 100% preshrunk cotton material, these T-shirts are also available in different sizes, and they are apt for retiring men and women. The witty words on this shirt are sure to make retirees break into a smile automatically.

18. A retirement gift from over-confident co-workers

Retirees will treasure this coffee mug forever, thanks to the beautiful, funny and emotional message printed on it.

Even if they may have received many coffee mugs from other friends, retirees cannot let go of this one because this gift comes with tongue-in-cheek humor they cannot ignore.

19. Funny retirement message that you cannot miss

Here is a gift for a retiree, who had wanted to quit long back to pursue his dreams. Many people are compelled to continue with their jobs even if their hearts lie somewhere else, to run their families. On the day of their retirement these people feel free and like a  kid again.

This coffee mug is a funny and thoughtful gift for these types of people, as the wordings printed on it reflect the retirees’ exact mindset.

20. One for the retired police officer

Here is a super-awesome gift for a retiring police officer that loves a bit of wordplay. This is a coffee mug,  but with a clever and funny message printed on it, relating to the officer’s profession.

The wordings go this way – “Retired Police Officer- Time To Give It Arrest.” The clever and pun-intended words used here cannot be ignored.

21. Funny retirement gift for a co-worker or boss

If you want to think of a funny retirement gift, but don’t want to be too creative or funky about it, a card with powerful words is a good choice. This beautiful card is the perfect retirement gift for someone working in your company.

While this card wishes the retiree good luck, it also subtly points out that many avoidable meetings were conducted at your workplace. This message will make the retiree crack up and remember all the good and not-so-good times he spent at his workplace.

In today’s advanced world, you can find many retirement gifts that are funny, sarcastic and emotional at the same time. Gone are the days when retirement gifts would be journals, mementos and cards. You can choose from one of the 21 gifts mentioned above, to ensure that the retiree leaves the organization with a happy smile on his face, looking forward to spending his life with a lot of laughter and joy.

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