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21 Awesome Gag Gifts for Teachers

Teachers are our second mothers, undoubtedly. They deserve all the love and respect from us. More often than not, their job is underrated. If you want to bring a smile to your teacher’s faces, and appreciate them for the great work that has been doing, here are some interesting gifts you can choose from. Get away from the tradition of choosing the same old cards and bouquets, and think out of the box to choose from these funny but useful gifts, which are sure to make your teachers’ day.

Who doesn’t love a shot glass in which they can enjoy their wine during their free time? This shot glass is a perfect gift for a teacher who is about to retire, or one who intends to take a break from her job. When your teacher looks at this gift, she is sure to break into a smile, as it reminds her that she needs to enjoy your break from her tedious job.

2. Sticky Note Packet

You can call this a planner or an organizer, but with a twist. This sticky notes packet contains witty acronyms that you cannot talk about in front of your teacher. Well, you will understand more, if we tell you the acronym, “WTF” is a part of the acronyms mentioned in this packet. As your teacher opens this gift, she is going to be thankful for the thoughtful gift you have chosen for her to organize her schedule, but when she sees the acronyms, she is surely going to have a whale of a time!

3. Coffee Mug

What better gift for a teacher than one with spelling mistakes? This coffee mug is funny yet useful. The best thing about this gift is that it is affordable, and you have plenty of options to pick from. You can choose the mugs with the funniest and wittiest options that can be great gifts for your teachers.

4. Funny Notepads

Most of the teachers have notepads on their desk to remember important tasks for the day. However, it is time to give them something better than the usual and boring notepads. These funny notepads are a great gift for your teachers. They come printed with short and humorous messages, that will definitely bring a smile to your teachers’ faces, when she uses them to note down important things.

Is your teacher a wine lover? If yes, he or she is going to be mighty impressed with this gift. In this age of online education, the wordings on this glass suit the occasion perfectly. Made from high quality materials, this wine glass is built to last for a long time. Every time your teacher uses this glass, he or she is going to think of your thoughtfulness.

6. Funny T-Shirt

Great for all teachers, especially math teachers, this simple cotton shirt is a funny but interesting gift. A teacher always takes pride in the difficulty of her subject. If she is a math teacher, she is going to love this gift, because the message here speaks about math being a nightmare for many.

Here is an interesting gift that you can give your teachers to remind them how awesome they are.  Apart from relaxing them with the calming scent of the essential oils used in the candle, the wordings on the gift will help them stay motivated and feel proud about their profession.

This has to be one of the perfect gifts for your teacher. Today, most of the students depend more on Google than their teachers to get answers for their queries. So, the wording on this mug is sure to bring a nod to your teacher’s face, when he/she gets to open it. Your teacher is going to love this for sure!

If you want to get innovative or funny when gifting something to your teacher, look no further than coffee mugs. Not just any other coffee mugs, but ones with interesting messages! Here is a funny mug with a grammar correction message that is bound to bring a smile to any teacher’s face, even the strictest ones! These ceramic mugs are not only printed with funny messages, but they are also very useful. Made from high-quality ceramic material, they are affordable but long-lasting.

10. Wall Hanging

Are you thinking of an interesting gift for your math teacher for her birthday, anniversary, retirement, teacher’s day, or any other special occasion? Here is a wall hanging that she can hang indoors or outdoors in her house. The funny message on this wall hanging is what makes the gift worthwhile. It comes inbuilt with 2 holes, so your teacher will have no difficulty in using this.

11. Funny and motivational quotes

Now, here is something that would really motivate your teacher and make her appreciate her job more than ever. This beautiful glass jar contains 31 colorful chits with motivational quotes in each of them. Your teacher can pick any chit on any random day of the month and start her day smiling at the positivity and humor of these quotes.

12. Makeup Bag for women teachers

Here is a gift that your teacher will love. What better way to make her feel proud than this beautiful makeup bag as her retirement gift? The simple words on this bag not only reiterate how awesome she was, but also helps you show your gratitude towards her.

Have you been trying to get useful, but funny and affordable gifts for your teachers? These kitchen towels are a great idea. With beautiful messages, a little bit of wordplay and lots of humor, these kitchen or tea towels are great gifts for any teacher, especially the one that teaches English.

14. Mug and Glass Holder

This is a classy gift that you can gift your teacher. A person who is a coffee and wine lover is surely going to appreciate this, for this elegant wood-style holder comes with two stands for holding your coffee mugs and wine glasses. It comes with a provision to hold two mugs and two glasses. With an interesting message as well, we are sure your teachers are going to love you for this thoughtful gift.

15. Sarcastic gift for the math teacher

How about a gift that tests the knowledge of your math teacher? Here is a coffee mug with a humorous quote that is sure to crack up her mind. Your math teacher is going to have a tough time hiding her smile when she sees the wording on it. If you love the way your math teacher teaches you, then this gift would bear testimony to that fact. It is a mix of sarcasm, humor and wit all put together.

16. Unique travel mug for teachers

This is one of those gifts you can give for a new teacher, retiring teacher, your favorite teacher, a friend who has become a teacher and more. In short, this is a unique gift that is suitable for all types of teachers. A travel mug that comes with all the necessary accessories like lid, straw and brush, this gift comes with a unicorn-themed message to let the teacher know how unique she is.

It is a stainless steel travel mug that comes with vacuum insulation. Your teacher can carry this to wherever she goes, and she can’t help thinking of you and smiling as she reads the message on this mug. Available in beautiful colors, this travel mug is affordable, useful and durable. It comes with messages that appreciate and show gratitude to teachers. It can be given for their birthdays, wedding anniversaries, retirement functions and many more.

17. Christmas Gift of Socks

Here is a cute little Christmas Gift that you can give your teachers who are about to take a break, or all to set to go on a vacation. However, these socks are not just meant to be Christmas gifts. With their witty words, these socks are perfect for all occasions. If you know of a hardworking teacher, who deserves a holiday to sit back, relax and enjoy her drinks, you can gift her these adorable pair of socks.

18. A mug that explains a teacher’s profile

A teacher’s job goes through lots of challenges and hurdles. There is no better way to respect your teacher than showing them gratitude for what they do, day in and day out. Even the pandemic hasn’t given them a break. Like frontline warriors, they continue to carry on with the noble job of imparting education to many young minds. So, it is only natural for you to give them a gift that briefly but funnily explains their profile in a gist.

This coffee mug looks simple, but its wordings are quite powerful. The mug exactly describes a teacher’s profile in a few words. Your teacher’s job may seem to be very simple from the outside, but she goes through a lot in her everyday life, which is beautifully explained in this mug. So, if you want to see an approving smile on your teacher’s face when she opens the gift, this can be a good choice for you.

19. Stainless Steel Wine Tumbler

This double insulated, stainless steel, stemless wine tumbler has got to be one of the cutest gifts you can give your teacher who loves her wine. The mug rightly claims that she can drink because she teaches, comes in an excellent package. Your teacher can use this as a flask to enjoy hot and cold drinks of her choice. The visual appearance of this product, along with its package and humor-filled words will automatically bring a smile to your teachers’ lips.

Another highlight of this wine tumbler is that you don’t need any special occasion for gifting the same to your teacher. You can gift her this just to show your appreciation and gratitude towards her, for the wonderful service she had been delivering for many years.

Are you looking for a gift for your teacher in the home improvement category? This throw pillow with some of the beautiful words, is a great idea, in that case. Your teacher can use this to decorate the sofa or chair in her home. The simple pictorial message printed on the throw pillow will show your teacher as a fairy when compared to other normal teachers.

Who doesn’t love a little bit of comparison? When she sees this throw pillowcase, your teacher is bound to smile. She can’t help feeling a sense of pride in her heart, that one of her students considered her special over other teachers. Made from eco-friendly cotton fabric, this pillowcase can be easily washed as well, making things easy for your teacher.

What can be a good gift for your favorite teacher or Principal who is retiring? Wine bags to hold her bottles at the retirement party, of course! Made from high-quality linen, these wine bottle bags come with drawstrings to hold the wine bottles securely. Now, your teacher doesn’t have to look for the right place to keep her wine bottle.  With explanations given for each letter of the word retirement, these bags can be a gentle reminder for your teacher to take a break and enjoy her retired life to the fullest.


Next time, when you want to gift something to your favorite teacher, think creatively and choose from one of the above-mentioned gifts. Gone are the days when journals, pens, greeting cards and the like proved to be the staple gifts for Teachers’ Day. Today, the options are limitless, and it is not incorrectto remind your teachers to let their hair down and have some fun as well. When a teacher receives a funny and creative gift from you, she will remember it forever. So, choose the right gift now.

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