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25 Thoughtful Gag Gifts for Mom

We don’t need any occasion to give gifts to our moms. A mom is a superwoman who is there whenever we need her. She sacrifices her life for our happiness; therefore, the least we can do for her is to bring a smile to her face. Listed below are some funny and thoughtful gifts that you can give your mom on any occasion to make her feel loved, happy and proud.

1. Slang Flashcards to catch up with today’s language

Most of our moms don’t understand the new terminology of the young generation of today. These funny flashcards contain some of the most used slang with their meanings. Your mom will definitely appreciate this thoughtful gift, as she would now feel confident to speak to your friends with the new terms that she learned from your gift. The best part of this gift is that it contains beautiful illustrations as well, making it easy for your mom to understand the concepts.

2. Wine Tumbler with a funny message

This is not just a wine tumbler, but a premium stainless steel tumbler that your mom can use to enjoy her hot and cold drinks. What’s fascinating is the message on the tumbler. Your mom is definitely going to feel proud when she reads this, because it clearly says that you will not have it easy if you mess with your mom. Apart from bringing a smile to her lips, this gift will also make her feel powerful and proud of her responsibilities.

3. A book to torture her children

This is the next-level parenting guide you can gift a new mom. Made with funny illustrations and new torturing techniques, this gift is sure to make her laugh whole-heartedly. She gets to learn new methods to traumatize and discipline her kids through this gift. Though she may not follow the weird ways mentioned here, it is surely a good gift that she can enjoy many years later as well.

4. Personalized desk signs

Are you looking for an innovative but funny gift for a working mom? Here is a great option for you – a personalized desk sign that she can flaunt on her work desk. These signboards are small but contain powerful messages that she is boss at home. She would love her co-workers to see this sign, as it gives her a chance to feel proud about your choice. These desk signs are classy, sophisticated and witty at the same time.

5. Funny and Inspirational Bracelets

Do you want your mom’s face to light up in joy when she opens your gift? It is time to gift her jewelry, then! To make the gift more memorable, you can engrave your mom’s name on a bracelet before presenting it to her. Cuff-style bracelets with their minimalist designs can be personalized with funny words and themes to bring a smile to your mom’s face.

6. Coffee Mug with Funny Message

Regardless of the occasion, coffee mugs never go out of vogue, when it comes to gifting. However, to make this common gift not so common, you need to choose the mugs with the right words for the right person. This coffee mug is sure to delight her because it puts her a step above other normal mothers. So, if you want to impress your mother and get into her good books, thank her for her contributions with his beautiful coffee mug.

7. Shirt for a tired mother

Regardless of her experience, a mother can never relax or have some me-time for herself for long. She gets called for various things and she keeps running all through the day. If only she werea mobile, her battery would get drained out every few hours. So, here is a beautiful shirt that perfectly represents a mom’s busy lifestyle. However tired she is, she will break into a smile when she receives this gift from you.

8. Beautiful Kitchen Cooking Aprons

Here is a funny but useful gift that you can give your mom on her birthday, for Christmas, Thanksgiving, or any other occasion. Generally, moms feel delighted when you gift them anything related to the kitchen. This double-pocketed, comfortable apron is sure to make her feel content. However, the icing on the cake is the funny yet witty words on the apron. She is going to be floored at the humor of the words.

9. Funny Message on a Travel Mug

Here is a gift that children with a lot of self-esteem can give their moms. This travel mug doubles up as a wine tumbler as well. Made from high-quality stainless steel, this mug can be a good travel companion for your mum. While she will enjoy this thoughtful gift, she will enjoy the wording more, because it will remind her of her beautiful kids, and a feeling of pride will remain inside her.

10. Planners for a busy mom

Have you seen your mom running around doing things at the last minute, as she has no time to organize her tasks? This planner will do a world of good for her, in that case. Why does an ordinary planner find itself a place in the list of gag gifts, you may wonder. It is because of the wordings and illustrations on the planner. It contains some cuss words, that wouldn’t dare to tell your mother on her face. Nevertheless, she will have a broad smile on her face, when she sees those words on the planner.

11. Comforting Blanket with motivating and funny messages

Here is a great idea to provide your mom the luxury and comfort that she deserves. While she may have expected many things from you, she definitely wouldn’t have expected a blanket, of all gifts! However, this is not just any other blanket. These soft Sherpa blankets can be used for many purposes. To make the gift more interesting, you can also personalize it and engrave your mom’s names or funny quotes on it, before gifting it to her.

12. Coasters for a mom who can appreciate humor

Does your mom have a thing for cleanliness? This is a perfect gift for a mom with OCD. While the beautiful coasters in eco-friendly bamboo material are great housewarming gifts, you can also gift them on other occasions as well. Bid goodbye to the old and plain coasters and go for these coasters that come with funny messages to bring a smile to your mom’s face.

13. Socks with a message

If your mother is a wine lover, she will love this wine accessory that you have got for her. These are not just a pair of socks, but socks with funny and meaningful messages. She can wear these socks and stretch her legs well, so that others can read the messages on the socks, and act according to her wishes. Get her these socks if you want her to take a break from her routine life and pamper her with some care.

14. Dish Towels appreciating a mom’s contribution

Dish Towels and moms have an inseparable connection. However, what if we told you that the plain old dish towels, too, come in innovative designs? Here is one such attractive dish towel, designed exactly for a mom. While the soft, cotton fabric of the towels makes them easy to use and wash, the wordings on these towels are so funny that your mom can’t help smiling every time she uses them.

15. Beautiful gloves for moms who love gardening

Does your mom love gardening? If yes, what are you waiting for? This is the right time for you to gift her these beautiful gardening gloves. Unlike normal gloves, these come with sets of plastic claws that make it easy for your mom to dig the ground and plant more trees, without getting her hands dirty. Made from safe materials, these gloves are built to last for a long time.

16. Thoughtful gift for the cooking-loving mom

If your mom loves to read different recipes and try different cuisines, this recipe holder made from eco-friendly bamboo material is a great choice. You don’t have to wait for an occasion to gift her this. Apart from using it to hold a recipe book, it can also be hung on the kitchen wall, making it an integral part of your mom’s kitchen décor. What’s more? The beautiful wordings engraved on this recipe holder are sure to touch her heart.

17. A shirt that she can flaunt

Here is a cutely-worded shirt that your mom wouldn’t mind flaunting to her friends a million times. Made from 100% cotton, this shirt will fit her well and make her feel comfortable. However, the wordings will get her the most excited to wear this as soon as possible.

18. Apron with a message

A kitchen apron never goes out of fashion when looking for the perfect gifts for your mom. However, this one is a class apart from the rest, as it comes with three pockets and is made from 100% comfortable fabric. That’s not all. The witty words on this apron will make your mom super-happy, because the words reiterate her thoughts exactly.

19. Sibling love and mum’s gift combined

Here is the perfect gift for your mom, especially if you have a sister. The value of this coffee mug has surely gone up several notches higher with the excellent words printed on it. Just when your mother gets emotional reading the first part of the message, she will be stumped as she gets to the last part! While your mother will have a whale of a time using this mug, please ensure your sister doesn’t get to see this, as she wouldn’t like this message one bit.

20. Aromatic candle with a loving message

If you want your mother to take a  break from her busy lifestyle, this is a great option you can choose. This aromatic candle will light up her room, and give her the relaxation she rightly deserves after a long day of work. While she loves the soothing and relaxing feeling of her body & mind, she will also enjoy the words on this candle very much. She will be thrilled about your love for her.

21. Cool gift for a modern mom

A coffee mug again on this list! Only this time, the message printed on it would suit a modern mom familiar with the new generation’s vocabulary and other slang. While this is an ultra-cool gift for your mom, we recommend you gift these only if you think your mom wouldn’t mind the language on the mug.

22. Awkward family photos album

If you have been looking for the perfect opportunity to bond with your mom and the rest of your family members, this game is a good try. It is easy and exciting at the same time. It can be played as a big group, making it one of the most memorable nights for your mom and you.

23. Egg timer that sings

Here is a gift that your mom is going to truly appreciate you for! Regardless of how great a cook she is, she still has to keep watching over the stove to know if the eggs have been cooked to the right consistency. With this egg timer, she doesn’t have to break a sweat, as the gadget keeps giving beeps when the eggs are soft-boiled, medium-boiled and hard-boiled. How cool is that?

24. Relaxing and floating tea infuser

A tea-infuser with a twist, for the tea-loving mom! This unique, unicorn-themed floating tea infuser is very easy to use, and it looks attractive. So, your mom is going to enjoy it to her heart’s content.

25. Shirt for a mom who is angry

More often than not, your mom gets angry at everyone in the house for not appreciating her contributions. On such days, you can try to reduce her anger by gifting her a beautiful shirt, like this one. As she reads the wordings printed on the shirt, she will forget her anger and laugh heartily.

The market is filled with many such innovative gifts for moms. If you want to make your mom happy, don’t wait for any occasion. Get one of these right now and watch the joy on her face; it is definitely a priceless experience.

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