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american gift ideas for japanese friends

21 American Gifts for Japanese Friends

Do you have Japanese friends who you are planning to visit soon? Most likely, you
haven’t seen them for long and can’t wait to see them. Are you wondering what
to take with you as gifts?


That can be a daunting task, given the many options out there. But you also love
them enough to want to see them smile once they receive what you take home. So,
how then do you ensure that you take home is something that will be meaningful?


Luckily, we have several American gifts for Japanese friends they will love and

appreciate. So, without further ado, let’s start discussing them.

Table of Contents

American Gift Ideas for Japanese Friends Under $20

If the Japanese friend is a student or often jolts things down, consider this amazing notebook. It has up to 240 ruled pages, enough for much writing. They can use them for musings, lists, and notes.

Its cardboard cover ensures that it stays intact and neat for a long time. There is also a bookmark for easy access to certain pages. Last but not least, there’s an inner pocket for additional storage.

Although Japanese people often call them mufflers, they wear scarves during winter. They also prefer silk which is why this is one of the best American gifts for Japanese friends. Besides neck and head when it is cold, they are also ideal for hats and purses. They are suitable for various occasions.


They are soft due to the high-quality silk material. So, whether your friend wants something to protect them from cold during winter or sun come summer, this scarf will never disappoint.

Your Japanese friends most likely have a car, backrest, or coach with cushions. Buying these pillowcases is something they will appreciate since they have a stylish look. They will light up any room.


On the other hand, they will help keep the cushions clean. The pillowcases are always easier to wash than cushions. They have double-sided prints and a zipper. Their dimensions are 18 x 18 inches.

If your Japanese friend loves cooking, this condiment can be the perfect gift you take with you as you visit Japan. From picnic to grilling, it will never disappoint. Of course, it is ideal for hamburgers and hot dogs as well.


The ketchup has a rich and sweet taste. Why not when the manufacturer uses sweet, ripe, juicy, red tomatoes? The Relish is the perfect combination of sweet and sour with an excellent tanginess. As for mustard, it is made of natural mustard seeds, vinegar, and spices.

If your Japanese friends like wine, change their drinking moments with this wine board. It can hold a bottle and four glasses of wine. That’s enough to change the experience of serving himself and his friend’s wine for the better.


The material is bamboo for style and longevity. It is sturdy enough to hold the weight of the wine, bottle, and glasses. This stand also has wide compatibility when it comes to the sizes and shapes of wine bottles. So, don’t hesitate to gift one to a wine enthusiast because they will love it.

If your friend is a family person, these fridge magnets will be a great addition to his home. It makes it possible to hang their family photos on the fridge floor. Almost every family member walks to the fridge at least once daily. As they do, they are met by photos of loved ones, and that’s a great source of joy.


They are also perfect for notes and grocery lists. But, above all, they make the fridge relatively lively.

American Gift Ideas for Japanese Friends Under $50

Japanese people love candy and, above all, have the spirit of sharing. These candy bars are not only delicious but also easy to share.


Taking them to your Japanese friends will be highly appreciated as they will share with their co-workers and friends with ease.


They also have nutritious ingredients, including modified food starch, usually corn, dextrose, maltodextrin, corn syrup, and sugar, just but to mention a few. They are also allergy-free and gluten-free.

Next on our list of recommendations is a packet of short biscuits. Again, your pal will most likely enjoy such a delicious treat. It has a lemon taste which makes every bite refreshing, delicious, and enjoyable. They are also crisp, and there is something about crunchiness that makes such things fun to eat.


They have natural ingredients, including organic lemon oil, water, flaked oats, sugar, vegetable oil, and fortified wheat flour. Others include margarine, flavoring, salt, rapeseed, and palm, and the raising agent is sodium bicarbonate. However, it is important to note that they contain common allergens such as eggs, soy, tree nuts, and gluten.

Popcorns has, over time, proved to be one of the ingredients of a perfect movie in America. As for Japan, they don’t need an occasion to enjoy a bowl of popcorn. Therefore, you can carry these popcorns when visiting your Japanese friends and they will surely enjoy it. 


They have come up with several ways of cooking popcorns to give them a local taste. The common ones include Matcha free tea, Wasabi, soy sauce butter, and miso butter popcorns. Japan imports most of its popcorns in America and taking some directly sounds perfect.

Japanese often appreciates American universities’ sweatshirts and T-shirts. Therefore, if you are scratching your head wondering what you should gift a Japanese friend, this Briar University sweatshirt could do the trick.


It is unisex and of high quality with materials such as cotton and polyester. The loose fit makes it more stylish as well. You are at liberty to choose white or black depending on the preference of the recipients. 


This is one of the best American gifts for Japanese friends who are tea enthusiasts. It is also perfect for a tea party as they enjoy great moments with their local friends and neighbors. This tea has a taste that is on point. Since the producer is also the manufacturer, the tea is always fresh.


They don’t use insecticides to grow the tea, making it safe for the health of your loved one. It makes sweat tea séance its flavor doesn’t have any bitterness. You also don’t need to use much tea for a perfect flavor. Equally important, it is calorie-free and gluten-free. 

For a Japanese friend who loves scotch, consider this set for a gift. It contains glass with 300 ml and up to 8 whiskey stones made of natural granite. The stones come in a velvet bag to ensure that they last for a long time.


Besides that, it comes with tongs to easily dip the stones into your glass of whiskey. Last but not least, it has a pair of table coasters. What more would a whiskey lover wish for?


Did you know that most Japanese don’t have grinders? That’s why any coffee drinker in Japan will highly appreciate getting ground coffee. One of the rarest types of coffee in Japan is decaf.


Under such circumstances, don’t you see why this product is among the best American gifts for Japanese friends? It is balanced with a medium roast hence gives you a great and delicious cup of coffee.

Japanese also love jam, and this particular one is an ideal choice. It is a package of up to 6 varieties of jams and jellies. The jam is ideal for waffles, pancakes, English muffins, and toast, just to mention a few.


Some of the flavors include peach pineapple, peach, orange marmalade, apple raspberry, damson plum, pepper, grape, and cherry. So, if your friend loves these flavors, do them a favor and gift them with this incredible set.

Ghirardelli is also rare in Japan, making it an incredible American gift for a Japanese friend. It ensures that your friend makes and bakes incredible candy. Interestingly, they don’t have to struggle to make them since the chocolate is easy to use. Consequently, the results will always be delicious and consistent.


They make great desserts with lustrous sheen and smooth texture. It will be a great choice to use the next time your friend decides to make cake pops, pretzels, and dipped strawberries. Using them is simple since you just have to melt it, dip your dessert, wait for a little, and start munching the delicacy. They use healthy and nutritious ingredients too.

They say that a picture speaks a thousand words. So, instead of sharing with your Japanese friends the beauty of America, try this picture book this time around. It has great sceneries showing how beautiful the country is.


Get to show them Lady Liberty, Golden Gate Bridge, Arikara Nation, Big Sur, and the Great Appalachian Valley. It has something to show for every state and region of the United States of America.


The book also contains great words from American politicians, conservationists, activists, historians, and celebrities. So, at a point there, your friend will feel as if he is in America.


Snacks are a safe ground since almost everybody loves them. These particular ones are perfect since they are tasty and worth gifting your friend with. The interesting part is that the package comes with many flavors to avoid monotony. So, your friend will also get to taste a wide variety of flavors at a go.


The package contains 40 pieces of Doritos. There are five flavors, including Doritos (spicy-sweet chill, cool ranch, & nacho cheese). There are eight bags for each flavor.

Made in and by cotton grown in America, a friend will highly appreciate these cotton towels. They are completely absorbent and retains their color. There is also the softness courtesy of pure, high-quality cotton.

The uniqueness of a clay cup surely touches the heart of your Japanese friend. It is both thoughtful and practical. Its materials are clay stoneware and glaze hence safe for your health. It is also hard to forget someone who gave you such a unique gift.


Therefore, even when continents apart, she will always be reminded of you. Of course, you can personalize it with her name too.

It is hard to find maple syrup in Japan, so gifting a bottle of the same to a Japanese friend is a smart move to take it as a gift. It is a better alternative to sugar when looking for a sweetener. Besides being natural, it also has antioxidants.


This particular one is processed naturally to ensure that it doesn’t lose its nutritious value. Its high quality, coupled with its unique flavor, makes it worth every penny. It is a guarantee that your friend will appreciate it.

American Gift Ideas for Japanese Friends Under $100

Consider this among the American gifts for your Japanese friends, especially if they have kids. The gummy treats are delicious with a low level of calories. In addition, their juiciness tastes like natural fruits despite using artificial flavors.


Every kid deserves such a treat, and it is important to note that they are also perfect for adults. With up to 72 pieces, sharing also gets easier. With treats, the more, the merrier and. That’s how you want to see your friends and their loved ones at all times.


Now you have an idea of some of the best American Gifts for Japanese Friends. You will notice that most of them are edible. That’s because the Japanese often have small homes.


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