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Funny Gift Ideas for Secretary - 27 Jolly Ideas

For those who have a secretary and want to get her a gift for various reasons: like a thank you for her service, a birthday gift for her, a Christmas gift, a gift to celebrate her raise, or any other occasion or lack thereof, you might be wondering what kind of gift to get this lovely person.

This person has been there for you every step of the way and supports your endeavors (not just because they work for you). You want to give your secretary a special gift that resonates with them. Thus, you want to give them a funny gift. Here are 27 funny gift ideas to give to your secretary who works so hard!

Get this gift box for your secretary to show him/her your appreciation. It contains a message, 12 oz wine tumbler, ring dish, 1.75 oz shot glass, diamond top pen, silk roses, and a customizable bag.

This is a gift that is very useful that your secretary will get to enjoy for sure. It is also personalized so that for sure he/she will be touched.

This is another gift for your secretary that she will love. It is handmade stainless-steel keychain with a keyboard and heel design. It also has a message charm that can be personalized.

This is a simple gift to give to your secretary but for sure she will find this touching and love to use this gift to hold her keys and whatnot. Get this for her if you just want to show her your appreciation just because.

This is a cute badge reel or ID reel. This is perfect for a secretary who uses or needs a badge. Since your secretary is always on the phone due to your appointments and activities, this badge reel suits him/her very well.

The design is also really cute that he/she will surely find this gift really fun. It is all metal made with zinc alloy.

Get your secretary this set of three pencils in white color that are engraved with “THIS MEETING SUCKS”. Not all meetings that you have are fun to be involved with.

This is a funny pencil that your secretary can use. It will remind them that even though some meetings may suck, they have a fun boss that makes these meetings so much more bearable.

Your secretary is very dependable. They attend to the things that you have no time for. In cases of crisis, they also fix problems for you. Thus, this sign really is for them.

Get your secretary this wooden desk sign as even though it is a hilarious gift, it is a gift that is true. Show them your appreciation for all the things that they have fixed for you with this present.

Message stamps are popular these days. Get this one for your secretary. This is a hilarious gift that they may or may not use. But at least it will make them laugh.

Here is a pack of four funny notepads for secretaries with funny messages. There are 50 sheets per pad and they are in 4.1″ x 5.5″ size. Two of these notepads are unlined while the other two are lined.

They are perfect gifts for your secretary. But know that they are just used for fun in the office and are not to be taken seriously.

Add some greens in the office. This is a ceramic vase for succulents. Give this to your secretary so that their workspace would be more aesthetic, fresh, and funny at the same time.

This is a planter with a personality that your secretary will definitely love. You may even place glasses in this planter. You or your secretary may even draw a face 0n it using dry-erase markers to resemble your secretary or even you!

It is a fun gift to give to your secretary. You may even put a plant on it that resembles their hair.

This is a money doll that is a nice stress relief gift. It is made with polyester and is 12 inches in size. When your secretary is about to lose control, this is the doll that he/she may whack to release stress.

Stress is always there and this is a fun gift for your secretary to manage his/her anger and issues for a while.

This is a wood box sign to give to your secretary just because. They will surely find this hilarious. It measures 3″ x 5″ and it can stand on its own. But they can also hang it on a wall.

Your secretary for sure uses a stapler in the office for various things. Get them this stapler instead to add some fun to their desk. Instead of having a totally boring desk, they will now have something that is cute and funny, but also useful. This gift will surely be very unique. It is also durable and practical.

Your secretary might get bored at times with the multitude of tasks to do as well as the repetitive routine. Get them this desk office sign with flip-over messages that they will surely enjoy.

These will definitely brighten up their day when it feels too heavy or gloomy. Remind them of how cool you are as a boss with this gift. It measures 5″ x 5″.

These are funny resin frogs decor that your secretary can attach to their monitor. With this, in just one glace, their day will instantly feel brighter.

These frogs are meticulously hand-painted and they are very realistic. They are adorable and they are a nice addition to an otherwise boring office.

This is a work anniversary card to give to your secretary on their work anniversary. Add a special message to this gift with some cash and you will surely make your secretary’s day. It is indeed difficult to work all day long but you are a cool boss.

This is a notebook that your secretary can fill with his/her naps. Let them write their nap logs in this like when or where, for how long, how did they woke up, the dreams they had, and whatnot.

This is a fun gift especially if your secretary loves having naps and you often find them deep asleep even in the office. This is a hilarious gift for sure!

This is a funny sign to give to your secretary. But it is not to be taken seriously. There are times when we just want to bang our heads due to all the stress happening to us and around us and this is a sign that speaks of what we want to do because of that. Get this funny gift for your secretary.

This is a simple magnet that will give your secretary some laughs. It says “Be nice, or I’ll send you to a meeting” which your secretary will not like to happen. It is a nice gift from boss to secretary if you have a nice personal relationship with one another.

Everyone needs a tote bag. Get this tote bag for your secretary as this resonates with them so much. Since they are really busy most of the time due to the things you need to do in the office, the message in this tote bag is really fun for them.

This tote bag is even spacious that it is sure to be able to hold the things that they need to bring with them.

This is gummy with a stapler inside. It is The Office themed that your secretary will love and understand especially if they like the show. This is a cute and hilarious gift to give them on days with no occasion. It is 10.6 oz of gummy that is strawberry flavored.

You would want to be safe and clean all the time. You want to give your secretary some hand sanitizer. This one is a fun one with the design of the packaging. This is for when your secretary is done handling shit for the day, figuratively or literally.

This is another fun gift to give to your secretary. It is gum with a message to get along with their co-workers. You know that you get along in the office well but still, you want to give this to your secretary just because.

Sometimes work can really get boring. And if you often find your secretary bored, this is a pair of socks that will suit them. They will even find this gift funny and have a ton of laughter when they receive them.

It says “Wake me when the boring stops”. But these socks are really cute with the colors and the design. They are 61% cotton, 36% nylon, and 3% spandex.

Sometimes when you let someone borrow your pen in the office, you will never have it back. If your secretary is tired of losing their pens, then you could get them this set of eight pens with the following messages: Desperate Hearts Dating Service, Lucky Streak Nudist Casino, Hank’s Magic Mushroom Farm, Stuffed with Love Taxidermy, In-and-Out Proctology, and others.

This is a set of hilarious pens to give to your secretary as a gift.

Your secretary is a badass woman. You know that very well. She gets work done in no time in an effective manner. She is very efficient in her job and is always on time. Give this lip balm to her.

This lip balm is as badass as she is. She indeed is a busy bitch and she knows it. She gets shit done. But even as busy as she is, she still needs to take care of herself.

Remind her of self-care with this peppermint lip balm. Get this for her as a casual gift or as part of a self-care gift box that you plan on giving her for her work anniversary or her birthday.

When your secretary gets stressed, he/she can simply squeeze Panic Pete and watch his eyes, mouth, and ears pop out. Panic Pete is made with soft rubber and is 5″ in length.

It is a great gift for people who always find themselves stressed and need some way to relieve themselves from it and release their irritation and frustration.

If your secretary often uses pencils, then get this pencil sharpener for them. It is nose-shaped which makes it a fun gift. It will even be funnier when your secretary uses this gift. It will seem like nose-picking then.

Get this candle for your secretary that they can light up at home or at the office. It says “It’s only frickin’ Tuesday” and it shows feelings of wanting the week to be over to be able to rest.

It is a funny gift, especially for corporate people or people like your secretary who have their schedules packed. This candle is handmade and it is 17 oz.

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