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Funny Gift Ideas for Plumbers - 27 Wacky Ideas

It’s that time of year again, the holiday season has arrived and with it comes all sorts of gifts to buy for your loved ones.

Plumbers are an integral part of everyday life, making sure everything runs smoothly and efficiently. While many of us only think about their services when we need something repaired or installed, it’s important to show appreciation for them regularly as well.

Here are top 27 best funny gifts for plumbers that will surely show how much you care about them and their work.

We all know that plumbers drink a lot of coffee. Put a smile on their face with this humorous mug. Their co-workers will think they’re fun.

It is a toilet-shaped mug that is made from high-quality ceramic materials and will allow any plumber to enjoy drinking tea or coffee. It is hand-painted to look like a toilet and it is much easier to clean.

This coffee mug can also make an excellent candy dish or ice cream that is fun for all ages.

Tony Carter teapot will help any plumber get a good laugh. Made of ceramic, it will make a great conversation piece at the office water cooler when people ask what that thing is.

The main bowl is white in color and has a blue floral pattern. The handle and lid have a wood effect gold and glaze trim. The spout is found in the front and the cistern lid lifts off to fill the teapot.

After a long day of unclogging toilets, let your plumber kick back and relax with their very own plunger cellphone stand. Plunger cellphone stands are a funny gag gift that will give them something to smile about after cleaning up someone else’s bathroom mess.

A great gag gift idea that is perfect to give as a housewarming present or even to use yourself at home. You just need to squish it against the back of your iPhone, iPad, or any device.

A creative and fun gift idea, a set of mini toilets shot glasses is great for displaying on a mantel or coffee table. They’re very popular with men who like to have a shot after work, but could also be used as an entertaining conversation piece.

It comes in a set of two shot glasses and is made from ceramic materials. In addition to that, it can hold up to 2 ounces of liquid and it is perfect for Jell-O shots.

It’s a desk lamp made out of a water pipe, and it features an old faucet as its base. It looks quite nice but best not to knock your elbow into it at night.

This desk table lamp is widely used in indoor lighting including in Dining Room, Bedroom, Living Room, Basement, Loft, bars, libraries, and more.

It has a unique vintage design making it ideal for home decoration. This pipe table lamp is made from premium iron and it is very easy to install.

If your plumber has a sense of humor and loves to have fun, Uncle Richard’s soap may be perfect for him. This soap measures 1 inch in diameter and has an open center. It will help your plumber to keep your pipe clean while ensuring proper maintenance of the pipes.

This handmade soap is safe to use on your skin and will not irritate or dry out your hands. It has a delightfully masculine scent that lingers long after you wash your hands.

Why not give your plumber a Christmas tree plunger? The shape of this plunger will bring some holiday cheer into their day while they use it to clear your clog.

Ideally, this gift comes with 1 red bowknot, 7 twigs, 4 ornaments, and 1 plunger. It deserves to be put in the living room, and hallways and the package comes pre-assembled.

This tree plunger measures around 16 inches tall and it is absolutely a grab bag gift that will bring laughs to your plumber.

This hilarious plunger hat is ideal for anyone who enjoys pranks, toilet humor, or both. With sturdy construction, it’s sure to keep your head safe even as you provoke hysterical laughter from friends and family.

This toilet plunger measures approximately 62 cm and fits most adults and teens aging 14 years and more. This comical Plunger Hat can be used for dress-up, Halloween, funny party costumes, retirement party supplies, and more.

Tell it like it is with a t-shirt that honestly captures your occupation. This simple t-shirt is perfect for wearing out to a bar after work or just lounging around your home on a Sunday morning.

The T-shirt is made from 10% Polyester and 90% Cotton making it comfortable to wear and it is machine washable. It is an ideal gift for a repairman, plumbing contractor, pipefitter, men, woman, and more. It is lightweight and has a classic fit.

As a plumber, you’re constantly working to keep your clients happy. Show your appreciation and gratitude by getting them a statuette that looks like a giant frog holding up a pencil. It’s charming, it’s original, and it will make you seem insightful-which is important because plumbers need all of those qualities to succeed.

This pencil holder is suitable for living room, bedroom, office, and more. It will perfectly organize your small cutlery and pens to make your space tidier.

Whether you call them plumbers, plumber’s helpers, or toilets repairers, there’s nothing like a little toilet humor to get someone’s attention.

This toilet foam can cooler can help make any day better and is sure to be a hit with all of your co-workers and friends.

It fits 12-ounce cans and will bring great fun at parties. To make sure you can chill their drink on a hot day, gift them with a foam cooler that looks like a toilet-but holds cans instead of sitting water.

A cute, personalized figurine of your plumber is a fun gift that he’ll use as an office decoration. The Figurine is original, special, and overall, just special.

Whether it brings some symbolic realism or a chuckle, this creative display of dedication, occupation, and success is sure to be eye-catching and memorable upon receipt. It has a perfect shape and size to sit on any desktop or tabletop.

These plumber keychains are high quality and beautifully made. They make a great gift for your favorite plumber or if you are a plumber yourself, these are gifts that you will be proud to give to clients.

These also come in gold plated or steel. The keychain measures 2.5cm by 3.7cm and it is adjustable. This funny gift makes a unique gift idea that is also a good and thoughtful gift because it allows you to let your friend or family member know how much you appreciate them being a plumber

This clock is shaped like a bathtub and has big, easy-to-read numbers. This will make it easier to keep track of your time. The color blends with most bathrooms’ decors, making it one of the best funny gifts for plumbers.

This can help you get more time to relax. This wonderfully designed bathtub clock is made from poly-resin and will add beauty to your bathroom. Since it’s battery-powered by a 1 AA battery, there are no cords to get tangled up in or accidentally step on.

A gift that will be useful and appreciated, it’s a parking sign that reads Plumber Parking Only meaning the packing area is only reserved for Plumber’s Tow Truck.

This will make your plumber smile with a funny parking sign. This sign is made from premium quality aluminum materials and it is professionally printed utilizing vibrant colors. It is ideal for outdoor use and it can be displayed almost anywhere.

If a plumber is known to be resourceful and fix things quickly, what’s better than a light that shows off these traits? We recommend personalized Zippo lighters.

It features all-metal construction and features a windproof design hence it can work virtually anywhere. It has a random ‘distressed’ look and is offered with a lifetime guarantee.

As a plumber, you spend hours on your feet. When you want to rest, relax and unwind at home, get comfy with one of these cleverly designed throw pillows that make light of your profession. This Plumbing Throw Pillow is a great gift you can give to your plumber for Christmas presents, Father’s Day, Birthdays, or any special day.

It is made from 100% spun-polyester fabric materials and it is an ideal gift for anyone who makes their living as a Steamfitter or a plumber.

The nuts-and-bolts sculpture serves as a desk organizer while also serving as a reminder of your loved one’s job. A funny, useful gift. Each individual product fulfills the highest quality standards and consists of nuts, and screws, and is produced with a high level of craftsmanship.

They are a great gift idea whether for name day, birthday, or any other occasion.

Keep notes and photos on your handy work inside of a small journal. Let’s face it, plumbers have it pretty good. With all those sinks and toilets to fix, they don’t really have to worry about their day-to-day jobs drying up.

This notebook makes a funny gift that reminds them of just how well they have it. It has 118 ruled line single pages and comes with a black back cover. It is a high-quality 6×8 notebook.

Guys need to keep their heads warm, too. This funny hat for plumbers is sure to bring some smiles and laughs when it’s time to head outside.

This Embroidered Beanie is made from 100% turbo acrylic making them warm, soft, and hypoallergenic. It is a unisex hat and can be worn by everyone.

It is a perfect gift for plumbers to keep them warm when the weather turns cold.

It would be an ideal gift if your plumber is living with you and is also a fan of bathroom humor. It comes in a rugged amber bottle and it is made to be gender-neutral or unisex so anyone can share in the joke.

In addition to that, it comes with 3 hilarious yet effective scents that include Pine Scotch essential oil, Sweet bergamot, and orange essential oils, and Lavender and Lavendin Essential Oils.

Need a gift idea that’s funny but still keeps it professional? Look no further than these plumber-themed ornaments, which are great ideas if you need a Christmas gift that’s still appropriate.

These handcrafted Christmas decorations come with your choice of text and a cute plumber design. The customized Christmas ornament is sure to be their favorite. These high-quality porcelain ornaments are fun to hang and beautiful to look at for years to come.

With every job a plumber does, he knows that he’s going to have to work with dirty, wet hands. Novelty faucet handle cufflinks are just one of many gifts that can be given to plumbers who are appreciated for their hard work.

It is made from silver-tone metal and has acrylic/Lucite-covered yellow labels. The handles are roughly 0.7 inches wide by tall.

Any handyman will love having a tool with their name on it, and what better way to show appreciation than with a personalized pencil? The Personalised Pencils come in packs of 6 and are made of wood material and the pattern, finish, and grain can vary slightly.

These HB pencils are either in a rounded triangle or hexagonal and you can give the text that you want to be engraved on the pencils.

If you know a plumber, it’s probably because he or she has installed some pipes in your home. Buy him or her a coloring book that explores their professional field of work.

This coloring book has 108 pages and is suitable for gel pens, markers coloring pencils, and has removable pages.

Why not inject a little whimsy into your plumber when doing your next home repair by giving your plumbing-obsessed pal one of these hanging lights? This Industrial retro style Pendant Light is black in color and are recommended to fit in your restaurant, kitchen, bar, cafe, bedroom, and more.

Now there’s no need to get hands-on with your sewer lines when there’s a better, safer solution. The poop emoji Plunger doesn’t use any contact to clean out even compacted sewer lines. Simply point and fire. It can be a great gag gift to your plumber.

This plunger is battery operated and makes realistic shotgun sounds making it fun to use.

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