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Funny Gift Ideas for a Psychiatrist - 27 Jolly Ideas

Keeping our mental health in check should be a priority. Especially now that we’re still facing the pandemic, we should visit the nearest shrink that could help us cope and be more mentally stable.

It’s not something that we need to be embarrassed about because it just shows that we value self-care. And just in case you’re already seeking help from a professional why not give them some funny gifts for psychiatrist to let them know that you appreciate their help in keeping you sane. A token of gratitude is always a nice touch, isn’t it?

Here are the list of funny gifts you should consider buying for your favorite psychiatrist:

This item weighs a little over half a pound and is a great gift for people who loves to psycho-analyze. It gives a modern twist on the classic inkblot personality test.

This kit includes 12 beautiful inkblots to analyze and interpret. Any interpretation can be a jumping-off point for self-discovery, or maybe just a good laugh!

This 32-page handbook features a full personality profile for each blot, a short history of inkblots, and tips on how to use the test. Perfect for individual use or for sharing with family and friends. This playful personality test is as amusing as it is revealing!

We all know that doctors always need some paper to write their little reminders. These sticky notes are just the thing they need for those times! Each 3 1/4″ X 4 1/4″booklet contains over 300 sticky notes of assorted shapes and sizes. The largest of the Freudian Slips features Sigmund Freud himself, while another looks like his personal stationery.

It makes a perfect, inexpensive gift for all the psychiatrists, psychologists, and psychos in your life. When closed, the books measure 3 1/4″ X 4 1/4″ and will fit nicely in your purse or back pocket!

Your psychiatrist will surely love this lip balm which weighs 4.25 grams and has eucalyptus mint flavor. Great for chapped lips or just for the flavor! Keep in your pocket, purse or drawer for on-the-go lip care and healthy-looking lips.

It is gluten free, GMO free, and cruelty free. The following are its ingredients: organic sunflower oil, organic beeswax, organic coconut oil, organic essential oil of peppermint and eucalyptus, vitamin e, organic rosemary extract, organic calendula extract.

Get this durable and reusable 20 oz. stainless steel water bottle for your psychiatrist to keep them hydrated. They’d totally find this as one of the funny gifts they’ll ever receive.

It is non-reactive and it has no BPA. Moreover, it is spill-resistant and can stand up to frequent use. Each BPA-free water bottle is 3″ wide and 8″ high.

This sign reads “If you see me talking to myself, please do not disturb me. I am having a staff meeting”. 

There three sizes to choose from – (8×24, 12×36, and 16×48). Your psychiatrist can put it in their home or office.

So, on your next appointment, buy this handmade wall sign as one of the funny gifts for your shrink!

Your psychiatrist will thank you if you give him or her this funny wine glass! Every now and then, they deserve a glass of wine to unwind and relieve stress. So when they go back to work, they can give their 100% and function well.

These signs are made from 0.55mm thick glossy aluminum and printed using sublimation technology where the inks are baked inside the sign giving them water resistant and anti-scratch off characters.

The sign is finished off with a weathered distressed look on the design to give it that rustic vintage feel. Each sign comes with two hanging options one which comes with pre strung twine and punched holes and one with double sided sticky tape.

Make your shrink smile with “The Art of David Olenick 2022 Wall Calendar” features quite punny illustrations from the New York City designer, artist, and master of observation who always finds the irony and humor in everyday scenarios.

This handmade knitted spoof horror brain hat is made from wool and it can be shipped within 1 to 3 days according to the seller. There are options for sizes and colors so make sure to pick the best one that you think your psychiatrist would like.

Each slipper has the store’s patented built-in sock tongue! Let your psychiatrist wiggle their feet to make Freud’s tongue move! Ditch the loafers for some more psychological foot wear.

Available in men’s and women’s sizes (see sizing chart in product photos). Comes in an attractive gift box and make a great gift for a teacher, psychology student, or a therapist (or anyone needing therapy).

This funny coffee mug will totally make your psychiatrist laugh when they receive it. It’s from Aviento Blanco and the color is black. The material used in making the mug is ceramic. Furthermore, it can hold up to 11 ounces of liquid.

The next item up for grabs is this funny shower curtain made from soft 100% polyester for a smooth, even drape. It has vivid, full color print on the front, with a translucent white reverse side.

In addition to that, its 71 x 74″ (180 x 188 cm) size fits most standard showers and tubs. Punctured with 12 stitched button holes, the rings and liner are not included.

This non-medical face masks will help your shrink express themselves even when they can’t show their face. Two layers of soft 95% polyester and 5% spandex fabric with sublimation print on the outside layer. Sturdy over-the-ear elastic straps with bead toggles for adjusting the straps for a snug fit. They can wash after each use.

Order this custom brain plaque for your shrink and give it to them on their birthday or during Christmas!

This one-of-a-kind illustration is a great gift for birthdays, anniversaries, or just as a fun picture to keep around the house! This custom plaque would be a great gift for your family or friends.


Psychiatrists are there to prevent people from “losing their marbles.” What fun way to make sure they’ll always have some on them? Introducing the new, beautifully designed, glass marbles by Ader Products.

Get a cool package of 50 beautiful looking glass marbles and pack them well so that you can give them to your shrink as a gift. 

According to seller, this item is for one set of happy pills and candy sprinkles resin labels!

Pill cabochons have been set into high-quality, crystal-clear resin and feature a multicolored sprinkle background.

This item can be used as a decoration in your psychiatrist’s office and it serves as a storage box, makeup organizer, key caddy or loose coins tray. Pretty useful, isn’t it? Buy this now as one of the funny gifts for your favorite psychiatrist.

Our brain has always been the symbol of intelligence and anything cognitive-related. That being said, it is only appropriate to give someone who devoted their lives in studying our mind and behavior with something related to it.

These adorable brain USB sticks are perfect for any brain lover out there, and we guarantee they’ll be the memory they can always rely on! The materials are made from silicone. It’s available in two colors namely white and pink. Plus, it only weighs 9.9 grams.

The next item is an eco-friendly cake tool with the following product dimensions: 22cm x 17cm x 6cm. This brain cooking mold is made from food quality grade silicone, and will produce great resolution of the brain structures.

Perfect for brain lovers, or Halloween, this cooking mold will keep their mind on their food!

This travel bag made by Allgobee is perfect for gym, sport events, overnight or weekend trip, the size is good to put under seat or on overhead shelf. The material used in making this bag is made from durable polyester fiber with beautiful patterns.

is lightweight, durable and washable. Besides, it has separate shoes and wet stuff compartment. This gym bag with shoes compartment is ventilated with air flow holes to keep your shoes and dirty gear separate with clean stuff.

Another brain-related gift that your psychiatrist might find funny is this coaster set made from acrylic glass that has a brain specimen design. It is eco-friendly and hand wash only! Might look icky at first, but a brain-lover might find it charming!

Each coaster is presented as an individually labeled slice of the brain, and is sure to catch the attention of guests at your shrink’s next party. It’s the perfect gift for neurologists, neuroscientists, or anyone who loves the brain. Each coaster measures 4 inches.   

Super soft high quality 11″ x 9″ x 5″ plush toy brain comes with a fantastic booklet-style hangtag with loads of art, information about the boss of the body and silly trivia about your most neurotic organ.

The brain is the boss of your body. As the body’s command center, it keeps all the organs in check. Of course, it also takes care of memory, imagination, speech and dreams. Designed in California, made in China.

Make your shrink look dapper with this fashion scarf! This DNA cotton scarf measures approximately 80 inches by 30 inches. It features a bold and beautiful version of the DNA helix.

With its black background and nice colors, it can go with virtually any outfit. Machine wash and dry. It would make a great gift for your favorite science lover.

This product has garden cucumber and olive oil scent. Each piece of mini soap weighs 2oz and measures 2.25″ x 1.75″ x 1″. Made in the USA from domestic materials. Not tested on animals.

If your psychiatrist is feeling a little goofy, try giving them this pendulum-like decision maker which uses a ball that swings all around a circle below and is filled with answers to random questions, and whichever answer the ball sticks to once the momentum slows down is their decided answer.

Aside from the scarf, here’s another fashion statement that’ll surely make some head turn around or make people do a double take. But, if your shrink is not comfortable wearing these leggings outside, they can just use it at home. It’s up to them.

This meticulously hand-crafted accessory figurine featuring Lucy is so adorable it will surely become a treasured decoration in your shrink’s home or office. Definitely one of the must-buy funny gifts for your psychiatrist!

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